It’s My Party

I freaking hate that song “It’s My Party.” It’s a whiny song. But unfortunately, I’m a tad whiny today. It’s a holiday. I’m home. I’m upset. I didn’t really sleep last night either. I’m not in the mood to blog. I’m not really in the mood to do anything except maybe cry some more which is stupid cause that’s what I did all night. It didn’t even ease my stress which is pissing me off. My Next Day Flyer order is all jacked up and when I try to call them the call keeps getting cut off. Grrr. I may have to go get a pedicure…

Anyway, even though I’m not in the mood to blog, I try to not miss my Mondays here and I guess I really need Marcus today. I don’t like to disappoint those who stop by just to ogle him.

He’s so pretty. *sigh* I’m off to have a private pity party now and try to write more of Breathe Me In. Maybe I can channel my angst. I hope so anyway. I have a deadline.

Hope your Monday is miles better than mine!

Not Again!

I had hoped the hot weather was done with us after the horrid week with a 107 degree day in it. Last week was cool and rainy and just perfect. Then the weekend racheted up to 90. UGH. And all I could think was…not again! It’s freaking October! No. More. Heat. PLEASE.

So of course, as is my way, I didn’t sleep much. I’m headed into a busy week at the office and at home on very little fuel in my tank. At work I have training and commissions for payroll and a Christmas committee meeting. At home I have to finish the final chapter of Unbreak Me for PPB and start on In the Light for the Wishing on a Blue Star project.

Last week in the cooler temps I managed to put up my Five Dark Realms website complete with a forum and a chatroom. I redid the header for Tales of the Darkworld too. Now, I need to revamp the verbiage on Tales to reflect only that series and I need to add verbiage to the Realms site. I did however get the books up at Realms on both the site and the forum.

If you’re interested in discussing the books, join the forum because eventually, we will be talking about them and the characters.

Before I go, it’s time for a little Marcus!

Isn’t he simply yummeh? Now, this kind of heat I can handle!

Have a great Monday!

Wicked Me

No rest for the wicked seems fairly true to me this morning. It’s 7 am and I just feel drained.  I finished up a trailer I’ve owed author Renee Wildes forever. I’ve so not been in that sort of creative mode and I was deathly afraid of trying to force myself to make one when I wasn’t in that headspace. Strangely, it came out fine. Probably in part because there are two other trailers in the series and choosing music wasn’t an issue at all. It’s been Evanescence all the way for the Guardians of the Light series.

I also used that momentum to redo the Phoenix Prophecy trailer.  I changed a couple of images to better ones and added the covers. It looks pretty sharp. This series will have all three books out come May 3. I will be posting to the Liquid Silver SEX Blog on the Morning After release and besides touting the book, I’ll be offering up a contest where you can win all three of the books in the series. All you have to do is leave a comment using a valid email address. I’ll post more on that when it’s close to the date.

I spent Saturday writing my fingers off and got significant progress on Common Ground which is probably why I whined to myself all afternoon yesterday about not being able to write cause I was making the trailer. Meh. I’ll survive. LOL I spent Sunday morning at Ethan Day’s Gay Day which is always a fun thing. Also, last week, my construction was completed and the Lex Valentine site is all done and prettied up. I’m really happy with the jewel toned purples.

On the personal level of stuffs, I got Rott the NASA channel. Not sure what the fascination is there for a channel where people don’t really talk but damned if he didn’t have it on all weekend. Go figure. I have to give Nikki money to go to an LA Museum to study paintings for her Color Theory class. She’s really not liking the teacher so of course, she’s not liking the course. It’s sad when that stuff happens.

My SMART Girls blog with a bunch of other ladies who have SMART goals about eating, dieting, or whatever is taking off but I forgot to post last week. UGH. I had an up and down week with trying to eat healthier. However, last night I ate a steak and peas. No bread. No potato. And yes, Nikki… I ate PEAS. They were good which is weird in and of itself. Generally, I hate peas with a passion. I guess I don’t when I’m in the mood…

Ahhh, my tired ass needs a very hot Marcus today. Love the expression in his eyes here.

I think that’s a wrap for me this Monday. You all have a great day!

I’s Sick

Gah. My head hurts. Yes, I’m sick. Tonsilitis I’m sure. I’ve had it umpteen times in my life so I sorta know it. Fever = massive headache. So, I’m gonna drop a Marcus on you, promise to come back and post by New Year’s Eve, and go back to bed.

After all these years, he’s still cover material. Yum!

Hope your Christmas was all you hoped it would be!

Litany of Hos

Today I have a litany of hos for you. Hos as in the plural of ho ho ho.


It looks better with an apostrophe, but fuck me if that isn’t incorrect grammar.

My litany starts like this: I need to write three Christmas short stories, but I hate all the Christmas crap that goes up as soon as Halloween hits. You’re wondering how does the one affect the other. In a word, inspiration. I wasn’t feeling the Christmas spirit this past weekend and the stories suffered.

I decided I needed to make the covers in order to start things gelling in my head better. I have the plots. I know how the stories go, but I didn’t have the words yet. Weird but true. I tried playing Christmas music while I was working on the covers but Rhapsody wouldn’t cooperate with me. I have this strange, niggling feeling that I must have somehow programmed the client years ago never to play Christmas music before Thanksgiving. It would be like me to do that. If the client had that function. Which it doesn’t.  Still, it did refuse to play the Christmas tune which pissed me off and amused me at the same time.

I figured since it was 3 am maybe I’d better just go to bed. I’d pissed away the whole weekend and now, faced with a Monday vacation day off before I get swamped at work for the rest of the month, I needed to show some progress. With that in mind, and knowing how I dream shit for my books all the time, I turned on the TV to the Sounds of the Season channel.  Oh, yeah. Happy Ho Ho to the nth degree. I had nightmares of course and nothing at all related to Christmas.

So that’s Ho number one. Ho number two actually happened before Ho number one but I felt the effects all weekend. It happened late Saturday night when the finalists for the EPIC awards came out and Hot Water didn’t make it to the finals. I was disappointed in a weird sorta way. An eye rolling sorta way. I saw a few people make the finals whose books I’d read. Whose books I’d thought were… ahem… not so tightly as others I’d read in the genre. (Note how I did not use the word crap in the previous sentence.) I noticed how someone connected to the awards made the finals with a book I’d thought was lame-o.

Yeah,  you can say it’s sour grapes, but it’s not really. I just know how the human brain works. No matter how impartial people want to stay… they still have biases. Hello! New name here! No one effing knows me! Stick me and my funny, hot little dragon falls for vampire novella of 23K words next to some 60K epoch written by someone everyone has known for years and guess what? I am ass out. Which wasn’t exactly unexpected on my part.  One of the main reasons newbs don’t tend to win awards is in part because judges don’t know who they are. It’s human nature to be drawn to the familiar. This part of the whole thing was just an eye roll moment for me. But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t put a bit of a damper on my mood all weekend.

For my last Ho, I give you my return to sucking down Tylenols. Fuck my hip hurts. And I worry like hell eating those little white caplets so I take one of a two pill dosage and limp along all day until near bedtime when I take one more. Pain is a motherfucker though. Not at all conducive to creativity.  Now, I’m sitting with my coffee, having sucked down the one Tylenol arthritis strength pill I’m allowing myself, waiting for the spams in my lower back and hip to stop, and complaining to you. I should really be feeling better, shouldn’t I? Maybe in a half an hour after the second cup of Starbuck’s Breakfast Blend has made it’s way to my bladder…

And now for the visual portion of my Ho, Ho, Hos this fine Monday. I will start with a lovely Marcus, move to a redhead with a great ass, and then give you some rippling muscles. Yes, Marcus and the two Christmas covers I made. Heh. Enjoy!




I feel better after my ho-ey bitch session. I can always count on all of you to let me get my rant on. Oh! And I have an update on the Bar. I finally moved it this weekend and moved Winterheart Design and it’s gallery. Well, I moved domains not hosting so I actually ended up not moving the forum off the server which is just as well cause I couldn’t make it work. LOL Now that the sites are all fixed and I’m done with my bitchfest, maybe I can get some work done for my publisher. If the Christmas music cooperates…

Have a great Monday!