Jam Packed

This is gonna be a jam packed week for me. Two days at work and then it’s time to turn on the overdrive to finish The Wise Guy by next Monday. I’m just under 10K words so it’s doable if I don’t procrastinate.

One thing that will keep me from writing on Wednesday though is that I’m the guest at one of the Yahoo groups I belong to. It will be my first ever official author chat. People will be asking me about my writing, the books I have coming out, and all sorts of things. You are all cordially invited to drop by and grill me if you like. The chat takes place in email and you have to sign up for the group and set it to individual mail. After the chat feel free to remove yourself from the group if it’s not your kinda thing. Those of you who do come by and ask a question will be entered in a drawing to win a PRIZE! The chat goes on all day New Year’s Eve in email. Here’s the link to join:  Amethyst Winters Yahoo Group.

I have a little project cooking that I may be contacting some of you about. It’s for January and has to do with marriage equality and the movement to have Proposition 8 overturned.  Funny the things that get cooked up via email at midnight on a Monday morning when you throw together two erotic writers from Orange County and an editor from a publisher that does only male/male books. LOL Just so you know, the two erotic writers were me and Z.A. Maxfield (a woman who writes male/male books) and the editor was from MLR Press.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to a fun New Year’s. To start off ringing in the New Year, I thought I’d post a really yummy Marcus today. I might have posted this one before, but it’s one of my favorites and it’s hot so… here he is!


All that pretty man and pretty ocean makes me want to be there. The see through when wet trunks just make things even better. Heh.

Have a great Monday!


Naughty or Nice

You tell me, is it naughty or nice to look at these hotties on Christmas Eve when you’re on the brink of hanging out with family and/or friends? I mean really, if they get you wound up, won’t you then just sit through the festivities gritting your teeth, waiting until the moment you catch an O and get some relief? 😉 I’m teasing of course. All of you have much more willpower than that!

If I were to take stock this year, I would say I’ve been more nice than naughty, but I’ve had more naughty thoughts than usual. Take for instance, seeing a photo of the luscious Jason X on Twitpics. Dear God. The man is too beautiful for words. I wish they made him in blow up models so I could just buy one. Except that a goodly portion of his sexiness would be missing… I have to admit that probably a third of his attractiveness to me is that rapier sharp wit of his. Men with brains and a sense of sardonic humor are incredibly sexy. Probably is a good thing I write because lord knows all those lascivious thoughts in my head need to go somewhere so I don’t act on them and thus become truly naughty.

All you naughty and nice bloggers have a spectacular Christmas Eve. If I’m lucky and find the Christmas music I want, you can return here to tomorrow to be greeted by a photo of myself and the gorgeous DJ Stikki Nikki accompanied by a Christmas video which features us singing an old Christmas carol. So far, no luck on the music though so I’ll dig deeper when I get off work today, and maybe luck with be us.

Here’s today’s Christmas naughty and nice duo for you to enjoy…



Last but not least, thank you to everyone who downloaded Christmas Hookup. It is the #7 most downloaded and #8 top rated free book at All Romance eBooks. It is also the #1 most downloaded book at Pink Petal Books. It would be awesome if it had hit #1 on both of those charts at ARe, but I’m still excited by even being in the top ten. So thank you all and pass the word along! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!


Holiday Hotties

I’m feeling the Christmas spirit and no it’s not just the rum in my hot spiced cider, although that helps tremendously. I’ve had karma pay me back some good things this holiday season. I’ve had a few crappy things happen too, but I kinda figure that the crappy stuff is the stuff that always seems to dog my footsteps anyway. The good stuff was just weird and uncanny and made me feel really good about being an unselfish person.

So, since I am not selfish, I bring you yet another day of holiday hotties. Now, if you want my private stash of holiday hotties (the cumshots in Santa suits kinda kinky hotness LOL) you’ll have to just let me know in comments and I’ll email em to ya. 😉 Otherwise, this is what you’ll get from me…



Hope you enjoyed the holiday hotties! Happy Ho Ho!



It’s the time of year when everyone expects you to spend your hard earned dollars. Well, I am here to tell you that you don’t have to do that. I am going to give you something! Several somethings, in fact. First of all, let me give you an update on my books.

I just got a contract on proposal to do a novella about Sunday’s Child for Noble Romance’s Child of the Week project. I have to tell you that I am hugely excited about this! The other authors in this anthology are all really excellent writers, well known, and well respected. I’m honored to be included with them. The book will be released in February so I have a mid-January deadline. Now, if I could just get past this first chapter. Grrrr.

Both Shifting Winds and it’s sequel Hot Water will be released in March by Pink Petal Books. I have to tell you, if you are a new author, you need to send your work to PPB. It is a joy to work with Mary. As long as I don’t bomb on the other books in this series, I’m confident she will be publishing them as well. The third book will be a M/M story called Fire Season. The fourth book will have a menage a quatre, features weres, and is called Common Ground. The fifth book has a little BDSM and is called Ride the Lightning. I will continue to carry over (as needed) the secondary characters that I created in the image of my blogger pals. Even better, the fifth book will be about Vahid Delrey, who is based a little on my blogging friend Vahid, who loves dragons.

To round out my releases for 2009, Silver Lining, the story I based on an ex-boyfriend, will be out in July with Midnight Showcase. I have other books in the works so the number of releases I have in 2009 could climb. I’m so excited about it all that I could just squee. However, I’m not a fan of the squee so I’ll just Snoopy dance a little.

Now, since it’s still 2008 and it is the Christmas season, I have things to give you! First there is a little tale of the Nativity, told vampire style with my favorite characters in the whole world, Alaric and Alexandria. It is a free read, available only on this website (or at The Bar if you’re lucky enough to have access to it). Just go to the Download page and click on the banner that says Vampire Nativity.

Next, if you’re a Pink Chair Diaries fan, you’ll want to head on over there and read my PCD Christmas story, A Very Cougar Christmas. What would you do if you were a single man, with a gorgeous neighbor, whom you just happen to hear sobbing her heart out on Christmas Eve? Click on the link to my story to find out!

And last, but never least, Pink Petal Books has my book Christmas Hookup available for download at their bookstore and at All Romance eBooks. It’s got a hot cover and it is a very hot story! If you like the Gift of the Magi, you must read Christmas Hookup! There’s a little more info about the story over on my personal blog at Sunlight Sucks.

I hope you enjoy the free Christmas stories, and I wish you all a very Happy Holiday Season!

The Scoop

The Scoop is this: I suck at time management. I cannot figure out how to do all the stuff I need to do in the time alloted every day. Somehow I have to figure out how to get myself on track with the writing, the promo loops, the websites, the blogs, the blog reading, the trailers, the sim, the Bar, and just regular reading. I was thinking that things would slow this month and I would get myself in a position to juggle everything better. Then I screwed up… sorta.

I sent in a proposal to Noble Romance for a novella for their Child of the Week project. A lot of the authors who had already been accepted for this project are Cobblestone Press authors. (One of the BIG e-publishers) Well, my proposal was accepted and she sent me a contract for it. Now, I have a mid-January deadline with no one to blame but myself that I don’t have time for other things.

For those of you waiting to read something I wrote, I will have two free Christmas stories coming out shortly. One is a Pink Chair Diaries story, a contemporary erotic romance called A Very Cougar Christmas. It will be available to read on their website. The second is also a contemporary erotic romance. This one is called Christmas Hookup. If you click the title you’ll see the cover. It will be available for download at Pink Petal Books. There are no dragons or throbbing vampire cock in these stories. They are straightforward M/F sex stories.

I gotta figure the time thing out though. I miss reading blogs and my feed reader is exploding. I miss all of YOU. I feel like I’m all work no play without all of you to balance out my life. I feel out of the loop, and it bothers me tremendously. I miss Hilly not being cryptic and Miss Britt’s questioning things. I miss Scooter Sunday and Bad Monkey. I even miss Avitable being naked and Karl bashing celebs. I’ll figure this out, I promise. I feel like a piece of me is missing so I have to.

In other news the scoop is this: If you’ve been noting my Flickr posts on Twitter you’ll already know that some kids threw a rock and broke the back side window of my car. And you’ll also know that I got a haircut! My Twitter pic and Yahoo IM pic are both of the new haircut. I took the pic with the webcam. And no, I’m not sure that means a vlog is in my future.

Here is today’s Marcus to help all of us straight women and gay men face Monday on an upbeat note. This is the photo that jump started his career. Kind of appropriate today since I rather feel like my writing career has been jump started in the last couple of months.

One last note, there is still time to get in on the big contest drawing at Bloody Kissmas. The poster is below, click it to get the large one that you can read. You could win a cool vampire candle or a t-shirt from ME! So head on over to My Space and get in on the giveaway!

Have a fantastic Monday!