The Scoop

The Scoop is this: I suck at time management. I cannot figure out how to do all the stuff I need to do in the time alloted every day. Somehow I have to figure out how to get myself on track with the writing, the promo loops, the websites, the blogs, the blog reading, the trailers, the sim, the Bar, and just regular reading. I was thinking that things would slow this month and I would get myself in a position to juggle everything better. Then I screwed up… sorta.

I sent in a proposal to Noble Romance for a novella for their Child of the Week project. A lot of the authors who had already been accepted for this project are Cobblestone Press authors. (One of the BIG e-publishers) Well, my proposal was accepted and she sent me a contract for it. Now, I have a mid-January deadline with no one to blame but myself that I don’t have time for other things.

For those of you waiting to read something I wrote, I will have two free Christmas stories coming out shortly. One is a Pink Chair Diaries story, a contemporary erotic romance called A Very Cougar Christmas. It will be available to read on their website. The second is also a contemporary erotic romance. This one is called Christmas Hookup. If you click the title you’ll see the cover. It will be available for download at Pink Petal Books. There are no dragons or throbbing vampire cock in these stories. They are straightforward M/F sex stories.

I gotta figure the time thing out though. I miss reading blogs and my feed reader is exploding. I miss all of YOU. I feel like I’m all work no play without all of you to balance out my life. I feel out of the loop, and it bothers me tremendously. I miss Hilly not being cryptic and Miss Britt’s questioning things. I miss Scooter Sunday and Bad Monkey. I even miss Avitable being naked and Karl bashing celebs. I’ll figure this out, I promise. I feel like a piece of me is missing so I have to.

In other news the scoop is this: If you’ve been noting my Flickr posts on Twitter you’ll already know that some kids threw a rock and broke the back side window of my car. And you’ll also know that I got a haircut! My Twitter pic and Yahoo IM pic are both of the new haircut. I took the pic with the webcam. And no, I’m not sure that means a vlog is in my future.

Here is today’s Marcus to help all of us straight women and gay men face Monday on an upbeat note. This is the photo that jump started his career. Kind of appropriate today since I rather feel like my writing career has been jump started in the last couple of months.

One last note, there is still time to get in on the big contest drawing at Bloody Kissmas. The poster is below, click it to get the large one that you can read. You could win a cool vampire candle or a t-shirt from ME! So head on over to My Space and get in on the giveaway!

Have a fantastic Monday!

Funky Monday

I’m in a funk. Sorta. I have all this stuff “to do”, but I kinda wanna veg, if you know what I mean. Meh. I’ll have to ponder that a little. While I do that, you should check out this contest on My Space. You could win a shirt from me. Or even better, you could win the candle with the vampire bites. I love that one! Here’s some info on the prizes being given away in December at Bloody Kissmas.

Now, here’s my gorgeous Marcus for this Monday… oh, baby, a younger Marcus with a scruffy chin and long hair. That is MY kinda guy!

Hope you have a non-funky Monday!

Contest Quickly!

Gah! I have to go to work. I’ve been out of time for days! I’m one chapter away from finishing the sequel to the novella I sold. This story is longer than the first one and more involved. It does feature a scene with Karl the snarky elf in the beginning. He shows up briefly once more, and then there’s a scene with Corey, the hero’s executive assistant. Just like Karl, who is a little like our own Secondhand Karl, Corey is someone you know. See if you can guess who? First person to answer correctly in comments will win… something. I dunno what yet cause I gotta run to work!

There was more blah blah blah business patter as they walked him to the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, Colin growled and yanked his tie loose. He was done with this crap. Every meeting Marius had set up was the same. He took out his phone and hit the speed dial for his assistant Corey.

“Bossman! How’s the Big Apple?” Corey was an engaging young man who was beyond efficient if a little irreverent in his demeanor.

“These meetings suck, Corey. They’re all the same. Get me out of the rest of them,” Colin growled.

Corey chortled with amusement. “You met someone. You just wanna spend the next three days fucking!”

Colin rolled his eyes. “Corey, what man doesn’t wanna spend his days and nights fucking?”

“I don’t,” Corey said loftily.

“That’s because you don’t have a boyfriend right now,” Colin laughed.

“Just because I’m unattached doesn’t mean I couldn’t fuck for three days and nights if I wanted to. I’m just not a slutty boy,” his assistant sniffed.

Colin grinned. Corey was a fairly masculine man. When he put on the over the top, feminine stereotypical gay man act, it was amusing. “Fine. Your moral self needs to pick up the phone and cancel the rest of the appointments Marius made for me. I’m off to be a slutty boy,” he said cheerfully.

“Who did you meet?’ Corey’s voice lowered to a conspiratorial tone. “I won’t tell the Big Fang that you’re spending the rest of your time in New York fucking some woman. It is a woman, isn’t it?”

Colin shook his head, stifling his laughter as the elevator door opened and he stepped out. “Corey, when have you ever known me to fuck a man?”

His assistant’s laugh was rich with amusement. “Never. But there’s always a first time!”

“No first times for me. It’s a woman. A beautiful strong willed black dragon woman,” he confided as he headed for the taxi stand.

“Ooooh!” Colin could just see Corey’s eyes opening wide. “What is it with you Granvilles lately? First your sister goes all googly eyed for a dragon and now you.”

Colin got in a waiting cab and gave the driver the name of his hotel. “I’m not googly eyed, Corey. I’m just horny.”

“You say to-may-toe and I say to-mah-toe.”

Colin grinned at his assistant’s cheekiness. “We’ll see. So far, she hasn’t called me back and that is not a good sign.”

“She’ll call,” Corey said confidently.

“You sound like you’re ready to take bets on this.”

Corey made a rude sound that Colin took for a raspberry. “Bossman, you have a big dick. All the girlies want to call you back. And all the slutty boys wish you’d call.”

As Colin burst out laughing, Corey told him, “You just have a good time burning your candle at both ends. Corey will relieve you of the boring meetings. See you in three days, Bossman!”

Okay, here’s a Marcus! Don’t drool too much. Heh.

Happy Monday!

Floating My Boat

It felt like a long weekend. Probably because I spent so much of it writing. Next weekend will be a true long weekend since I spent some of my much horded vacation hours and took Friday and Monday off. I wasn’t sure if I would need recovery time since it’s Dave Diego next weekend. When it comes to bloggers, I’ve only met Hilly and Karl thus far, so Motley and I are truly excited about this event. Not that Hilly and Karl aren’t the pinnacle of bloggers, but you know what I mean.

I went to Blog Talk Radio yesterday to set a reminder for Turnbaby’s anniversary show, even though I knew I wasn’t going to get to listen to the whole thing. I had a Bar writer’s meeting online that I knew would pull me away at some point. However, when I went to set the reminder, I noticed a show that was on called The Mortal Vampire. Me being me, I had to check it out.

The Mortal Vampire seemed really cool and his chatroom was hopping. His guest was Bret Jordan who is an author and artist. They were talking about writing and someone in the chat asked how I’d found the show. So I told them about The Bar and that I write vampires. Bret instantly offered to put a link to The Bar on his links page. Very, very cool. I really enjoyed the show and will be listening again in the future. Many thanks to The Mortal Vampire and Bret Jordan for the plug.

Well, it is Monday, and I do have a Marcus for you. First, I have to say that I am just totally in lust with Christian de la Fuente from In Plain Sight. This guy really pushes my buttons which doesn’t happen very often with celebs. I think I totally called it last Monday when I said he was headed for Marcus status. Not that he would ever take Marcus’ place. No man could do that. I’m more than in lust with Marcus. If I ever met him in person, I would be a babbling fool because he reduces me to complete mush. Really, both these guys more than float my boat!

Last week there was a call for a shirtless Marcus so I’ve got one of those for you today. He’s young here, not that he’s old now, but 39 is old for a model. I guess it’s part of his supermodel status that he still looks good and is still working. Not a lot of guys look as good as he does at 39. He’s certainly inspiration for me when I’m writing hot scenes. My muse doesn’t really help me with those. He just tosses a few Marcus photos at me and heads off to get drunk. He knows the Marcus pictures will invoke the hottest of sex scenes.

I want to call out my thanks to Jen from Redneck Romance Writer and Susan from West of Mars for giving my Zanctuary writing contest entry a lookover yesterday. I appreciated the time you ladies took to read the piece and give me your opinions. The rest of you will get to read Silver Lining after the contest is over. The inspiration came from my past (the dude from yesterday), from Marcus and Christian, from a Lady Antebellum song, and from stuff that happens to people online. It’s an emotional piece from the get go, and yes, there is a sex scene! YAY!

Hope you all have a great Monday with whoever floats your boat!

Who’s a Marcus Whore?

How can I top the Marcus mosaic I did last week? I should never have done that. I just spoiled all the future Mondays. I do have a nice Marcus pic though. I thought perhaps something rather formal was needed since we do have the last of our awards to hand out today. So here’s Marcus in a collar, cuffs, and a tie. Hee hee.

It’s just perfectly appropriate that the end of Blog Reader Appreciation Week should fall at the end of the Marcus Award contest. I’m just a giving fool! And for those of you who didn’t win something, there is still an open contest at this blog. No one ever won the Find the Air France Commercial guy. The commercial is called “Pool” and no one has been able to discover the name of the man in the commercial. If someone is brave enough to try, here’s the link the post about this contest. I found the name of the director, which escapes me now, but it’s buried in one of my posts. I did blog about this commercial at least 3 or 4 times.

To recap my BRAW stuff, Hilly talked to me on Woopra (and remains the only person ever to talk to me on this!) and won a pack of Dave’s playing cards when my order arrives. Marty’s name was drawn from the Dooney purse in the comment entries contest and he wins a hat from our Cafepress store. The end of the Marcus Award contest also fell on Friday. I tallied up the numbers and… MaryO from My Two Cents wins a fanged t-shirt! YAY!!!

I have no clue how she managed to outlast Fab on this one because she’s been pregnant and caring for a newborn plus 2 kids, a DH, pets, and a job through it all. I have no idea how she found the time to come by here, read, and post 115 comments! Now, that is loyalty for ya! Mary… I LOVES YA! Send me a PM at the Bar and tell me what size t-shirt you want.

Keep your eyes peeled for more tiara pics this week. Also, I’m still thinking about ideas for how I should be awarding the Marcus and the Alaric in the future, so feel free to leave your thoughts and ideas on that in comments. Believe me, I will appreciate every one! Have a yummy Monday!