I have three things to share with you today. First up, Hellohahanarf requested this, and I’m sure someone will make some really fantastical one, but I made this little badge this way for a reason. Royal purple badge with golden letters. C’mon. It’s very… Cinderella. Classy. Proud. I’m putting one in my sidebar. I mean, after all, didn’t I admit to some really bad behavior on Jester’s show last night? Well, bad behavior if you’re the Moral Majority anyway. Hot guys seem to like it…

When I was over at Karl’s blog, I found out he is Spiderman. That is too cool. I had to take that quiz, thinking perhaps I’m Wonder Woman or Catwoman. Mrow! Instead, I got something MUCH better! I am… I’m…

Find out Which Marvel Superhero Are You at!

Can you tell how excited I am to be The Punisher? I freaking LOVE IT!!

Okay, here’s my last thing for today, my Tuesday Tune. From the Punisher soundtrack. This is the version without Amy Lee. I like Amy Lee, but I totally think this version is better. Then again, I’m kind of an acoustic girl when it comes to songs like these.

Don’t forget about BRAW! If you want to know what I’m giving away and how you can win it check out last Sunday’s post!

Go forth and save the world, one blog post at a time! Happy Tuesday! MUAH!