Who’s a Marcus Whore?

How can I top the Marcus mosaic I did last week? I should never have done that. I just spoiled all the future Mondays. I do have a nice Marcus pic though. I thought perhaps something rather formal was needed since we do have the last of our awards to hand out today. So here’s Marcus in a collar, cuffs, and a tie. Hee hee.

It’s just perfectly appropriate that the end of Blog Reader Appreciation Week should fall at the end of the Marcus Award contest. I’m just a giving fool! And for those of you who didn’t win something, there is still an open contest at this blog. No one ever won the Find the Air France Commercial guy. The commercial is called “Pool” and no one has been able to discover the name of the man in the commercial. If someone is brave enough to try, here’s the link the post about this contest. I found the name of the director, which escapes me now, but it’s buried in one of my posts. I did blog about this commercial at least 3 or 4 times.

To recap my BRAW stuff, Hilly talked to me on Woopra (and remains the only person ever to talk to me on this!) and won a pack of Dave’s playing cards when my order arrives. Marty’s name was drawn from the Dooney purse in the comment entries contest and he wins a hat from our Cafepress store. The end of the Marcus Award contest also fell on Friday. I tallied up the numbers and… MaryO from My Two Cents wins a fanged t-shirt! YAY!!!

I have no clue how she managed to outlast Fab on this one because she’s been pregnant and caring for a newborn plus 2 kids, a DH, pets, and a job through it all. I have no idea how she found the time to come by here, read, and post 115 comments! Now, that is loyalty for ya! Mary… I LOVES YA! Send me a PM at the Bar and tell me what size t-shirt you want.

Keep your eyes peeled for more tiara pics this week. Also, I’m still thinking about ideas for how I should be awarding the Marcus and the Alaric in the future, so feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas on that in comments. Believe me, I will appreciate every one! Have a yummy Monday!


I don’t like to have someone’s loss remind me how lucky I am. Yet, every day, where I work, someone is dealing with a loss. There are places in the park I don’t like to drive past, even if Motley is in the car with me. I never meant to have a career in an industry like this.

I started out my real career (if I don’t count where I was working during college or the stuff I did before that) at the Starlight Children’s Foundation. The first referral I took was for a boy of 18 who had been turned down by Make A Wish. He was too old. He didn’t fit their criteria. The boy, who lived in Oregon, was terminal. He wanted a big screen TV. He died before it arrived… and I cried myself to sleep for a week.

When you don’t really know someone, you don’t know what to say to them when they have suffered a loss. However, where I work, we’re always supposed to know what to say. We’re supposed to be compassionate, and do whatever we can to help the family through one of life’s most difficult times. But really, when it boils right down to it, what we say to them is – in the words of ShinyBitch – just putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.

Even though I don’t know Dawg like the rest of you do, my heart goes out to him today. For the Puppy Monster, whose beautiful marker is a testament to the power and the love in the Blogosphere, I will hug Motley today and be grateful that I have her.

Yes, it’s time to tell you who won the hat in the Blog Reader Appreciation Week drawing. Everyone who wrote a comment had their name written on a sticky note. The slip of paper was rolled up and dropped into a purse (a Dooney and Bourke, of course). Once all the rolled up sticky notes were in the purse, Motley (after she got home from seeing the Love Guru) drew one out.

The winner of a stunningly beautiful Socially Dead or rakishly eyecatching Sunlight Sucks hat is….

Congratulations, Marty! Please email me at winter at winterheart dot com and tell me which hat you want. Include your mailing address as well or Motley might keep the hat. Heh heh.

Look for the Spa Edition of Sunday Silence tomorrow. Well, if I get photos taken of my hair, my nails, my toes… hee hee. Have a great weekend!


I have three things to share with you today. First up, Hellohahanarf requested this, and I’m sure someone will make some really fantastical one, but I made this little badge this way for a reason. Royal purple badge with golden letters. C’mon. It’s very… Cinderella. Classy. Proud. I’m putting one in my sidebar. I mean, after all, didn’t I admit to some really bad behavior on Jester’s show last night? Well, bad behavior if you’re the Moral Majority anyway. Hot guys seem to like it…

When I was over at Karl’s blog, I found out he is Spiderman. That is too cool. I had to take that quiz, thinking perhaps I’m Wonder Woman or Catwoman. Mrow! Instead, I got something MUCH better! I am… I’m…

Find out Which Marvel Superhero Are You at LiquidGeneration.com!

Can you tell how excited I am to be The Punisher? I freaking LOVE IT!!

Okay, here’s my last thing for today, my Tuesday Tune. From the Punisher soundtrack. This is the version without Amy Lee. I like Amy Lee, but I totally think this version is better. Then again, I’m kind of an acoustic girl when it comes to songs like these.

Don’t forget about BRAW! If you want to know what I’m giving away and how you can win it check out last Sunday’s post!

Go forth and save the world, one blog post at a time! Happy Tuesday! MUAH!

Mega Monday

Ya know the meme that’s going around in mosaic form now? Here’s my Marcus version which truly makes this a Mega Marcus Monday! Click on it for the full size so you can admire all those muscles!

I guess it’s time for the Marcus count now. This is the last week of the contest. The count ends on Friday same at the same as time as Reader Appreciation does. I will announce the winner of the Marcus Award contest next Marcus Monday. Here’s the numbers: Mary-7, ShinyBitch, Susan and Marty – 4, Jennifer and Vixen – 3, Jason X, Whall, and Uvonne – 2, Hilly, Dave2, Othurme, and Jester – 1. Next week will be an exciting Monday!

Since this is Blog Reader Appreciation Week, and since I am giving away a couple of prizes, don’t forget to read yesterday’s post if you haven’t already.

Oh! And since I truly do appreciate Othurme… drool people, drool.

Have a simply Mega Everything Monday! MUAH!


Over at Shiny’s Takeout it’s Blog Reader Appreciation Week. Over here, where the sun doesn’t shine, I had an email from a well known blogger today who told me that I was appreciated. It’s also Sunday, Father’s Day, a day to show appreciation to your father or someone who has served in that capacity in your life. Since appreciation is the buzzword today, and is something near and dear to my heart, I have a word for you on this day to tell you how much I appreciate all of you: PRIZES.

I’m piss poor so lots of prizes is something out of my price range. That being said, I have two prizes to offer up this coming week. Between Monday and Friday I’ll pick some random times and check my Woopra to see if anyone is on this blog. The first person to actually talk to me in a chat window will win a pack of Dave’s playing cards when my order arrives. See, I’ve been trying out Woopra, and I’ve been trying to chat with people, but NO ONE ever answers me. So I’ll pick a few random times between Monday and Friday, and the first person to actually talk to me in the Woopra chat window wins the cards.

The other thing I’m going to do is this coming Friday night at 9 pm Pacific time I’m going to go back over all my comments. Every person who leaves a comment from the time I post my Monday Marcus post to 9 pm Pacific time Friday night, gets a ticket in a drawing. It works like this: if you leave 2 comments you get two tickets. I’ll put all the tickets in a box and Motley will draw one out. Whoever’s name is on the ticket will win a hat from either the Sunlight Sucks or Socially Dead collection of gear.

I truly appreciate my readers and by giving out two prizes, one for commenters and one that a lurker could win, I feel like I’ve covered my bases as best I can without going broke.

Have a great Sunday folks!