You know, women have it rough. We have periods and childbirth and menopause. All of which suck ass in a major way. What do men have? Male pattern baldness and prostate issues that are fixed by taking that stuff Joe Theismann hawks. And of course, men don’t understand what women are whining about. It’ s not their guts being twisted by a giant invisible fist and pummeled for hours and days upon end. They think a couple of Tylenol can fix it.

Well, a couple of Tylenol doesn’t really do shit. Except to annoy us because the damn things aren’t working.

Women aren’t ever going to get true equality in this world because men have no idea how much pain we’ve had to live with all our lives. They will never understand and therefore they will always think we’re whiners. And if we’re whiners obviously, we are weak and lacking.

I’m lucky that Rott gets my pain better than most men do. If I can’t get in the car and go to work because massive menopause cramps have me doubled over to the point I can’t get IN the car, he understands that…sort of. I’m not sure any other man does or would. And really, who understands menopause as a reason for not going to work? Women my age or older usually do, but sometimes even they don’t if they just never had it as bad as some of us do.

Personally, even though I don’t have hot flashes or any of the other issues women have during menopause, what I do have is so debilitating I just want Rott to shoot me and put me out of my misery.

Yeah. Equality for women. What a crock.

Anyway, I’ve been writing although not at a NaNo pace. That means I’ve no idea when I’ll be done with any of the stuff I’m working on. However on the 21st I’ll be doing the Next Big Thing Blog Hop and you’ll all get a taste of what I’m working on. Not that I know yet which WIP I’ll be blogging about.

I’m back to watching Jared Rackler swivel his hips on Facebook as inspiration. That boy sure can rev my muse’s engine with his dancing. I can’t remember the last time a man’s dancing got my muse’s undies in a twist. Must have been back in my David Denton days. Wish I had a video of that on Facebook!

And so for today, I’ll leave you with my latest cover art for some Monday inspiration. How pretty is that? I’m really proud of it.

You’ll have to check my Facebook author page for this week’s snippet of what I’m working on and my Facebook personal account for that Jared Rackler video.

Happy No Menopause For You Monday!


Help! I’m Broken

As you can see, this is clearly a new blog. I broke the old one. Now I’m missing stuff. Story of my fricken life, I swear!

This is a short post today because I’m tired and I’ve been working on this thing for hours. Here’s the deal: I’ve lost all my blog roll links! So if I linked to you please leave a comment with your blog link so I can rebuild my blog roll.

To be honest, I can’t even remember all the crap I had in the sidebar of this site so maybe that’s a good thing. Maybe I need to start with a clean slate. I don’t want to. It’s annoying and a lot of frustrating work rebuilding but I don’t seem to have much of a choice.

My bats are still here. They’re purple now to match my author website. This is still the more fun place though. I don’t spew on my author website. Only here do I allow myself that freedom.

Tomorrow Scrambling comes out and on the 27th I’ll be at Jessica Freely’s blog. Trust me, you’ll want to come see what I have to say. The guest blog post is titled “Fear and Denial in Professional Sports.” Wanna guess exactly what I’m talking about? You got it, gays in the NFL, MLB, NBA and the NHL. Those who leave a comment on my post at Jessica’s will be entered to win a copy of Scrambling.

I’m going to bed now. I’m tired. Please send me your blog links so I can rebuild. Happy Monday!

I’d Rather Freeze

You know those people who retire to Florida and Southern California because of the weather? They’re nuts.  It was so hot here all last week that we checked religiously looking for a break in the heat. It said we’d get that after Saturday and that the following week would be cooler. Damned liars! The forecast  now is for another week of this extreme heat. It’s so bad that we were watching Harry Potter last night, looking at the snow and white out conditions and wished we were there. Rott was so hot he wished he was there bare chest and all. I told him he’d give the word “chesticles” a whole new meaning. He didn’t care. He’s just tired of being too hot.

The truth of the matter is that I probably wouldn’t have chosen to come to Southern California to live had it just been my choice. My brother wanted to come here when Nikki was a baby and he sort of overrode me. That was back in 1992. I’ve been here ever since and I’ve never been a fan of the weather as beautiful as it can be sometimes. I’m from the central coast of California where the average temperature is 68 degrees. I miss that weather. And if it came down to what weather I’d prefer 90 degree heat or 30 degrees and snow…I’d take the snow. I’d much rather freeze than sweat. So pray for me this week. I’ll be melting…

One good thing about this week is that I have a new release! The new longer version of Mating is releasing this week at Ellora’s Cave. Since fellow EC author Kathy Kulig also has a release on the 15th, she invited me to be interviewed on her Passion Sense blog. So look for me there on the 16th. Mating can be purchased at Ellora’s Cave. Here’s the BUY LINK.

Mating is the companion story to Runaways which came out in April. The two books are stand alone but together they tell the story of twin werewolf brothers finding their mates. There’s love, lust, duty, passion, guilt, fear and a whole lot of sex going on in these two books. They’re non-stop action and in my biased opinion, totally worth checking out! 😉

If you want to know what I’ve been up on the graphics front at Winterheart Design, I’ve done covers recently for Ally Blue, Barry Brennessel, Janet Quinn, Rowan Malloy, Cari Z., Karenna Colcroft, Heather Kuehl, AKM Miles and Rick Reed. In fact, I just made a cool Facebook cover for Rick Reed for the release of his book Rent, the one I did the cover for. So keep and eye out for that. I’ve also pretty much completed work on a new website look for Raine Delight which also includes a matching Facebook cover.

That being said, I think today’s Monday image will be Rick’s Facebook cover. I think it looks hot! (Although not hot like the weather here. Ugh.)

Well that’s it for me today. I need to get to the office where I hope they’ve cranked up the AC just a little. I had to use my desktop fan all last week because of the heat. I’m miserable can’t you tell? 😉  Hope you all have a wonderfully cool Monday!

Cupcakes Are Subjective

A lot of things in this life are subjective. If you and your best friend read one of my books, one of you may very well not like it while the other loves it. I grew up with a mother who baked from scratch. I know how to bake a lot of stuff from scratch. I don’t do it because I don’t have the time usually, but once or twice a year I may make my chocolate overdose brownies, my mom’s pineapple chiffon cheesecake,  German chocolate cake, cherry cobbler or a batch of chocolate chip cookies. At Christmas I’ve been known to make rum balls. Mostly though, in these days when my time is at a premium, I head to a bakery.

There’s a few bakeries near where I live and I’ve taken to frequenting them as much as possible because at one they have the most wonderful cream puffs ever! They are the kind of cream puffs I had as a child, filled with real whipped cream, not that weird icing stuff that you find in the cream puffs at the grocery store. I actually went into this bakery for cupcakes because it was near where I was meeting my friend ZAM and I wanted to bring a treat for her.

Frost My Cake in Brea has really great brownies, cookies and cream puffs. They make really gorgeous cakes too. But their cupcakes…are a little too dense for me. I still get their chocolate peanut butter ones because I don’t mind so much that those are heavy. But mostly, I like my cupcakes light and airy the way my mother made them. And honestly, if you’ve ever seen Cupcake Wars, cupcakes aren’t supposed to be heavy. Contestants on that show always get knocked down for not having light airy cupcakes. So I don’t think Frost My Cake would win Cupcake Wars, but they are amazing with a cream puff!

So I had been getting my cupcakes from Sugar Rush Sweets in Yorba Linda but they closed to my great disappointment. They had this amazing coconut cream cupcake…airy white cake that melted in your mouth and a whipped cream icing slathered in coconut with a cherry on top. It was to die for! I could happily have eaten nothing but those cupcakes forever. Not sure what to do about cupcakes now that they are gone. I suppose I could custom order some coconut cream cupcakes from Frost My Cake or Beverley’s Best or that place in Orange that won a Cupcake Wars. I just don’t want to go to the trouble. And I’m not sure Frost My Cake could pull it off because like I said…their cupcakes aren’t light and airy.

ZAM said she heard of a cupcake place on Chapman in Fullerton that’s open 7 days a week. I’ll have to check it out even though that’s farther away than Beverley’s Best is from my house. I dream about the damn coconut cream cupcakes now that I can’t have one. And where I was once not bothered by the fact that Frost My Cake can’t do cupcakes to suit me because I had Sugar Rush Sweets to go to, now I’m in a serious snit that their cupcakes aren’t lighter. And I’m pouting. Big fat lower lip sticking out and all.

I know most people would think Frost My Cake’s cupcakes were great and they’re right. They have a great flavor and their icing is fine. It’s just that like most things cupcakes are subjective and even though I love Frost My Cake for other things they bake, I just don’t like the cake part of their cupcakes. I want my light and airy…I want fluffy and tender! Waaaaah! I so miss those coconut cream cupcakes!

*sigh* Time to pick up my big girl panties and stop being all pouty over cupcakes I can’t have.  In fact, it’s time for a Marcus to improve my Monday.

Now, I could eat that right up light and fluffy or not! LOL

I’m off to finish a manuscript for Pink Petal Books, part of the Encounters series.  Oh, and for those of you who like my fighter pilots, Afterburner has been released by MLR Press as a singleton. If you recall, it was part of the Honorable Silence anthology originally. I begged them to release it as a single ebook and they have. So now you can have my hot guys on your Kindle or Nook all by themselves! I’m still working on the book pages of the Lex Valentine website so bear with me as I painstakingly build this thing up to the way it should be with links to all booksellers etc.

Have a wonderful President’s Day Monday everyone!



PS: The photos are of Frost My Cake’s amazing cream puffs and their Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcake.

I Want My Mommy

I’ve had some pretty painful things happen to me in the past. Broken things, twisted things, torn things. I’ve been on pain meds and rocked myself to sleep while in an incoherent daze from pain. I’ve survived some painful stuff and yet, I find myself in a horrible whiny state this morning, felled by a simple stomachache.

I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to go to work. I don’t want to do anything except eat a handful of Tums, drink a ginger ale and go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. I feel like a total six year old moaning about a tummy ache. But the damn thing is awful! It’s not the sharp, throbbing pain of a broken bone. It’s not the tight pounding of a migraine. It’s not the set my bones on fire flare of arthritis. It’s just a slightly nauseous, slightly achy, bad egg burp tasting tummy ache. It’s gross and the nagging quality of the churning ache is annoying and exhausting.

Why such a simple kind of pain would seem worse than the time I severely cracked a couple of metacarpals in my hand is a mystery. A broken bone should be worse than a stomachache, shouldn’t it? Maybe it’s because as children, stomachaches totally felled us. As an adult, when you get a stomachache your brain drags up memories of past stomachaches and makes you feel as if you can’t get over this without your mom’s soothing touch and words of comfort. Maybe you need a mouthful of chalky pepperminty Pepto Bismol, the stuff your mom gave you when you were a kid. It’s like half of the discomfort of the stomachache is the fact that your mom isn’t there to make you feel better.

So I’m just gonna whine in my head to myself until the tummy ache goes away. I’ve got no Pepto nor mom to soothe the damned thing. I’ll eat a couple more Tums and grab an ice cold Coke or ginger ale before I leave for work. The icy, fizzy soda will probably do the trick and settle my stomach, but I’ll still feel cranky cause yanno…I have a tummyache and I want my mom! LOL Adults can be such big babies, can’t we?

Hopefully, Marcus helps rid me of the stomachache. Never underestimate the beauty of the Marcus. He can do a lot for an ailing soul.

I feel a bit better now. It might be the Tums or it might be Marcus. Either way, I’d best toddle off to the office. I’m getting back a job I gave up to someone else a few years back now that I have some great help in my part of the department. There is nothing like having competent co-workers to make your workday smoother!

Have an awesome Monday everyone!