Why Can’t the Cocksucker Win?

Yanno, I can pimp other people pretty well. I drop their names everywhere. Do you think I can pimp myself worth a damn? HELL NO!

My character Holden Antaeus is in a poll for the hottest hero of the summer.  This guy screws women and men. He has a throbbing dragon cock (TDC © 2009 blogography.com). He’s even a black dragon! He’s got ALL the bases covered – sexually, ethnically, and more! I think he should win. Yet, I cannot bring myself to get on every Yahoo group I’m a member of and BEG for votes.

Two people already have over 300 votes. *sigh* I suppose the only way I would get that many is if every person I know recruited a buncha other people to vote for Holden.  I want this, but I cannot get my fingers to type the begging words. This sucks ass.

So here’s the thing. I’d love to win this thing by NOT begging and looking like a complete fucking moron. I mean, that would put a bee in the bonnet of all those people who did beg, right? So, to do it, someone would have to start a movement, wouldn’t they? On blogs, on Twitter, on Yahoo and and Live Journal and ning or whatever. It would be cool if someone did. But I can’t beg. It just wouldn’t be right. I’ll still love you all if you read this, laugh at me, and move on to dinner or a movie or whatever.

Click this link to find Holden’s information. (Scroll down to his name on both pages.)

Click this link to vote for Holden if you are so inclined.

But maybe you’d like to start the Throbbing Dragon Cock Movement. If so, feel free to retweet and post and do all those networking things we all do when we want to get the word out. Tell people we want the bi dragon to win! C’mon! Het men win everything! Why can’t the cocksucker win for once?

Here’s a picture of the book cover and a picture of Holden.



I’m pretty sure that there’s no way to beat the authors who’ve begged all over the planet for votes, but it would sure be pretty cool if it happened.  Sorta like a black man becoming president or beating a parking ticket rap. *wink*


Weighing In

Judging and being judgmental are things we all do no matter how much we say we are not like that. We all make judgments based on the things we know, our personal experiences, and more. Sure, we can all say that we shouldn’t judge each other, yet we all do.

“Did you see her new hair color? It’s just not appropriate for a woman her age!”

Simple little gossipy statements like that may not mean anything to you and your friends as you whisper them over the lunch table, but they are a judgment. I’m not gonna tell you I don’t do stuff like that because just like 100% of the rest of this world, at times I do. Sure, maybe it’s only about the color of Lindsay Lohan’s panties that she’s flashing to the world this week and it’s not gonna hurt her if I think hot pink thongs look like shit on her… it’s still a judgment.

A friend of mine who had been the a victim of a crime was treated rather cruelly and unfairly the other day. The person who treated him that way? Someone who had been the victim of the same crime. However, this person played the judgment game. They weighed what they knew of the crime perpetrated against them against what they thought had occurred to my friend, and they sat in judgment, deeming themselves to be a bigger victim than him. They basically told him that it didn’t matter what had happened to him because what had happened to them was so much worse.

I have to admit to being rather shocked when I discovered this. How can you negate the feelings of another like that? How can you sit in judgment on them and brush off what happened to them as nothing because you don’t feel it was as bad as what happened to you?

You would think that they would find a commonality to bond them together rather than this person completely dismissing what had happened to my friend. I saw that as the height of selfish egoism. That person was just as cruel as the people who had hurt them and the people who had hurt my friend. My friend has risen above what was done to him and tries to find good in everyone. This person has not. They have allowed what happened to them to color their words and actions with cruelty wielded in the name of self-righteousness mounted on a flaming sword of vengeance. It was obvious to me that they felt they had the right to weigh something that cannot be weighed in order to pass judgment and find others wanting when ranged beside themselves.

I wonder that I have back teeth this morning. I ground them that much. You can’t weigh the damage done to a soul or to emotions. However, you can measure the breadth and depth of someone’s heart. My friend’s heart is as big as the sky. The person who sat in judgment on what had been done to him… well, my judgment, based on their words and actions, is that theirs is the size of a pebble, and just as stony.

I removed myself from their presence and I feel a lot better about it now. My friend will bounce back and forgive. The other person… they don’t appear to have learned that sort of graciousness and serenity yet. Despite my aching teeth, I do sincerely hope they do some day.

Now, we can all sit in judgment on a Marcus this morning. A Monday without Marcus is not a good day in my house, I can tell you.


The next time I go to a hotel, I’d like to look out at the pool and see that. *sigh* Ah, well. Not likely to happen I suppose.

Have a great Monday peeps!



Well, Blog Reader Appreciation week is over. No one sent me their snail mail addy for bookmarks! *gasp* Okay, so I guess that wasn’t the best pressie. Anyway, Motley (Nikki) will be asking Louie Licker for some assistance tonight and they will draw the winners of each item. I’ll post them Tuesday or Wednesday.  I sincerely appreciate all of you who participated!

Now, on for some Monday YUM. I joined a new Yahoo group yesterday and they were a lot of fun. But I woke up to find apologies all over the group because someone had been offended. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what had been offensive. I’m pretty open when it comes to sex talk and giving information about stuff I’ve done. I mean, c’mon, most of the kinky stuff I’ve done is long in the past anyway.  I’m a tad on the settled down side with Rott now.  (I’m still awaiting the return of PornFest.)

However, on my blogroll is a man I’ve had sex with and known for the better part of my life. He would tell you we had sex. I might tell you more about it than he would, but I think I know him well enough to know that he wouldn’t be offended. He’s one of the most handsome, intelligent men I know… and he’s gay. Ooooh. I had sex with a gay dude. How kinky. *eye roll* (Stop laughing, David. I KNOW you’re laughing!)

So, did I just hit you with TMI? Are you running for your feed reader to dump me? Well, I hope not because it’s Marcus time. And really, my point was that the threshold is in different places for different people.  Like Popeye, I yam what I yam. If I offend you, there’s always the delete button in your feed reader. And I’m so TMI. If you’re new here, best to understand that right up front.  Now, here’s a Marcus… one I would like to lick. And lick, and lick… yeah. TMI, I know.


Ahh. My Monday already feels better! Hope you have a great one and don’t forget to check back tomorrow or Wednesday for a list of winners from Blog Reader Appreciation week!



I was busy writing all weekend but another writer popped into Word Wars to explain the #amazonfail that was all over Twitter yesterday.  Apparently, Amazon stripped rankings from lots of books with “adult content”. Well, the stripped books turned out to be books with decidedly GLBT themes.  Ron Jeremy’s book still had it’s rankings. So did the books about dog fighting and building bombs.  Some authors I know who write GLBT themed books that don’t even have sex in them were stripped of rankings. A huge outcry ensued…

So there’s a petition traveling round. I signed it when it was about 1800 sigs. It’s pushing 10K sigs now. However, Amazon is now touting this as some sort of database error or glitch.  Now, I deal with databases all the time.  It’s true that things can happen to them to corrupt them. But corrupt them in such a specific manner? I rather think not. I mostly think Amazon tried to do this and got caught red handed being a homophobe. The only thing that seems glitchy to me… is their weak explanation.

At any rate, there’s still a lot of talk going on about the subject. It doesn’t affect me since I have no books there yet and I’m hopeful that it will be resolved before I do.

Here’s a quick update on my writing stuffs: Fire Season is at the mid-way point with 21K words. Author Jason Edding is checking me on my M/M-ness currently. If this story doesn’t turn into one big long sex scene I might be able to finish it next weekend at around 35K. Otherwise, two weekend should see it completed at somewhere between 30 and 40K.

I’m almost done with Weirdly, just waiting out the May 1 deadline on the remaining few stories that need to come in soon.  I’m determined that this antho get its shot at print so I need to have more than 70K for it. Once Weirdly and Fire Season are out of my hands it will prolly be edits for Mating since I just got an editor on Friday. Then it’s on to Rousing Caine for MLR Press. That will make Kris Jacen happy. 😉

Since it’s Monday, I must post my Marcus for this week. I thought I’d posted this one before but I’m not seeing it in the media library so maybe I haven’t. It’s one of my favorite photos because it’s so pretty and he’s so pretty…


I’m so not talking about dinner with Hilly on Friday cause if I do I’ll have wet eyes again, but suffice to say, I’m glad she likes to travel because if I thought I wouldn’t see her again I’d really sob! Have a great Monday!


Christmas Spewage

The Christmas season brings lots of things our way: presents, parties, good food, good friends, family, a day off, and the thing that gets given more than anything else this time of year – germs. All those sick people who should be home are out buying presents, going to dinner and parties, and going to work. They are generous folk who just have to give each and every one of us the gift that keeps on giving – their cold. Dontcha just love it?

I’ve been dousing my hands with antibacterial gel every time I touch a doorknob or have to leave my desk. Geez. All I need is to get sick right now. It hits me harder than it does most people because of my stupid asthma, but you know, those gift givers out there just don’t seem to care. They are hell bent to give me their germs with a big Christmas bow on them… special delivery even. *sigh* There seems to be nothing we can do. And unfortunately, if I am given the cold, I will be forced to regift it because I can’t afford to miss work right now. It’s a horrid cycle. Every year I just hate it.

This time of year brings lots of things to spew about but I think I’ll refrain from the rest of it for now. I don’t want to be in a worse mood than I already am. Maybe if I’m nice the gods will take pity on me and my 99 temperature and sniffles won’t go full blown. It’s been the same for 48 hours so I’m hoping this is the extent of the gift I’ve been given.

Since it is the holiday season, I’ve decided that first off today we’ll have our usual Marcus and then some holiday hotties for those of any sexual persuasion. I will try to be back tomorrow, and on Christmas Eve, with more holiday hotties, but I have to make pineapple chiffon cheesecake when I get off work at 3 pm Christmas Eve so we’ll see. BTW, you are all invited to stop by my shack for some cheesecake, hot cocoa, and spiced cider with rum!

First up in photos is our Marcus for this Monday. Umm umm. He is just fine in this picture, don’t ya think? Wearing red for the holiday even!


Next, I have a couple of holiday hotties for you. Take out the drool bibs!



I’m still busy trying to crank out Sunday’s Child: The Wise Guy by the first week of January,  so wish me luck. It’s been a little tough getting motivated. Have a great holiday Monday!