Thursday Thirteen the Sixth

If you read last night’s rant and read the X-rated link I left in the comments, you will know why this TT is late, and not thorough like my others have been. Meh. Everyone’s entitled to an off Thursday.

Thirteen Bits About The Bar Story

1. The Bar Story started at author Katie MacAlister’s forum. It was originally supposed to be RP, I think, but it evolved over time into a true serial story.

2. I came to the story about a year after it started. It took me two weeks to read all the posts and figure out how I was going to insert a new main character into the storylines.

3. We call our XXX rated sex posts WOFs, which stands for Words on Fire. When the Bar was at Katie’s site, we had to have a separate section for over 18 only, where we posted explicit sex scenes. It was a bit of a drag and eventually Shiny said, why are we doing this? She expressed a wish for our own board so we could get rid of the whole WOF thread and just post a sex scene like we would any other. Me, being the net fiend that I am, knew how to make a message board… so I did! And the Bar Forum was born.

4. Almost every character has a physical representation by someone famous or quasi-famous. We have some pics on the forum, mostly newer characters, but all of them are on a webpage. Usually we introduce a new character by posting their pic on the forum. That way, everyone knows someone new is coming to the story!

5. There are 7 active writers of the Bar Story: Opalgirl, RxQueen (Shiny), Mary, Avalon, Serenity, Twisted, Del, and myself. We have a few people who left the story due to real life issues and we’ve all been hopeful they will return, but it doesn’t look like they will. Those folks are Spottboy, Gayla, Fang, and Kitt.

6. Speaking of the writers, there are two men who have contributed to this story, Spottboy and Twisted. Spottboy is Mary’s DH. He’s in the National Guard. Twisted is a hottie from Scotland who is an art student.

7. We’ve only had one official wedding at the Bar, Alaric and Alexandria’s. They got hitched at the Bellagio.

8. We’ve had one live birth at the Bar, record producer Dominic Solent’s daughter who is actually the product of a bit of magic and blood from a demi-goddess. We’ve also had a hatching – quadruplet dragons who have special powers and were prophesied to unite the dragon world.

9. We have a few completely new races of Immortals that we created ourselves, elementals, Enchanters, and Fallen Angels. At least, those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. Opalgirl created the elementals. Serenity created the Enchanters, and I created the Fallen Angels.

10. Gayla is so beloved and missed that even though her two main characters Gayla and Nikolai are no longer being written, the other writers still write about them. We’ve also taken on two of her minor characters, Gayla’s dad Dravened Draco and Nik’s brother Demetri, and continued on with them.

11. I killed off a major villain with an amusing quip. Onyx the evil black dragon challenged his half brother Tristan for his mate, and control of the black sept. They have a big sword fight and Onyx loses. He’s laying on the floor, with Tristan’s sword Redemption at his throat, and he’s taunting Tristan that he will never be half the wyvern Onyx was. He’s babbling about how the history books will portray him as the better wyvern. Tristan cuts off his head in mid sentence. When Tristan calls his daughter Rhiannon to tell her all is well, he tells her that Onyx was babbling and he shut him up the only way he knew how. Heh heh.

12. Our vampires don’t explode into ash in the sunlight. They basically just get a bad sunburn. Plus, the older they are, the easier they withstand the light.

13. We tried introducing a werewolf into the story once, but he really didn’t take, so Opal killed him off. When she reintroduced the weres, she brought in packs and now they are an integral part of the story.

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That’s it for this Thursday! If the Bar interests you, come on by and sign up for the forum. Either I or the luscious Opalgirl will approve you and point you in the direction of all the sex posts! It really is a fascinating and fun read.

Dream Time Machine

Susan over at West of Mars was telling me about writing prompts. Now, I usually have enough stuff to write that I don’t get involved in these things. If I did, I’d never get my Bar posts done! However, her suggestion was to look for a prior Bar post that fit the prompt. I kinda blew the whole thing off in my head, but then I went to Mr. Grudge’s blog. His post today talks about writers stretching themselves. I dunno, somewhere between the two writing things and a grilled cheese sandwich (yes Matt, with Velveeta!), I decided to look at Sunday Scribblings. The prompt was Time Machine.

My excuse to Susan for pooh poohing the prompts was that there are so many Bar posts that by the time I found the one that worked, it would be time for another prompt. Okay, I exaggerated. Well, only a little really, because on a bad week, that is probably very true. However, Time Machine did make me think of a particular post.

In the Bar Story, Alaric and Alexandria find themselves in shared dreams even before they meet. They both have the same dream at the same time, hearing, seeing, feeling, and tasting the same things. The dreams are visions of what their future could be, if only they would take control of their destiny. After they meet, the dreams basically start coming true. So to tie in the prompt in a very creative way, the time machine for Alaric and Lex, is their shared dreams of the future.

And now, without further ado… My Time Machine prompt: Our Lives

The stars were incredibly bright in the night sky. Every one of the French doors stood open to the warm summer breeze. I could see the fountain at the front of the house shooting up into the air, the lights and music making the whole picture a beautiful tableau like a mini Bellagio. My heart swelled with love as I sat in the rocker just inside the French doors. Alaric was so over the top sometimes, I thought with an indulgent smile. Creating his own personal version of the Bellagio fountain was his idea of a gift. We danced on the terrace outside our bedroom whenever he cued up the music from our wedding. He was the most romantic man I had ever known…

“Angel, you bring it out in me,” he murmured, coming up behind me and dropping a kiss on the top of my head. “I was just a drunk before I met you.”

I gazed up at him with my heart in my eyes. “And I was just dying,” I smiled. “We were certainly a pretty pair, weren’t we?”

Alaric pulled up a chair and sat down beside me. “We were, and are, a perfect pair,” he maintained. His eyes dropped from mine to the blanket wrapped bundle in my arms. The baby’s fist was nestled up against my breast as he suckled. His head, with its tuft of dark downy hair, rested in the crook of my arm. The blanket, predictably, had giraffes on it.

I looked up at Alaric and saw the tears in his eyes as he watched his son nurse. He reached out with one long finger and stroked the baby’s cheek. The baby opened his eyes sleepily, and then grasped the finger with his hand. “He knows it’s you,” I whispered. “He knows you love him.”

“Angel, there is nothing in the world I love more than the two of you,” Alaric husked, his voice filled with emotion. “You and Aric are everything to me.”

The baby blinked up at us with dark blue eyes as his little rosebud mouth worked my nipple. My heart ached with love for my husband and my son. “This is everything I ever wanted out of life,” I said softly, reaching with my free hand to touch the side of Alaric’s face. He turned his head and kissed my palm, his blue eyes shining with love. “A home, a beloved, children, and a career. I can’t believe I have it all.”

“And a family too,” Alaric added with a smile. “Mom and Dad and Lucius love you too. And don’t forget Carlisle and Stein.”

I sighed with contentment and looked down, as Aric finishing nursing. His head fell back away from my breast, as his eyes closed and sleep overcame him. I lifted him carefully to my shoulder to burp him, but felt Alaric’s hands stop me. He took the blanket off my shoulder and draped it across his own broad shoulder. Then he took Aric from me and nestled him against the folded blanket, rubbing the baby’s back in circles and giving him an occasional soft pat. I wiped my breast and adjusted my shirt, all the while watching my love burp his son. It was such a beautifully emotional thing to see, the way the huge man cared for the tiny baby.

Aric let out a huge burp, and my startled eyes flew to Alaric’s. He laughed softly and got up to put the sleeping baby in the carousel crib that stood near our bed. He came back and took my hand, leading me out onto the terrace where he drew me into his arms and kissed me, first gently with love, and then with fast rising passion.

“This is our life Angel,” he murmured against my mouth. “Believe it…”

My eyes opened slowly. It was morning. I could hear the birds outside the little round window near our bed at Soleil Sombre. It was dark in the bedroom, as all the windows were covered with blinds to keep out the sun. I lay on my back, feeling the pleasant pull of my muscles after the rigorous sex Alaric and I had engaged in earlier. My husband’s arm lay heavily across my abdomen. I could hear his even breathing, and feel his breath on my naked shoulder.

Then his arm moved. I felt his hand gently stroking the slight curve of my belly. “Is he there yet?” Alaric asked softly. “I wonder…”

I stroked my hand over his hard arm. “I wonder too,” I whispered. “Especially after the dream.”

“His eyes are blue, Angel,” Alaric sighed with contentment.

“They could change and get darker,” I told him. “Most babies have blue eyes when they are born, and his were a very dark blue like Carlisle’s.” I turned my head, and my eyes met Alaric’s. “You called him Aric.”

A grin broke out on Alaric’s face. “I’ve been thinking of names,” he admitted. “My name means noble ruler. Aric means eternal ruler.”

“So no Alaric Junior?” I asked with a smile.

“Nah. Maybe my first name as a middle name, but we don’t need two Als running around the house. You’d get confused love,” he chuckled, teasingly.

I turned into his arms and felt him cradling me close to his big body. I nestled my cheek on his chest, my fingers stroking his collarbone. “No, I wouldn’t.” I sighed contentedly. “But feeling him nursing, his little fist kneading my breast…Oh, Alaric, that was amazing.”

“I know how you feel,” he admitted, holding me tightly. “When his hand gripped my finger, my heart turned over.”

“This is what we have to look forward to, my love. All of it.” I pressed a kiss to his skin, loving the taste and scent of him.

“I guess I better find an architect to handle the fountain,” Alaric laughed softly. “I need someone to redesign the bathrooms anyway. I’ll call Lucius when we get up. He’s had several working on blueprints for Stein.”

“Our bed comes today,” I reminded him. “You picked up the stuff on my list, didn’t you?” When he nodded sleepily, I said, “Then we’re going home tonight, Alaric. We’ll sleep in our bed, in our house.”

He let out a long sleepy sigh. “With you in my arms, it’s gonna be heaven,” he murmured as he drifted back to sleep.

I relaxed in his arms, my thoughts on the dream. I closed my eyes and let the sound of my beloved’s heartbeat lull me to sleep…

Ah, they are so cute aren’t they? Okay, enough of the mushy shit. Here is a hardcore wallpaper for my bitch Mary. Hardbodies. Not one, but three of them! WOOT! Click on this carefully, then when it opens, right click, and save it as your wallpaper. Afterward, make sure your paper towels or napkins are nearby so you can quickly clean up the drool.

Those hotties made me hungry. I need another grilled cheese. And maybe some Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream… oh, yeah. I could live on this. Unless I was going meatless like Matt. In which case, I would crave steak and pork chops incessantly. Hope you enjoyed the Tuesday Tune, the Sunday Scribble writing prompt, and the peek into the Dream Time Machine of the Bar. I’m out… the ice cream is calling me!

Mellow Marcus Monday

Ah, Marcus. He of the beautiful face. Today, I’m posting a pic of Marcus that does not show off his gorgeous body. Instead, this candid shot shows off the beauty of his face. The man really does have exceptional bone structure. I’ve seen a few pics of him where he’s not as attractive as he is when they’ve got him all fancied up for the camera. But I’ve also seen some candid video of him where he shouldn’t have looked very attractive, but did. I’ve seen nothing where the man looked downright ick. I don’t think it’s possible for him to.

Toward the end of this post I’m going to tell the story of how my award came to be named the Marcus. I have another pic of Marcus to post with it. Those of you who are romance readers, especially historicals, will recognize the period clothing. Trust me, the pic goes with the story of the Marcus Award.

I’m feeling rather mellow after a weekend of spending my money on the internet. I’m excited, of course, to have all the goodies show up at my office in the arms of the hunky FedEx or UPS men. It’s nice when our cool mailman Tony brings it too, because he doesn’t leave it downstairs. He brings it right to my desk. Well, in all honesty, my desk isn’t far from where we stack the outgoing mail. But Tony knows me. He always asks me what I got on eBay this time.

There’s nothing like the personal touch. I like it that Tony knows the names of everyone in my office. I like it that the tellers at my bank know who I am. I like it that the people in my nail place how much I tip and that I’ll be be back in a week for either a polish change or a manicure/pedicure. I like it that our hair stylist remembers what she’s done to our hair in the past. That personal touch is something I find worthy of my business. Which is probably why I buy almost everything on the internet now. No one gives personal service any more, so I might as well just buy on the net and save myself the hassles of trying to find a parking place.

As a follow up to yesterday’s post, look for me on Blogs We Luv on March 11. Seems I was amusing enough in my 10 Questions answers that Tish came by to ogle the hotties post a comment. I’ve been blog hopping a little this weekend and looking at lots of blogs. I have to say that one in particular struck me in right in the funny bone as well as the brain. It’s funny and very sharp. If you’re interested in a blog that looks at the corporate life in a very different way, check out Jason X at The User Pool. I laughed so hard when I read this blog that I almost sprayed my Diet Ginger Ale all over my monitor.

Alright, time for the story of the Marcus Award. In the Bar Story, Alaric Kohl is physically represented by Marcus Schenkenberg, my favorite hottie. A couple of my earliest blog posts explain how I came hook up my character Lex Valentine with Alaric and why. During Lex and Alaric’s “courtship”, they get into a discussion of age and what Alaric was like during the eighteen century.

He took my hand and pulled me up. We walked upstairs hand in hand. “It’s weird to think of you doing the minuet and waltz and all those old fashioned dances,” I told him. “I woulda loved to have seen you in knee breeches and a cravat.”

He grimaced. “Dandy clothes. That was Luc’s thing not mine.”

I raised my eyebrows. “A Corinthian were you? The athlete?”

He shrugged. “More or less. Dressing up wasn’t as easy for me as it was for Luc. He’s still the best dressed Kohl. I’m not quite at the dressed down to Johann level, but somewhere between him and my brother.”

“But you do dance?” I questioned him as we went into the sitting room that adjoined our bedroom.

“My mother would have had a fit if I hadn’t learned,” he chuckled. “I waltz divinely. Even though I’m the size of a giraffe.”

“The despair of your mother because of your height hmn?” I quirked a brow at him and he made a face.

“Maybe. Still, I can dance.” He picked me up so my face was level with his and I wrapped my legs around his waist. “Does this qualify for dancing if I turn on a CD?” he laughed.

“Nope,” I told him. “Qualifies as foreplay. But only if I do this.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his. He groaned and kissed me back.

So Lex finds out that Alaric’s mother called him a giraffe. After that there’s just a whole series of giraffe jokes and items throughout the story. I’m not quite sure how it happened, but I started picking up little giraffe items right about then. At Christmas, Jen sent me a beanie baby… a little giraffe. I promptly named him Marcus and took a cell pic of him on my bed in pride of place. That pic became the Marcus Award.

This week there are lots of Marcus Awards to give out. Susan and Mary were the big winners with 5 each. They were closely followed by Matt and Tempest with 4 each. Then we have Xahara, Mr. Fabulous, Nicholas, and Shiny with 2 each. Our one Marcus winners were: Harris Channing, The Gal Herself, Darla, tipsandstricks, Kat, Kaige, YummY, Malcolm, Mr. Grudge, the Libertine, Tish and Jennifer. And finally, although she wasn’t able to post this week due to some trouble with her laptop and then her landlord, Vixen of Vixen’s Den gets a Marcus too. She managed to post her prior Marcus on her blog before all the trouble hit. My fingers are crossed that things start looking up for her very soon.

That’s it for this Monday. Tomorrow we have a new tune, a hottie wallpaper for Mary, and maybe something from the Bar. Perhaps the slimy Macaire post unless something happens that I need to rant about. Happy Marcus Monday!

Contests, Schmontests

I like a good logic puzzle. I do not like it when I can’t solve something or when there is no way to solve it. So the Air France thing is driving me bonkers. It has spoiled CNN for me. I mean, they play the darned commercial every half hour it seems. And no one, not one of you out here, knows how to find this guy. I’m even giving away a fanged t-shirt and no one can find the winner. Maybe I need to give away the fanged clock, fanged pillow, fanged hat, or fanged boxers instead. What do I gotta give away to get an answer? *sigh* I’m so depressed over this. I hate it when there is no solution to a puzzle.

Mr. Fabulous is going to give out info on his cleavage contest tomorrow. This is great! I have just the picture for him! Me and a black satin Fredericks of Hollywood corset. Unfortunately for me, the PITA bought a leopard print bra yesterday at Frederick’s and gave me a pic for submission to Mr. Fab’s contest. Apparently, she liked the Amish clay man on Fab’s blog. I don’t think I stand a chance against 18 year old double D’s. Well, tomorrow he’s posting the rules, so maybe I can beat her that way. Maybe she’s not eligible. *EG*

I visit Blogs We Luv on occasion. Today I was over there and noticed that they are having a contest. Ooooh… contest. So I checked it out. To get more entries to the contest I had to answer 10 questions about my blog. That wasn’t so hard. I mean, I like to talk about myself and the crap that I post. What’s that? You’re laughing over my use of the word “talk”? Okay, I babble. There. Ya happy now? Geez, the abuse a dork has to take even on the net these days.

Matt-Man over at Bagwine Ruminations gives out a major award each week. Since I was the recipient last week I had to go read the blog of this week’s winner and leave a comment. It’s really nice to click links and be taken to other worlds. Or rather, the world of other people. I am keeping the C.O.W. posted on my blog so that everyone who comes by knows that I said something of worth at least once in this life.

A little appreciation can go a long way toward making someone’s day go a lot better. Whether it’s winning a contest or an award or just telling them that they are “utterly fabulous” (thanks Nicholas!), the appreciation is well, … appreciated! I know that I appreciate all of YOU, who come by here to read my babbles and see the pics of hot men that I post. For you guys, if the PITA doesn’t qualify for Mr. Fab’s contest I will post her bra pic here, just to show you that I appreciate you! And no, I’m not pimping my kid out. The pic’s on her My Space.

I promise to get back to McKenna the writer and her hot model Rafael soon. I gotta get caught up at the Bar, and I’m dealing with some other issues here at home, but I haven’t forgotten that I promised to write the next installment. Maybe I’ll post some slimy Macaire from the Bar to tide you over. He was creeeepy this week. See you tomorrow for Marcus Monday!

Tagged… and Not With Graffiti!

My original plan for this post was to talk about the stuff I have on my plate currently at the Bar. However, I’m starting out my weekend post with a meme instead. I’ve been tagged. I looked at myself to see where the graffiti was, but couldn’t see it. The PITA asked me what I was doing twisting and turning in front of the bathroom mirror. So I told her. She snorted and said, “It’s a cyber tag, Mom. You can’t see it, which you know perfectly well. You’re such a dork. Always looking for blog fodder.”

She’s right. I am. If it’s not angles and ideas for the Bar Story that I’m on the hunt for, it’s blog fodder. I’d be an ambulance chaser if it gave me good fodder for my blog. You see, I struggle to be amusing. It does not come easily to me as it does to say, Matt-Man of Bagwine Ruminations, Mr. Fabulous of Pointless Drivel, or Diesel of Mattress Police. In fact, I don’t think I am amusing. I think I’m a dork. If you all are chuckling, it’s because I’m a dork, not because I’m funny. So, first up is the meme:

I got tagged by Tempest from Midnight Moon Cafe… Ah, Tempest, Tempest! Why you tagged ME for this meme is beyond me. Well, maybe not. You probably thought I’d post some wild outrageous stuff, didn’t you? Heh heh.

Okies, here’s how the tagged thingy works.

1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Share six random things about you.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your blog entry.
5. Let the tagged people know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Now, here it is, Six Random Things About Winter:

1. I was diagnosed with asthma at 31. Never had it before that. It’s a weird, probably genetic, thing in our family. Boys – asthmas as kids. Girls – asthmas after having kids, or turning 30-ish, whichever comes first. Velvet and I are now wheezing our way through our 40’s together, coughing and sucking on steroidal inhalers. (Velvet is my niece. I’m a year older than her. We grew up together.)

2. I’ve always had cats with odd names. Dirty Nose, Coffee Grounds, Skunk, Dummy, Swirly. I never named any of them either. All have passed to the Rainbow Bridge except for Dummy and Swirly who are also known as the Feral Brothers. We still have Skunk too in a sense… his ashes are in a gray marble urn on the entertainment center in the living room. He was really Rott’s cat, but I loved him too.

3. My eyebrows don’t really grow anymore. I don’t have to pluck them very much or very often. I guess I’ve plucked them so much, for so long, that the hair just doesn’t bother to grow anymore. And yes, the arch in them is natural. Do you think I like walking around with an expression of perpetual surprise on my face?

4. I hate shopping. I don’t like going to the mall or the grocery store. I buy stuff online, even my groceries. It takes sooo much less time and the parking is superior! I’m even kinda getting meh about the bookstore. The bookstore shopping has starting sucking because the paranormals and romances are one aisle over from the mangas in my Barnes and Noble. Those manga kids piss me off, sitting in the paranormal aisles, in my way, making noise. Grrrr. Okay, I’m officially in the I hate all shopping in person category now. Even the bookstore.

5. My kid, the PITA, made me a bracelet last year when she was into beads. I got her these cool skull beads from South America so she included a few on my bracelet. Four white skulls and a black one, plus some green and purple beads (her BF Tyler’s fave colors – not sure why she put them on MY bracelet lol), and letter beads that spell out MEEMO. Meemo is what she’s always called me. Well, until she got older. Now, she only says it when she’s wheedling. Meemo stands for Mean Mom. I wear that name like a badge of honor, I tell you.

6. My sex life had always been feast or famine until I met Rott. I went 2 years without having sex with a man and then ended my drought by having a slut year where I screwed my way through about 14 guys. I know. I’m a baaaaad girl. I was 26 or 27 at the time. My parents had both just died. Call it Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. It sure sounds better than saying it was a slut year.

Here are the people I’m passing this lovely bit of internet graffiti on to: Mary, Mr. Fabulous, Shiny, the Libertine, Susan, and Nicholas. I can’t wait to see how creative they get with this. *EG* I would have loved to tag Andrei Andrei, but since he is a quasi celeb, could I do that? I mean, he’d just blow me off, wouldn’t he? And yes, Nicholas, I know you did this one already, but c’mon! The last one you did was excellent. Here’s your chance to fascinate me some more. *wink*

Now that the meme is out of the way, here’s the post I had planned for this weekend… what’s on my writing plate at the Bar.

Weylyn Randall – My bi-sexual werewolf is on his way to a rendezvous with Isolde the pixie. She’s drunk and looking to get laid. Weylyn is always looking to get his were on. Should be a match made in sexual heaven. This is bound to be a very hot sex post.

Nyx McClaren – Her nemesis, the Fallen Angel Macaire, has laid down the gauntlet, but the ever resourceful water fairy/spy is busy trying to find her missing brother-in-law. She has a pow wow with the rest of the family, making plans to search for the missing Helios.

Lex Valentine Kohl – My petite pregnant vampire overhears her DH, Alaric the Asshole, on the phone with his brother Lucius. They are talking about their newly discovered cousin Griffin, whom the men do not trust. After the phone convo, Lex and Al get into it once again over the new BMW 5 series sedan that Alaric wants Lex to drive instead of her Mini Cooper. The megabitch lashes out at the asshole… do apologies ensue? Or do they just have angry sex instead?

Griffin Rothchild Kohl – The newest member of the Kohl family ponders his new relatives as he heads for a library to do some research on the Hellbounds vampires. At the vamp library, he meets a woman who is crucial to his destiny. Could she be his mate?

Althea Grenville – The youngest of the Fallen Angel Grenville sisters is in Norway with Lorenzo Moretti, searching for his best friend Antonio Blue. Althea is falling hard for Lorenzo, but knows that she cannot have a mate. The sex is hot between them and her feelings are riding high. Can she give him up once she helps him find Antonio? And what is that weird blue glow in Lorenzo’s chest?

Matt Havens – The Pixie Prince arrives back in the Otherworld with his fiancee, the fire elemental Emmy Morgan. Matt has to meet the parents and prepare to go back to work as a Calvin Klein underwear model. His mate, Emmy, has work too, now that she has a recording contract. Plus, there is an odd mystery going on in the Morgan family surrounding the disappearance and possible death of Em’s cousin Vanora. Can Matt and Emmy balance their careers with the drama in Em’s family and Matt’s obligations to his people behind the veil?

Tait Rockwell – The Queen of the Fairies is comforting Mace over the loss of his mate Vanora. At home, behind the veil, Puck is waiting for her return. She also has an obligation to the rockstar/vampire Rune. She’s supposed to help him finish his album. How can she continue to be Mace’s friend when he’s such a fuck up and her mate Puck is jealous as hell of her prior relationship with Mace?

Jensen Rudolph – My rare white werewolf has to break off her secret affair with Drey, the youngest brother of the man she’s been in love with all her life. Playing the dom to Drey’s sub was fun for awhile, and she’s taught him a lot about how to play the waiting game as the Beta in the pack. Once Drey’s gone from her life, does she dare to call Bram Steele, the vampire who is interested in her?

Dante DeAmbrose – The beautiful young vampire has to ditch her overprotective brothers Vaughn and Christian, with the help of her pal Lilith, in order to meet with Roman Wulf for another round of hot sex. Before she can do that, she has to run an errand for Christian. The errand changes the course of her life.

Bianca Frith – The wildling goes to Club Insolent with rockstar Rune, who is her mate’s best friend. Bianca’s undergone a makeover courtesy of Ruby Morgan and Rhiannon Blackthorne, but she’s still feeling the rejection of her lover and mate Spyder Burke. At the club, Bianca meets Spyder’s sister Gracie and runs into Spyder himself. A heated encounter in a dark hallway between Spyder and Bianca leads to more than either one of them was ready for.

Sterling McCarran – The new Fallen Angel, ex-CIA agent, is trying to find her place in the immortal world. She’s partnered with another new Fallen Angel, the son of her former lover Mace. Mal is handsome and lost in this world. In an effort to cope, Sterling takes Mal to her grave, the beautiful tomb that Mace had commissioned for her at Pere Lachaise Cemetery. Unfortunately, she runs into Mace there. How does she deal with a man she once loved, who has just lost his mate and unborn son? And how does she hide the fact that Mal is the unborn son he lost?

Tarren Griffith – My half black/half silver dragon is sitting in the bay window, waiting for her mate to return, and trying not to fear that he’s died. She is unaware of the fact that the rest of the Kronos family has arrived at a plan for searching for Helios. She’s also unaware of the fact that the evil mage Caden is responsible for Helios’ disappearance during the mission to eliminate the last black dragon death squad. As dawn breaks, Helios appears, flying toward the chateau, releasing Tarren from her watch. Will she hit him or hug him once they are together again?

The Bar is really heating up. Lots of exciting stories and hot sex on tap in the coming days. Okay, that’s it for me. Hope you all have a great weekend!