Mega Monday

Ya know the meme that’s going around in mosaic form now? Here’s my Marcus version which truly makes this a Mega Marcus Monday! Click on it for the full size so you can admire all those muscles!

I guess it’s time for the Marcus count now. This is the last week of the contest. The count ends on Friday same at the same as time as Reader Appreciation does. I will announce the winner of the Marcus Award contest next Marcus Monday. Here’s the numbers: Mary-7, ShinyBitch, Susan and Marty – 4, Jennifer and Vixen – 3, Jason X, Whall, and Uvonne – 2, Hilly, Dave2, Othurme, and Jester – 1. Next week will be an exciting Monday!

Since this is Blog Reader Appreciation Week, and since I am giving away a couple of prizes, don’t forget to read yesterday’s post if you haven’t already.

Oh! And since I truly do appreciate Othurme… drool people, drool.

Have a simply Mega Everything Monday! MUAH!


I’m kinda shuffling along here, wasted from a lack of sleep. The picnic went pretty well. I arrived home from it in time to hear Fab and Turnbaby’s shows. I’ll have to listen to Karl and Hilly’s shows tonight. I have to admit to being pretty drained when I got home. I wanted to nap, but there was too much going on in my house for that. Motley took a pic of me at the picnic, before I got sunburnt. I’ll post it after she downloads it from the camera.

You’ll have to excuse my dullness today. I’m running on empty and the gas station is nowhere in sight. Not to mention the price to fill up. Ugh. Anyway, here’s a Marcus. He of the luscious body. I know the men out there, the ones who aren’t gay anyway, aren’t that interested. But I need my Marcus boost today since I am totally dragging here. On the upside, I’m not that irritated anymore. I felt a bit of that disconnected thing at the picnic. Mostly, I didn’t because my friend Liz was there. She and her husband Jim are just the coolest people. They make company events bearable for me. Overall, I’m still kinda disconnected feeling though. Maybe sleep will help.

The Marcus Award count for last week goes like this: Fab and Mary – 7, Susan and Jennifer – 6, Shinygal – 4, Marty – 3, Hilly and Renee – 2, and lots of onesies. This was a banner week in my comments. There were some real stand outs for grabbing my attention, not that I don’t read all comments and try to respond. I do, and I appreciate everyone who stops to leave one, just like I appreciate all my readers, even the ones who lurk or only comment occasionally. This week, however, my readers said things like:

“Who’s this Marcus guy? He looks like a tool.” – Diesel

“Who knew when I created Alaric Kohl it would inspire such an obsession…” – Jen

“Man, I LOVE your stuff!!!! You are frickin’ brilliant.” – Jennifer

“I have decided to begin worshipping you.” – Mr. Fabulous

“Oh there you are. I couldn’t find you for a minute.” – Vixen

“Maybe I’ll have a better comment when I stop laughing myself silly.” – Jester

“You are spending so much time around us that we’re seeping into your sweet sweet head.” – Hilly

“Drop a credenza on his head. That’s how I get rid of people…” – Jason X

“…man, I love this. It’s like a soap opera, only better.” – Susan

“Reading this, i totally could picture it all as if i were having the same dream!” – UMB

“Oh, I love some good villains!” – Darla

“He does nothing for me. Does that mean I’m totally straight, or just trying to prove that I’m not gay? Hmm.” – Karl

Now that those comments have made me grin, I’m off to work! Have a great Monday everyone!

Memorial Marcus Monday

I tried to find a pic of Marcus wrapped in an American flag like Liz Phair was. No such luck. *sigh* The best I could do was a patriotic headband. Still, he’s beautiful so it matters not what he wears. And usually, the less he wears the better for us. HEH.

Since I have to work on Memorial Day I’m just gonna cut to the chase today. A big thanks to Fab for having me on his show. I don’t think anyone has ever asked me about grave robbers before… and thank you to Turnbaby for asking about how I got into writing about vampires. I’m all done pimping myself out for awhile I think. The duet show is the only other thing I’m scheduled to do.

This week’s Marcus awards ended up like this (due mostly to Fab’s drooling over Liz Phair): Mr. Fabulous-11, Mary-6, Hilly and Marty-4, Susan and Vixen-3, Shinygal, BPR, and Dave2- 2. Lots of onesies too. I appreciate each and every comment. In addition, I appreciate all those people who read me in their readers and lurk, but do not comment. When I get that Woopra, I may just have to surprise all the lurkers with a Hello and a Thank You for coming by!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day and don’t do like me and eat too much fried chicken and hot dogs.

Marcus Monday Mania

It was a wild, wild Sunday on Blog Talk Radio. In fact, it was fucking Fabulous! First, there was a 2 hour Snackie Radio live from Jester’s house in NoCal. It was a VERY wild show. You can find the podcast here. After that, it was Hilly on Fab’s show, which was really just a continuation of the zaniness from her show. Here’s the podcast for Fab’s show. Next up was Turnbaby, who is REALLY fucking Fabulous. All in all, it was a wild night of BTR shows… except that there was a finale to this night that started after hours. It was a true after hours show that started at 8 pm Pacific time. Jester had a great 2 hour show live from his house with Hilly and other guests. Here’s the podcast. It was a fantastic night of radio.

Today’s Marcus photo is a black and white. I was gonna use one of the pics of him wearing sunglasses or the headband photo that I used in my very first incarnation of the Skankenberg avatar at Zanctuary. Instead, I found my eyes drawn to this picture. It’s a very low key image. There isn’t anything about it that just jumps right out at you. However, when you do look at it, click on it to see it full size. That’s when the symmetry of his muscles and the beauty of his bone structure leap out at you. It doesn’t hurt that his eyes have that come hither expression either.

On to the Marcus Award. I’ve added last weeks points to the total because it’s a recap week. Here’s how the point recap shakes out: Mary-85, Matt-66, Shinygal-60, Fab and Susan-54. That’s the top five. With Mary spending all her time as the mobile milk bar, someone else could totally take the prize from her. This contest is on until whichever week in June is a non-rent week. Which means, June 20 I think. The next recap will be June 9. There will be a break between the 20th and July 1 when the next contest starts. I need to come up with a different idea for awarding Marcus and I still need an idea for the Alaric Award.

In other contest news, I owe Jester a shirt, but I think he wants Dave’s cards instead. So when I buy Motley her cards I’ll order an extra deck for Jester. That tagline he came up with is perfect. The Absurdist got a Bite shirt (before I changed the logo) for inspiring the domain name. Still no winner on the Air France commercial, but I found out the director’s name: Daniel Askill, who is Australian. There’s still a chance for you to win this contest by finding out the name of the man in the Air France Pool commercial. If you go here, you’ll find some info on the commercial.

Hope you all have a great Monday!

Marcus Mondays

Shiny came up with a great idea today. Instead of us bitching and moaning about yet another sucky ass Monday, we are gonna share a lovely picture of Marcus and make it a Marcus Monday. Because whoever your deity is, he/she knows, that Marcus is beautiful and if Marcus is beautiful then looking at him should make for a positive day, ending sucky ass Mondays forever.

There are some wonderful things about this Monday. It stopped raining and the sun is out, but it is not hot. Quite an accomplishment in Southern California, sun but no heat. I like it like this though. Another positive thing, we have Marcus! WOOT! I love this picture of him. Makes me want to jump in the shower with him. Oh, yeah. And the final positive thing is that I have a few Marcus Awards to hand out so here we go…

Shiny gets 2 Marcus’ because she is the first person to love me-love my blog and post a comment. BellaDaddy gets a Marcus because he’s a friend I’ve had since high school and he leaves me comments! Woot, David! Greg gets a Marcus because he’s been posting comments too. Oh, and he um… made another friend of mine happy. I suppose I owe him a different kind of reward… er, award for that though. And finally, one Marcus to the English Courtesan, Livvy, whom I recently found online and whose charm and wit have already enthralled me. I love the way she manages to say she likes porn without saying she likes porn. Heh. There is something to be said for being a genteel Englishwoman, I swear. I couldn’t be like that. I have American genes. I think that makes it impossible to be genteel.

So, there ya have it. The first awarding of the Marcus. May you all continue to enjoy my wacky ramblings and Marcus photos on Monday and keep posting relevant comments. There is nothing better than feedback and I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is and encourage it here. Thank you to those of you who have posted comments, and get on the stick! to those of you who read but haven’t commented yet. You have nothing to lose by commenting, but you will lose your chance at a Marcus if you don’t.

Laters, peeps!