Six Sentence Sunday 47

This week we go to one of my WIPs. I’ve just turned in my MLR Press Christmas story Breath of Heaven and it will be out December 15. So now I’m only actively juggling four WIPs with the same number simmering on the back burner waiting to be called to the front. This six is from Scrambling.

Evan McAdam sat on the hard plastic chair in the hospital waiting room. Beside him sat the only man he’d ever loved. The man who had sobbed in his arms the night before. The man he’d made love to for the first and probably only time that same night.

To be honest, they’d made love all night and into the wee hours of the morning so it wasn’t just one time. Still, Evan knew it would probably never happen again.

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Last Tuesday, I took an impromptu vacation day and went to Los Angeles with Z.A. Maxfield. We went to a high school that was having a GLBT Fair. Yes, I heard a couple of whispers of “grannies” as I walked around so I know my gray hair didn’t go unnoticed. However, the kids weren’t exactly the reason I was there. I went to get my picture taken by celebrity fashion photographer Adam Bouska. Adam, who shares my birthday today, is the co-founder of the NoH8 Campaign. The photos he took were for NoH8.

I’m sure you’ve all seen the photos. Silver duct tape on the mouth. White shirts. The NoH8 tattoo on the cheek. Like this one of Adam himself.

The campaign began as a silent protest by Adam and his partner Jeff Parshley. The duct tape symbolizes voices being silenced by California’s Proposition 8 which amended the state constitution to ban same-sex marriage. The photos took off like a rocket with ordinary people being photographed as well as celebrities and people like Lt. Col. Victor Fehrenbach and  Lt. Dan Choi who were activists calling for the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

As authors of gay romance, as well as people who believe in equality in all things for all people, ZAM and I had a deep seated need to do this, to have our photos taken by Adam for this campaign. And yes, both of us will be displaying these photos prominently on our websites.

This campaign resonated with me on personal and professional levels. On the personal side, my high school sweetheart is gay. I love the man dearly and the idea that I can marry Rott, but David can’t marry Vince – when they clearly even have a better relationship than Rott and I have – just pisses me the eff off. My parents raised me to ahbor injustice and my heart breaks for couples who would love to get married but can’t. Now, I’m one of those people who also feels that it’s a piece of paper and in my heart, I know who I belong with regardless of the legalities of this country. I know David is one of those people too. We feel things deeply in our hearts and that is where our commitment comes from. We could show that commitment to another without a marriage license. But the very fact that politics don’t allow David to have that license should he choose to go that route with his relationship makes me very angry.

On the professional side, as an author with a Don’t Ask Don’t Tell novella where my heroes have to go to Massachusetts to be married, supporting this campaign is a no brainer. In Afterburner, my heroes get married in Massachusetts, a state that allows same-sex marriage, and California accepts that marriage as legal despite not allowing gays to be married in the Golden State. In the sequel to Afterburner, which is a Christmas story I’ve just finished, my heroes are retired from the Air Force and happy that Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is gone. I don’t say it in the story, but I know my guys and they aren’t happy that same-sex marriage in California is still not legal. Breath of Heaven, an Afterburner Christmas sequel, will be available at MLR Press on December 15.

So ZAM and I did this and we had a great time. Adam and I wished each other an early Happy Birthday and the happiness in the man just radiated out to everyone who was there. He’s a good soul doing a good thing for mankind. And ZAM and I feel really good to be part of it. The only thing that would have made our day better was if fellow author James Buchanan had been able to join us.

 Now, it’s time for someone a lot more beautiful than me! It’s still Monday, although it’s Halloween, so it’s time for a Marcus!

Marcus does a lot of stuff for charities like Peta so he’s not a celeb who doesn’t give back to the world. It’s one of the things I like about him.

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Happy Halloween to you all! Don’t eat too much candy! I’m off to have birthday cake with my coffee so have a good one!

Six Sentence Sunday 46

I’m still doing my retrospective of Tales books, but this is my last week to do that. Next week, I’ll have something different for you, The most recent of the Tales books is Breathe Me In, Tales #6.5. In this book, vampire Wilson North discovers his bloodmate is Garrick Forrester, a noted wizard with old Magia blood and owner of the Paris BDSM club Beyond Pleasure. In this scene, Will confronts the bad guys on their turf.

Will didn’t move but he sensed that some of the acolytes in the room shifted, as if they were about to converge on him. The demon ran his hands over Will’s bare back, the heat of the caress almost burning him.

“Since you don’t enjoy men that way, my lord, it will be my pleasure to fuck him in your name,” the demon murmured. “For your glory and gratification, of course.”

“Shut up, Xeven,” Guerlain hissed. “For Garrick’s mate, I might make an exception.

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Shiny Stuff

I’ll admit to being distracted this weekend by shiny stuff. To be honest, they were photos. I was looking for one kind of photo to do a cover and found something else that would work on a different cover. And so on, and so on. Every time I’d look for something, I’d end up with something for a different project. They all had to be done, but they didn’t have to be done in the order in which I did them.

Probably one good reason I got distracted so easily is this darn cold. It’s on the way out, but the lingering cough makes me feel like I’ve gone a few rounds with the heavyweight champion of the world and taken every blow to the ribs and gut. The problem is the way women’s muscles work when they cough. What tightens and spasms are the ones over the ribs and lower abdomen, the ones on the sides of the waist and the groin muscles. Apparently, or so my doc says, men use different muscles when they cough, muscles they use a lot anyway so they don’t get the same muscle aches as women when they have a bad cough. Anyway, every time I cough, it leaves me gasping for air and with muscles spasms sort of like the heaves. I lose track of what I’ve been doing and end up off on tangents. If the work I did this weekend wasn’t so darned pretty, I’d be growling “Eff you, Cold!” for more reasons that the obvious ones of discomfort.

So here’s what I ended up with at the end of the weekend. A total count of three banners, a Twitter background page, an avatar, and four covers. None of which were for me. The stuff that hasn’t been approved yet, I won’t post, but the stuff that’s already been finalized is below.

So pretty! So sexy! Which leads me to something – or rather someone – who is also pretty and oh, so sexy! It’s time for a Marcus!

I want to pillow fight with him! Of course, I don’t look that good in my underwear…Leastways, not any more! *Winces at the thought of my upcoming birthday* That does remind me of something though. This year my birthday is on a Monday so I think I’ll give away some books. Make sure you come back on Halloween for a chance to win.

Okay, that about wraps it up for me and my sore ribs. Have yourselves a great Monday!

Flu Shot

Yeah, I got one last week. The nurse wouldn’t give one to a co-worker with a cold. She said the shot lowers your immune system and if you have a cold you’ll get worse.  Well, that explains all the people who get sick after they get the shot. Their immune system must have already been low and they must have already been sickening.  The shot just hastens it. Or if your system is just weak, whoever has a bug can give it to you much easier after you have the shot.

So my co-worker with his cold stood next to me and found out he couldn’t get the shot. I sat down, got the shot and obviously breathed in his germs or something because voila! I have a cold. Sniffles, sore throat, croaky voice, cough, and a fever. Unpleasant to say the least. And I’m joking about my co-worker getting me sick. I’ve been run down for weeks because of stress. I’m sure it wouldn’t have taken much to get me sick after the shot took me down another peg or two.

Rott has been feeding me vitamins, Power-C vitamin water, soup and cupcakes all weekend. Okay, the cupcakes were my idea. This morning, I still had the fever. So I’m up for a bit checking my work email to make sure nothing needs my attention from home (yes, I am the computer geek who can get on the network from home) and then it’s back to bed and maybe some downtime with Z.A. Maxfield’s Book of Daniel. I need to read that one.

Anyway kudos to all of you who got your shots and didn’t get shot down. This is the first time it’s happened to me.  I rather think I’m gonna lose my voice. Some of you are probably thinking that’s a good thing and you might be right. 😉

Here’s a Marcus and then I’m off to bed to let the babies pile on me.

He looks uber healthy there. I need healthy so I’m hoping the photo rubs off on me. *snort* Have a better than I’m having Monday!