Forgotten Monday

How the HELL did I forget last Monday? Must be the damn cold meds. Actually, the cold is gone. However, asthmatic that I am, the cough lingers. I’m dreading taking myself in to the doctor. I have enough stress without them telling me I have bronchitis or pneumonia. Although, I’m fairly certain I don’t have pneumonia. I’m not tired enough for that.

I guess forgetting last Monday isn’t nearly as bad as what I did in my latest manuscript. I got the galleys back yesterday and as I’m reading through them I discover a HUGE GLARING MISTAKE. Something I screwed up big time and my editor didn’t catch. I had my heroes getting out of bed on Christmas Eve. They have a discussion in the kitchen and go back to bed. Then in the next chapter one of them is lying in bed on Christmas morning thinking about the Christmas Eve festivities his family had.


I had to cut out the Christmas Eve stuff from the beginning of that chapter and move it in front of the Christmas Eve kitchen discussion. How the hell I got that all goobered up, I’ve no idea. But it sure gives you an idea of where my head has been lately. (Up my butt apparently.) I can’t believe I made such a big mistake and didn’t catch it until the last minute. Sheesh. I’m seriously glad I did catch it though. I would have been furious with myself if it had gone out the way it was.

The story is a sequel to my DADT novella Afterburner. Breath of Heaven is due out on December 15. Here’s the cover art:

All of us with Christmas stories at MLR Press get basically the same cover, but it’s 42 days of holiday stories which is pretty amazing. If you like gay rom, you’ll love this because there’s a line of awesome authors like you’ve never seen before.

It’s also reminded me that I’ll be doing my holiday giveaway again over at Every day between Thanksgiving and Christmas I’ll be giving away one book from my backlist (so that I end up giving away the entire backlist) plus some books from friends. I’ll be posting on my Facebook page and Twitter about it this week as I see what friends I can get to join in.

Now, how about a nice Marcus before battling the traffic? I could go for that! Here’s one of the first Marcus’s I ever put on this blog.

Oh, that’s nice!

Well, that’s it for me. Sorry about the forgotten Monday last week. I hope the announcement of the book giveaway for Christmas helps you not think too poorly of me and my spacey memory! LOL Have a great Monday!


When I think of the word “versatile” I think of this guy: Andrei Andrei.

If you’ve been coming to my blog since it started you might remember his face. He’s been on here before. He’s not as hot as Marcus but he’s close. His blog is called Versatile and I subscribe to the feed and get notices from him when posts videos and photos. He’s some seriously good eye candy. He also inspired a plot but I’ve yet to finish that book. Maybe this year…

Anyway, the versatile part of today’s post isn’t about Andrei. It’s about Nina Pierce who gave me the Versatile Blogger Award. Giving me the award means I need to tell you seven things about me and then pass this award on to some interesting folks I think you should check out.

I know it’s sorta meme-ish but without Diesel‘s Grundir on the payroll, protecting me from memes, I’m sorta stuck. Since it’s Christmas week, I thought I’d give this a holiday twist and make each thing about me Christmas related. So here goes:

1. I love Peppermint Bark. It’s my favorite Christmas thing. I’ve been hunting for Hagen Dazs Peppermint Bark ice cream because Selena Illyria said they came out with some.

2. I still have the stocking my mother bought for me when I was a baby. Yep. It’s almost 50 years old. There’s a photo of it on my Flickr page. Don’t mind the caption on. It’s older now!

3. I like Christmas lights year round. When we first moved into the condo we live in now, Rott strung Christmas lights around the bathroom mirror for me. His idea but I love it!

4. I don’t really like turkey for Christmas, but the company I work for always gives us one. I prefer ham because we just had turkey a month before on Thanksgiving. I bought a ham this year. The bird goes in the freezer until I need to warm the house on a cold day!

5. When we lived in Tempe, AZ for a year, the Tempe Fire Department adopted us and gave Nikki a wonderful Christmas. She was about 18 months old.

6. I’m a sucker for a great Christmas romance book right down to the sappy Regencies with proposals beneath the mistletoe, secret babies, pretty much all of it if it’s a Christmas story. The rest of the year you couldn’t pay me to read a secret baby story.

7. Everyone knows that I love Josh Lanyon’s Christmas story The Dickens With Love, but my favorite Christmas book of all time is Gift of the Magi. I even took that theme and used it in Christmas Hookup, my free Christmas story.

So, there ya have it! Seven Christmas things about me! Now, go on out there and check out Nina’s seven things and the seven things of the two people I talked into doing this meme with me!

Jaime Samms

Evie Balos

Now, that the versatile blogger meme is over, it’s time for a Marcus!

Where is my drool bib? I swear each image is better than the last. How does he make almost 40 look so damned good? *sigh*

Okay, before I toddle off, don’t forget to come by the Lex Valentine blog and comment on today’s post for a chance to win a free Christmas book during the last week of my 30 Days of Christmas event!

Happy Christmas Week Monday!


Oooh, sparkly. That would be me. I wore sequins to the company Christmas party. A sequined top and sequined ballet flats. My shrug sweater had silver threads. I sparkled.

Funny how sparkles can make you look a whole lot more interesting than regular clothes. It’s probably why that Meyer woman decided to make her vampires sparkle. They are a whole lot more interesting – in a WTF kind of way mostly – because they sparkle. A lot of people complimented me, so I suppose I looked a lot more interesting wearing sequins than I do in an Eddie Bauer sweater.  Either that or they all thought I was a vampire and figured they’d better be nice.

I had a good time even if I didn’t play black jack (it was Casino Night) and I won a huge memory foam contour pillow which I promptly gave to Rott the moment I got home. I had a snack and a Mr. Misty and watched women’s college volleyball with Rott on the big screen and wow! Next thing I knew it was midnight! I was still sparkly and floaty and feeling good from a nice evening and so many compliments on the sequins. I should wear them every day. 😉

Before I post Marcus and stumble off to work, let me remind you to visit the Lex Valentine blog daily and leave a comment for a chance to win that day’s book. Today’s book is my bestselling gay for you paranormal novel Fire Season. This book has been critically acclaimed and still outsells everything else I do. If you’ve been wanting to see what all the fuss is about, this is your chance to maybe do it for free!

Now, I need a really sexy Marcus today to combat my sleepies. I need something so hot it will perk me right up…

You can click that puppy for a bigger image. While you’re doing that, I need to find my drool bib…

Ahhh. I feel better now, with or without sequins!

Have a great Monday!

Big TV

Well, Rott did it. He bought a big TV Saturday. He’s been talking about it forever, drooling over the LCDs, high def, and 3D stuff. On Friday, I caught him measuring the wall across from the couch. He said, “Sixty five inches is pretty big.” He holds up the tape measure, extending it across the wall above the TV wall unit. I think my eyes bugged.

He pays no attention to my eyes, of course. He’s considering that wall and what it will look like with 65-inches of flat panel TV on it.  So I tell him, “I’m sixty five inches tall.”

He stares at me momentarily with a calculating expression in his eyes. “That’s a pretty damn big TV. It’s on sale on some shopping channel. About $1400. Apparently, that’s a steal.”

Now, my eyes really bug. “Tell me you didn’t buy a $1400 TV.”

He shrugs. “Nah. But I’ve been thinking about it.”

Then yesterday I come out of my writer cave and I find him tap-tapping away on my netbook. He glances up at me and says, “I bought a TV.”

I groaned. “Oh, please. You didn’t by that TV that’s too big for this little condo, did you?”

He makes a face, scratches his beard, gives me three kinds of heart attacks and says, “Nope. I got a Sony. It was on sale, had good reviews, and I got some kind of rebate amount off by using my BofA card. It’s only 40-inches but it will be here in a couple of days. I paid for expedited shipping cause I couldn’t wait to see the space station on it.”

I think I sagged in relief. Sixty five inches of TV is like way too much TV for us poor people who live in a rented condo. I can deal with 40 inches. We used to have a 32 inch TV, but for the past couple of years have been reduced to a 19-inch in the bedroom (covered in dust because I barely ever turn it on) and something like 24 inches in the living room.

I can’t help but wonder if the TV will be so cool that I’ll want to sit and watch it. I don’t watch TV. Haven’t for maybe three or four years now. Oh, a show here and there, but nothing regular. I can’t even imagine what the 40-inch flat panel will look like or sound like hooked up to Rott’s surround sound system. It’s a realm I’ve never been to and I’m curious, but in a cautious way. I don’t need that TV distracting me from my writing although I rather think that wouldn’t happen long term.

So on Wednesday we’ll have a new TV. I’m a bit in shock and so is Rott. Today he has buyer’s remorse looking at the state of his bank account. I don’t blame him. Once he paid for some fancy ass cables and a power thingy and an extended 3 year warranty and expedited shipping…he’d spent $1000. But I’m impressed that he spent two days researching the TVs and prices and all. I’m impressed that he didn’t give in and buy the 65-inch TV that turned him on so much. He did exercise some restraint which is a good thing. Now, it’s up to me to exercise some and not let that thing seduce me from my computer and my manuscripts.

Meanwhile, Rott is now researching DVD players so he can get a new one that will be more compatible with the new TV and all its bells and whistles. *sigh*

I’ll just slink along now and move to the non-techie part of this post where I plaster a hot Marcus onto my blog. 😉

Ahh, now that is more my style! Heh.

Before I go, I want to remind you of my 30 Days of Christmas giveaway at the Lex Valentine blog. Today’s book isn’t a romance. It’s an anthology of odd Twilight Zone-ish tales. My pal Marty Mankins has a story in it as do other pals of mine. My story is about female empowerment. Not my usual style but a naughty little tale nonetheless. So come on over and comment on the Day 4 post for a chance to win a copy of Weirdly III.

Have a great Monday and I’ll see you in a couple of days for Wicked Wednesday!

30 Days

Ta da! I’m unveiling a big contest for readers and fans of my books and the books of some dear friends. For the next 30 days, beginning tomorrow and ending on Christmas, I’ll be giving away books. Up for grabs is my entire backlist plus some books by friends. I was going to do it here on Sunlight Sucks but I don’t want to disrupt my regular routine here so this will take place on the Lex Valentine blog.

Every day a random commenter will be chosen at midnight Eastern time for the book of the day. So if you’ve already read that day’s book and don’t want a another copy don’t comment on that day or if you must comment, just mention that you’re not entering that day’s contest. We’ll be starting tomorrow with my newest release from MLR Press, Honorable Silence. The rest of November will be all my books. Then, when we get to December, we’ll shift into high gear by giving away Regina Carlysle’s new print book. You won’t want to miss the 30 Days of Christmas at!

Authors participating include: Lex Valentine (me!), Regina Carlysle, Jennifer Leeland, Mary Winter, Dee Carney, Z.A. Maxfield, Jan Irving, Karenna Colcroft, Debbie Gould, Selena Illyria, Jaime Samms, Jambrea Jo Jones, Lisa Alexander-Griffin, Patric Michael, Lisa Troy, Aeryn Traxx.

Here’s the lineup currently for the 30 Days of Christmas:


26: Honorable Silence – Lex Valentine, Maura Anderson, George Seaton, William Maltese

27:  Shifting Winds, Hot Water – Lex Valentine

28: The Art of Losing – Lisa Troy

29: Weirdly III – Anthology including stories by Lex Valentine, Marty Mankins and more

30: Love Me Dead – Lex Valentine, AM Riley, William Maltese


1: Lone Star Beasts – Regina Carlysle

2: Rock My World – Lex Valentine

3: The Pixie Prince – Lex Valentine

4: The Wise Guy – Lex Valentine

5: Polar Heat – Mary Winter

6: Insolence – Lex Valentine

7: Mating, Runaways – Lex Valentine

8: November Rain – Debbie Gould

9: Eternal Love – Karenna Colcroft

10: Heart of Stone – Dee Carney

11: Tartan Mate – Selena Illyria

12: Jesse – Jan Irving

13: Fire Season – Lex Valentine

14: Ride the Lightning – Lex Valentine

15: Common Ground – Lex Valentine

16:  Sunstroked – Lex Valentine

17: The Santa Mug – Patric Michael (The first of the Christmas themed stories)

18: Aeryn Traxx (a Christmas story,  title TBA)

19: Hand of Fate – Lisa Alexander-Griffin (a Christmas story)

20: Goodbye Scrooge – Jaime Samms (a Christmas story)

21: Wishing Star – Jambrea Jo Jones (a Christmas story)

22: The Christmas She Rules – Jennifer Leeland

23: Z.A. Maxfield ( a Christmas story, title TBA)

24: The Phoenix Prophecy – all three books (Deeper Than the Ocean – Dee Carney, Playing Wolf – Mina Carter, Where There’s Smoke – Lex Valentine)

25: The Christmas Cowboys series – Lex Valentine (Christmas Hookup, Christmas in Hell, Christmas Catch, Christmas Wishes)

This could change a little if some of the people I didn’t hear from get back to me in the next few days.  This is a great lineup of books you could win, everything from M/M to dark spooky tales, stories both sweet and erotic, contemporary to paranormal. I think there is something here for everyone!

I’ll be over at Literary Nymphs’ Thanksgiving Weekend M/M chat for a bit on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There should be lots of hot excerpts and book talk for fans of the genre.

I hope you all had a magnificent Thanksgiving. Wishing you a wonderful holiday weekend and great Black Friday bargains!