I Do

So I have some news. Really fun news! Next week, on February 4th, the Jester Show will have some friends of mine as guests. These guests are the authors of the I Do anthology published by MLR Press in support of marriage equality. All of the proceeds of this book go to Lambda Legal to help fight Prop 8 here in California.

The author who spearheaded this book is Alex Beecroft who is female and British. The editor (who’s been bugging me to write something for MLR’s ghost anthology) is Kris Jacen and the publisher is Laura Baumbach (whom I’ve heard will remember that I said I could write a M/M ghost story).

This idea was spawed on author Z. A. Maxfield’s Yahoo group when they were talking about ways to promote the book and I mentioned Jester. The authors got excited so I emailed Jester and he said he would love to have them on! So next Wednesday at 7 pm Pacific time, the authors of the I Do anthology will be on the Jester Show talking about the book, writing, marriage equality, and Prop 8. Please come to the show to support the cause… or Jester. Cause he’s just that cute and fun. 😉

Now, before I end this post, I need to kiss a little BPR butt and post some cowboys. And just to be fair to the men, I need to post a cowgirl. Cause ya know, Karl and Marty pointed out that I’m usually pretty good about posting hotties of both sexes. Can’t disappoint my friends. 🙂



fashion art photo. Beautiful woman

Whew! That’s pretty hot for a Friday, eh? I hope BPR likes the Marcus on a Friday one!

I have a quick update about my writing. The last contract I got will be my first book released. Sunday’s Child: The Wise Guy doesn’t have any throbbing vampire cock in it, but there is a black cat named Rambo, a klutzy witch named Brenna, and an almost mage named Randall Wise. It will be released by Noble Romance on February 22. On March 5, Book One and Two of the Tales of the Darkworld will be released by Pink Petal Books. Shifting Winds and Hot Water are part of the PPB Presents Shifters series. These are dragon shifter books. Hot Water features Karl, Gooster (Corey), and Vahid.

I’ve started work on What You Wish For, which features Hilly as a writer of Twilight-like novels. On top of that, I’ve begun the plot for my twisted version of Rapunzel which features a red headed heroine named Beck or Becks, Hellohahanarf to you and me. Marty the fairy godfather appears in both What You Wish For and the Rapunzel story since both are Twisted Tales. I’d like a Dave character someday, but I’m not sure I can come with a vehicle to accurately portray his awesomeness. I’m still pondering ideas there. Your ideas are certainly welcome as well!

That’s it for me until Monday, unless I have some spectacular news of some kind to come back and write about. I’ll have another round of my hot Marcus Monday for you then. Also, you can post what my Blogiversary date is in comments until the last minute (Pacific time) of January to be entered in a drawing for a lovely Sex Toy t-shirt or coffee mug! Have a simply yummy weekend darlins’!


Christmas Village

You know that saying about how it takes a village? I’ve always assumed that since the sentence was never finished that it assumes it takes a village to do anything well… big. Last night I decided to make a video instead of making a recording of me and Nikki singing the Coventry Carol. It’s not that we can’t sing… we can, and we do it pretty well. It’s just that we were imbibing last night and I just couldn’t string the stanzas together properly. Go figure.

So I’m making this video and I’m thinking about all the books I have coming out in 2009 and how well Christmas Hookup has been doing in downloads. Then I realized how many people out here have encouraged me in the last six months to a year since I started wondering if I could do this. Going back to the inception of this blog (which is nearing it’s first blogiversary), I realized that there is a whole “village”, if you will, of people who have in some way influenced or helped me get to this point.

This video is for all of you. From Jester who helped me with this blog, to Justin, Karl, Gooster, Marty, and Vahid (and soon Hilly too) who let me immortalize their name and a few of their characteristics in my Darkworld characters, to people like Jennifer McKenzie and Susan Helene Gottfried who pushed me in the very beginning (and who keep saying it) by saying that this was something I could absolutely do. And then there are the people who constantly tell me in comments, IM or on Twitter, that what I’m doing is awesome and that I really can do it – Marty, Hilly, Britt, Becky, Jason X, and Dee Carney. There are people in my Yahoo groups who encourage me too and then there are the three ladies (Bar bitches really LOL) who have always been in my corner since before I came to blogging.

I want you all to know that there is no way I would be sitting here with 4 contracts for books due out in 2009, and the possibility of 3 more once the other Tales of the Darkworld are written (Yes, my publisher wants Vahid the black dragon’s story too. I knew that was coming. Vahid being such a sexy thang and all) without every single word or comment that all of YOU have given me.

This is MY Christmas message to all of YOU. I may not have been by your blog to comment, but you are ALWAYS in my thoughts. I wouldn’t be here plugging away without what you have given me… the gift of your friendship and caring.

One last thing before I go prep my ham… I have a confession to make. I suck. Bigtime. Sure, I have a thousand and one stresses on me and a fucked up car that just keeps falling apart no matter how much money I toss into the thing’s maw. But there is still no reason for me to be such a bonehead as to STILL have Hilly’s birthday present when the woman lives literally a few exits down the freeway from me.

The reason I suck so bad isn’t just because I still have her present and haven’t seen her in months… it’s because she is the sole reason I got so involved with all of you. She took me under her wing when I was afraid to meet bloggers, and she made me feel at home, warm and welcomed. She is the most awesome person on this planet and even though I clearly suck at showing it, I love the woman dearly. Thank you for bringing me into the PRB, Hilly. Many, many happy wishes for you this Christmas.

And for all the rest of you too.


Can’t Miss

I’m running a little late this morning, but I can’t miss putting up Marcus. As a muse, Marcus has been superb! Gotta love the man’s yummyness.

The only new news I have to report is that my novella Shifting Winds will probably be out in e-Book format in March from Pink Petal Books. The sequel is about 1/3 done now. I’m hoping to have it finished by the 15th. One of the things that’s been helping me is a little writing group called Word Wars. For those of you who write or are doing NaNo, you might want to consider joining us. It’s just a conference in Yahoo Instant Messenger where we put 30 minutes on the clock and just write. At the end of the 30 minutes we do a word count and cheer each other on. Sometimes, we share a few excerpts to get the juices flowing. If anyone is interested in joining in on Word Wars, hit me up on Yahoo when you see my Word Wars busy message. I’m knacwinterheart.

I gotta keep this short, as it’s almost time to leave for work. Before I go though, I did want to let you know that Motley is now DJ-ing for Outlaw Radio at fubar.com under the name Sticky Nikki. If you get a chance sign up for fubar and check out her show. She’s on Monday and Tuesday nights at 11 pm Pacific time, and Thursday and Friday from 11 am – 1 pm Pacific time. (I think I got those times right.) She had her first show last night and starts out her set with Nikki by the Low Millions. She also has the webcam on so you can watch her eat popsicles. Believe me, the crowd loves it!

Okay, here’s Marcus then I gotta jet outta here!

That’s so nice it makes me long for the days of holey jeans again! Have a great Monday everyone!

More, More, More

Today is the last day of my vacation, and it’s the day I get off in place of my birthday since I can’t take my birthday off. When you work in Accounting, the last day of the month is sacred. I usually, don’t like taking time off. However, I have to say that this felt really good. Naps in the afternoon, getting up when I want (which was either 4 am or 7 am), and just being able to knock out the novella I needed to write was great. I truly envy those writers who don’t work outside the home. This is the first time ever that I’ve been left with the feeling of “More, more, more!” at the end of vacation.

It’s Monday though, so I need to toss out a couple of tidbits here before I get to Marcus. First of all, the No Throbbing Vampire Cock Halloween flash story that I wrote is in a contest. If you get the chance, hop on over and click to vote for my story – #7 Full Moon Mating by Lex Valentine. If you didn’t read the Throbbing Vampire Cock Halloween flash story that I wrote (yes, explicit sex is in it), you’ll find it here. People are pimping the hell out of their stories on Yahoo where there are hundreds of members in the groups. Currently, I have the second most comments, but I could use more comment love to ensure I stay in the running for the judging by the publisher. Send your friends and enemies to leave a comment. I most sincerely appreciate your support! It’s hard to get your name out there in this industry and all of you have been a great help for me.

Let’s move on to Marcus and have some fun now!

I love a man with a nice bulge at the apex of his thighs. *sigh* Although, that being said, I’m really not a size girl. I’m a technique and passion girl. Do it well, and do it with an excess of passion… I’m a goner.

Okay, I’m off to enjoy my last day of vacation, reading and writing and napping. Everyone have a great Monday!


Happy Humpday beautiful people! I have a couple of things to say and then I will leave you with some hotness. First up, I reposted Can Vampires Be Gay over at Lex Valentine’s blog. If you haven’t read this story that is based on something that happened to Miss Britt, hop on over and give it a read. It’s a very timely story in view of Prop 8 here in California.

I’m also still pimping my Halloween Flash Fiction. There’s The Green Lady which is based on a true cemetery ghost story. Beware! This story features throbbing vampire cock! Also, I have a second Halloween Flash Fiction on a different site, in a different contest. Full Moon Mating has no explicit sex or throbbing vampire cock. If you haven’t read the stories, feel free to do so if it’s your thing. If it’s not, no worries. However, I do sincerely appreciate your comments on The Green Lady because the story with the most comments (unique, not repeat) has a chance to be judged by a publisher. As you know, it’s my goal to get published, so this story is very important to me, to bring my work to the eyes of someone who could help with my writing career. So your comments on The Green Lady could help me toward my goal and are most gratefully appreciated. Please feel free to pass the link to those you know who like to read. Thanks very much to all of you who have already commented. This is such a great community and I love you all for helping me in my endeavors.

Next, I’m feeling a bit better about some stuff. Some of my personal pressures were eased when Rott’s mom called me and made me promise to call her if anything bad happened. Then she gave me money, although I told her not to, but she did it anyway. She’s a very nice lady and Rott is her only kid who has a significant other. It’s kinda timely too since Rott and I have our 10 year anniversary on the 23rd. I have no idea where the time has gone… well, until I look at the grey in my hair. Which reminds me, I should get my hair cut for my birthday. Hilly’s new haircut is certainly very inspiring. I need something more sassy …

Okies… here’s the hotness for this Wednesday. More Tracy James for Gooster… Just say Yooo hoooo!

And here’s some Andrei Andrei. This is one of the new photos he has up on his blog.

For those of you needing some softer flesh we have Eva Mendes. This is a wallpaper so feel free to save it!

Hope your humpday is filled with luscious humping!