Blogging in Desperation

I did. Over HERE. Please read, retweet and all that other bloggy goodness. I need help. Can’t sleep and I’m falling apart here… How the hell did my life turn to shit so quickly? Was it always shit and I never noticed? I can’t believe that…


Topsy Turvy

My life is like a circus and everything is all topsy turvy and weird. I don’t know what’s going to happen in my relationship. Certainly, my gut is speaking loudly in negative terms which makes it difficult to be positive. I still have not been able to shed a tear which somehow makes dealing with things more difficult. Usually, if I can spout a few tears, I feel more at ease and more able to cope. Unfortunately, the only times I’ve actually felt like the tears could come out, is when I’ve been at work.  That makes it an automatic blink them back, swallow them, choke them, hold them at bay no matter the cost! It also means I’m sorta fucked.

I couldn’t gather my wits about me quick enough this morning to post a Marcus but it’s still Monday so I’m doing better than last week anyway.  So here’s the closest to a circus Marcus we’re gonna get.


Damn. Those are the nicest abs and pecs and biceps ever. Yum-mo!

One last note before I go… I’ve got a release date for Mating. It’s one of two stories about werewolf twins who find their mates suddenly. Runaways is still in the editing process but it should be done soon. Mating will be out June 16 at Freya’s Bowers. It’s a short story about 8K words so it won’t harm your wallet.

Wishing you all a less turmoil filled Monday than I’m having!



As most of you know, Motley has been playing WoW. She has a guild called Questicles so I made her a forum for it. My new hosting company has auto install of phpbb boards so I had her up and running in less than an hour. She’s been enjoying herself playing both horde and alliance characters. Then early this morning, she and a friend came upon a quest that made her – and me – sad. She had to find Hilary’s Necklace.

Just looking at the two little cartoon kids fishing made me sad because I know that my friend is sad. In my head I heard that famous line from Casablanca, “We’ll always have Paris”, but in my mind I changed it to “We’ll always have Hilary’s Necklace.” And although Motley and I were saddened by the quest, we know our friend is headed out on a new quest, in a new land, with every chance to be happy once more.

In a short time, Rott will be home and I wonder if this is my chance to be happy once more or if history will repeat itself. It will be a new quest for us and it will be especially hard for Rott. But I worry all the time that everything will just go back to the way it was and I will have to walk away. It’s a very stressful time in my house right now as we prepare for his homecoming in May.

All stress and sadness and questicles aside… since it’s Monday it’s time for a Marcus. I’ve been hunting for new Marcus photos and haven’t come up with any I don’t already have. I’m gonna have to start posting photos I’ve posted before! That’s not much of a hardship though for me. I can look at him for hours. Heh.


Those shorts are way tacky but I’d be more than happy to help him take them off. *wink*

Have a great Monday everyone!


Romance with the Crue

Marty had a great blog post about You Tube and Warner Music Group recently. Like Marty, the way WMG has treated the music in videos situation affects me. Not that I had any videos stripped of their music (yet anyway) the way Marty did, but in the way I go about searching for a song for a video.

Last night I decided to try to make a video for my first book release. I’d been thinking about this ever since I got the cover art, and frankly, I hadn’t had a single idea! So I was puttering around last night listening to different things on Imeem when Motley (Nikki) needed to put some songs into SAMS for her radio station, Wild Side Radio. I asked her what to put in and she replied, “Lots of rock. Lots of Crue.”


I’m not sure why that statement had me running to listen to my Motley Crue collection as soon as I had SAMS up and running, because you know nothing says ROMANCE like the CRUE. LOL Anyway, I’m sure glad I did! You wouldn’t think that Motley Crue could even have a song appropriate for an erotic romance. But they did. They do! Unfortunately, the moment I realized I would be using Motley Crue, a HUGE band, I went racing to see if they were one of Warner’s bands. Didn’t see their name on the list, but I was still sweating it until the vid went live.

Here’s the video for my book The Wise Guy. I’m really pleased with it so I hope you like it!

There’s plans in the works for a virtual release party or parties on February 22. I’ll be posting more about that when the deets are finalized. Hope you have a great Friday!


Throbbing Vampire Cock

Vampire cock is the sum total of my social commentary on the world this week. I’m stressed out by something here at home,  under a tremendous amount of pressure because of it, and am facing the possibility of homelessness yet again because of it. (Why this shit always happens around my birthday is a karmic fuck you that I will never understand. I’m not a bad person, really!) Yet I am trying to remain cool and focused and I’m totally distracting myself with bullshit left and right so I don’t break into tiny little pieces. Throbbing vampire cock is one way to distract myself.

I do have another 500 word Halloween story that is posted for a contest, but there’s no throbbing cock of any kind in it. It’s about a white werewolf, an Alpha female. There’s no sex in the story. If you want to read it, you’ll find it here: Full Moon Mating.

I’ve been reading desultorily in my feed reader. It’s not that people aren’t posting scintillating things. It’s just that my head is all fucked up with the stuff I alluded to in paragraph one of this lovely post. So I’ve been drawing a blank when it comes to leaving comments. I expect once I’ve passed this crisis and I know that either a) everything is okay or b) I’m fucked, I will return to leaving comments on your blogs. Meanwhile, I’m going back to the throbbing vampire cock so that I don’t implode from stress.

Here’s another installment of Tracy James, just because I love Gooster and I appreciate the way his twats make me laugh when I’m stressed out.

I like Marcus better, but for Gooster I can deal. Oh, and for the straight men, I found Liz Hurley’s boobs. Click on it to see the photo full size. I wonder if Dave’s seen this photo before? They’re pretty amazing boobs for a woman her age.

Okay, that’s it for my social commentary today. Have a happy humpday!