Radio Winter

Ever get a song stuck in your head that repeats over and over for days and weeks? That would be me right now. It’s a great song but sure as hell does not go with the novel I’m working on, which makes things really difficult for concentration. My word count is down. My stress is up. I played the new Alice in Chains all weekend hoping the song would go bye bye. I’m sitting here typing and found myself unconsciously humming the damn song again! I even made a video with it, thinking I’d get tired of it like I usually do with any song I make a video with. No dice. Still playing.

Anyone have any creative ideas for kicking INXS’s Afterglow from my head? Post em. I need all the help I can get after weeks of the damned thing playing over and over.

I had an offer to go see Alice Cooper on my birthday, but much as I like Alice, I turned it down. I’ve got some promo stuff to do that day and as I get older, I kinda just like having the day to do nothing. No responsibilities. No work (it’s a Saturday for once.) Just laying around doing nothing and feeling my years. Might not happen. I might still get jacked to see Alice. We’ll see how it goes.

I’m thinking I need a wet Marcus this morning. Not sure why but the notion of him wet and wonderful from a shower appeals to me today. This is an old photo, one of a classic set of jeans ads.  One of my faves despite the fact that I like his newer stuff better. I guess I’m getting older and not as interested in hot young things anymore. The hot older things appeal finally.


My left shoulder is being a bitch today. Musta slept wrong so I’ma cut this short and go suck down some Tylenols. Before I go, make sure you check back here later in the week. I have some contest news to post and some info about an award I’ve been nominated for!

Have a great Monday!


Make Up Time

At work we have a form called the Make Up Time form. It’s for those days when you’re late back from lunch or you leave early or come in late from a doctor’s or other appointment. It basically lets you work a little OT to make up for the time you were gone. It works at the office, but in your daily life… no effing way. Once the time is gone, it’s just gone.  (Time is… fleeting… madness… takes its toll. HEH That was for ZAM.)

Trying to make up for lost time never happens and just frazzles us and places undue stress on already stressed out nerves. Yet, I keep trying to make up time. I know it’s pointless, fruitless, yet I do it.

Last week was a short week at the office because of the holiday. So I rushed stuff all week trying to do 5 days of work in 4 days. And because the holiday was on a Monday, but it didn’t feel like a Monday, Marcus completely skipped my mind. Man, I’m getting old.  Forgetting Marcus is a bad bad thing. Might need that Alzheimer’s test now.

So while I cannot make up time, I can make up for a missed Marcus. Here. Have two.



Since I can’t make up time, I’m gonna have to hustle. I have a new contract with MLR Press, deadlines looming, and all my stupid little computer issues are fixed (I think) this time. Still buying parts one and two at a time for a new computer. Hopefully will have the new one up and running by the holidays. Meanwhile, the green machine seems better and happier now.

I’ve given back to Rott (you can tell by the Ozzy video on there) and redone for my graphics stuff.  I even put  up a gallery. It’s a temp gallery because I’m moving the domain to new hosting in December and I didn’t wanna have to move a ton of stuff.

Still haven’t managed to move The Bar to its own domain. I swear you’d think I could figure the shit out but I keep doing something wrong. My concentration is shot I guess. All that trying to make up time is screwing me over I suppose.

So don’t make up time, just move on folks! And have a great Monday while you’re at it! *wink*


Oh, My, My!

This Monday I’ve got some quick stuff to get to… then a Marcus!

Thanks to everyone for their emotional support. Whether you comment or not, I always know you’re there. I love you people.

If anyone knows of someone in SoCal who can help the babies get a home, please let me know. There are photos and info on Craigslist.

Holden still needs votes to overtake the 2nd place het hero at TRS’ Hero Competition. You can vote once a week with every valid email address you have. It would be such a coup for the non-het hero to do well in this. You can cast your vote HERE.

Some of you did not email me to claim your Blogger Appreciation Week prize. C’mon people. Send me an email! Here’s the list of winners. If ya’all don’t email me… I’ll send all the unclaimed prizes to Vahid. (Can you tell I’ve been working a little on Ride the Lightning? Vahid. Black leather. Bullwhip. That’s ALL I’m sayin’.)

Tomorrow, I’m blogging at Love Romances and More. The title of my post is ‘Lex Valentine on Men On Men‘. Yes, it is about Throbbing Dragon Cock.

And finally, YES. The time has come. I will be in PRINT. Tales of the Darkworld Volume One (it’s Shifting Winds and Hot Water together) will be released August 20. Fire Season will be out in print October 16. So those of you who wanted my autograph *eye roll* I’ll have something to sign in just a few weeks! WOOT!

Oh, my, my! It’s my favorite part of Monday. It’s Marcus time. I have a towel almost like that. I wonder if he’d come over so I can dry him off?


It’s been awhile since I posted the woman I think is a perfect counterpart for Marcus and because Marty mentioned my lack of a female presence on Mondays, I’m gonna drop in a Kelly for the guys.


Hope you all have a great Monday!


Playing Hooky from Hell

So I’m in deadline hell. I have to have this manuscript done by this coming weekend. I’m at 23K words and 30K is my target. I made some real progress this past weekend, but if Wednesday through Saturday had been like Sunday… well, this thing would be done. I’m not sure why this story has been difficult. I’m going to have to look at that once it is complete and sent to my editor.

Today, I’m playing hooky from hell. I have some other things I need to do after work, so the manuscript will have to wait. I have to reprogram the scoring program for my horse racing residency. Ugh. I do it once a year and I never remember how, so it takes a little time and some serious concentration.

Really, I think I was playing hooky from my deadline all along and that’s how it became hell. Funny how procrastination can bite you in the ass in the end. And this is such a tight deadline that I wonder what will happen if my editor doesn’t like this story. I mean, sure I can rework it, but will I really have the time? Probably not, which means I’d have to take a day off work to do it.  Working a full time job can really be a bitch when you write too.

Okay, enough of my bitching about hell. I need a little heaven this Monday, and I know you have all come to expect a Marcus from me. I’m in a needy Marcus mood because Jen was teasing me yesterday with the prospect of an Alaric post at the Bar. Since Marcus is the face of Alaric, I got shivery at the thought of a post…  I love his arms and chest and he’s kinda famous for them, but truly, he looks good in clothes too.


It’s back to work for me today after being off since Wednesday. Month end and year end await me. And of course, I can’t play hooky from hell much longer! If you’re a writer, look for a post on inspiration over at Lex Valentine’s blog this week. The post will feature one of Justin’s photos and will also give some info on his fundraiser. Have a great Monday!


See Ya Next Year!

I can’t do a year end recap. I suck at recaps unless I have a gimmick like the time I posted the 22 funniest comments on my blog. I loved that post! Besides, my one year blogiversary is coming up and if I do a recap now, I’ll just be doing one again in a few weeks and regurgitating stuff you didn’t want to read the first time around. Now, if you want a good blog recap of the year, go read Dave’s. The one about the “Don’t You Know” girl had me in tears from laughing. And the one about Henry had in me in tears for another reason entirely. If I wore a hat, it would be off to Dave. He’s just awesome.

My first ever “official” author chat is happening today on a Yahoo group. It’s kinda weird because the group owner has computer problems and isn’t on. I’m her moderator so I’ve ended up moderating my own chat which is where the weird comes in. Mostly, I’ve spent the day thus far wondering how tough it will be to do these chats when I have to sit there and really plug my books. This one is just too casual. I even posted a photo of my purse… If anyone wants to drop by and ask me a question, I’ve promised that I will answer all questions truthfully, even the sexual and personal ones. Yeah, now everyone’s afraid to ask me anything. HEH.

Here’s the link. You just join, and set yourself on individual mail for the day and watch your Inbox for the chat mails. Later, you can just remove yourself from the group if you want. It is your chance to grill me like a shrimp on the barbie though!

Deadline hell has me in its unrelenting grip. The Wise Guy has almost 11K words on a story that should be between 20 and 30K. I’m letting things distract me, and I shouldn’t. I need to be more disciplined. Anyone wanna come over and spank me and crack the whip over me? I have porterhouse steaks and creme brulee ice cream…

It would not be a Wednesday if I didn’t give you a couple of Humpday Hotties… but I think I’m gonna go for something a little different today. Since it’s New Year’s Eve, here are some hotties making out. I hope you enjoy them and have the chance to make out with your hottie tonight.









Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve. See you next year!