Shake Me

So, yeah it was shakin’ in SoCal. 5.6 was the first magnitude given by the U.S. Geological Survey. Then they upgraded it to 5.8. Personally, after having been close to the epicenters of both Northridge, which was 6.7, and Loma Prieta, which was 7.1, I thought the 5.8 was excessive. I was shaking my head at my perspicacity come noon when CalTech downgraded the magnitude to 5.4.

I do agree with CalTech when they say this was a wake up call. This quake did not relieve any pressure on the faults. It just wasn’t big enough to have done that. But it did warn us all that we should have water in the house, canned goods, toilet paper, gas in the car, etc.

I have water and canned goods, but probably not enough. I probably don’t have enough gas in the car either. We do have enough stuff to get by for a few days though. What I don’t have any longer are batteries and candles and matches. I’ll have to get some this weekend. I remember what the last 2 big ones were like. No power for days. No water that you could use for anything except flushing the toilet… I’m going to try to be in better shape soon.

Not to change the subject, but last week a certain blogger was bitching about people who post hotties on their blog. Well, just to spite him, to show him that I don’t care what he says on his blog, I’m going to post some Humpday Hotties. These hotties had me mesmerized by their beauty and their love of life last week. I just wanted to hug em and squeeze em and love em all up!

Have a happy Humpday!