Contests, Schmontests

I like a good logic puzzle. I do not like it when I can’t solve something or when there is no way to solve it. So the Air France thing is driving me bonkers. It has spoiled CNN for me. I mean, they play the darned commercial every half hour it seems. And no one, not one of you out here, knows how to find this guy. I’m even giving away a fanged t-shirt and no one can find the winner. Maybe I need to give away the fanged clock, fanged pillow, fanged hat, or fanged boxers instead. What do I gotta give away to get an answer? *sigh* I’m so depressed over this. I hate it when there is no solution to a puzzle.

Mr. Fabulous is going to give out info on his cleavage contest tomorrow. This is great! I have just the picture for him! Me and a black satin Fredericks of Hollywood corset. Unfortunately for me, the PITA bought a leopard print bra yesterday at Frederick’s and gave me a pic for submission to Mr. Fab’s contest. Apparently, she liked the Amish clay man on Fab’s blog. I don’t think I stand a chance against 18 year old double D’s. Well, tomorrow he’s posting the rules, so maybe I can beat her that way. Maybe she’s not eligible. *EG*

I visit Blogs We Luv on occasion. Today I was over there and noticed that they are having a contest. Ooooh… contest. So I checked it out. To get more entries to the contest I had to answer 10 questions about my blog. That wasn’t so hard. I mean, I like to talk about myself and the crap that I post. What’s that? You’re laughing over my use of the word “talk”? Okay, I babble. There. Ya happy now? Geez, the abuse a dork has to take even on the net these days.

Matt-Man over at Bagwine Ruminations gives out a major award each week. Since I was the recipient last week I had to go read the blog of this week’s winner and leave a comment. It’s really nice to click links and be taken to other worlds. Or rather, the world of other people. I am keeping the C.O.W. posted on my blog so that everyone who comes by knows that I said something of worth at least once in this life.

A little appreciation can go a long way toward making someone’s day go a lot better. Whether it’s winning a contest or an award or just telling them that they are “utterly fabulous” (thanks Nicholas!), the appreciation is well, … appreciated! I know that I appreciate all of YOU, who come by here to read my babbles and see the pics of hot men that I post. For you guys, if the PITA doesn’t qualify for Mr. Fab’s contest I will post her bra pic here, just to show you that I appreciate you! And no, I’m not pimping my kid out. The pic’s on her My Space.

I promise to get back to McKenna the writer and her hot model Rafael soon. I gotta get caught up at the Bar, and I’m dealing with some other issues here at home, but I haven’t forgotten that I promised to write the next installment. Maybe I’ll post some slimy Macaire from the Bar to tide you over. He was creeeepy this week. See you tomorrow for Marcus Monday!

Earn the Marcus

I’m back briefly because I’ve been trying to figure out how to get people to post relevant comments to my blog. I’ve decided that I will give out the Marcus Award to each relevant comment. When a person has accumulated a certain number of Marcus Awards, the number has yet to be determined, I will send the person an item from the Bar Store at CafePress. The item has yet to be determined also. So tell your friends. Read and make relevant comments. I may even give out some Marcus Awards if I can tell you brought new readers to my blog. Start earning those Marcuses! After all, no one is as cute as Marcus. Heh heh.

Laters peeps!