Playing Catch Up

Hot Water really consumed me, and I blocked out the world to finish it. Now, that it’s been subbed and a contract offered for it, I’m back to talk about lots of stuff that’s been going on. First up, I didn’t get a chance to mention this last week but Silver Lining has been contracted by Midnight Showcase Fiction! It’s scheduled for a July 2009 release. This story was very personal for me, so I’m very excited that it will be published. Between Silver Lining and Hot Water both being offered contracts, I’m in big double WOOT! mode.

My next thing to tell you about is a new website we have called Tales of the Darkworld. You’ll find information about my world, creatures, and the books related to those creatures on this site. It’s like a companion for the books with tidbits about things related to the series. You’ll find the website at

Trailers! Yes, I’m doing them for FREE until the end of December. So if you always wanted a trailer for your book, but couldn’t make it yourself, here is your chance to have one! So far, we’ve made trailers for 8 authors and have about another 8 to go. This has been a lot of fun and we’re so happy the authors are happy with them. It’s such a great way to promote a book.

I’m giving away a Bar t-shirt with fangs as part of the Bloody Kiss-mas contest. For information on the contest check out this video!

Here’s the poster for the contest.

There’s a photo of the t-shirt at the contest’s website on MySpace:

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!


Here’s how my week went:

  • Exhausted from so much writing in such a short space of time
  • Inability to concentrate on jack
  • Fiddled with videos
  • Read some books
  • Had one of my most favorite people at work retire
  • Had a bunch of things at work contrive to keep me from staying on schedule with month end
  • Stressed at the office and stretched to the max in terms of ability to roll with the punches
  • Worried about all kinds of stuff I can’t even begin to list here
  • Tried to keep up on all the author related loops
  • Tried to catch up on reading the blogs in my feed reader
  • Stressed over the sim going down and having to get my entries in
  • Plagued with headaches all week, a rare thing for me
  • Fought with Motley over the use of my computer
  • Battled to sleep at night due to the high temps
  • Had Marie Callender’s not have my to go order ready, but got a free pie out of it
  • Got back one critique from a beta reader of the Prince story
  • Ordered belly button jewelry for my ears (don’t ask, it’s a gauge thing)
  • Bought way too many eBooks with my retroactive raise money
  • Bought lots of birthday gifts and a Socially Dead tank top for Motley
  • Been basically unmotivated to do anything because of stress and the heat
  • Worked on getting an author who writes M/M vampire stories for Jester’s show
  • Am getting ready for the only holiday I think is cool… Halloween.
  • Ranted about penis size at
  • Got my invite for the company Halloween party (anyone wanna go to a Halloween party at the cemetery?)
  • Begged nicely for a signed copy of JR Ward’s Compendium from my friend Jen from the Bar
  • Spent $250 to get my own car out of my garage this morning
  • Forgot my phone at home today
  • Had Marty and Gooster inspire my next two books in the Darkworld series
  • Had Hilly agree to be the heroine of my 3rd Darkworld book

See my Halloween/October blog template? You may all bow down before the genius and beauty that is Jester.

Since it’s Commando Friday, I give you hotness without undies. Praise the Lawd and pass the bizkits!

Happy Friday!

I Is Not Down

I’m not up, but I’m not down. No, I’m not really being cryptic. I’m explaining my mood, because I *ahem* got a rejection letter. You can read all about the letter over at Lex’s website. I went into detail about the letter itself and some stuff about online versus real. The only thing I can really think of to say about people who still think like that is… Hello! Technology! Get a clue that life changes, especially in how we communicate with others. It’s 2008, almost 2009, and 1992 is a looooooong way in the past.

So anywho, I’m not in an upbeat mood per se, but I’m not depressed about the rejection either. I’ve been in a funk somewhat this week, but it’s not writing related. Although, maybe I should be more in a funk about that because then I wouldn’t be so damned achy missing Rott.

Here’s what’s happened this week: I won two writing contests at, where no one knows me but Elfenkate. At Zanctuary, where they all know me, I lost the writing contest to my friend Jen of the ample bosom. I learned to make videos with Windows Movie Maker. I actually made 2 movies! Woo hooo! The SIM card on my phone died and scared the crap outta me. (I thought it was my new Dash phone until it finally threw an error message that told me the card was bad.) I got a photo in a text from my friend in Houston, showing me the front of his house, all ready for Ike. And I got into some aggravating stuff at the horse racing sim that kept me from writing. I’m so broke I’m in the hole and trying to figure out how to find the $100 that I need to make rent. I’ve been missing Rott to the point of tears since Wednesday night (a 9/11 thing I think). My birthday is drawing near and I think I’ve decided to cancel getting a year older since the only party that might come close to being a birthday celebration will be in Orlando, but I won’t. I forgot to order coffee creamer with my grocery order. I lost the spiked end of one of my gauged earrings and had to change out almost all of my piercings (no mean feat cause the little balls are… um, little.) And then this morning the rejection letter. So, I’m not happy happy joy joy.

Yet, inexplicably, I am not depressed. Freaking Galveston is destroyed! I’m blinking at CNN, and am glad I don’t live there. I’m ogling that cute Rob Marciano who, oddly, looks a thousand times more attractive with a day’s growth of beard on his face. I’m looking out my window at the overcast sky and thanking whatever scientific thing that causes weather for slightly cooler temps here. (Of course, it could be that my 3 neighbors have finally stopped using their dryers. I live over the garages. All 3 neighbors do laundry every day so the garages are like a steam bath because the dryers don’t vent OUTSIDE.) Still, not depressed in the least.

I’m gonna catch up on blogs this weekend. I hit that kinda blah patch last week, mostly due to the sim aggravation, and just couldn’t read a thing. Well, except for a short story about a werewolf girl who finds her mate and ends up handcuffed to a bed. HEH. Written by the lady who created the Lex Valentine site for me. Hot reading. I think it was the high point of my week.

I’ll be around to visit all of yas. I need to find out what else has been going on in the PRB that I’ve missed. Congrats to my friend Jen for winning the Z contest. Congrats to Vahid and Hellohahanarf for winning the RAP award. Congrats to Dave on his commando vacay. (Per Gooster, Dave is officially the Commando in Chief for Commando Fridays.) Congrats to the author Jen for finishing her edits. Oh, yeah. Yay me! I did win two contests and learn to make a video (sorta – if you look for lexvalentineauthor at You Tube you’ll find them).

I know just what will complete my week… anyone want a kitten?

Luvs yas!

Princess & the Pea

My bed sits on the floor. Boxspring, then the mattress, then an air mattress on top. Ever since I started getting old having back issues, I’ve been sleeping with an air mattress on top of the regular mattress. If I could afford one of those memory foam things, I’d get one because the air mattress’ rubber is kinda hot.

Anyhoo, I wrap the air mattress in a nice mattress cover, and nice sheets and it’s a very comfy sleep. When it starts to leak a little air, I use the battery operated pump and make it all nice and firm again. At some point, this stops working. Sometimes, that point comes too soon because something external has popped the mattress. I’m not sayin’ who, er what.

Last night my mattress was fine. During the night I had a series of visitors who annoyed me. One of those visitors popped my mattress. It was way, way too squishy this morning and my ass was firmly on top of the regular mattress. I could feel the little quilted parts. This brings me to the tale of the Princess and the Pea.

You’re thinking kid’s fairy tale, right? Well, you’re half right. Rott and Motley know their fairy tales. They also know me. If there is anything between the mattresses, I flip out. I swear I can feel it. One night, I went to bed and couldn’t get comfy. I tossed and turned and finally yelled.

Rott comes in and says, “What the hell? Who died?”

“There’s something in my bed,” I bitch, getting up and looking in the sheets and blankets for the culprit.

“It’s probably one of those little toilet paper balls,” Rott snarks.

“Ewwww!” I squeal, still checking the bedding.

I can’t find anything, so I start to lift the air mattress. Pillows start to slide and Rott grabs the mattress saying, “Woah, there Nellie. Not so fast. You get the pillows and I’ll lift the mattress.”

I grab up the four pillows and stand there glowering at the bed as Rott lifts the mattress. I stare at the flat expanse of the bed skirt, stretched across the mattress without a hump or a lump or a wrinkle. I frown heavily and Rott gives me another look that is reminiscent of Hilly’s famous RMEITBOMH.

“There’s nothing there. Can I put the mattress down now? You’re imagining things because you’re sleepy,” he tells me.

“I’m not sleepy. And I’m not sleepy because there is something in my fucking bed!” I exclaim. “Look under the other mattress.”

By now, Motley has arrived. “What’s going on?” she asks.

“Here. Hold this,” Rott gripes and hands her the air mattress. He yanks off the bed skirt and lifts the regular mattress. There in the center of the box spring is a dried lima bean the size of my thumbnail.

“AH HA!” I yell and drop the pillows to grab up the bean. “I TOLD YOU!”

Rott and Motley exchange a very suspicious look. My eyes narrow. They ignore me and start putting my bed back together. When it’s all ready to go, Motley picks up my pillows and tosses them to Rott who puts them in the bed and plumps them up.

“Better go to bed. Now, that you can sleep that is,” he mutters in a voice that is decidedly smirky.

I look at him. I look at Motley. They both start to grin and Rott turns to leave.

“Hey! You forgot something!” I tell him.

He turns back to me and I throw the lima bean at him. He catches it in one hand. “Fucker. Not only did you fuck with my bed, you fucked with my groceries,” I grumbled.

Motley, now openly snickering, heads out, saying to Rott, “Told you she’s the Princess and the Pea.”

Rott shakes his head and leaves too. I hear his chuckles echo down the hall as he returns to the living room.

Tonight, I am reminded of that occasion because of my popped mattress. I’m gonna fill it up with air, but since it’s got a small (claw made) leak somewhere, I know that in a few hours my ass will be feeling the quilted cover of the regular mattress, something far, far worse than a lima bean to someone like me.

I may not wake up black and blue like the Princess and the Pea did, but I guaran-damn-tee you that I will have tossed and turned and barely slept… just like a real Princess would have done.

Wishing you a pea-less Thursday!

Manga Sunday

I’m gonna catch up on blogs today. I promise. I feel bad that I haven’t read, but I had to catch up at the Bar and now I’m a post ho there. Also, it’s been so humid here that I’m kinda miserable. I feel like I have a low grade fever, but it’s not me, it’s just the weather.

So, instead of a Sunday Silence photo, here is my Manga face. I don’t think it looks very much like me, but I like the graveyard background. Heh.

If you’ve been by Dawg’s site then you know that I got a prestigious award!

Dawg happened to like the AC/DC song I posted this week, while trying to broaden Motley’s classic rock music horizons. Thanks for snacking on me, Dawg!

Happy Sunday!