No Time

There is no time for Friday pimping! I am determined that if a crack whore can do this I can too!

Back To Black – Amy Winehouse

My brain is scrambled trying to put into practice the immortal words of Jester Hairston, who once told me that music like this is not ONE two THREE four, but one TWO three FOUR. If that badly tattooed, pipe addicted dingbat can sing this… so can I!

Many thanks to Jester for having me on last night. It was mucho funno even though there was NO chatroom (BAD BTR!) and Jester had to make one. My pal Jen stopped by to lurk and observe the chatting bloggers as well as listen to me ramble about how Jim Morrison died. Highlight of the show was Mr. Drunkulous. He was amazing. Thanks to everyone who came to the show!

May Friday be the start of a fantastic 3 day weekend for all of you. As for me, I have to work Monday. You all better enjoy it enough for me too!


I have nothing for you today. You see, my daughter’s new blog has left me envious. I like the way it looks. I like the way it works. It’s not ME, but I like it. I’ve been wracking my brains for weeks on how to take my bats to WordPress. Not that I’ve defeated the WP demons. I haven’t. I’ve just garnered a little help from Fab and Jester. And I’m anal and tenacious.

If I had money, I would just hire someone to make me a new city skyline with bats and a full moon. Instead, I tried to find a WordPress theme I could tweak. It’s not 100% me/mine like a custom design would be, but I figure if I can get the bulk done, maybe I could afford to pay someone to make the small stuff work for me.

So I found a couple of possible themes. I found one in blue and white with yellow that does go okay with my header. I was leaning toward this one because so many bloggers hate the white text on the black background. Tweaking my graphic to make it work with this theme was a mother though. So I moved on to the black background theme. This one was much easier to work with. Looks like I’m stuck with the black background, white text though. (Sorry folks!) I guess the only thing I can say is that it’s a damned vampire theme! Sunlight ain’t their thing.

It all looks good. I’ve been testing it on my other domain I couldn’t get the subdomain thing to work at all on rottnroll. Not sure what I did wrong and too tired to figure it out for a site that’s not staying there. It’s a 3 column theme. In the widgets, I can’t figure out how to tweak the sidebars. Only one sidebar shows up on the widget page and in the drop down menu. *sigh* One more thing I don’t know how to do.

I guess if I can make the theme work, and get all the pages set, I can turn off the forwarding on my subdomain and try to take this live on Which got me thinking. Maybe I should just make this blog the domain name with a page that goes to the actual site stuff (Winter’s Coffeehouse). It doesn’t exactly sit well with me though. I’ve had Winter’s Coffeehouse a very long time. A dozen years. Look at it. It’s pretty. Nice and clean. Great template. I never finished converting over the poetry pages though. I’m a bum like that. I get tired and move on. I should really just do a page a week and eventually the whole thing will be done.

So, here’s what’s in my head: Finish tweaking the WP theme. Figure out the sidebar from hell. Decide whether to go with or or whether to buy (I hate telling people to change their link for me in their blog rolls.) Or should I skip eating for a few weeks and just hire someone to do this for me, because I’m freaking exhausted and have no answers and forgot about my TT? Tell me what you think I should do, because I’m all out of answers.

It sucks to be an IT person. Everyone expects you to be able to do this shit. This is not my application server. This is CODE. CSS. PHP. I’m logical for the most part, so I can figure out some of it, but my personal cheering section is gone. He always tells me, “You can do it. You like logic puzzles.” I keep expecting him to show up at my shoulder, but when I turn around, there’s no one there and the room is silent. I guess this is why I have nothing for you today. WP kicked my ass. I’m such a wuss.

Whine over. Have a great Thursday. Hopefully, I’ll have a TT or a Half Nekkid Thursday or something next week.

PS: Here is a screenshot. As you can see, I’ve done okay so far. My problem is the far right sidebar which does not show up in the drop down menu for widgets in WP. And the meta for that sidebar has no login. I’m clueless how to make that sidebar show up in widgets so I can add or remove things from it. I hate whining and crying like a girl. And stupid WP has brought me to that pass. I guess I’m gonna have to email or IM Jester for some professional assistance…