Smart Girls

Yes, Motley and I are now Smart Girls. I bought us both smart phones tonight. I stalked eBay the past two nights pricing phones. I checked with T-Mobile to see how much new ones would cost. I just want more functionality. Something I didn’t think I wanted last November when I got the Samsung Stripe and re-upped with T-Mobile.  Yeah, well since November I found blogging and Twitter and Flickr. Needs change. My tiny little Samsung sucks. I bought a new Dash.

As for Motley, she has a fairly new Razr. We re-upped her not that long ago too. She dropped her phone in the sink. HARD. Now it doesn’t function very well. There are a few places I don’t take my phone for this very reason. Kitchen. Fire. Water. Bad for my phone. Bathroom. Water. Toilet. Even more bad for my phone.  So my phone doesn’t go to either of those places. Apparently, Motley thought the phone was permanently attached to her hand because she texts, IMs, and twats on it so much. Then she went in the kitchen and found out that wasn’t true. Surprise, surprise. So, being the good mom that I am *rolls eyes*, I got her a used BlackBerry 8700G.

Now, don’t you wish I was your mom?

Fuck Me Muse

So my last blog post was hot, wasn’t it? I love it when the words flow from me, and they’re tight and passionate and so perfect for a freaking contest… but I don’t use it for such. My contest entry for the Zanctuary writing contest is dragging. It’s actually not flowing which makes it rough going aka work. I guess that should tell me something, huh?

Then yesterday’s blog post just flowed from my fingers when I was half asleep. The words were all perfect. I couldn’t really find any fault in the way I described it. It happened just like that in my dream, but I don’t know how I articulated it so well when I was half asleep and not yet caffeinated.

What kind of muse inspires something as perfect as yesterday’s bit when I’m not even awake, but can’t make Defending Your Love Life work? And where is this muse? Why does he hide on me all the time? He’s a total hit and run lover. Yesterday, he showed up, out of the blue, and fucked me in a good way. When I was working on Defending Your Love Life, the muse was there… but he was fucking me in the bad way. I’ve decided that there is nothing I can do but admit that, while I have a writing/creative muse… he’s also a Fuck Me Muse.

My muse takes great delight in fucking with me and fucking me. He hides out, snacking on my writing bites, getting fat and happy and giving me nothing but silence. Then he goes all bulimic, gets all buff and hard bodied and shows up to inspire something hot and riveting. He is a fickle fucker. I shouldn’t be able to sit down the way this muse fucks me up the ass repeatedly.

This weekend I’ve gotta figure out what I’m doing for this contest. I need another bit like yesterday’s. Longer and hotter though. Something I’ve never posted before. I mean, I was second last year. I gotta defend that and try for number one, don’t I?

I don’t have a lot of faith that my muse will show up, but you never know. I guess I should get the lube out just in case though, eh?


Usually, I am this:

Today I am this:

Fuck, I’m tired. Seriously tired. As in stay in bed until 10 am tired. That’s unheard of in my house unless I’m sick. I’m not bright. Not scintillating. Not fun. Not creative. I feel dull, dull, dull. Oh, wait. I Photoshopped something for my friend Jen, she of the awesome boobage.

It’s a picture for the Bar. A little dirty dancing scene to make someone jealous. It works spectacularly well too.

Looking at CNN just now… only to find my home turf is on fire. Big Sur was part of my stomping grounds in Monterey County. Apparently, it’s ablaze now. It’s really sad to think of such a beautiful place consumed by fire.

I need a laugh so I’m reposting a pic that makes me laugh. Mary and ShinyBitch will get a big laugh too. Maybe it will make you laugh. I dunno. Click on it and see it full size. There’s just something about giraffe sex that makes you giggle.

Yeah. That worked. I’m smiling now even though it’s time to go to work. At least it’s Friday and I can sleep in a little tomorrow. After that, I’ll be glued to the twats from BrittCon. Hopefully, I’ll have something to say here in my blog this weekend. Perhaps I’ll have some tiara photos. Oooh. There’s an idea. I think I’ll take Dave’s tiara to the cemetery today and take photos. HEH. Happy Friday!

PS: The tiara IS on the road today. Check my Flickr feed to see where the tiara is currently! Also, there will be updates on Twitter, if the stupid thing decides to work today. Follow me to be updated on the tiara!


Click on my Wordle to see it full size. I thought vampires woulda been bigger…

Don’t forget! The Blog Reader Appreciation contest ends at 9 pm Pacific time on Friday night. Every comment gives you a ticket in the drawing for a hat.

I’m ready to relax this weekend. I need some pampering. Snackiepoo and I are gonna go spoil ourselves. We deserve it, dontcha think? Maybe Dave2’s tiara should come along too…

Happy Friday!

Totally Random

Fuck the drama. I’m tired. I tried to figure out who to pimp for Friday the 13th, but thinking makes my headache worse. So I’m just gonna post some random images from the My Pictures folder on the Green Machine (aka my computer). You tell me in the comments any of the following things:

  • what you think of a particular picture
  • why you think I have a particular picture
  • the picture you think is the weirdest
  • the picture you like the most and why
  • the picture you think I like best in this group
  • the picture that made you laugh or giggle
  • the picture (or some variation of it) you’d most likely have
  • some other odd or unusual comment about a particular picture

Okay, here we go… some random photos from My Pictures:

Well, there you have it. Fifteen random things from the My Pictures folder on my computer. Each one has a story, even if it’s not much of a story. I hope some of you choose to tell me why you think I have a particular picture. I’d like to see what wild stories you come up with!

Thank God it’s Friday, even if it’s the 13th, to all of you! MUAH!