Can’t Miss

I’m running a little late this morning, but I can’t miss putting up Marcus. As a muse, Marcus has been superb! Gotta love the man’s yummyness.

The only new news I have to report is that my novella Shifting Winds will probably be out in e-Book format in March from Pink Petal Books. The sequel is about 1/3 done now. I’m hoping to have it finished by the 15th. One of the things that’s been helping me is a little writing group called Word Wars. For those of you who write or are doing NaNo, you might want to consider joining us. It’s just a conference in Yahoo Instant Messenger where we put 30 minutes on the clock and just write. At the end of the 30 minutes we do a word count and cheer each other on. Sometimes, we share a few excerpts to get the juices flowing. If anyone is interested in joining in on Word Wars, hit me up on Yahoo when you see my Word Wars busy message. I’m knacwinterheart.

I gotta keep this short, as it’s almost time to leave for work. Before I go though, I did want to let you know that Motley is now DJ-ing for Outlaw Radio at under the name Sticky Nikki. If you get a chance sign up for fubar and check out her show. She’s on Monday and Tuesday nights at 11 pm Pacific time, and Thursday and Friday from 11 am – 1 pm Pacific time. (I think I got those times right.) She had her first show last night and starts out her set with Nikki by the Low Millions. She also has the webcam on so you can watch her eat popsicles. Believe me, the crowd loves it!

Okay, here’s Marcus then I gotta jet outta here!

That’s so nice it makes me long for the days of holey jeans again! Have a great Monday everyone!

More, More, More

Today is the last day of my vacation, and it’s the day I get off in place of my birthday since I can’t take my birthday off. When you work in Accounting, the last day of the month is sacred. I usually, don’t like taking time off. However, I have to say that this felt really good. Naps in the afternoon, getting up when I want (which was either 4 am or 7 am), and just being able to knock out the novella I needed to write was great. I truly envy those writers who don’t work outside the home. This is the first time ever that I’ve been left with the feeling of “More, more, more!” at the end of vacation.

It’s Monday though, so I need to toss out a couple of tidbits here before I get to Marcus. First of all, the No Throbbing Vampire Cock Halloween flash story that I wrote is in a contest. If you get the chance, hop on over and click to vote for my story – #7 Full Moon Mating by Lex Valentine. If you didn’t read the Throbbing Vampire Cock Halloween flash story that I wrote (yes, explicit sex is in it), you’ll find it here. People are pimping the hell out of their stories on Yahoo where there are hundreds of members in the groups. Currently, I have the second most comments, but I could use more comment love to ensure I stay in the running for the judging by the publisher. Send your friends and enemies to leave a comment. I most sincerely appreciate your support! It’s hard to get your name out there in this industry and all of you have been a great help for me.

Let’s move on to Marcus and have some fun now!

I love a man with a nice bulge at the apex of his thighs. *sigh* Although, that being said, I’m really not a size girl. I’m a technique and passion girl. Do it well, and do it with an excess of passion… I’m a goner.

Okay, I’m off to enjoy my last day of vacation, reading and writing and napping. Everyone have a great Monday!


Happy Humpday beautiful people! I have a couple of things to say and then I will leave you with some hotness. First up, I reposted Can Vampires Be Gay over at Lex Valentine’s blog. If you haven’t read this story that is based on something that happened to Miss Britt, hop on over and give it a read. It’s a very timely story in view of Prop 8 here in California.

I’m also still pimping my Halloween Flash Fiction. There’s The Green Lady which is based on a true cemetery ghost story. Beware! This story features throbbing vampire cock! Also, I have a second Halloween Flash Fiction on a different site, in a different contest. Full Moon Mating has no explicit sex or throbbing vampire cock. If you haven’t read the stories, feel free to do so if it’s your thing. If it’s not, no worries. However, I do sincerely appreciate your comments on The Green Lady because the story with the most comments (unique, not repeat) has a chance to be judged by a publisher. As you know, it’s my goal to get published, so this story is very important to me, to bring my work to the eyes of someone who could help with my writing career. So your comments on The Green Lady could help me toward my goal and are most gratefully appreciated. Please feel free to pass the link to those you know who like to read. Thanks very much to all of you who have already commented. This is such a great community and I love you all for helping me in my endeavors.

Next, I’m feeling a bit better about some stuff. Some of my personal pressures were eased when Rott’s mom called me and made me promise to call her if anything bad happened. Then she gave me money, although I told her not to, but she did it anyway. She’s a very nice lady and Rott is her only kid who has a significant other. It’s kinda timely too since Rott and I have our 10 year anniversary on the 23rd. I have no idea where the time has gone… well, until I look at the grey in my hair. Which reminds me, I should get my hair cut for my birthday. Hilly’s new haircut is certainly very inspiring. I need something more sassy …

Okies… here’s the hotness for this Wednesday. More Tracy James for Gooster… Just say Yooo hoooo!

And here’s some Andrei Andrei. This is one of the new photos he has up on his blog.

For those of you needing some softer flesh we have Eva Mendes. This is a wallpaper so feel free to save it!

Hope your humpday is filled with luscious humping!

Twisted People

Over on I talked about world building and how I ended up doing that through Twitter and Yahoo Instant Messenger. Over here, I wanna talk about the people. I touched on it a little over there but what I blog about there is the mechanics of writing. Here I like to show off my characters and focus on people. The world where my characters live is called the Darkworld. Sometimes, the things that happen there are like a twisted fairytale. (Remember Fractured Fairy Tales? Anyone old enough?)

So in the first novella of the series, Max the Pixie Prince finds a mattress and his mate. You may recall that I posted a couple of short excerpts from the beginning of that story where Max and his best friend Alex are looking for a mattress and end up at a restaurant where a helpful waiter named Marty tells him about a special mattress. We also find out Marty’s real job is fairy godfather…

At Carpe Noctem, Marty sat the bar nursing a drink. A faraway light gleamed in his emerald eyes, and his expression was distant, as if he was tuned in to something others couldn’t see. A smug smile played about his lips as he realized that he had accomplished his mission with Max and Bliss.

Since he’d taken on the matchmaking job, he’d found a lot of satisfaction in his work. His grandmother had warned him that he would. Still, it was unusual for a man to take on the job of fairy godmother… well, godfather in his case. The women in his family had done the job for eons, but now no one was left but Marty.

Being a fairy on a mission in the Darkworld could be difficult as he’d discovered with the first few couples he’d tried to match. Max and Bliss had been easy, as he’d known they would be. Their problems had never been insurmountable because both of them had willing natures. Both of them had been accepting of the fact that they were mates. It was the couples who couldn’t accept the truth who gave Marty sleepless nights.

His eyes blinked sharply back into focus, staring down the bar at a dark haired man who seemed intent on drinking himself into oblivion. He’d been resistant to Marty’s brand of magic for years. And truthfully, Marty had never been sure until recently that he had the right mate for Olivier. Now that he did, things had gotten even more complicated.

Marty sighed and finished his gin and tonic. Max and Bliss had been fun. Olivier and Alexa would rip his heart out. He could already feel it. He was headed into some serious trouble with those two, and he wasn’t sure he could pull off a happily ever after. There was so much darkness to overcome… even for a fairy godfather.

In the second book (which I’ve already started), Marty has his work cut out for him. He even has to bring in some reinforcements from the fae realm, his girlfriend Raine who is an elemental fairy. Still, Marty’s just not sure he can bring about a happily ever after for Alexa and Bliss’ younger brother Olivier Wilde. They are both dark characters with painful pasts. Book #2, tentatively titled Never Been Bit, isn’t a very happy tale like Max’s story was.

So that’s one happy story and one darkly emotional one. For the third book, I was trying for something partway between the first two for Bliss’ oldest brother Lucien. He’s a little stuffy being the head of the household and all. And he’s had lots of issues he’s had to deal with in regard to his younger brother. Lucien is a worrywart, kinda anal, and over protective. The woman who turns out to be his bloodmate is Hillary St. Cloud, the author of these very popular books that portray vampires as the undead. Lucien’s family isn’t crazy about the books, even though his sister’s club caters to people who like the whole trendy notion of undead vamps. Alexa hates the books. It stands to reason, Hillary and Lucien are not gonna have a smooth courtship.

Another new character shows up in the third book too. Hillary St. Cloud’s cynical gossip columnist friend, Karl with a K, who is a pot smoking, troublemaking, wickedly mischievous elf. He amuses Hilly. He does not amuse the Wilde family. Hilly, who is descended from the Valkyrie, is tall and buxom, and the queen of snark. She’s pretty ruthless with poor Lucien, but we discover that the reason for her behavior is that beneath the snark lies a woman with very deep, uber sensitive feelings. Somehow in this story, I need to work in a redhead because book 4 is a twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a hunky woodsman, and a bi-sexual wolf (Weylyn).

You’re all laughing about now, aren’t you? I know you guffawed when I described Hillary’s gossip columnist friend, right? Well, it is supposed to be funny. Book 3 will be amusing, but with a dark undertone, so that it balances out both of the first two books.

I know you recognized names too didn’t you? Yes, Hilly agreed to star in book 3, and Karl agreed to be sidekick. The characters aren’t really Hilly and Karl, just bits taken from their personalities to help fill in the gray areas of the story characters. Yes, Marty is our own Marty too. I keep thinking the hunky woodsman needs to be Gooster… it was his idea after all.

If I ever need a deity, I’m gonna have to make him Othurme. I just see him as a kind of Zeus, hanging out with Bacchus (Jester), lord of the biggest party in the universe. When I get into dragons, I’ll have to tap into some Vahid, and if I need a pixie female there’s always Cissa. And maybe Avitable as the spider and Miss Britt as Miss Muffet (didn’t they do that already in the car?)… Dave2 as an Indiana Jones type adventurer with a sidekick named Mean Monkey, who are constantly fighting off legions of asshats in airports around the world… TechBabe in a twisted version of Snow White that casts Whall as the Wicked Tech Wizard. And how about Hellohahanarf as the most sensuous Rapunzel ever? And Mr. Shiny as a handsome version of Rumplestiltskin… and as See All Evil, Hear All Evil, and Speak All Evil – the unlikely trio of Kapgar, Dawg, and Matt-Man. And last but not least, Jason X as the star of a male version of Cinderella that’s more porn than fairy tale and utilizes Always Home and Uncool’s Kevin as the evil stepfather aka video director.

Me likey. I’m bursting with ideas now and it’s all YOUR fault, so feel free to throw some outrageous fairy tale or legend at me on Twitter. You never know, I could be DM-ing you asking to make you the hero of the next twisted tale from the Darkworld.

Have a great weekend!