Pretty Pretty Bitches!

Saturday was the best day ever! Spending the day with Snackiepoo was awesome! Or maybe I should say amazing. Yanno, just in case we need a synonym so awesome isn’t said too much. HEH. 😉 Sorry. Inside joke there.  I received my prize of lunch with Hilly at the always yummy Claim Jumper. Then we stopped in at Avenue quickly because they were having a $10 sale. Four shirts and $32 later, we headed to Hilly’s nail salon. Holy crap does that place pamper you and fuss over you! Most places are just in a hurry to get you out! I now have… pink toes. Not my usual red or purple… they are distinctly pink now.

After the mani/pedi pampering… Hilly broke out the tiara for a ride through her neighborhood Starbucks. So while Dave was enjoying Daveattle, his tiara was having fun too. At the moment, the tiara is resting comfortably with Marcus and Alaric on my dresser. I believe you will see it again on Thursday at Socially Dead when Motley takes the tiara for a Half-Naked Thursday spin.

That’s it for me today. Don’t forget to listen to Snackie Radio today. It’s another episode of the Answer Bitches. Hop on over to Hilly’s site for details. Also, many many good wishes to Marty Mankins who got married yesterday in Lake Tahoe! A big MUAH! for you and your new wife, Marty! Everyone have a great Sunday and I’ll see you at the radio shows!


I don’t like to have someone’s loss remind me how lucky I am. Yet, every day, where I work, someone is dealing with a loss. There are places in the park I don’t like to drive past, even if Motley is in the car with me. I never meant to have a career in an industry like this.

I started out my real career (if I don’t count where I was working during college or the stuff I did before that) at the Starlight Children’s Foundation. The first referral I took was for a boy of 18 who had been turned down by Make A Wish. He was too old. He didn’t fit their criteria. The boy, who lived in Oregon, was terminal. He wanted a big screen TV. He died before it arrived… and I cried myself to sleep for a week.

When you don’t really know someone, you don’t know what to say to them when they have suffered a loss. However, where I work, we’re always supposed to know what to say. We’re supposed to be compassionate, and do whatever we can to help the family through one of life’s most difficult times. But really, when it boils right down to it, what we say to them is – in the words of ShinyBitch – just putting a band-aid on a bullet wound.

Even though I don’t know Dawg like the rest of you do, my heart goes out to him today. For the Puppy Monster, whose beautiful marker is a testament to the power and the love in the Blogosphere, I will hug Motley today and be grateful that I have her.

Yes, it’s time to tell you who won the hat in the Blog Reader Appreciation Week drawing. Everyone who wrote a comment had their name written on a sticky note. The slip of paper was rolled up and dropped into a purse (a Dooney and Bourke, of course). Once all the rolled up sticky notes were in the purse, Motley (after she got home from seeing the Love Guru) drew one out.

The winner of a stunningly beautiful Socially Dead or rakishly eyecatching Sunlight Sucks hat is….

Congratulations, Marty! Please email me at winter at winterheart dot com and tell me which hat you want. Include your mailing address as well or Motley might keep the hat. Heh heh.

Look for the Spa Edition of Sunday Silence tomorrow. Well, if I get photos taken of my hair, my nails, my toes… hee hee. Have a great weekend!

Too Damn Hot!

Before I give you the regular dose of Humpday Hotness, I have an announcement. I have my first winner in my Blog Reader Appreciation Week giveaway. Since I posted on Sunday, I tried 18 times to chat with a reader on my blog via Woopra. Eighteen times my “Hello” was ignored. Now, just so you know, I wasn’t paying attention to IPs. I was just looking for the big yellow number to go from 0 to 1 or more, then I’d click on one and send my cheery greeting.

Today, while I was home nursing my double vision from my eyeballs swollen with allergies… I saw the yellow number go from 0 to 1 and I clicked on the person and said “Hello!” Then the number changed to 3, but I was waiting a minute or two before moving on to the second person. Then, lo and behold, the first person REPLIED TO ME! YAY!!!

So, everyone give a big CONGRATULATIONS to the one and only Snackiepoo! She was the first person to ever answer my Woopra “Hello!” When I get my order of cards from Dave2, one deck goes right into Hilly’s hands. As she said, I’ll save on shipping them since she lives nearby, but at the price of gas today I’m not sure I’ll really save much. Heh heh.

I’m really glad the Woopra thing works. I was starting to think it didn’t. I mean, c’mon, eighteen people never answered me! There are still 3 days left to get in your entries for the drawing for the hat. (The Socially Dead one looks HAWT.) All you have to do is leave comments. All the comments posted from the time I posted Mega Monday until 9 pm Pacific time on Friday the 20th are eligible. Every comment gives you an entry.

It’s Humpday so… on to the hotties!

First up is Jason Statham. I loved the Transporter, The Italian Job, and Lock Stock and Two Smokin’ Barrels. Mostly, I liked them because of the luscious eye candy that is this man. I liked him so much I chose him to represent Talon Fychan, who is the best friend and bodyguard of the black wyvern in the Bar Story. Talon’s a tough guy, who doesn’t alway say much, but always looks hot and lethal. Oh, YUM!

Next we have Kristen Bell. Lots of bloggers seem to like her. In the Bar Story, Jen used her as Isolde (Sol) Vespera, a pixie who is um… rather sexually open. When last seen, she was having a marathon sex session with Weylyn that started in the men’s room of a club called Wicked Pleasures.

Whew! Is it steamy in here or is it just me? I’m fanning myself now. Must be time to go have a cold shower. Congratulations again to Hilly for talking to me in Woopra, and everyone go out and have a humping Humpday!


Over at Shiny’s Takeout it’s Blog Reader Appreciation Week. Over here, where the sun doesn’t shine, I had an email from a well known blogger today who told me that I was appreciated. It’s also Sunday, Father’s Day, a day to show appreciation to your father or someone who has served in that capacity in your life. Since appreciation is the buzzword today, and is something near and dear to my heart, I have a word for you on this day to tell you how much I appreciate all of you: PRIZES.

I’m piss poor so lots of prizes is something out of my price range. That being said, I have two prizes to offer up this coming week. Between Monday and Friday I’ll pick some random times and check my Woopra to see if anyone is on this blog. The first person to actually talk to me in a chat window will win a pack of Dave’s playing cards when my order arrives. See, I’ve been trying out Woopra, and I’ve been trying to chat with people, but NO ONE ever answers me. So I’ll pick a few random times between Monday and Friday, and the first person to actually talk to me in the Woopra chat window wins the cards.

The other thing I’m going to do is this coming Friday night at 9 pm Pacific time I’m going to go back over all my comments. Every person who leaves a comment from the time I post my Monday Marcus post to 9 pm Pacific time Friday night, gets a ticket in a drawing. It works like this: if you leave 2 comments you get two tickets. I’ll put all the tickets in a box and Motley will draw one out. Whoever’s name is on the ticket will win a hat from either the Sunlight Sucks or Socially Dead collection of gear.

I truly appreciate my readers and by giving out two prizes, one for commenters and one that a lurker could win, I feel like I’ve covered my bases as best I can without going broke.

Have a great Sunday folks!

Hug Me Marcus

I think I’m out of words. I’ve been writing and talking (well typing) all weekend. I’ve been trying to help some new writers at the Bar. Also, the horse racing sim has a new message board and I had to go figure out all the moderator stuff. I watched the Belmont. Big bust there. Posted a couple of times at the Bar. Worked on some future posts for the Bar. Worked on a piece for the Z competition. Posted a riposte at JR Ward’s message board. Created a blog for the sim’s version of the Olympics. Listened to the BTR shows… Ack. I’m tired.

That being said… Here’s Marcus. I need some yummy deliciousness. After all the political stuff that went on last week on blogs and on TV, I thought I’d show all the women how great a tree hugger could be. I never thought I could ever be envious of a hunk of wood, but damn. I wish that was me he has those arms and thighs wrapped around. RAWR. I also drooled over the Polo Black commercial all of Sunday. Motley was sprawled in my bed watching Sunday Super Heroes on FX all day. They kept playing the Polo Black commercials that feature Nacho Figueras. Whew! Hotness!

The Marcus numbers for this week are weak, but I rather expected that since my posting and visiting other blogs was weak as well. It was a tough week for me at the office. Busy, busy. Anyway, it’s a recap week and as a reminder there’s only 2 weeks left in this contest. Here’s how the numbers look for the top five: Mary – 102, Fab – 82, Shinygal – 73, Matt – 70, Susan – 69. I dunno, with two weeks left I almost think this could be anyone in the top five’s game.

Before I head off, I gotta mention a couple things. One, is the poll on the vampire show. I’m leaving it up cause I just don’t know what to do. Only five votes isn’t much. If you have an opinion on this, please vote. We’re talking monthly or quarterly shows, not weekly.

The other thing is that I have to say how flattered I was that Jason X took my TT post and used it to create a post about Blair. I still say she’s a soul sucking demon not a blood sucking vampire, but I appreciated the tribute to my work here. I think that deserves my Alaric. The Alaric doesn’t have actual criteria yet. I’m gonna be figuring that out though, same as with Marcus, once I’ve handed out the prize for Marcus in two weeks. I hope to have it all nailed down by the week of July 1 and then post the criteria on a static page.

Shit. I talk a lot for someone who was all worded out. I know, I know… Charlie Brown’s teacher. Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah, wah. Now, here’s the most important words for you from me: Luv ya! MUAH!