Hump This II

Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this post, I’d like to send a big THANKS! to Dave2, who kindly sent me his pics of that big ass chrome bean for my desktop. My friend Donny from the sim, a Chicagoan, said he’d get me more pics if I wanted them. I told him I wanted pics in the snow and he told me… they cover it up in the winter. Fuckers. I could so see that wondrous bean with a gray sky above and filthy gray snow packed up around it’s base. Oh, well. Still, Dave totally rawks for sending me the images to use as wallpaper.

Today’s title is what some of us (not me, but someone else who has a fabulous name) would like to do to Liz Phair. She’s pretty hot, but those are itty bitty titties compared to say, my friend Jen of the boobage pimping Friday. Still, I can see where some of you might think these pics are worth an afternoon hiding in the john.

I’ll post Liz again soon. I have some Maxim shots of her, some shots of her in bed, and even better, pics of her wrapped in an American flag in a shower… wet.

For the rest of us looking for a hot dude… I give you a long haired version of Jonathan Rhys Meyers, pre Tudors.

Oh, hell. I bet someone thought I meant a different Liz. Here’s my parting shot in case that was you.

Happy humping, pretty people!