Twisted People

Over on I talked about world building and how I ended up doing that through Twitter and Yahoo Instant Messenger. Over here, I wanna talk about the people. I touched on it a little over there but what I blog about there is the mechanics of writing. Here I like to show off my characters and focus on people. The world where my characters live is called the Darkworld. Sometimes, the things that happen there are like a twisted fairytale. (Remember Fractured Fairy Tales? Anyone old enough?)

So in the first novella of the series, Max the Pixie Prince finds a mattress and his mate. You may recall that I posted a couple of short excerpts from the beginning of that story where Max and his best friend Alex are looking for a mattress and end up at a restaurant where a helpful waiter named Marty tells him about a special mattress. We also find out Marty’s real job is fairy godfather…

At Carpe Noctem, Marty sat the bar nursing a drink. A faraway light gleamed in his emerald eyes, and his expression was distant, as if he was tuned in to something others couldn’t see. A smug smile played about his lips as he realized that he had accomplished his mission with Max and Bliss.

Since he’d taken on the matchmaking job, he’d found a lot of satisfaction in his work. His grandmother had warned him that he would. Still, it was unusual for a man to take on the job of fairy godmother… well, godfather in his case. The women in his family had done the job for eons, but now no one was left but Marty.

Being a fairy on a mission in the Darkworld could be difficult as he’d discovered with the first few couples he’d tried to match. Max and Bliss had been easy, as he’d known they would be. Their problems had never been insurmountable because both of them had willing natures. Both of them had been accepting of the fact that they were mates. It was the couples who couldn’t accept the truth who gave Marty sleepless nights.

His eyes blinked sharply back into focus, staring down the bar at a dark haired man who seemed intent on drinking himself into oblivion. He’d been resistant to Marty’s brand of magic for years. And truthfully, Marty had never been sure until recently that he had the right mate for Olivier. Now that he did, things had gotten even more complicated.

Marty sighed and finished his gin and tonic. Max and Bliss had been fun. Olivier and Alexa would rip his heart out. He could already feel it. He was headed into some serious trouble with those two, and he wasn’t sure he could pull off a happily ever after. There was so much darkness to overcome… even for a fairy godfather.

In the second book (which I’ve already started), Marty has his work cut out for him. He even has to bring in some reinforcements from the fae realm, his girlfriend Raine who is an elemental fairy. Still, Marty’s just not sure he can bring about a happily ever after for Alexa and Bliss’ younger brother Olivier Wilde. They are both dark characters with painful pasts. Book #2, tentatively titled Never Been Bit, isn’t a very happy tale like Max’s story was.

So that’s one happy story and one darkly emotional one. For the third book, I was trying for something partway between the first two for Bliss’ oldest brother Lucien. He’s a little stuffy being the head of the household and all. And he’s had lots of issues he’s had to deal with in regard to his younger brother. Lucien is a worrywart, kinda anal, and over protective. The woman who turns out to be his bloodmate is Hillary St. Cloud, the author of these very popular books that portray vampires as the undead. Lucien’s family isn’t crazy about the books, even though his sister’s club caters to people who like the whole trendy notion of undead vamps. Alexa hates the books. It stands to reason, Hillary and Lucien are not gonna have a smooth courtship.

Another new character shows up in the third book too. Hillary St. Cloud’s cynical gossip columnist friend, Karl with a K, who is a pot smoking, troublemaking, wickedly mischievous elf. He amuses Hilly. He does not amuse the Wilde family. Hilly, who is descended from the Valkyrie, is tall and buxom, and the queen of snark. She’s pretty ruthless with poor Lucien, but we discover that the reason for her behavior is that beneath the snark lies a woman with very deep, uber sensitive feelings. Somehow in this story, I need to work in a redhead because book 4 is a twisted version of Little Red Riding Hood, complete with a hunky woodsman, and a bi-sexual wolf (Weylyn).

You’re all laughing about now, aren’t you? I know you guffawed when I described Hillary’s gossip columnist friend, right? Well, it is supposed to be funny. Book 3 will be amusing, but with a dark undertone, so that it balances out both of the first two books.

I know you recognized names too didn’t you? Yes, Hilly agreed to star in book 3, and Karl agreed to be sidekick. The characters aren’t really Hilly and Karl, just bits taken from their personalities to help fill in the gray areas of the story characters. Yes, Marty is our own Marty too. I keep thinking the hunky woodsman needs to be Gooster… it was his idea after all.

If I ever need a deity, I’m gonna have to make him Othurme. I just see him as a kind of Zeus, hanging out with Bacchus (Jester), lord of the biggest party in the universe. When I get into dragons, I’ll have to tap into some Vahid, and if I need a pixie female there’s always Cissa. And maybe Avitable as the spider and Miss Britt as Miss Muffet (didn’t they do that already in the car?)… Dave2 as an Indiana Jones type adventurer with a sidekick named Mean Monkey, who are constantly fighting off legions of asshats in airports around the world… TechBabe in a twisted version of Snow White that casts Whall as the Wicked Tech Wizard. And how about Hellohahanarf as the most sensuous Rapunzel ever? And Mr. Shiny as a handsome version of Rumplestiltskin… and as See All Evil, Hear All Evil, and Speak All Evil – the unlikely trio of Kapgar, Dawg, and Matt-Man. And last but not least, Jason X as the star of a male version of Cinderella that’s more porn than fairy tale and utilizes Always Home and Uncool’s Kevin as the evil stepfather aka video director.

Me likey. I’m bursting with ideas now and it’s all YOUR fault, so feel free to throw some outrageous fairy tale or legend at me on Twitter. You never know, I could be DM-ing you asking to make you the hero of the next twisted tale from the Darkworld.

Have a great weekend!

So Impressed

Remember that I said Jester had found me the most perfect song ever for one of my Lex Valentine videos? Well, he did. I liked the song so much that I went and listened to the whole album and then downloaded it from Rhapsody. This band is the shit. I went to their website looking for contact info and lo and behold their singer/songwriter’s email addy was there. So I emailed him and asked for permission to use ‘Nikki’ in my video. I think it was less than an hour later he got back to me and said… YES! How freaking cool is this guy?

So, now that I have Adam Cohen’s permission, here is my Pink Chair Diaries Trilogy video.

That’s two bands now that have given me permission to use their music. Since Friday is a promo day on some of the Yahoo loops I belong to, I’ll be touting the videos! I want to do all I can to get my name out there which in turn, with the videos, gets the band names out there too. It’s just a scratching back thing. I’m still waiting to hear back from singer/songwriter Dan Wilson. I want to use his song Breathless for Runaway Train. I tried it in my test video and it’s awesome, but I prefer to have permission. I just feel better if I do.

Although, the Silver Queen vid I made that I like so much, uses Evanescence, and I doubt any email I sent to any contact for them would get me permission to use the song. So I’m gonna make the video private. I really made it for Shiny Bitch anyway. I’ll think of another song that I can get permission for and then post the official Silver Queen vid.

One more thing before I go. PseudoSJ sent me a twat about a contest where they are giving away a Dooney giraffe purse. Now, I know I already have one, but this is the BIG one! The one I originally tried to get, but didn’t have the money for. So I’m entering the contest as many times as I can in the hope that maybe, just maybe, luck will shine on me this year and give me a birthday gift of winning this purse. It’s a longshot, but I have to try. The contest is at

I’m home today working on my WIPs, trying to finish this Valentine story. It’s not going well. Ugh. Anyway, if anyone would like to be my beta reader, I could use a couple of people. You need a sharp eye to catch my left out words and commas, and you gotta be able to tell me if something does flow well or make sense to you. If you’re interested send me an email at winter at winterheart dot com.

BTW, this is my 200th post. Go me! Happy Friday!


I’m not praising the Monday, really. However, there are things for which I am grateful this Monday. So I shall commence singing the praises of those things!

First, let me say that I would make a crappy politician. See, I can’t just nod, shake hands and move along. So when I said I got a rejection letter on the same day I lost a contest, and all the bloggers and all the writers and authors from my Yahoo groups came out to send me email and post comments here and at Lex Valentine… well, I was touched. And I spent like the whole day sending and posting thank yous. I can’t just nod and move along like a politician. I most sincerely appreciate all the encouragement I’ve received from everyone.

I do have to mention three people who most especially deserve an extra thank you from me. First to Jen, for her constant encouragement, for helping me with Silver Linings from the moment I finished the first draft, and for wanting to see Alex and Maris get pubbed. Next, to Jason X for the comment that had the most impact with me. And finally to author and editor Mary Winter, who took the time to read and critique Silver Linings and email with me on Saturday night. I’ve added 2K words to this story and it’s going someplace I never thought it would go. We’ll see how it all shakes out.

Next is my Marcus for this Monday. I found a few new photos of him this weekend. Some not as flattering as usual, but that’s okay. My guy is getting older. Lots of women don’t think he’s the thing anymore because he’s almost 40. My reply to that is how many men look this hot at 40?

And finally for today, Dawg, who is one of my most favorite reads now, has gifted me with a cool award, which I can now pass on to others! I love the ones I can pass on. Spread the love! Thanks, Dawg. You’re awesome!

Here’s the rules of the award:

So here are seven eight of my favorite blogs (while trying not to give it to someone who already got one):

  • It’s Just Justin – Sweet, hot guy. Awesome photography. Plus, did I say he was hot?
  • Banal Leakage – A day without Marty is not a good day. He’s one of my fave people!
  • Tech-Babe – TB is a snarky, sexy IT girl with a heart of gold.
  • Kapgar – Why I didn’t start reading him sooner, I just don’t know. I must have been brain impaired.
  • Redneck Romance Writer – I can’t miss Jen’s blog. I get twitchy when I do.
  • Bagwine Ruminations – I love a man who posts meat on his blog and no one does that better than Matt-Man.
  • Why? What Have You Heard? – Mojo is another blogger with great photos. Plus, he’s just a little naughty too.
  • West of Mars – No list of my favorites is complete without Susan and her rock band.

Give those people a read, if you’ve never read them before. There is a reason I visit them! Happy non-rejection Monday!


I have a crappy life. All I do is come here and whine.

My air mattress popped. For those of you who read my Princess and the Pea post, you know how devastating a popped air mattress is for me. I can’t sleep. My hips feel bruised. I am thoroughly out of sorts. The new mattress better come today or I’m in deep shit in the rest department. I can’t write. I’m irritated. I’m grumpy. Bah!

On a happier note, Ce from Cesigned is making my author website for I’m soooo excited. I had Jester look at the first mockup last night, and he pointed out all the same things I wanted changed so I feel good about being on the right track with this.

I submitted a 5K word piece to Wild Rose Press last night too. Thanks to Jen for helping me with the query letter. It’s for their Cougar Club series. HEH. Yeah, I’d say I know a thing or two about the whole older woman/younger man thing. I have no experience whatsoever with men my age or older. Young and hot? That would be what I know. Yes, I know I’m pathetic. 😉

Oh, and by the way, since I didn’t blog yesterday I’ll say it today – HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN! Stop on over at the Redneck Romance Writer and wish Jen Happy Birthday. She’s always so supportive of my writing. She’s just a great friend to have and I appreciate her muchly!

I’ve been busy over at the horse racing sim too. Moderating can be tiring! There’s a couple of threads of arguments going on and I have to keep an eye on them. So I started posting little flirty remarks reminding them not to name call or say bad words. I got accused of being lovey-dovey! ME! My reply had something to do with knowing the difference between lovey-dovey and flirty. And besides, a couple of those guys are hot. I’m allowed a little harmless flirtation, right?

I have not yet received a single photo for the Better Than a Hot Blogger calendar. C’mon, people! Send a photo, or I will just stalk your Flickr accounts and pick one myself! Do you really trust me to choose?

I’m planning a little something special for my blog for Halloween week. Not only is it my birthday on Halloween, but this blog is themed rather appropriately for that holiday. So I’ve got some “stuff” in the works, not the least of which is that there will probably be a guest post on my actual birthday of Halloween. I got in on the winnings over at Whall’s a while back and one of the prize choices was a guest post. So I asked him to do one on my birthday so I don’t have to. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with for Halloween at this batty blog!

My back hurts. Have I said I feel bruised? Not to mention that I really do still have bruises from last week’s fall. Ack. I’m gonna go suck down some pharmaceuticals. You all have a spectacular Friday!