My Bitch Mary

My bitch Mary, along with a lot of other bloggers with kids, is happy that school is starting. Poor Mary has been dealing with a lot of stuff, but she still manages to come by here and make a comment guaranteed to make me smile or laugh. I appreciate Mary, although you wouldn’t know it since my laggy ass hasn’t mailed her birthday present or her Marcus prize.

Still, I loves her a bunch, so today’s Tuesday Tune is for her. A little Saving Jane…

Mary by Saving Jane

And a little cartoon…

Hope I made you and Mary smile! Have a great Tuesday!


Usually, I am this:

Today I am this:

Fuck, I’m tired. Seriously tired. As in stay in bed until 10 am tired. That’s unheard of in my house unless I’m sick. I’m not bright. Not scintillating. Not fun. Not creative. I feel dull, dull, dull. Oh, wait. I Photoshopped something for my friend Jen, she of the awesome boobage.

It’s a picture for the Bar. A little dirty dancing scene to make someone jealous. It works spectacularly well too.

Looking at CNN just now… only to find my home turf is on fire. Big Sur was part of my stomping grounds in Monterey County. Apparently, it’s ablaze now. It’s really sad to think of such a beautiful place consumed by fire.

I need a laugh so I’m reposting a pic that makes me laugh. Mary and ShinyBitch will get a big laugh too. Maybe it will make you laugh. I dunno. Click on it and see it full size. There’s just something about giraffe sex that makes you giggle.

Yeah. That worked. I’m smiling now even though it’s time to go to work. At least it’s Friday and I can sleep in a little tomorrow. After that, I’ll be glued to the twats from BrittCon. Hopefully, I’ll have something to say here in my blog this weekend. Perhaps I’ll have some tiara photos. Oooh. There’s an idea. I think I’ll take Dave’s tiara to the cemetery today and take photos. HEH. Happy Friday!

PS: The tiara IS on the road today. Check my Flickr feed to see where the tiara is currently! Also, there will be updates on Twitter, if the stupid thing decides to work today. Follow me to be updated on the tiara!