Judge Not

I spent Saturday judging some writing contest entries. It was fun, but I have to say, the first few I read were disappointing. I guess I expected them to be better stories. I don’t know why I had that expectation but I did.  The writing was okay, the mechanics not bad, but I felt nothing when I read them. They weren’t exactly boring, but they just weren’t interesting enough to capture my interest.

Of course, I could tell with a few of them that they just needed a better vocabulary, better word choices, to pump up the story and give it more oomph. Others, well, let’s just say that the plots needed some work.  I will say that there were two real standouts of the ten I read and that’s a pretty decent percentage.

I talked to Nikki (Motley) about how to present yourself when you try to get a job. I told her to stand up straight and not slouch. People might perceive you as lazy and schlumpy if you don’t stand up straight. Now, in Nikki’s case, standing up straight means her gigantic boobs are really, really on display. There’s not much we can do about that.  I mean, Mother Nature saw fit to endow her with the kind of chest strippers pay plastic surgeons to get.  I try to get her to dress so that her chest isn’t so much on display when she’s job hunting. After all, despite it not being right for people to judge each other, they just do especially when they need to size up job applicants.

Used to be, Nikki had the attitude that since people shouldn’t judge each other she could suit herself. She was in her teens then and feeling all angsty and rebellious. Now, she gets it that while we shouldn’t judge others there are times you have to and most people are gonna do it anyway.  I don’t think it’s how humans are biologically, I think it’s how our culture is. And luckily, at 21, Nikki now gets this too. Now, if only she could just get people to stop staring at her boobs and give her a customer service type job…

Today’s Marcus is low key and pretty. I was playing around with gradients in Photoshop and used my favorite Marcus photo.  I love purple.

Oh! Before I go I invite you to check out Fonts For Peas. Amanda made a font out of my handwriting! It’s called peaLex Valentine. 🙂 I should probably use it on this site. Whadda ya think?

Wishing you all a non-judgmental Monday!

The Motherlode

671004_ratio3x4_width180This weekend Motley turned 20. No longer a teen yet still my baby. We celebrated with some Claim Jumper yummies delivered to our door including a slice of The Motherlode. Have you ever seen this thing? It is a chocolate explosion. An overdose. I think I could only eat about 3 bites of it today after having had one layer of the slice yesterday. Man. What a way to turn 20, overdosing on chocolate.

I talked about giving birth to Motley over on the Flirty Author Bitches blog, explaining that I’d been in the hospital for over a month. I’d been really sick and once they induced labor I got seriously cranky. I think I might have stayed that way which is probably why Motley doesn’t always think she’s hit the motherlode when it comes to mothers. I did post a video over at FAB. It’s the video that was playing on MTV when Motley arrived. I about took the nurse’s head off when she tried to turn off MTV. It was the only thing distracting me from the pain. I don’t let Motley forget that she arrived during an Aerosmith video. LOL

Apparently, the term motherlode extends to creativity and book covers too this past week. I was on a roll. After I did Fire Season’s cover I got an idea for the covers of the next two books. I think they turned out quite well. After that, I made a couple of sig tag banners for people. What do you think? Was my creative genius at work or am I tooting my own horn for no reason?





I think I did okay on the graphics front. This week I’m leaving on Friday to pick up Rott in Mammoth. I have a long boring drive ahead of me and a lot of stress. Actually, I’m already stressing. I may have to start work on my next project without a breather because I need the distraction. Well, actually, I have some trailers to do. Hopefully, my creative motherlode holds for a few more days.

Before I go I’ve got to post a Monday motherlode of Marcus! I cannot have a Monday without him anymore. And I really love this photo. Tres hawt. Tidey whities never looked so good. Well, cept maybe for the ones on Travis Fimmel. HEH. Gah. No contest. I’d still take Marcus over Travis, but it would be a tough decision.


If you get the chance, stop by Motley’s blog Socially Dead and wish her a happy you’re no longer a teenager birthday. Hope you have a great Monday!