It’s a Tuesday Tune for the holidays. I love Soundgarden so this has been one of my fave Christmas songs ever since I first heard it.

Last night was a special Jester Show featuring Dave2 of Blogography. They talked about a lot of interesting stuff from iPhone apps and politics to touching up supermodels and cruise ships.  Iron-Fist (Vahid) called in as did Snackiepoo (Hilly) and me. My very short convo with them at the end of the show was about Throbbing Vampire Cock, my favorite Davetoon of all time.

If you didn’t get a chance to listen in to the show live, check out the podcast above. Fans of Ride the Lightning will get to hear the real Vahid and Dave speak! Yes, they both sound incredibly sexy as does Jester who has the best laugh in the world.  Jester Shows are never to be missed. They are so much fun!

Have a great Tuesday!


Rain Game

Today, I get to play the Rain Game.  Yes, the rain has finally hit SoCal. And I have a shredded wiper blade and bent wiper arm. So Rott gets to take me to work in the SUV, put the Intrepid in the garage, and change the blades.  Or he can just take me to work every day that it rains. Makes no difference to me. The SUV is a lot nicer than the Dodge that’s for sure. Strangely enough, Rott does like the Dodge. He swears it saved his life once cause it has so much power. Men are sometimes easily pleased. 🙂

I’ve had several things I’ve been working on this past weekend. I completed a website for author Regina Carlysle, bought some sim game credits so I can breed over my multiple stakes winner Smooth Belief, did some promo for Ride the Lightning, bought promo items, and just about finished Christmas in Hell. I wuz bizzy!

I can’t wait to get my hands on the promo stuff. If you want a holiday card from me (well, Lex really) email me with your snail mail addy. Either lex at lexvalentine dot com or winter at winterheart dot com.  I’ll be sending out Ride the Lightning magnets and Mating/Runaways book cards too. I never knew being an author meant getting to know the USPS personnel so well.

Tonight is a new Jester Show with Dave2. I can hardly wait! I love Jester and his show is always hugely entertaining. It’s even more entertaining when Dave is on. They are an unbeatable combo. If you get the chance, you should definitely tune in. Just be careful about eating and drinking while listening. *wink*


Before I head out to play the Rain Game (aka musical cars in the rain) I need to post my regular Monday Marcus. I have to admit to having looked a lot of naked cowboys lately. Marcus is not much of a cowboy sadly. But I needed inspiration while writing Christmas in Hell and naked cowboy cock seemed to do the trick. So to make up for my lack of loyalty I’m posting a Marcus photo I’ve posted before, but always looks good!


I think this is about as close as I’m gonna get to a Marcus cowboy look. LOL Still it’s a nice looking horse and a gorgeous Marcus. What more do I need on a Monday?

All of you have a great day and take it easy out there in the winter weather!


Dave Does TVC

I feel all speshul when I get an email from Dave2. It’s even better when I arrive at his blog and discover that I’ve been the inspiration for a cock that sucks you. (You gotta love that line.) I was all kinds of amused and delighted. I love Dave’s toons and this one totally made me laugh out loud. Usually, I don’t laugh at cock. Too busy describing it, I guess. Or trying to get some.

So, seriously people, you gotta read Dave’s blog post. For one, it describes the origin of TVC. For another, you get to see a TVC. It’s not only an amusing story, it’s a look into Dave’s head and how he comes up with a great toon. Who doesn’t wanna know what’s behind the genius?

After you read Dave’s post, you have to see the actual cartoon. TVC is a bad guy. You have to find out if he wins the day or not. What happens to the TVC will make you grin. Who doesn’t want to grin on a Tuesday? So run over here to read the full TVC toon.

I’m off to work in a minute and later I have to work on TPC (throbbing phoenix cock) so I’m gonna leave you with a Tuesday Tune. I haven’t done one in for-effing-evah. Here’s some Motley Crue to start the day!

Have a great Tuesday!


The Return of Marcus

He’s baaaaack! WOOT! Here’s a Marcus to brighten your Monday!


I like a man with nice hands. *sigh*

A couple quick things… First up, I still haven’t been able to restore my email and I know damn good and well all my blog reader appreciation winners didn’t get their prizes. *cough* Dave*cough* So please, if you were listed as a prize winner, EMAIL ME. Thank you. 🙂


Next, I want to start a new Marcus Award contest but I don’t know what kind of contest it should be. So, leave me some suggestions why don’t you? I don’t wanna do comment whore again. LOL

And finally, Holden the cocksucker still needs your votes. I think he should at least beat the het spanky boy in 2nd place. You can vote for Holden once a week, with each valid email address that you have. Voting link is HERE.

I’m going to the DMV today so wish me luck. Urg. Thanks everyone and have a great Monday!


Why Can’t the Cocksucker Win?

Yanno, I can pimp other people pretty well. I drop their names everywhere. Do you think I can pimp myself worth a damn? HELL NO!

My character Holden Antaeus is in a poll for the hottest hero of the summer.  This guy screws women and men. He has a throbbing dragon cock (TDC © 2009 blogography.com). He’s even a black dragon! He’s got ALL the bases covered – sexually, ethnically, and more! I think he should win. Yet, I cannot bring myself to get on every Yahoo group I’m a member of and BEG for votes.

Two people already have over 300 votes. *sigh* I suppose the only way I would get that many is if every person I know recruited a buncha other people to vote for Holden.  I want this, but I cannot get my fingers to type the begging words. This sucks ass.

So here’s the thing. I’d love to win this thing by NOT begging and looking like a complete fucking moron. I mean, that would put a bee in the bonnet of all those people who did beg, right? So, to do it, someone would have to start a movement, wouldn’t they? On blogs, on Twitter, on Yahoo and and Live Journal and ning or whatever. It would be cool if someone did. But I can’t beg. It just wouldn’t be right. I’ll still love you all if you read this, laugh at me, and move on to dinner or a movie or whatever.

Click this link to find Holden’s information. (Scroll down to his name on both pages.)

Click this link to vote for Holden if you are so inclined.

But maybe you’d like to start the Throbbing Dragon Cock Movement. If so, feel free to retweet and post and do all those networking things we all do when we want to get the word out. Tell people we want the bi dragon to win! C’mon! Het men win everything! Why can’t the cocksucker win for once?

Here’s a picture of the book cover and a picture of Holden.



I’m pretty sure that there’s no way to beat the authors who’ve begged all over the planet for votes, but it would sure be pretty cool if it happened.  Sorta like a black man becoming president or beating a parking ticket rap. *wink*