Grill Me

I’ve been grilled like a bratwurst at a tailgate party! Neil over at Citizen of the Month has this project he set in motion some six months or so ago. It’s still going strong. It’s the Great Interview Experiment. The reason I know it is still going strong is that I was interviewed by Vodkamom. If you’re interested in what she asked me and what I had to say, click on her name and check out the interview post on her blog. She didn’t ask me run of the mill questions so it’s not quite as boring as you might think it would be. I sent off my questions to the person I am interviewing and I’m awaiting his replies. Once I have them, I will post my interview here.

Now, it’s time for my Monday Marcus photo. Today, I am speechless. I just want to look at the man and drool. These are the photos that made him a superstar in the modeling world.

If you like hot guys who are cool, you gotta swing by Uncle Monkey Boy’s brand new blog. Click on his name and leave a welcome comment for him. I’m very excited for him. I’m sure he will find this just as much fun as the rest of us do.

I had a great brunch at El Torito with Karl and Motley on Sunday. I knew Karl would be going back to Florida on Wednesday so I wanted a chance to go hang with him one more time before he left. He’s not even gone yet and I already miss him being nearby!

So he and I and Motley were sitting at our table Twittering and fussing with our new phones… while this guy sat a few booths away with an overstuffed organizer, papers sliding out of it… We were so techie and cool. I don’t understand how business people can walk around with those little overstuffed folders of leather in this day and age. Hello! Smart phones, people! Buy one. Learn to use it. Lose the bits of paper!

Paper is only good for fanning yourself when you’ve been looking at Marcus Schenkenberg photos. HEH. Have a great Monday!

The Vampire Show

At dinner tonight, Motley and I were talking about the blogger radio shows. I told her that I’d been joking in Fab’s chatroom about doing a Vampire Show. She actually thought it was a good idea. She said she’d be on it. Well, she also said she’d be on Fab’s show. Should I tell him? LOL

Personally, I don’t think I could do a weekly show. I mean, wouldn’t I run out of things to talk about? I could go the route of guest hosts and guests who write vampire fiction… but I’m still skeptical. Eventually, there’s nothing left to discuss once we’ve gone through all the cemetery stuff and all the vampire stuff. Wouldn’t me talking about writing and characters be totally boring? I think I’m boring. I figure I must be, cause it’s not like people are knocking down my door to talk to me.

So, I dunno. People seem interested in the cemetery and vampire stuff. Jason X over at the User Pool has used my vampire info as a yardstick against which he’s measured his lover Blair, whom he feels is a bloodsucking vampire. Personally, I think she’s more of the soulsucking type, which makes her a demon from Atersilex at the Bar. I guess I’m sorta on shaky ground cause a lot of people aren’t into vamps. Look at my comments. You’ll see a few of those folks.

The other thing is that there are a lot of radio shows already. Aren’t there just too many for people to keep up with now? Who would listen to me babble when they don’t have time for all the more established blogger shows? Motley suggested I have a basic poll and ask readers to vote. You don’t have to comment, but a vote is appreciated. Should I do a show or not? Cast your vote in the sidebar on the right. If the survey says… YES, then I’ll be back with a poll that is more specific about things like when and where and how long and how often. (Not often. As in, not weekly. No. Effing. Way.)

I suppose I should thank Dragon (did I link to the right person?) for being so enthusiastic about this idea at Fab’s chatroom last week. If no one votes or the votes are negative, I’m blaming this post and poll all on her. Heh heh.

One last thing before I go… Motley still hasn’t downloaded the pic of me at the picnic. Here’s a pic taken by one of the embalmers, Christina. In front of me is my beloved giraffe purse. This was pretty much my set company smile. The LOL caption on this pic at the office is: I may be smiling now, but touch the giraffe and you die!

OH! I almost forgot my big Pimpin Friday! It’s Freaky Frakkin’ Friday at Secondhand Tryptophan. Stop by and YOU could win a prize!

Fang Tune

Here’s a little vampire tune from my Imeem uploads. Even if no one else likes it, I think Marty might. He likes a lot of the same stuff I do.

There’s a writing contest at Zanctuary so I’ve been mulling over ideas. I have a lot of older stuff I could rework, but I’m thinking of something new. The idea has been bouncing around in my head all day. I can’t say anything about it or I won’t be able to use it in the contest. Suffice to say that it has to do with an adage.

In other writing news, I’ve been working on The Lexography. My intent is to see if the key posts from the Bar that have to do with Lex can actually stand alone to tell her story. My sense is that there will be too many confusing things because of the other missing posts. We’ll see though. I’ve wanted to tell the story of a girl with fangs without the trappings of the Bar, but I’ve been reluctant to try. This is going to be an interesting experiment.

Motley still hasn’t downloaded the pic of me at the picnic. Today, I’m feeling the burn… the sunburn that is. My nose hurts. My face is kinda red, and there are a couple of ouchy patches on my arms. However, the discomfort was alleviated by the arrival of The Best Damn Button in the Universe! (TWKS) Yes, I received a button from Karl of Secondhand Tryptophan. Who knew that the man had such great handwriting? Seriously, thanks for the button Karl!

I’m on a mission to buy blogger shirts. One per month. I have a Zombies Ate My Brain shirt coming from Blogography. Next up is a TWKS shirt. After that, I’ll probably get a Socially Dead shirt. Then an Avitable shirt, and so on and so on… Eventually, I hope to have an entire blogger wardrobe!

Hope you enjoy the vampire song and if you feel like reading my girl with fangs story, stop on by The Lexography. Tuesday tongue kisses, beautiful people!

Marcus and the Jester Roll

This is my usual day to talk about Marcus Schenkenberg and post his picture. I’m going to do that in a moment, but first I must talk about the Sunday BTR shows. Karl started things off and things were pretty mellow. Then came Hilly’s show and the world turned upside down because she had Jester as her guest. After Hilly’s show we went over to Fab’s show. Fab was a little tired but Jester and Vulgar Wizard took up the slack. Then Jester prank called Irrelephant. I think that’s where things started to get REALLY funny. The prank call wound everyone up and when we went to Turnbaby’s show, Jester called in.

I don’t think I can even do justice to a recap of the show. All I know is that the chatroom was hilarious, the show was hilarious, and my ribs were sore from laughing at the end of 90 minutes. That’s when Jester got the truly inspired idea to pick another show and “Jester Roll” it. He dropped the link into Turnbaby’s chat and a bunch of us went the other show. The Super Size show was kinda odd. There were these two kinda crude-ish dudes on. They belched a lot. And there were some rude guys in their chat. Then Jester called in and it got funny.

It’s amazing to listen to Jester “work a room”, which is basically what he did calling those guys. They weren’t exactly the most open minded of people, but Jester handled them very well. One of the hosts seemed actually interested in getting other listeners for his show. The other guy wasn’t too tolerant of us. The one really interesting thing about about them was that they knew right off the bat where Hellohahanarf got her nick from. It was a very funny afternoon and evening for me. Especially funny was Othurme and the Bacon Blog.

Now, for my Marcus. This is a photo from when he was younger. You can tell mostly by the long hair. It’s the symmetry of his body that makes this photo awesome. I also like it because the water looks so cool and refreshing. After the near 100 degree heat here, I need something to cool me off. If only I was warm for a different reason, I wouldn’t mind so much. Usually, a mostly naked Marcus does warm my blood, but I think I’m maxed out on warm right now.

Next up are the Marcus points for this week. It seemed like a weak week altogether for comments everywhere, in part because some bloggers were out of town and others were observing the National Day of Silence on Friday. Since this blog moved and I didn’t do a Thursday Thirteen, it was a quiet week here. So the Marcus points stack up this way for the week: Marty-6, Mary-5, Matt-4, Shiny (gal) and Hilly-3, Shiny (guy), Metalmom, Jason X, the Absurdist, and Karl with 2. There’s a slew of others with one each. We’re drawing closer to the end of this contest!

A couple of final notes for this Monday. First, thanks to everyone who visited Socially Dead. My kid was so excited by the influx of visitors. Second, congratulations to my prize winners The Absurdist (for the domain name) and Jester (for the tagline). The Absurdist already has a “Batty” shirt headed her way. Jester, you need to email me so I can show you the shirts you can choose from. Next, there’s new Spewage at Projectile Spewage. If you don’t know about my little rant place, email me and I’ll send you info to get in. Thanks to everyone for the good wishes on my stupid back and the new blog site. This is my 80th post, so pretty soon I’ll be posting my 100th blog post. Doesn’t seem like I’ve been doing this long enough to have 100 posts! Have a fantastic Monday!

OH! PS: Othurme – You, me, 3 pounds of maple bacon, and the Bacon Blog recipes = BaconFest! Heh.