Floating My Boat

It felt like a long weekend. Probably because I spent so much of it writing. Next weekend will be a true long weekend since I spent some of my much horded vacation hours and took Friday and Monday off. I wasn’t sure if I would need recovery time since it’s Dave Diego next weekend. When it comes to bloggers, I’ve only met Hilly and Karl thus far, so Motley and I are truly excited about this event. Not that Hilly and Karl aren’t the pinnacle of bloggers, but you know what I mean.

I went to Blog Talk Radio yesterday to set a reminder for Turnbaby’s anniversary show, even though I knew I wasn’t going to get to listen to the whole thing. I had a Bar writer’s meeting online that I knew would pull me away at some point. However, when I went to set the reminder, I noticed a show that was on called The Mortal Vampire. Me being me, I had to check it out.

The Mortal Vampire seemed really cool and his chatroom was hopping. His guest was Bret Jordan who is an author and artist. They were talking about writing and someone in the chat asked how I’d found the show. So I told them about The Bar and that I write vampires. Bret instantly offered to put a link to The Bar on his links page. Very, very cool. I really enjoyed the show and will be listening again in the future. Many thanks to The Mortal Vampire and Bret Jordan for the plug.

Well, it is Monday, and I do have a Marcus for you. First, I have to say that I am just totally in lust with Christian de la Fuente from In Plain Sight. This guy really pushes my buttons which doesn’t happen very often with celebs. I think I totally called it last Monday when I said he was headed for Marcus status. Not that he would ever take Marcus’ place. No man could do that. I’m more than in lust with Marcus. If I ever met him in person, I would be a babbling fool because he reduces me to complete mush. Really, both these guys more than float my boat!

Last week there was a call for a shirtless Marcus so I’ve got one of those for you today. He’s young here, not that he’s old now, but 39 is old for a model. I guess it’s part of his supermodel status that he still looks good and is still working. Not a lot of guys look as good as he does at 39. He’s certainly inspiration for me when I’m writing hot scenes. My muse doesn’t really help me with those. He just tosses a few Marcus photos at me and heads off to get drunk. He knows the Marcus pictures will invoke the hottest of sex scenes.

I want to call out my thanks to Jen from Redneck Romance Writer and Susan from West of Mars for giving my Zanctuary writing contest entry a lookover yesterday. I appreciated the time you ladies took to read the piece and give me your opinions. The rest of you will get to read Silver Lining after the contest is over. The inspiration came from my past (the dude from yesterday), from Marcus and Christian, from a Lady Antebellum song, and from stuff that happens to people online. It’s an emotional piece from the get go, and yes, there is a sex scene! YAY!

Hope you all have a great Monday with whoever floats your boat!

I’ll Take This One…

Normally, I would feed a meme to Grundir over there in my sidebar. Diesel says he’s been slacking a little, but he would definitely handle the job. However, since the person who tagged me is one of those people I feel oddly sympatico with, I will take this one and handle it myself. There’s tea and real English crumpets over there on the side table, Grundir. Enjoy!

According to Livvy, the English Courtesan, this meme is Seven Lots of Five. Since I’m not a tagger, I won’t bother with that bit, but anyone who wants to do it and give it their individual spin, feel free to do so. I’ve already seen some hella creative versions of this (ie Snackiepoo). I’m just gonna answer the Q’s. LOL

Where were you ten years ago?

Living in Huntington Beach. Working in West Los Angeles near Santa Monica. Yakking online to Rott and all my friends at KNAC.com. Trying to meet Rott. That didn’t actually happen until October, but we’d been talking for months and I really had a crush on him even though I had a boyfriend. Yeah, the boyfriend was the hot long haired blonde guy with the bullwhip tattoo from a few posts back. Austin B. That would be him.

5 Things on your to do list

1. Get caught up reading all the blogs I missed while my computer was down.

2. Go to the bank and pay my rent. This may seem like 2 things but it’s really one. If I didn’t need to pay the rent, I wouldn’t have to go to the bank.

3. Find my Photoshop CD.

4. Order a few groceries for delivery. I need milk, bread, English muffins for work, Krustez pancake mix, rice, and a couple packages of a Portuguese sausage called Linguica. We LOVE linguica in my house. We eat it with steamed white rice.

5. Get info on VOIP. I need a land phone again. Ugh. I’m so not in love with them, but currently, I need one so Rott can call home. He can’t call my cell much, and I miss hearing his voice. Although, I did get a quick call from him on my cell last weekend. Perked me right the hell up until he had to go. Then I started crying because I miss him so.

What would you do if you were a billionaire?

Heh. I don’t see this question as a “what would you do with the money” question. I’m taking it totally at face value here. If I were a billionaire, I would cruise around on the megayacht Janie and spend my days writing. I’d get published. I’d write a lot of stuff and enjoy not being stressed. Sure, I’d invest some money, and I’d give some to charity. I’d put my kid through college and maybe even finish my last year, just so I could have the sheepskin. I’d help out some friends who would love to have their houses and cars paid off or a vacation on the yacht with me.

I’d hire lots of cute cabin boys for the first vacation. I’d invite ShinyBitch, Jen, MaryO, Hilly, Livvy, Britt, Becky, Bluepaintred, MetalMom, the other Jen, and Susan. As a counterpoint to the all female guest list, I would include Jester and UMB. We would cruise the Mediterranean and see the South of France and Monaco. I would forget about sunlight sucking. I would write on a new Mac Notebook and hand them out as vacation favors to the guests. And we’d all have fun with the cabin boys. HEH. Perhaps I should invite Karl and Othurme along to make a video of all the fun we would have… I’m good at this dreaming thing, aren’t I?

5 Places you’ve lived

1. Salinas, California – In the house I grew up in, until everyone died.

2. Tempe, Arizona – Two blocks from ASU and Sun Devil Stadium. Go Sparky Sun Devil!

3. Bellevue, Washington – Right off the 405, on a hill, in a really nice private neighborhood.

4. Sherman Oaks, California – In a brand new apartment on the fourth floor. No one else had ever lived in it and I could see the Sepulveda Dam from my balcony and kitchen window.

5. Barstow, California – In a motel on the main drag. It was definitely a drag.

5 Bad habits

1. I procrastinate. I can be an ostrich sometimes.

2. I have a bad temper. Mostly, I can control it, but it’s really a very bad temper.

3. I’m suspicious. I rarely believe people. I always think they aren’t telling me the whole truth or they have some kind of ulterior motive. Not my friends really, but other people I have to deal with. Yeah, I’m a tad paranoid. I think it goes with working in IT…

4. This goes with #3. I have a marked lack of faith in others. I never think they are going to do what they say they will. Or I think they will do it wrong. I’m the first one to think that someone’s fucked something up. I try not to open my mouth when I think this because often I put my foot in it due to my bad habit of thinking the worst.

5. I’m lazy. Sometimes. Other times I want to do things, but my body protests when I do, so I give up. I think the lazy goes with the procrastinate though.

5 jobs you’ve had

I think I did this in my 100 things… didn’t I? Lemme look… Ah! I did! Copy, paste, voila! HEH.

1. My first job was making change in my dad’s barber shop.

2. When I was in college I worked in an auto repair shop. I drove Adam Jones from Tool’s Barracuda. Booyeah!

3. I ran a coffee shop for my mom on the south end of Mercer Island, WA when I was just out of high school.

4. I stuffed envelopes for the Southern California Gardener Newsletter when it was first starting out.

5. I worked for a wish granting organization.

How was your blog named?

I was having a contest for a tagline and the Absurdist gave me “Sunlight is Overrated”, which reminded me of Britt’s tagline. When Jester actually DID come up with the tagline, I decided I loved it, but not with the original blog title. That’s when I realized that the Absurdist had named the blog. My twist on her tagline was Sunlight Sucks, which went well with Jester’s tagline of “I vant to suck your blog.”

That’s a nice ending to this meme. My title, my tagline… are all about YOU folks. I embrace you all today! Much hugs and MUAHS! Happy weekend!


Andrei Andrei has been posting to his blog recently. If you don’t know the story, Andrei is the reason I started blogging. Well, Andrei and this idea his blog gave me for a short story about a woman blogger who falls for a male model because of his blog. I had no clue what blogging was about. I mean, I’ve been out here on the net a long ass time. I’ve had more incarnations of my website than I’ve had hair color. I’ve had message boards for years. Never once did I have the urge to blog.

Frankly, I didn’t really know what the whole blogging thing was about. I figured why blog when all my friends came to the message boards and chats to see what I had to say? Why should I bother with a blog? Well, I certainly learned that lesson in the last six months. The reasons for blogging are myriad, but the biggest one is the people.

When I created this blog (not Sunlight Sucks, but the original one on Blogger), I had a couple of people come by and comment. Some days, it’s still like that. I’m not that amusing. I don’t really have a schtick, other than the fact that I write fictional vampires, and I don’t always give you the deep details of my life and psyche, let alone cool cartoons with a monkey who picks his nose and eats urinal cakes. (Gawd, I love that cartoon!) I’m not sure why people keep coming back here except that in the cases of some, it’s because I read and comment on their blog.

The Blogger Circle of Life, as I explained to Motley when I created Socially Dead for her, is that you visit other blogs and comment. Then those people reciprocate. I told her, there are some people whose new blog posts you can’t wait for (ie Snackiepoo because you never know what facet of Hilly she will reveal today), and there are some that you love every day… except maybe one day a week (ie Avitable whose Lazy Sunday is all Greek to me because I’m a workaholic who writes all the time and never goes to movies or remembers crap from songs.) There are people whose blogs you love, even though they don’t read you, and there are those who are meticulous about always coming by and leaving thoughtful, inciteful comments. There are people who read you most of the time, but only comment once in awhile. When they do, they leave you laughing your ass off, or chuckling in your coffee at their pithyness, or snorting over their particular brand of commenting.

There are others who are always supportive of what you’re doing, even if they can’t get to your posts for a few days. Some do drivebys on you and say something short and to the point or especially perceptive. Others have become fans, because you’ve become fans of them. Some wish they could come by more, but always bring good wishes when they do. And there are always people who come by, because you have things in common with them, like writing in my case. Finally, there are people who visit your blog because they love you or have known you forever.

Not everyone posts comments every day. Not everyone reads you every day. But every day is a journey and sometimes the road takes you places you haven’t been before. Like the process of writing itself, some things are always in flux while other things are constants. The journeys I take each day through these places are all things that help make me a better writer, a better blogger, and maybe even a better person. It’s a path I’ve come to late, but like I usually do with things that are challenging and interesting, I’ve embraced it and immersed myself in the culture.

It’s a rich culture, too. Every sight (and site) and sound in 3D. These people… this culture… well, I’m not quite sure how it happened, but my journeys brought me to them, and now I find that no matter how painful the day may be (and lately they have been excruciatingly painful) I can’t get through the day very well without them via blog posts, Flickr pics, twats, or IMs.

The People’s Republic of Blogistan… long may it reign! And don’t forget to bring bacon and chocolate pudding along on your journeys through this country. The peasants might spork you to death if you don’t embrace the pudi-cake-a-cookie.

The Vampire Show

At dinner tonight, Motley and I were talking about the blogger radio shows. I told her that I’d been joking in Fab’s chatroom about doing a Vampire Show. She actually thought it was a good idea. She said she’d be on it. Well, she also said she’d be on Fab’s show. Should I tell him? LOL

Personally, I don’t think I could do a weekly show. I mean, wouldn’t I run out of things to talk about? I could go the route of guest hosts and guests who write vampire fiction… but I’m still skeptical. Eventually, there’s nothing left to discuss once we’ve gone through all the cemetery stuff and all the vampire stuff. Wouldn’t me talking about writing and characters be totally boring? I think I’m boring. I figure I must be, cause it’s not like people are knocking down my door to talk to me.

So, I dunno. People seem interested in the cemetery and vampire stuff. Jason X over at the User Pool has used my vampire info as a yardstick against which he’s measured his lover Blair, whom he feels is a bloodsucking vampire. Personally, I think she’s more of the soulsucking type, which makes her a demon from Atersilex at the Bar. I guess I’m sorta on shaky ground cause a lot of people aren’t into vamps. Look at my comments. You’ll see a few of those folks.

The other thing is that there are a lot of radio shows already. Aren’t there just too many for people to keep up with now? Who would listen to me babble when they don’t have time for all the more established blogger shows? Motley suggested I have a basic poll and ask readers to vote. You don’t have to comment, but a vote is appreciated. Should I do a show or not? Cast your vote in the sidebar on the right. If the survey says… YES, then I’ll be back with a poll that is more specific about things like when and where and how long and how often. (Not often. As in, not weekly. No. Effing. Way.)

I suppose I should thank Dragon (did I link to the right person?) for being so enthusiastic about this idea at Fab’s chatroom last week. If no one votes or the votes are negative, I’m blaming this post and poll all on her. Heh heh.

One last thing before I go… Motley still hasn’t downloaded the pic of me at the picnic. Here’s a pic taken by one of the embalmers, Christina. In front of me is my beloved giraffe purse. This was pretty much my set company smile. The LOL caption on this pic at the office is: I may be smiling now, but touch the giraffe and you die!

OH! I almost forgot my big Pimpin Friday! It’s Freaky Frakkin’ Friday at Secondhand Tryptophan. Stop by and YOU could win a prize!

Fang Tune

Here’s a little vampire tune from my Imeem uploads. Even if no one else likes it, I think Marty might. He likes a lot of the same stuff I do.

There’s a writing contest at Zanctuary so I’ve been mulling over ideas. I have a lot of older stuff I could rework, but I’m thinking of something new. The idea has been bouncing around in my head all day. I can’t say anything about it or I won’t be able to use it in the contest. Suffice to say that it has to do with an adage.

In other writing news, I’ve been working on The Lexography. My intent is to see if the key posts from the Bar that have to do with Lex can actually stand alone to tell her story. My sense is that there will be too many confusing things because of the other missing posts. We’ll see though. I’ve wanted to tell the story of a girl with fangs without the trappings of the Bar, but I’ve been reluctant to try. This is going to be an interesting experiment.

Motley still hasn’t downloaded the pic of me at the picnic. Today, I’m feeling the burn… the sunburn that is. My nose hurts. My face is kinda red, and there are a couple of ouchy patches on my arms. However, the discomfort was alleviated by the arrival of The Best Damn Button in the Universe! (TWKS) Yes, I received a button from Karl of Secondhand Tryptophan. Who knew that the man had such great handwriting? Seriously, thanks for the button Karl!

I’m on a mission to buy blogger shirts. One per month. I have a Zombies Ate My Brain shirt coming from Blogography. Next up is a TWKS shirt. After that, I’ll probably get a Socially Dead shirt. Then an Avitable shirt, and so on and so on… Eventually, I hope to have an entire blogger wardrobe!

Hope you enjoy the vampire song and if you feel like reading my girl with fangs story, stop on by The Lexography. Tuesday tongue kisses, beautiful people!