Wicked Me

No rest for the wicked seems fairly true to me this morning. It’s 7 am and I just feel drained.  I finished up a trailer I’ve owed author Renee Wildes forever. I’ve so not been in that sort of creative mode and I was deathly afraid of trying to force myself to make one when I wasn’t in that headspace. Strangely, it came out fine. Probably in part because there are two other trailers in the series and choosing music wasn’t an issue at all. It’s been Evanescence all the way for the Guardians of the Light series.

I also used that momentum to redo the Phoenix Prophecy trailer.  I changed a couple of images to better ones and added the covers. It looks pretty sharp. This series will have all three books out come May 3. I will be posting to the Liquid Silver SEX Blog on the Morning After release and besides touting the book, I’ll be offering up a contest where you can win all three of the books in the series. All you have to do is leave a comment using a valid email address. I’ll post more on that when it’s close to the date.

I spent Saturday writing my fingers off and got significant progress on Common Ground which is probably why I whined to myself all afternoon yesterday about not being able to write cause I was making the trailer. Meh. I’ll survive. LOL I spent Sunday morning at Ethan Day’s Gay Day which is always a fun thing. Also, last week, my construction was completed and the Lex Valentine site is all done and prettied up. I’m really happy with the jewel toned purples.

On the personal level of stuffs, I got Rott the NASA channel. Not sure what the fascination is there for a channel where people don’t really talk but damned if he didn’t have it on all weekend. Go figure. I have to give Nikki money to go to an LA Museum to study paintings for her Color Theory class. She’s really not liking the teacher so of course, she’s not liking the course. It’s sad when that stuff happens.

My SMART Girls blog with a bunch of other ladies who have SMART goals about eating, dieting, or whatever is taking off but I forgot to post last week. UGH. I had an up and down week with trying to eat healthier. However, last night I ate a steak and peas. No bread. No potato. And yes, Nikki… I ate PEAS. They were good which is weird in and of itself. Generally, I hate peas with a passion. I guess I don’t when I’m in the mood…

Ahhh, my tired ass needs a very hot Marcus today. Love the expression in his eyes here.

I think that’s a wrap for me this Monday. You all have a great day!

Oh, Eff Me

What a weekend. Issues with a switch on the network at my office cause problems for my co-workers which translated to problems for me at home as I tried to get on the network and tried to soothe the callers. The rain screwed up my plans to go flying down the freeway for an hour so my mechanic can check the car’s computer. My grocery order arrived quickly and early and I got my shampoo, but not my conditioner. My phone (a T-Mobile Dash) has started having charging issues. Because of the rain, I didn’t go down to the beach to watch the morons who decided to Surf the Tsunami. (We love looking at those dorks but I wasn’t going to the beach in the rain.) Bah. There were other things that went wrong, but I’m getting tired of how long the list is so I’ll just quit now.

If I give you a list of what went right, I think you’ll see that for every moment I went, “Oh, eff me” I had something that countered it. Almost anyway. My friend Faith sent me flowers! You can see them in my Flickr account.  My friend Trinity sent me two bottles of Vampire wine and non-wine drinkers me and Rott actually liked it! The Swiss Sherbet I’ve been trying to order (it’s orange sherbet with dark chocolate chunks and the store is always out!) finally had some in stock! Author James Buchanan had a table at Escapade Con over the weekend and gave out some Love Me Dead bookmarks to help promo the MLR anthology I’m in. You can see them on the table HERE. And last but not least, Cobblestone offered me a contract for Insolence. 🙂  As frustrated as I was over some things, I guess other stuff balanced it out and balance does happen to be one of those things that we all look for and strive for in our lives.

Now, that I’m on an even keel, I’m hitting Word hard over the next week and planning to give Unbreak Me to my editor by this time next week. Then it’s back to Common Ground which got off track and got me in trouble. I don’t like it when I can’t deliver as promised.  These characters have been hard on me and I’m realizing that the tough stories may need more structure than what I give them from this point forward. I’ve got two more WIPs I need to power up on as soon as Common Ground goes to Mary later in March and I’m sure I’ll have edits soon for Where There’s Smoke and Insolence. This is going to be just as busy a year as last year. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad. I mean, I don’t wanna burn out, yanno.

To help keep me in balance and not burning out, I need a very hunky Marcus today. I know there’s a half naked woman in the photo but it’s a sexy shot anyway.

If you get a chance check out the new template I put up for Karenna Colcroft. I love it when I can do virtually a whole new site for someone in less than an hour. I was stoked.  Now, if I could just figure out what I want to do with LexValentine.com. I want it revamped, but I’m not yet sure what I want. I’ve got to finish Winterheart.com too and I’ve got a tentative plan for this blog as well. And no, the skyline with the bats (aka Batty theme) is NOT going away. You’re stuck with my bats. LOL

Have yourselves a great Monday!

Better Late…

Oh, that old saying… I’m trotting it out because I was in a haze due to lack of sleep this morning and forgot (yes, I know, how the fuck could I FORGET?) that it was Monday. Oy to the vey.  So it’s still Monday here on the West Coast and I’m gonna post my Marcus Monday. Heh.

I was up late on Sunday (until almost 1 am) because Rott decided to spend some money. He blew out a speaker last week and since he cannot be without music, and cannot abide listening to music with crackly one-sided, sounds like shit busted speakers… he went to Frys Electronics. He went to buy a $479 Onkyo 5.1 Stereo Surround Sound Home Theater System. 600+ watts. Oooooh. He came home with a 1200 Watt Onkyo 7.1 Stereo Surround Sound Home Theater System for $499. Yep. Only $20 more.

He made me laugh because he said out the window to the neighbors (who like to eavesdrop), “The last stereo was only 200 watts. This is 1200 watts.  This is ONE THOUSAND times louder and I’m about to drown out your basketball bouncing brats, incessantly barking ankle biters, whining, screaming babies, and all the shit you talk about me on your fucking patio.”

Oh, I love it when he gets all worked up and then blasts Motley Crue or Tool at them. Now, he can do it one thousand times louder! Woot!

At any rate, we were up late watching Law Abiding Citizen and drinking Vampire wine. The buzz of the saw in 1200 watts of surround sound was surreal. I loved it.

Also this past weekend, I got Nookie. Not sex. Nookie. I bought a Nook ebook reader at Barnes and Noble. In the settings, you can name your Nook. Of course, I just named it Nookie. I like the play on words. I read sexy erotic romances on my Nook. What better name for it than Nookie. 🙂

It must be time for Marcus. Rott is tweaking on the speakers again and we might be watching Up In the Air if he finishes before it gets too late. LOL

I might have posted this one before, but damn. It’s so hot it bears repeating. 😉

Before I go I want to give a shout out to my friend Hilly who is driving back to California from Florida. She left here almost as if the hounds of hell were nipping at her heels, but she’s coming back better and stronger than ever and I just wanted to say how happy I am for her and ask you all to wish her a safe trip.

Hope you have a great Monday, what’s left of it anyway!


No, I haven’t really been writing. A little here and there, but not full on writing. Yes, I have been busy. What could be taking up so much of my time? Apparently, it’s a lot of this stuff:


Oh, and some of this:


With a side order of this:


And some luscious…


Oh, there’s a few more too, but you get the picture I’m sure. I’m trying to get all these sites up and running so that I can relax and finish two stories and then move on the new projects I’ve been laying out for 2010.Every day though I awake to a new request for a quote on a site. Huh. Now that I’m busy writing, I get offers all the time to make trailers and websites for pay. When I needed to do them for pay and had time to do them, I couldn’t drum up any sales. Go figure.

Now, that I’ve shown you why I’m yawning so much, I’ll pass on a Marcus and head on outta here.

This is such a nice photo and it’s really big too if you click on it. Yummy.

Hope you enjoyed the pretty websites. Have a great Monday!


I’ve had so much time off lately with the holidays falling as they did that I’m not very motivated to go to work. And the truth of the matter is that I’m not very motivated with a lot of things right now. I’m kinda in a BLECH mood. Here’s some of the things I’ve been doing. I think it will explain best.

I took down rottnroll.com so I could move it to new hosting. Cancelled the old hosting last night then didn’t bother to put in the nameservers to get rottnroll.com back up. Instead, Rott and I watched Taken. (Good flick BTW.)

I started to put the final scenes in a book for Cobblestone, stopped to make lunch, and then decided clean up my hard drive instead of write.

I discovered some of my books had earned silver stars at All Romance eBooks. I thought about putting the award banner on the book pages on my website and ended up chatting on IM to my publisher instead.

I went to the horse racing sim and set train for weeks for some of my horses. I pondered entering the ones that need to be entered in races for this week then decided to chat in their chatroom instead. (It was a funny chat too.)

So I procrastinated and dicked around. I did some stuff but not really the stuff I shoulda been doing. I was kinda BLECH. I think it’s a holiday hangover. (BTW Rott and I saw The Hangover on New Year’s Day. Very funny movie!) I even stood in the kitchen intending to make stroganoff for dinner on Saturday night and as soon as Rott said, “Want me to go get something?” I sent him to Burger King. Ahh, fries. Yum.

Speaking of YUM, here’s today’s Marcus.

This picture is in honor of the fact that I started Common Ground, book 5 of the Tales series. The prologue is Weylyn and his mate having sex out in the open in the Scottish highlands. They meet a female werewolf who’s been watching them get it on. She turns out to be the heroine of the story.  Chapter One starts off just bad. The hero is masturbating. LMAO Not sure where I got these crazed ideas from, but I think they are gonna work! Now, I just gotta ditch the BLECH and get to work on this stuff.

Have a great BLECH-free Monday and Happy New Year!