Day 24 – 30 Days of Christmas

This is the last day of my gay rom week although I will have gay rom for you on Christmas Eve too.  The book from my backlist is my first gay rom cowboy holiday story Christmas Catch. It’s just a hot little holiday tale perfect for warming you up quickly. Joining me today are my fellow MLR Press authors. MLR Press has been totally in the holiday spirit this year with lots of holiday releases. Their authors really know the spirit of giving. I have books for you from Kimberly Gardner, Barry Brennessel and AJ Rose. Here’s some info on the books and authors.

Christmas Catch

Christmas Cowboys Series #3

Pink Petal Books

M/M, Erotic Contemporary Holiday Story



Mitchell Caulfield’s soul is as wounded as his body once was. The former Air Force pilot, forced to retire after being shot down over Afghanistan suffers from PTSD. Working as a bodyguard to supermodel Riley Forbes, Mitch accompanies the model and his wife home to the ranch for Christmas. There he meets Riley’s cousin Grayson, a former rodeo star who now runs Forbes Ranch. Can the magic of Christmas bring two men from diverse backgrounds together? And will they open their hearts to the possibility of love?


Slave Master’s Choice

Loose Id

M/M fantasy romance



When Alejandro finds himself captured and taken into slavery in the hostile kingdom of Inemor, his first priority is getting free and going home. The last
thing he expects is to become His Majesty’s favorite plaything. But between his natural penchant for the touch of a man–a thing forbidden in his homeland–
and the sensual attentions of the charismatic slave master, he discovers captivity is far more liberating than freedom.

Once a pleasure slave himself, Kedmund is now master of the king’s elite cadre of playmates, a post which grants him sexual access to any slave at any time.
But no man has ever touched his heart until Alejandro. Though he fights his attraction to the beautiful slaveboy, he finds himself continually drawn in,
risking more with each encounter until desire becomes his greatest nemesis.

But when murder is done and Alejandro is accused, the ultimate question of loyalty or love threatens both their lives and all that matters is the Slave
Master’s Choice.

Kimberly Gardner has been making up stories for as long as she can remember. As early as the seventh grade, she was slashing her favorite rockstars for her own and her friends’ enjoyment. Around that same time she began a lifelong love affair with the romance genre, devouring category romances as fast as she could smuggle them into the house and past her mother’s watchful eye. So it’s not all that surprising that her two passions, romance and putting pretty boys with other pretty boys, should ultimately come together in her writing.

Kimberly’s fourth novel, Slave Master’s Choice, was published in November 2011 by Loose-ID. She is currently hard at work on her fourth novel, the third book in the Phoenix Rising series, a gay contemporary with the working title Consent To Pleasure which will be available in 2012.

Moliere says, “Writing is like prostitution. First you do it for love, then for a few close friends, then for money.”

Kimberly is delighted at long last to be doing it for money. WEBSITE


MLR Press

M/M contemporary romance



Film student Micah Malone learns the hard way that when life sucks, you can’t just yell “Cut! Let’s do another take!”

His grades are a box-office bomb. His friends create more drama than a soap opera. And his love life needs a laughtrack. While there’s no script to dictate what happens next, can Micah find the direction he needs? Life, after all, is no film school project. But it is great source material. The only source material.

Let the cameras roll. Micah’s quirky story has begun filming.

When Barry Brennessel’s first collection of stories was read aloud by his second grade teacher, the author hid in the bathroom. As the years flew by, he wrote more, hid less (not really), and branched out to Super 8 films and cassette tape recorders. Barry’s audience—consisting solely of friends and family—were both amused and bemused.

Since those childhood days, Barry has earned degrees in English and French from the State University of New York College at Brockport, and a Master of Arts in Writing from the Johns Hopkins University.

Tinseltown is Barry’s first novel. His second novel The Sulphur Cure is forthcoming from L&L Dreamspell. Reunion, a collection of linked stories, is forthcoming from Lethe Press. His novella The Price of Silence recently debuted.

His work has appeared in SNReview, Perspectives, Time Pilot, Liquid Ohio, Nocturnal Lyric, Midnight Times, Gival Press’s ArLiJo, Polari Journal, and the Dreamspell Nightmares (I & II) and Dreamspell Revenge (I & II) anthologies from L&L Dreamspell. His stories, novels and teleplays have won awards, including a 2008 Pushcart Prize nomination; 3rd Place in the 2010 Pacific Northwest Writers Association (PNWA) literary contest and finalist status in the 2006, 2008 and 2009 PNWA contests; 3rd Place in the 79th Annual Writer’s Digest Writing Competition and finalist status in the Winter 2010 WILDSound Screenplay competition.

When not embroiled in his own writing, Barry sips wine, nibbles on chocolate, and watches films and TV—both the classic and the cheesy. (Mmm…cheese!) WEBSITE

In Remembrance of Us

MLR Press

M/M contemporary romance



When epic friendship turns into epic romance, there’s no possible outcome besides Happily Ever After, right?

Tom Foster hopes so, but he can’t answer that. A traumatic brain injury during a mugging wiped out his memory. His love for Ryan Guthrie, the man he’s learned he’s married to, is strong and true, but as each memory returns, Tom discovers much discontent. Can they build a new foundation to stand on, or will epic be the word that describes their marital failure?

It began with a Halloween themed short story assignment from his second grade teacher, and from then on, AJ Rose fell head over heels in love with writing. Even an active social life through school, learning to play the piano in a passable imitation of proficient, and a daring move to New York City from the Midwest couldn’t stop him from telling tall tales about imaginary people. College experiences changed his perspective to romance and passion, and his propensity to slash favorite TV characters brought him to where he is today. But don’t be surprised if the occasional ghost still pops up in his stories. WEBSITE

And I thought  yesterday had some hot books! Yowza! Today looks amazing too! For a chance to win these books, leave a comment on this post by midnight Pacific time tonight. Happy Christmas!

Day 23 – 30 Days of Christmas

There are four books you can win in today’s giveaway. The book from my backlist is Where There’s Smoke, the third book in the Phoenix Prophecy. It’s standalone so you don’t need to read the other two books, but it sure is an awesome story if you do! The first book in the trilogy is written by Dee Carney and the second by Mina Carter. Dee’s story is about a merman and Mina’s is a menage with werewolves. My story is M/M and involves the Phoenix and a raven shifter. It’s the story of four brothers whose father wants to kill them.

The other authors and books rounding out my giveaway are all amazing. First, we have Elizabeth Lister’s The Crush. I did the cover and trailer for this one and had to read it. I found myself LOVING this story! There’s even a sequel to this one, one of MLR Press’s holiday releases, Holiday Matinee. (It’s just as good as the first book! Love, love, love me some Jack!) The next book is Xavier Axelson’s The Birches. I met Xavier when he interviewed me for the Examiner and he did a great job! And last, but not least, Ethan Stone offers winners a choice of his backlist. He’s got some great books so the winner will be hard pressed to choose!

This is a all gay rom day with great books that you can win so comment on this post by midnight for your chance to take these books home! Here’s some info on the books and authors.

Where There’s Smoke: Book Three of the Phoenix Prophecy

Liquid Silver Books

M/M, shifters, Erotic Paranormal/Urban Fantasy Romance

The Phoenix Prophecy buy links:

Book One – Deeper Than The Ocean by Dee Carney

Book Two – Playing Wolf by Mina Carter




A murderous father. A son with a price on his head. Zander’s year-long affair with a mysterious woman ends when she tells him that her abusive mate is the father he’s never known. The woman, a prophesy-dreaming immortal known as the Phoenix, explains that Zander has three brothers and that his father killed their mothers. Now, the Phoenix has dreamt of her mate’s death and Zander’s destiny. Voth is the Phoenix’s successor and Zander’s true mate. The two set out to find Zander’s brothers while eluding the assassins sent after them by Zander’s father. Passion burns hot between them, sealing their fate, as their journey leads them to fulfill the Phoenix’s prophecy.

The Crush

MLR Press

M/M erotic contemporary romance




Jack Claridge’s sister, Amy, has a big crush on her English professor, Michael Donovan. When Jack agrees to accompany her on an outing with the object of her affection, the last thing he expects is the professor’s reaction to him. One surreptitious hand-job later and Michael is hooked. But will Jack ‘use him and lose him’ or does Jack care for the professor more than he thinks? And what will he tell Amy?

Elizabeth Lister lives in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada with her very tolerant husband and two beautiful children.   She has a BA in Psychology and a certificate in Dramatic Scriptwriting.  Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, Elizabeth believes in the healing powers of great sex and a positive outlook.


The Birches

Seventh Window Publications

M/M erotic contemporary romance



Perfection isn’t everything, although it’s everything Leo wants. His desire to become the perfect chef may keep him at the top of his class, but it drives his friends and family crazy while keeping love and passion on the back burner. That is until he meets Dock, owner and chef of the new and popular restaurant, The Birches. Although Dock isn’t a trained chef, Leo finds the food he cooks delectable and the man behind the food irresistible. The lessons taught at the hands of an untrained cook may be just what this uptight chef needs to let go.

Xavier Axelson is a writer of erotica for Silver Publishing and Seventh Window Publications.  He is also the Los Angeles Sex Advice Columnist for, contributes regularly to Queer Magazine Online, and writes a column for All Bear Online Magazine.  Xavier has worked in the adult industry for over 15 years.  During this time, he has assisted countless people with exploring their healthy sexual needs, questions, and lifestyles.  Xavier has several degrees in fields such as communications, library technology, and literature. WEBSITE

Choice of: In the Flesh, Flesh & Blood, Blood & Tears or Wolf Moon

Dreamspinner Press



In the Flesh: Reno Detective Cristian Flesh lives his life by a strict set of personal rules, preferring one-time flings and anonymous encounters to committed relationships. His rules work for him… until his life is turned upside down when first, a former lover, a famous televangelist, is attacked, and then one of his one-night stands is murdered, making Cristian the prime suspect.

When handsome lawyer Colby Maddox takes his case, Cristian finds himself wanting to break all his rules about relationships. The instant attraction between them is undeniable. But before they can contemplate any kind of future together, they’ll have to clear Cristian’s name by finding the real murderer.
Flesh & Blood: Detective Cristian Flesh is about to find out that he can only run from his past for so long.
When a local man is attacked and the suspect is a hustler, Cristian knows there’s more to the case than meets the eye. His investigation will lead him into a maze of lies, deceit, and underage prostitution. But that’s only the beginning as people start disappearing and turning up dead. Cristian begins to realize that solving the case and stopping the murders won’t be enough. If he wants to make his new life with lawyer Colby Maddox work, he’ll need to face the demons of his past and put them to rest once and for all.

Blood and Tears: The last thing Gabe Vargas wants to do after losing his girlfriend and nearly dying is leave his young son. But that’s exactly what FBI Agent Drew Bradley is asking him to do. According to Drew, the only way to protect Gabe and find the killer is to fake Gabe’s death.

With an already established adversarial relationship, protecting a firebrand like Gabe isn’t exactly a picnic for Drew either. But when Drew lets his guard down, his feelings of desire for Gabe leave him confused. Before the crime can be solved, Drew will have to risk more than his job. He’ll have to risk his heart.

Wolf Moon: When college student Jack Coleman meets Derek Malone at a party, it’s mutual lust at first sight. Lies and secrets almost derail the relationship, but they face the problems head on, and it isn’t long before Jack and Derek decide to take their relationship to the next level. That’s when things get complicated.

It turns out Derek and several other people Jack thought he knew are werewolves… and so is Jack. In fact, his unusual birthmark brands him as a Chosen One, a werewolf of great power destined to be alpha. But Jack isn’t sure he’s cut out to be a leader. When a pack rival, Elias Fairchild, kidnaps Derek to force Jack’s hand, Jack has to make up his mind: Will he deny his newfound heritage or risk it all to save Derek’s life?

Ethan Stone is a struggling author. Struggling with getting those damn words out of his head and onto the computer. Struggling with being a father to a teenage son. He lives in a very small town in Nevada. He’s not sure why people choose to live there. He’s not even sure why he lives there. He’s got a day job that interferes with more important duties such as reading, writing, sleeping and drinking Mt. Dew. WEBSITE

Whew! Those all sound incredibly HOT! Today’s winner will have to sit in the snow to read these! Comment on this post by midnight if you want a chance at all this hotness! Happy holidays!


Day 22 – 30 Days of Christmas

Boy, do I have some treats for you today! First up is an anthology I’m in, Love Me Dead. This is a ghost story anthology and my story is Rousing Caine, about a man who is so in love with a man’s he’s been watching from afar that when his wife kills him, he can’t leave the man behind and becomes a ghost. The book also contains stories from the wonderful AM Riley and the luscious William Maltese. Joining me in today’s giveaway are authors M.E. Reid and Angelia Sparrow. Angelia offers up a book of 19 GLBT stories while M.E. gives us two romantic suspense books. Here’s info on the authors and books.

Love Me Dead

Featuring Rousing Caine

MLR Press

M/M, ghosts, erotic paranormal romance


Blurb for Rousing Caine:

Jason Rockham has lost faith in others and himself. He no longer trusts and doesn’t believe in love. When he escapes to his cliffside home in Northern California, he meets a ghost who is the antithesis of everything he’s come to believe about people. Caine Carruthers fell in love with the laugh of a man he didn’t know. After his unexpected death, he sought out the man and found him bitter and disillusioned with life. With love in his heart, Caine sets out to show Jason that life is worthwhile and love is possible. Two incomparable heroes – a man who has lost hope and a ghost who believes love conquers all, including death. This story will make you laugh and cry and most of all… believe.

Howl At the Mistletoe

GLBT Anthology



19 short stories, including the gay Christmas Werewolf saga, kinky cosplayers, Rapunzel and Medusa in love and steampunk lesbians fighting zombies.

Angelia Sparrow is best known as an author of GLBT romance. She writes in a variety of genres, including horror, paranormal, fantasy and science fiction. She is a former library paraprofessional who traded her card catalogue for ten in the wind and the hum of the highway.

She works steadily on the newest pieces, haring off on tangents as the muses move her. WEBSITE


Memories Erased

Loose Id

Contemporary M/M Romantic Suspense



Devin Piers Nilsson is a cold-blooded killer; Ewyn Kelley Calderone is an Italian mob brat.  Both work at the same agency, yet they have never met. Then, one fateful night, Ewyn walks into a gay bar where Devin is a regular. The attraction between the two is instantaneous, but Ewyn isn’t alone.  He’s with his abusive lover, Gareth Varvarinski, a Russian mob heavy.  When the two have a violent altercation in the men’s room, Devin comes to Ewyn’s rescue, believing Ewyn is worth the risks.

However, Ewyn has secrets. Secrets that create a conflict of interest for Devin, secrets that test his loyalty to Devin, and Ewyn’s secrets perpetuate murder. Devin ignores the consequences of what being with Ewyn could mean and Ewyn’s world of secrets soon explodes around them, becoming deadly at every turn.

Ewyn has a physical confrontation with Devin’s ex. A member of the Russian mob goes after Ewyn and ends up dead in his jail cell.  Then, someone kills Gareth Varvarinski, Ewyn becomes the prime suspect, and once again, Ewyn has a secret he’s afraid to share with Devin. Yet despite that lack of trust, Devin races against time to find a killer before Ewyn is the next victim.

Memories Erased: Treachery

eXtasy Books

Contemporary M/M Romantic Suspense



The boys are back. Mob brat Ewyn Calderone and covertop Devin Nilsson

Two years ago, Ewyn Calderone escaped the subjugation of domestic violence.  The love and support of Devin Nilsson helped Ewyn reclaim his self-esteem.  Now his fragile self-confidence is tested when his brother, the Calderone mob boss vanishes, Ewyn becomes head of the family, and his pregnant niece and her sister die in a purported accident.  The baby survives and Ewyn becomes her guardian.

Days later, police report the deaths are homicides then ask about the women’s dubious lifestyles.  Ewyn has no answers and the panic of self-doubt re-emerges.  Can Ewyn and Devin, with the help of law enforcement friends, unravel the mystery of the child’s paternity and the deception of the nieces’ lives before the child becomes the killer’s next fatality?

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, M.E. Reid currently resides in Bullhead City, Arizona.  Very reclusive (shy). When not writing, or mired in research, she spends her time enjoying the company of her two adopted/rescue pets, Apache, a Giant Schnauzer and Mason, a Weimaraner.  Besides reference manuals and the extensive use of the Internet, quite a bit of her research is via Discovery, National Geographic, History, and Military channels watching crime/police/forensics, law enforcement, and CIA/DOJ documentaries.  She is an insatiable reader, has eclectic tastes in music, and for writing purposes, she uses Marie E. Reid. Emily Wade-Reid, and M. E. Reid depending on the genre. WEBSITE

Four great books you can win today so leave a comment on this post by midnight Pacific time for your chance to find these in your inbox! Happy Holidays everyone!

Day 21 – 30 Days of Christmas

The giveaway today may only be one little book, but it’s a special book for me. Today is the release date for Breath of Heaven, my Christmas story featuring the characters from Afterburner. It’s also the release day for Cupid Christmas, my other gay rom Christmas story, but I’ll be giving away Cupid Christmas on Christmas Eve. Breath of Heaven is the poignant story of how tragedy changes the lives of my flyboys from Afterburner. It’s also a tale of two very different families. One family is accepting while the other couldn’t be more opposite. The extended Marchetti family’s unconditional acceptance of Bas, his husband Ryder and Ryder’s brother’s family will warm your heart.  On the flip side of the coin, Ryder has to come to terms with how his father turned his back on him when he came out. The tragedy that befalls Ryder’s brother stirs unhappy memories for Ryder who must finally lay to rest the ghost of his father’s rejection.

I hope that those of you who don’t win this story will consider picking up a copy. If you ever wanted your family to just love you for who you are, you should read this story. So it’s happy release day to me and one lucky winner will reap the rewards of that! Here’s some information on Breath of Heaven.

Breath of Heaven

MLR Press

M/M erotic contemporary romance



Sebastian Marchetti and his husband Ryder Beckett are flying high since their retirement from the Air Force. They’re still young, still hot for each other and enjoying life as a married couple and members of the Flying Marchettis aerobatic team. When tragedy strikes their extended family, the couple become parents overnight and the demons of Ryder’s past return with a vengeance. With the Marchettis and the entire town of Forza pitching in to help, Bas and Ryder strive to make Christmas unforgettable for a special little boy and his newborn brother while laying to rest past and present pain.


Ryder pushed the shovel into the dirt with more force than necessary to loosen the sandy soil. He could have used the small backhoe that Sebastian had borrowed from his brothers-in-law who owned Todd Brothers Construction, but he needed the physical activity to help slow the spinning of his brain. He worked for the better part of three hours until his muscles burned and protested. He ignored everything except the staked out areas that needed to be dug. The rain had let up for a few hours but storm clouds gathered darkly once more. Ryder never noticed. When the sky began to pelt him with huge drops of water, he ignored it. Not until hard hands closed over his biceps did he jerk himself free of the stupor he’d been in.

“You’re soaked.”

Sebastian’s flat tones alerted Ryder to his husband’s concern. Bas very obviously held himself in check, keeping his emotions to himself in what Ryder knew was an attempt to be supportive and not add to the turmoil of the situation.

“Yeah. We should probably go inside.” Ryder turned his head toward the house, staring unseeingly at the windows that spilled golden light into the deepening gloom.

“There’s no lightning. No danger,” Sebastian said quietly, rubbing his hands down Ryder’s arms in a soothing manner.

Heaving a sigh, Ryder pushed the shovel deep into the ground in front of him and let go of the handle. The tool stood like a lone beacon in the rain soaked night, a symbol of Ryder’s confusion and pain.

“I can’t imagine what Ryan is going through,” he murmured. “If I lost you, I would be done. I don’t know how he picked up the phone and called me. After his first few words, when he practically screamed that Kat was dead, he sounded so calm, so unemotional, so…together.”

Hard arms came around him as Sebastian drew him back against his body, the rain pouring over them, drenching them through their t-shirts and jeans.

“Everyone deals with grief differently, Ryder. Your brother seems to feel the need to put his house in order, to take care of things,” Sebastian said in Ryder’s ear. “Maybe being busy and focusing on what needs to be done helps him to channel his grief into productive outlets. Maybe he’s hanging by a thread and he’s just waiting until he gets here to let go and lose it. Maybe he needs your support and your love to help him deal with his grief. After all, he called you, not your mother and father.”

Ryder closed his eyes on a stab of pain. “My father wouldn’t tolerate any show of emotion. He’s an Army man after all, a Ranger. And my mother would make up for his lack of emotion by an overabundance of it.” He shook his head. “No, Ryan wouldn’t call them first. They would only make him feel worse.”

Sebastian brushed a kiss to Ryder’s ear. “Well then, your brother called the only person he trusted to help him deal with this devastating blow. You.”

A rush of emotion swept over Ryder and his legs gave out, dropping him to the ground. Caught off balance, Sebastian was pulled with him and the two of them tumbled into the hole Ryder had dug which was fast becoming a mud pit in the downpour. Ryder twisted around, pressing his body against Sebastian’s, ignoring the mud that caked them both.

“Ryan’s loss made me realize what you went through when my plane went down,” he said hoarsely, tears forming in his eyes and trickling out to mingle with the rain on his face.

He dug his fingers into Sebastian’s hard shoulders, holding him tightly with a frantic sense of their mortality fueling his strength and urgency. Their bodies cleaved together and they rocked into each other’s hips, mud coating every inch of them as they rolled in the flower bed. Seeking Sebastian’s mouth, Ryder kissed him hard, pushing his tongue between his lover’s lips, demanding a response. He slipped his hands beneath Bas’s t-shirt, spreading slick mud over the hard muscles he loved to touch.

Muffled moans of pleasure came from Bas as he returned the caress, his fingers finding the curve of Ryder’s ass and digging into the muscle through the layers of denim and mud. Ryder ground his crotch against Bas’s, uncaring that they were out in the open lying in a growing pool of mud in the middle of a December rainstorm. He needed Bas. Needed to feel Bas around him, in him, loving him, sexing him. He needed to feel alive so that the specter of his brother’s loss would go away. So that death would go away. So that the fragility of life was held at bay by the love he felt for Bas and that Bas felt for him. Ryan’s wife might be dead but Ryder’s husband wasn’t and Ryder needed Bas as he had never needed him before. Right there in the mud of their yard.

He pulled at Bas’s clothes, popping open the buttons of his lover’s jeans. Bas murmured a weak protest and Ryder kissed it from his lips. He brushed his fingers over Bas’s cheek, streaking it with mud. Then he smiled sadly.

“I knew how hard it was for you when my plane went down and you had no right to even ask how I was or what happened,” he whispered, his gaze holding Bas’s. “I knew, but I didn’t understand. Hearing Ryan tell me that his wife had been killed gave me that understanding.  For the past few hours I’ve thought of nothing but what my life would be like if something happened to you. If tragedy can strike the golden boy Ryan Beckett then where does that leave me?”

“It leaves you with me. In my arms, safe in my love,” Sebastian said promptly, hugging Ryder tightly despite the squish of the mud between and beneath them. “No one, not even death can take that love from us, Ryder. Life holds no guarantees. You know this. You’ve been to Afghanistan. You’ve punched out of a disintegrating jet. And so have I. Either of us could have been killed by that. I could have died in Iraq, but I didn’t. We survived war zones, we survived the stupid ass policies of our government about being gay. Our love has transcended so much that I can’t imagine death would take it from us.”

More tears squeezed from Ryder’s eyes at Bas’s words and he nuzzled his husband’s throat, trying to burrow into his warmth. “Don’t leave me,” he moaned, shivering with emotion. “Don’t ever leave me, Bas.”

Tenderly, Sebastian kissed him, staring at him with solemn eyes. “I won’t. My love will always be with you, Ryder.”

With a deep, shuddering sigh, Ryder eased his grip on Bas. “Maybe we should take this into the house.”

Bas chuckled. “Why? I was enjoying the slipperiness of the mud, weren’t you?” He cocked a brow at Ryder as a wicked grin began to turn up the corners of his mouth.

Ryder slipped one hand between their bodies, snaking his fingers into the open fly of Bas’s soaked jeans. “I’m a dirty boy. I always have been.” His hand closed around hot, hard flesh. “God, you better be dirty too, Bas cause I won’t be responsible for corrupting you.”

A full-blown laugh filled with love and lust and amusement escaped Sebastian as he snaked his hands into Ryder’s jeans seeking Ryder’s hard flesh. His dark eyes held more emotion than Ryder could ever remember seeing in them, even when they first confessed their love or when they’d gotten married. In the face of tragedy, their love blossomed, he thought with savage satisfaction, his hand stroking Bas’s cock in time with Bas’s strokes of Ryder’s cock. He smiled as lust swamped his senses. Their love triumphed even when covered in a thick coat of mud.

For a chance to win a copy of Breath of Heaven, leave a comment on this post by midnight Pacific time tonight. Happy Holidays!


Day 20 – 30 Days of Christmas

This is one of the biggest days of the giveaway. I’m pleased to have two of my favorite authors and good friends with me today. My offering is Honorable Silence which is MLR Press’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell anthology. My novella Afterburner is in this book along with wonderful stories from Maura Anderson, William Maltese and George Seaton. I’m giving this away today because tomorrow is the release of Breath of Heaven my MLR Press Christmas story featuring Sebastian and Ryder from Afterburner.

With me today is my fellow Lords of Aether author, Jaime Samms (whose will be posting at LOA on Friday!) and fellow MLR Press author Ethan Day. Now, there’s another connection here besides the fact that I love them both as authors and as friends. Jaime is giving away her entire Ageless series for which I did all the covers. Ethan is giving away the reader’s choice of Sno Ho or A Summit City Christmas. Sno Ho features Ethan’s characters Boone and Wade and A Summit City Christmas is a sequel to Sno Ho and Life in Fusion. My connection to these books is that I did the cover for A Summit City Christmas.

That’s a total of FIVE books you can win today! Now, here’s some info on the books and authors.

Honorable Silence Anthology: Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

Featuring Afterburner

MLR Press

M/M Erotic Contemporary Romance

Novel length anthology (4 novellas)



Our men and women in uniform sacrifice daily to serve our country. But what about the additional, voluntary sacrifice that each gay person in the military makes when they don their uniform? We ask these men and women to not only serve their country but serve in silence and denial, sacrificing not only their physical lives but their emotional ones too by denying them their right to love. Four talented authors weave tales that describe how living a lie pulls at the hearts and souls of good servicemen, whose only desire is to do their duty to their country…honorably.  In AFTERBURNER, two fighter pilots let their hearts soar despite regulations. THE LOSS OF INNOCENCE STORE provides a glimpse into the U.S. Army prior to the institutionalization of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. A sniper and infantryman find that love eases the pain of being forsaken in FORSAKE NOT. And STRATEGIC MANUEVERS reveals the intricate steps that can lead to love while in uniform.

Blurb for Afterburner:

Sebastian “Bas” Marchetti has spent his life doing two things, hiding his sexuality and flying. Born into an aerobatic family, Bas learned to fly long before he could drive. After a stellar career in the military that encompassed a turn as a U.S.A.F. Thunderbird and a test pilot, Bas leaves the service when his father dies in order to take over operations of the Flying Marchettis. Fully out of the closet and unwilling to return to it, Bas struggles with the demons of his past military career when he meets test pilot Ryder “Flip” Beckett. Together, Ryder and Bas find a love that neither is willing to give up. With Ryder living the military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, they struggle to have a normal relationship. Bas loves Ryder enough to be his dirty little secret. However, that’s not enough for Ryder who loves his man so much he’ll risk court martial to be with Bas.

Sno Ho

MLR Press

M/M erotic contemporary romance



Boone Daniels seems to have trouble finishing things.  Along with the half dozen or so novels he’s started, only to abandon mid-way through, his love life could be best described as a series of drive-by’s.

Boone has spent the past week staying at a ski-lodge in the tiny mountain town of Summit City.  He’s been using his time alone to write while waiting for his boyfriend to join him for their anniversary.

What happens to Boone when he winds up dumped on the eve of his one-year anniversary and ends up at a bar having one too many cocktails?  Wade Walker.

A Summit City Christmas

MLR Press

M/M erotic contemporary romance



Holidays with friends and family are never dull and Boone’s first Christmas in Summit City is no exception to that yule tide rule. You are cordially invited to join Boone and Wade for a Christmas Eve extravaganza, including many of your other favorites from the Summit City.

I am a gay man living in Missouri…I can hear the gasps already!!  How very un-chic of me, yes I know.  It was here I was born and here I have stayed.

I’m currently single but always looking for that special someone that makes my heart skip a beat…in addition to being able to put up with my neurotic ass.  The worst thing about being a romance writer is finding a real life hottie that can live up to the fantasy I create in my head and subsequently thrust upon him before actually getting to know the real him.  I can hear you getting all judgie…it’s an occupational hazard!!  To all my past and future boyfriends, my sincerest apologies…I can’t help myself!

I somehow managed to survive high school living in a small racist town in Southeast Missouri and emerged unscathed, realizing life was too short to pretend to be anything other than who I was.  I was the little homo that could…so damn it, I did!  It was all very Lifetime Movie Network meets After School Special I assure you.

After a few stints in college, I eventually signed up for a Creative Writing course.  I took the class because there were no tests.  For once my scholastic laziness paid off, and I found an outlet for all the fantasies running amuck in my head.  It was love at first write, and I’ve been doing it off and on ever since.


The Ageless Series

Pink Petal Books

M/M erotic futuristic romance

Series Blurb:

In a world disintegrating under the weight of too many people, the Ageless men and women are finding their lifespan stretching well beyond normal, and discovering they have abilities never before documented. When children are few and far between, and people find they can shift to animal form with a thought, the rift between those doomed to age and die and those who seem ageless is growing.

Morgan has taken advantage of this rift to seize control of the central nervous system of the world’s social structure and make his bid for world domination. It’s up to Mikko and Ken and their small band of friends to stop the takeover even as they struggle on a much more personal level to find love and balance with one another.




Ken has fallen in love twice in his unnaturally long life. He’s spent the rest of it trying to forget what falling out of it feels like. Not even the end of civilization distracted him from his own misery, and now, desperate and achingly lonely, he calls the one person who’s never hung up on him.

Mikko lost Ken once, letting life get in the way of love, and ever since the day Ken ran, he’s been trying to track him down. He’s honed his skills over the years, tracking Ken through the morass of men and ugly affairs, waiting for the chance to make things right.

Ken thinks his messy passed is a secret from Mikko, and is too ashamed to admit to any of it. Mikko has secrets of his own, things he’s discovered about their very nature he’s sure Ken’s not ready to hear. Back together, after years of cat and mouse, Ken has to learn to trust a man he knows isn’t telling him everything, and Mikko has to figure out how to fix something his own negligence might have destroyed beyond hope of repair.




Ken and Mikko have overcome the hurdle of finding one another and coming to terms with the damage they both did to their relationship. Happy to submit to Mikko’s rule, Ken has come a long way toward finding his own strength again, and has decided he must officially end the relationship he ran out on when he went looking for Mikko. Awaiting Ken’s return is the hardest thing Mikko has ever had to do.

He is forced to come to terms with his own shortcomings, and confront his own past, the secrets he’s kept, and the effect they may have on his lover.

When that past knocks on their door, Mikko has to face the fact he might not be able to protect Ken any longer. Whether or not he finds the strength in himself to accept help may mean the difference between keeping their home and their life safe, or losing everything to the man he thought he had escaped.

Finding Home



Mikko’s life is turned upside down when his old mentor, Morgan infiltrates his mind and forces him to hurt the lover he’s been trying to save. The attack leaves them both broken and uncertain, and Ken decides  leaving is the only way to save Mikko more pain. Accompanied by friends who seem to have designs on something more, ken sets out on a quest to find Morgan and stop him.

Old friends and new lovers are all the pair have to sustain them on their individual journeys. There’s no telling if they’ll ever find the peace they seek for the world, or for themselves.

I’ve been writing for various publishers since the fall of 2008, although I’ve been writing for myself far longer. I’m often asked why men? What’s so fascinating about writing stories about men falling in love? It’s never been an easy question to answer. I just always have written stories about men, and as I reached the age where I started to fall in love (and that happened on a fairly regular basis, and not always with men, myself) my characters grew along with me. For a long time, I thought I was pretty odd. A lot of people who know me are raising eyebrows right about now, and to them, I say: “I wasn’t asking you.”

I write for Freya’s Bower, Loveyoudivine Alterotica, Pink Petal Books, Dreamspinner Press and Total E-Bound. When I’m not writing, I’m probably reading, and you can find all kinds of opinions (other people call them reviews, but let’s call a spade  spade and acknowledge that I like to spout my opinion) about what I read on Goodreads, at Dark Diva Reviews, Black Raven’s Reviews, and Kuriousity, a manga and yaoi review site.

Spare time, when it can be found rolled into a ball at the back of the dryer or cavorting with the dust bunnies in the corners, I like to spend in the garden, at the loom, or with a pencil and sketch book. I did graduate from college with a Fine Arts diploma, with a major in textile arts, which basically qualifies me to draw pictures and create things with string and fabric. Fun times. WEBSITE

And there you have it. One anthology from me, a choice of two books from Ethan Day, and three books from Jaime Samms. I’d say this is a banner day for readers! For a chance to win, comment on this post before midnight Pacific time tonight. Happy Holidays!