Don’t Blame Me…

Meh. It’s Super Tuesday. I don’t like politics. Mostly, because it doesn’t like me. Nothing much goes right for me when it comes to the economy. I’ll go vote, but I feel really reluctant to do so for some unfathomable reason. Well, the reason isn’t unfathomable actually. It’s because I don’t think it will make a difference who is in office. I think the same living conditions I have today will apply in 4 years. Regardless of who is in office.

This is going to be the first time I’ve walked into a voting booth (they still have those don’t they?) since my daughter was born in 1989. I’ve used an absentee ballot since then. I should have done it this time too, but I think, indecisive as I am, that I need to do it in person. I still feel like I’m dragging my feet though. I feel like I’m going to pay a bill. I guess in a sense I am.

I don’t mind reading about politics. I read the Libertine and he talks politics. I watched all the debates on CNN. It was sort of inevitable that I would since CNN is about the only thing I watch on TV. I’m not afraid to say I’m a registered Dem. I vote my conscience though so if I liked a Republican enough, I would vote for him/her.

Watching the stuff on CNN has made me dislike a few people. Mitt Romney comes off as sleazy and slick to me. Back on MLK day when he was doing the “who let the dogs out” thing and telling that baby he had his “bling” on… BAH! What a loser! I like Mike Huckabee’s smile. I admire McCain’s courage when he was a POW. It would be interesting to see a black man or a woman in the Oval Office. I wonder if either of those two, who would be the first of their kind as President, would make a difference. I suspect not.

At the sim chat this past weekend, I was PM’d and told that I should vote for Obama because Hillary is so hated she doesn’t stand a chance against McCain. My reply was that I don’t vote who I think has the best chance against the Republicans. I vote for who I like the best. I gotta vote my conscience no matter what. Also, in the sim chat this weekend was one of the guys from Del Penn, a residency known for its ultra conservative members. Their token liberal was in chat and told me I need to come around their message board more often. Well, as a California native and a Democrat, they chide me gently there. Gently, because I’m a girl and they like me and I don’t talk politics with them. LOL

So, I head off to their board last night and sign in. The first thing I see is a ProBoards ad for Obama. THAT was amusing. I posted a new topic in their Tavern about how Whirlwind (Jeff) had told me to stop by and when I did, I was faced with this ad. I told them I was shocked to see such an ad at such a conservative outpost. Then I made a joke that the ad was there for The Avenger to use as target practice. I wondered after I posted if they would think I meant that Obama himself should be used by TA for target practice or if they would realize I meant the ad banner should be the target. Sometimes it’s hard to be politically correct. At least I didn’t say that Raider should drag the poor candidate behind his truck. THAT would have been VERY politically incorrect.

Did I say in this post that I don’t like politics? I must have. *sigh* Time to go vote. Indian gaming, no Indian gaming. Sheesh. I feel like a lamb going to the slaughter. Well, I did find a funny picture about voting. I am going to vote. Don’t blame me if someone you don’t like wins. I’m voting for Gary Coleman.

Laters peeps!

Anderson Cooper I Love You

Why is it that everyone assumes that you watch TV? My boss comes out of his office and says, “Hey did you see such and such last night on the History Channel?” When I say no, he kinda looks at me blankly. The same thing happened today with one of the Bar writers. He mentioned a character from Stargate Atlantis and I said, “No clue. I don’t watch TV.” One of the other writers had to use a character from a novel as the analogy – Adrian the Betrayer. Ok, Adrian I know. Ronon from Stargate, big blank. I wonder if I’m missing some character opportunities here by not watching TV series.

Now, it’s really not fair of me to say I don’t watch TV because I do. I can show you the cable and electricity bills that prove it. I just don’t watch the big 3 networks nor do I watch series television. I used to but it all bores me now and I get antsy sitting looking at the tube through all the commercials and stuff. I watched pretty much the entire Sopranos show over the years. The last two seasons were hard for me to sit through though.

What I watch is TVG. I’m a horse racing idiot. I love it. Sometimes I like it on in the background while I’m working so I can look over and watch all the really good races and the interviews which are often informative or funny. I love Matt Carruthers. He cracks me up. But no one else I know, except the simmers at, even know who he is.

I watch the Weather Channel too. I like the storm and disaster stories. That’s me rubbernecking like an idiot ogling a car accident on the 22 freeway. That Jim Cantore… hot. Dude is way hot. The other thing I watch is CNN. I am nuts about CNN. I think I got addicted to it during the first Gulf War when they were broadcasting through the bombing. It was amazing. One of the high points of television’s history to me.

Truthfully, while Larry King is ok and Wolf Blitzer is too, I hate the morning program at CNN. I miss Soledad O’Brien. I hate Kieran Chetry. She couldn’t even say the name ZOE correctly on the New Year’s Eve show! God, I cringed. What a MORON! She was distracting me from my main reason for watching… Anderson Cooper. God I love that man. His sense of humor, the way he pokes fun at himself… but the dude is smart. Way, f-ing smart. I don’t mind the grey hair either. Heh… he has more than me! Woot!

All the speculation about whether he’s gay or not… who gives a shit? I sure don’t. I just love the man. I don’t care who he has sex with as long as I can turn on CNN and see him smile at me. And I really think he’s one of those people who cares about his viewers in the sense that he doesn’t see us as cattle but as people who watch him to become informed. I honestly don’t think he has a fat head about himself. I love him so much I even have an Anderson Cooper wallpaper… he’s in a red CNN jacket being buffeted by Katrina. The high point of my love for the man, that I would put him on my desktop. What can I say? If you make it to my desktop you are golden.

So really… I watch TV. I just don’t watch the stuff YOU watch. I watch a little football sometimes. I watch Speed Channel sometimes… usually the Craftsman Truck Series cuz it’s on after TVG Quarters is finished on the weekend. You know, Jen even got me to watch an entire episode of Men In Trees once. Ok, I fell asleep for about 15 minutes in the beginning half because it was boring and Scott Elrod wasn’t in that half hour much. I even tried to watch that Moonlight vamp show because Victor Webster was on. My co-worker Linda keeps saying the vamp is so fine… but pffft. Vic just blew him away for looks. I will watch Victor Webster any day. Um, except that day… I only managed about 15 minutes. Then I got antsy and bored and changed back to CNN.

I guess I have a You Tube attention span these days. I can watch the Mean Kitty Song over and over. Hey little Sparta… And Gunther… too f-ing funny! Do NOT mention the jar of dirt one to me though. I’m not that big a Johnny Depp fan. Ok, I’m done. I guess I just wanted to say that I really do watch TV. It’s just that I would be a lot more interested in the medium if there was an Anderson Cooper channel.

Laters peeps!