Turn Up the A/C!

I haven’t done much about adding to my 100 Things so I thought I’d drop a few on here today since I was rudely awakened forty minutes before my alarm goes off. Since normally I post hotness and hotties on a humpday, these items are all related to heat, hotties… you get the picture.

  1. I haven’t had sunstroke, but I have had sun poisoning. If I’m in the sun too much now, I get really sick later. Chills, fever, shakes, nausea. It’s awful.
  2. I still have a nostalgic kinda thing for my ex, the hottie named Paul. It’s fueled some dreams, some fantasies, and few writing projects. Hot men make good muses.
  3. I get really homesick when it’s hot here. I mean, 68 degrees and overcast is the perfect weather to me. It’s what my body is used to after living 30 years in that climate. When I’m really overheated and miserable in my hot, swampy house, I just wanna lay down (in front of the fan, of course) and sob because I miss home so much.
  4. When I look at some of the old photos of me, from my 20’s and a few from my 30’s, I think, my God. I was pretty and never knew it. How did I never know it?
  5. Me and another blogger (male) have this torrid fantasy about sharing Kelly Monaco… and/or Marcus Schenkenberg. Rawr.
  6. I am addicted to hot wings. It is probably my most favorite food on the planet. Whenever I go to a new restaurant and I see hot wings on the menu, I have to try them. I’m not sure whose wings are my favorites these days because my favorite place, Big Red Wings on Santa Monica Blvd in West LA, is gone now. Hooters falls in the middle for me. Their wings are good, but not great. Not a fan of Wingnuts (the wings or the prices) either. El Toritos’ hot wings are actually pretty good. Same for Islands and Marie Callender’s. I just can’t pick a fave place anymore. I just keep trying wings from everywhere and some day I’ll find a replacement for Big Red Wings, I guess.
  7. I would totally watch soccer just to get my eyeballs all over that Brazilian soccer team. I think I need to move to Brazil. They have the hottest men, I swear. The models… omg. Rafael Lazzini, Andre Coelho, the Verga brothers and more. I would love to retire to Brazil and sit and watch the hotties all day long while twatting to everyone how happy I am with the scenery. Oh, yeah. Now, that is a fantasy!
  8. I don’t usually watch TV, but I’ve totally been watching In Plain Sight strictly to get a glimpse of the hottie on there, Christian de la Fuente.
  9. Hot tubs are one of my favorite things in the world. However, since there isn’t one where I live and I look like Jabba the Hut in a bathing suit anyway, I never get to indulge. If I ever get my own house, it would absolutely need a hot tub so I could sit in it naked and enjoy the heat without being self conscious.
  10. Another of my fantasy-wish list items, is to cruise on a private yacht and go swimming someplace where the water is warm and perfectly clear (and shark free). I’m not quite sure why the warm water is so attractive since usually I have a huge fear of water and swimming.

So that’s it for me for today. Here’s a couple of eye candy morsels for you before I go.

Brandon Boyd of Incubus. This is my favorite photo of him, taken at a Surfrider Foundation event.

This is Christina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil. Sultry voice, sulty woman. Now, you’re all gonna want to go listen to her sing, right?

Hope your Humpday is filled with hotties, but not hot weather. Ugh.


I am expecting to have a nice Monday. One reason for it is something I cannot talk about on here because it’s a work related thing and you all know I don’t talk about the work things here anymore. The other reason is because I’ll get to be in the A/C most of the day. It’s been hot for me at home with no A/C and high humidity and temps in the 80’s. That may not seem very hot to you, but then add in the fact that I live above the garages and everyone in this condo building does laundry 24/7. Except me. I can’t handle going into the steam bath that is our garage.

Anyway, because it was so hot and Gooster highjacked my last hottie, I put a never ending stream of hotties in my sidebar. It’s a nice widget. I like looking at it. Gooster, if you want one, just click the linky thing on it and get a widget for your blog. While you’re at it, buy a drool bib. I did.

So, it’s Monday and that means it’s another photo session with my favorite hottie on the planet. He’s so hot, he’s cool. Here’s a test strip of Marcus for this Monday.

Now, I need a shower. I am too hot. Hope you all have a cool Monday!

Saggy Jeans

Everyone thinks men in saggy jeans is a bad thing. I’m not so sure I agree with that…

Sorry for stealing Jester’s Friday schtick. I was all out of things to say this morning after finding out that the microwave died. Just what I need, another expense. Well, at least it’s Friday. That’s gotta be worth something, somewhere.

May your Friday include hot bodies, not hot weather.

Wicked Crue

I have a whole two things to talk about today. First, as some of you know, asthmatic me couldn’t go to Cruefest because it’s at Blockbuster in Glen Helen. GH is way too dusty and hot for an asthmatic. I can handle Verizon, formerly Irvine Meadows, and any indoor venue, but the outdoor ones that are excruciatingly hot and dusty, I have to pass on. So I’ve been moping about not being able to go. It would have felt wrong to go without Rott too.

At any rate, I’d been resigned to hearing about Cruefest from ShinyBitch and Marty. Then last night Motley mentions a live feed of Cruefest from Las Vegas. I perked up. She’d already gotten a ticket for the show and wanted to make sure I would get offline so we could watch it on my computer. Do I look like a fool who would say no to that?

The show was awesome. It was just like being in the front row without the bruised ribs and beer in your hair. Tommy is just as funny as ever. Vince was totally kickass. Mick looked a lot healthier than he has in the past… and Nikki… well, Nikki is the stuff of dreams. Wet ones. Dry ones. Hot ones. He is just totally delicious. I could look at the man all night.

Motley went a long way toward paying for that Blackberry by getting the ticket to watch the show live. The funniest thing is though, I belong to tommyland.tv, Tommy’s fan club, and they had the info on the site too, but I’m a lazy ass who doesn’t go there very often. But Motley saved the day and we got to see Crue live! YAY!

The second thing I wanted to talk about was Cobblestone Press. Tempest had mentioned in one of her comments that I should submit something to their Wicked line. After spending a few days pissed off about a number of things, I decided I needed something to cool me down. Nothing works better than having to think and think hard. So I went to Cobblestone and started reading their submission guidelines. I realized I had a number of short pieces I could submit.

I psyched myself up, pulled out a 5K story, and turned on my thinking cap to write a cover letter. Ack. That was harder than I thought it would be. I’m not that good about talking about myself and my writing. I mean, I can do it here, this is a casual atmosphere. But to have to write a formal letter about ME? I’d sooner pluck a chicken, I think. I did do it though, and sent off the submission to Cobblestone. I rather think the piece is not hot enough for Wicked, but that’s okay. I needed to get off my ass and get my feet wet. It should be easier to do this next time and maybe eventually I will get published. I do feel good about the fact that I sent something, even if it gets rejected.

Before I go, I have to post something that Gooster posted this week. Teh Hawtness. I love this photo. It’s very textural to me. Okay, it’s hot too.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to pass on the Bear that Karl gave me, that he got from Dawg. It’s really cute, and I know just who deserves one!

Time for me to go watch fake horses run in fake races and just veg until the groceries are delivered. I have no plans for this weekend, other than to possibly try to get Karl and Hilly out for Sunday Brunch or something. Just looking to spend some more time with Karl before he heads home next week. Not that I’ve mentioned this to either Karl or Hilly yet. I lag as usual and they prolly already have plans. That’s okay. I can adjust and come up with alternate ideas if necessary. I’m nothing if not flexible! Happy Saturday beautiful peoples!

Shake Me

So, yeah it was shakin’ in SoCal. 5.6 was the first magnitude given by the U.S. Geological Survey. Then they upgraded it to 5.8. Personally, after having been close to the epicenters of both Northridge, which was 6.7, and Loma Prieta, which was 7.1, I thought the 5.8 was excessive. I was shaking my head at my perspicacity come noon when CalTech downgraded the magnitude to 5.4.

I do agree with CalTech when they say this was a wake up call. This quake did not relieve any pressure on the faults. It just wasn’t big enough to have done that. But it did warn us all that we should have water in the house, canned goods, toilet paper, gas in the car, etc.

I have water and canned goods, but probably not enough. I probably don’t have enough gas in the car either. We do have enough stuff to get by for a few days though. What I don’t have any longer are batteries and candles and matches. I’ll have to get some this weekend. I remember what the last 2 big ones were like. No power for days. No water that you could use for anything except flushing the toilet… I’m going to try to be in better shape soon.

Not to change the subject, but last week a certain blogger was bitching about people who post hotties on their blog. Well, just to spite him, to show him that I don’t care what he says on his blog, I’m going to post some Humpday Hotties. These hotties had me mesmerized by their beauty and their love of life last week. I just wanted to hug em and squeeze em and love em all up!

Have a happy Humpday!