It’s been a tough day. I had a number of decisions to make. I’m not going to go into all of them right now, but suffice to say that this blog will be a-changing! Soon. Changes for the better. The downside is that you’ll all have to update your blogrolls because a new address is part of the package.

Part of the changes coming to my “Batty” blog are due in part to the fact that I have weiners, er winners for you! Yes, the tagline search has come to an end. An unexpected end. Here’s the deal: I loved everything that was offered up. I couldn’t make up my mind. David from BellaDaddyBlog sent me “Fangs For the Memories”, but that’s the name of a Kathy Love book. (A really good book too!) I liked the Absurdist’s “Sunlight Is Overrated”. I liked it a lot. But it reminded me of Britt’s tagline. I’ll come back to this tagline in a minute.

So, I was still pondering the taglines while Jester helped me out with the new WordPress theme. I mentioned to him how I changed the verbiage on the Comment Luv to say that it’s trying to sink its fangs into your last post, please wait while it finds a vein. Jester laughs and replies, “I vant to suck your blog!” BINGO. My kid and I both went, “THAT’S IT!” In one fell swoop, without even meaning to, Jester won.

Now, going back to the Absurdist’s tagline, I kept mulling it over in my head because I really did like it a lot. However, to move the idea away from Britt’s tagline, I kept thinking of it as “Sunlight Sucks”. Last night, while letting WP kick my ass and make me cry, I got the idea of just moving the whole kit and kaboodle. I mean, wouldn’t it make it a little harder for the hunter from my office to find me? Not that I’m hiding. I’d just like to make it harder for them on principle. So the Absurdist also wins. I registered sunlightsucks.com tonight.

And there we have it. Two weiners, er winners! Congratulations to Jester and the Absurdist. I am going to try to make a t-shirt with the bat logo on it now. If that doesn’t work out, they can still have the Bar t-shirt. A t-shirt with fangs. Yummo. Thanks to everyone who participated. I appreciate the effort you all put into my need for a tagline.

One last thing, thanks to everyone for visiting Socially Dead. My kid has now pasted her underwear clad ass on her new blog for Half Naked Thursday. She even offered a crotch shot for next week. OY. How did I know she would fit in this well? Happy Friday to all! MUAH!

Media Marcus Monday

This is a media day as well as a Marcus Monday! First off, the awesome Hilly from Snackie Radio had me as her guest on her show yesterday afternoon. Below is the podcast for the show, if you missed it. We talked about all kinds of stuff from writing about vampires, where I’m from, whether I’ve seen dead people at my work, and how I almost got karled or fabbed. We also talked about Karl’s junk, because um, everyone is talking about Karl’s junk. Thanks for having me on Hilly!

(If you’re looking for the podcast, email me. I’ll send you a link.)

The next little bit of media I have to share with you is that I am guest posting at The Absurdist today. Chelle asked me to write about designer purses for her Girly Girl Series. Until I had to put all the purses on my bed and photograph them, I hadn’t realized what a purse ho I really was. So in honor of all the purse sluts out there, and because I didn’t do a tune last week, here is a purse song.

I have two pics of my favorite man this week. This is Marcus in a commercial for a laundry soap called REI. I think it’s Swedish, but who cares really? All we really care about is that Marcus is NEKKID. This man is soooo beautiful. You’re all really tired of me saying that, aren’t you? I know it’s true though. I have good taste. Since I almost got karled I haven’t been putting my blog on my desktop, so now I can put Marcus out here in all his beautiful nude glory. I wish he would drop that box of soap though.

On the subject of commercials, Fab says he can totally find the Air France man. Cross your fingers and toes. I can hardly wait to find out the answer to this mystery. Fab will earn himself a fanged t-shirt if he finds this guy. You too can earn a fanged t-shirt by leaving a tagline for this blog in the comments of my post entitled Why Vampires?-A Contest. I am extending the deadline a few more days, because while I’ve received some really good ones, nothing has really, really leaped out at me as “the one”. There are several I could totally live with, but I was hoping for one that just completely says ME.

Our Marcuses for this week go to: Mary, Shiny and Fab with 5 each, Matt, Marty, and the Absurdist with 4, Susan with 3, Jason X, Hilly, Avitable, Lady Rose, Xakara, and Karl with 2, and lots of folks with 1. It’s three weeks to the next tally and all your tagline suggestions count. You’ve got the chance to win two contests here, unless you can beat Fab to the Air France guy, in which case you could win three!

OH! I forgot! I mentioned on Hilly’s show that I used to have a hot boyfriend named Austin whom I went to a few swinger’s parties with. We never participated, but we did go and check them out. So I promised everyone a pic so you could see that he was a very attractive man. Heh.

Thanks for coming by everyone. Don’t get fabbed or karled this week. MUAH!

Character Development and Easter Candy

So I went to Walgreen’s and totally spent $10 on candy. Cadbury mini eggs, Cadbury creme eggs, Cadbury orange creme eggs, Wildly Cherry M&M’s, a very small Special Dark bunny, dark chocolate Kissables, and a bag of speckled jelly beans. Yum, the blue raspberry jellies are good! I have to admit, I wasn’t as into the Cadburys as I thought I’d be. Avitable got me all wound up to have the creme eggs, and they totally disappointed. Too sweet. Yuck. Milk chocolate. I haven’t had any mini eggs yet. All the dark chocolate stuff was the shit though, and the cherry chocolate M&M’s… Righteous.

Over at the Bar we’re working on some new terms so that our vamps and their backstory is consistent going forward. With 8 writers, sometimes things get blurred. I copied all my early Lex posts (from the archives – posts that originally were posted at Katie McAlister’s message board) to a Word doc. I’ve been looking at them and changing them over to our new terminology to see how it sounds. I figured this would be a good time to back track and give you the chance to read Lex from the beginning. I’m going to post a few links to PDF files of Lex’s early days in the Bar. On Tuesdays, with my weekly tune, I’ll post another PDF of the Girl With Fangs. Hopefully, you’ll be able to see how she’s really progressed as a character.

Bear in mind that not every post that involves Lex is included in these PDFs. There are posts where she’s mentioned, and a couple of posts with her and Johann having sex, but I’ve left those out. What I’ve collected here are the most important posts about Lex – Lex, Alaric, Carlisle, and the Mother of All Vampires posts. These are the posts that give you the most insight into Lex and Alaric and their relationship. She’s the first character I’ve written at the Bar whom I feel has had a steady progression from supporting character to full blown star. Also, you’ll recall that I’ve said before in this blog that Lex is the character most like me in personality. So if you want some insight into me, you might want to read these PDFs.

The Mother’s Mistakes
The Heart’s Chosen Destiny
Megabitch Meets Asshole
The Mother’s Orbs

My blogger story needs to be picked up once more. I really want to get Raphael’s POV in here soon. I’ve had him at the back of my head, ready and waiting to talk about this woman whose blog totally captured his attention and his emotions. I have a feeling once I open the doc, Rafe is gonna spill out all over the screen. The notion that something very real springboards from their posts and comments is very intriguing to me. I can’t wait for it to get to the point where McKenna opens her door and finds Raphael standing there. Heh heh.

I’m tired. It’s late. Or early, depending on your perspective, so I’m signing off now. Oh! One last thing. I was checking out Diesel’s humor-blogs.com yesterday. Fab’s pretty high up on the list of humor blogs. Impressive. I scrolled through all the pages, intending to discover exactly how many blogs were listed when I realized I am #267. Now, to you 267 is so far down it’s pathetically funny. To me, who doesn’t even think I’m in the least amusing or humorous, 267 is awesome! Then I realized that there were nearly 700 blogs on the list. For me, a blogger who started in January, to be 267 of 700 blogs (give or take) is a HUGE accomplishment. I am in shock and awe. Thanks to all my readers, because without you, I would probably be #684 or whatever the last blog’s number is on that list.

Hoppy chocolate Easter bunny eating day! Don’t choke on the peeps! And for those of you who follow the Sunday Blog Talk Radio shows… see you in the chatroom!

A Dooney Kyra Marcus Monday

I never got around to posting (or blog hopping – sorry everyone!) this weekend. I got totally wrapped up in the Bar, writing sex scenes, arguments, vamps drinking blood during sex, introducing a new character who is the Blood Mistress, turning a hot couple into a threesome, psychos trying to kill their ex-girlfriend with a crossbow… all kinds of stuff. I had a very busy weekend at the Bar! Whew!

Then on Sunday, I was mired in Blog Talk Radio. Fab’s show was a little controversial. The 18 year old right wing Republican he had on made some comments about Iraq and she was sorta arrogant about it which totally pissed off Kyra, whose DH Dean is scheduled to go back there soon. Since I have a nephew who’s been to Hell Iraq a few times, I took exception to the 18 year old as well. Even MY 18 year old did. Fab smoothed it over though (by humming Taps), and frankly, I don’t think the kid even realized what she said, how she said it, or even sees anyone else’s POV. Sad really.

Turnbaby had the president of BTR on. That was interesting. Playing Quid Pro Quo with him and John Sweet who had shut down Kyra the week before. After that Kyra came on and it was the FUNNEST and FUNNIEST show EVER! Fab was on and Turnbaby and Shiny (the guy Shiny, not MY Shiny who is a luscious female) called in… OMG. I still cannot stop laughing. Fab called my kid, Motley, and that was amusing. Motley laughed and laughed. It was so good Kyra had to add a half hour to her show. I’m not gonna say what all happened, but I will say this… DEAN IS THE SHIT. If you haven’t been by Kyra’s blog, you should go. You’ll find a link on the right side panel.

So, I got the Dooney purse last week. I am still having orgasms over it. I want to sleep with it, but I fear I would get no sleep. Instead of inundating all of you with a dozen pics of the purse I will post just the one pic with Marcus (since it’s Monday) and give you this link – Dooney Giraffe Purse. That is a little photo record of my first real Dooney purse purchase straight from Dooney online. At the bottom of that page is the purse I was trying to get from eBay the day my battery died. Now, I’m glad I didn’t get it, because once I got a REAL one, I could so tell that the one on eBay was a fake! Anyway, I get all shivery when I touch the darn thing. It’s nice to buy something expensive for myself once in awhile.

It’s Monday, so I need to share Marcus with you all again. This is one of my favorite pics of him. I love him in underwear. It’s so… suggestive. So… yummy. And this underwear pic is more suggestive than most. Loaded. Yup. My sense is that Marcus is definitely loaded. In the Bar, I sometimes post pics of Alaric (Marcus) and I’ve been saving this pic to use when Lex gives Alaric these underwear and makes a joke about the brand that is plastered all over his crotch. Of course, as many Alaric and Alexandria posts do, this one (when I write it) is slated to end in a lovely sex scene. There is nothing finer than a post with sex between Al and Lex.

And now, it’s time for the Marcus Awards. This week we had a LOT of new people post comments. However, we still do not have the name of the Air France man. Don’t forget there’s a prize for that too. Here’s our Marcus winners: Shiny and Mary got 5 each. Fab and Matt got 4 each. Susan, Kyra, and Tempest got 3 each. Everyone else, including my kid Motley, got one each. The list was so long I don’t dare post it. I have it though, so not to worry. If you posted last week, I have your name!

The Marcus Award monthly recap numbers include the first month’s recap as well, so it’s a total to date, since we are at the half way point (sorta). Remember, this contest ends the last week of May and the prize will be awarded the first week in June, when the next 6 month contest starts up. At that point, if this blog is doing well, I may have to go to quarterly awards! WOOT!

Lots of people have won the Marcus Award since February, but I’m going to list only our double digit winners. If your name isn’t listed and you want to know how many Marcuses you’ve earned, leave a comment and I’ll reply with your total. At the halfway point, our leader is Mary with 24 Marcuses, followed by Matt-Man with 20, Susan with 17, Shiny with 16, Fab and Nicholas with 12 each, and Tempest with 11. I’m tempted to say, as Snackie does, Stalk Me Much? However, I happen to like this kind of stalking. I’ll be excited to send out a prize to the winner in June. If you’re not in the top 3, you still have a chance to win. Just read and post comments!

Have a great Marcus Monday and don’t forget to come back around tomorrow for a tune and another pic of that hot guy I posted for Mary last week that had all you ladies drooling.