My Bitch Mary

My bitch Mary, along with a lot of other bloggers with kids, is happy that school is starting. Poor Mary has been dealing with a lot of stuff, but she still manages to come by here and make a comment guaranteed to make me smile or laugh. I appreciate Mary, although you wouldn’t know it since my laggy ass hasn’t mailed her birthday present or her Marcus prize.

Still, I loves her a bunch, so today’s Tuesday Tune is for her. A little Saving Jane…

Mary by Saving Jane

And a little cartoon…

Hope I made you and Mary smile! Have a great Tuesday!

Vacation Not

I have a month’s worth of vacation stored up. I’m using 2 days this week though. However, after 9 years at my company, I still feel the need for that stockpile of vacation hours. I don’t think I’m gonna get fired, even on my most frustrated days. Yet, I still need the security blanket those hours provide. So, no vacation for me.

This weekend will feel like a vacation for me. Four whole days that I don’t have to go to the office. Four whole days where I can maybe spend a little money. Four days where I will get to spend some time with people I enjoy. Maybe that’s the big draw to these 2 days that I took off. I can relax and look forward to meeting people who make me laugh, make me cry, and make me feel alive. If not for these people, I would spend those 4 days in my house, at my computer, writing. Not going out. Not seeing people. Not laughing or having fun.

I’m getting old. I need more fun. I need to feel that my life wasn’t spent worrying and stressing and being miserable. These four days will be a ray of sunshine in the bleakness I usually inhabit. I’m soooo looking forward to it. So maybe it’s not a vacation. Somehow, in my heart, it still feels like one.

If you get a chance, stop by my bitch Mary’s blog to say Happy Birthday. She has some facts on there related to the day she was born. I like the Led Zeppelin fact. Only Mary would be born on a day John Bonham was arrested for getting in a fight. HEH. Hope you have a great day, Mare!

Oh, and just because UMB said he liked me for being a dirty girl… Happy Dirty Girl love to you all! MUAH!

Trying HNT


I was gonna try for a Thursday Thirteen this week, but I ran out of time. I have one in the works that is about the first time couples meet in the Bar Story. The old love at first sight or not theme. Hee hee. So I wasn’t ready for Thursday at all. I figured maybe I should just take a leaf outta Matt’s book and post a pic of a body part for Half Nekkid Thursday. What to post though? Hmmm. Got a pic of the top of my head, my pierced ear, my purple pedicure, a fuzzy bra pic, and… a cleavage shot. Okay. That works. I was just talking about it at Zanctuary the other day anyway.

I tell you a good Frederick’s corset can make your C’s look like DD’s if you have someone who will lace you into it REALLY tight. That funny little smile on my face is really a grimace of pain. I. Can’t. Breathe. Ack!

In other news in my world, yesterday I got a picture text from Mary at My Two Cents. It was Mac! Yes, Mary finally popped. For those of you in the know, not only does Mary have a blog at My Two Cents, she’s one of the Bar writers. So this is our first Bar Baby!

Mac weighed in at 9 lbs, 21 inches. Ain’t he a cutie? Yeah, I know. He looks like all the other red faced babies who have just popped out. Still, he’s Mary’s kid so I figure he’s gonna be as ornery as his mom. Congratulations to Mary and Derek! Oh, and Mac? Here’s lookin’ at you, kid!

The Jester show was a lot of fun last night. Shiny gal wanted to call in, and Jester encouraged her to let him pop her BTR cherry, but like a lot of first timers, she was too scared! Maybe next week Jester can do some popping. Or maybe I’ll get her over to Karl’s show and let him do it… Hmmmn. What do you all think? Who should pop Shinygal’s BTR cherry?

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday folks! May your day be filled with cleavage and packages and so on!