Oy to the Vey

Who stole my weekend? Where did it go? I could swear it was coming and then my groceries got delivered, I had some ice cream, and BOOM! My weekend was gone! Who would be so cruel as to take my weekend?

I hate it when time zooms by so quickly I wonder where the eff the days went. Thank God I’m not alone when it comes to this. Rott took out the stuff to build my new computer tower. It’s been sitting in the closet now for three weeks. He decided that in order to build my new tower, he needed to clean up the dining room area of the kitchen where typically there’s the 5-gallon bottles from Arrowhead, a bag of trash waiting to go out, and various and sundry empty boxes from stuff we’ve bought recently. I think he figured it was all part of cleaning off the dining room table that no one sits at but instead has become a sort of extension of our counters (which are small and still in their original state from the 60s.)

Now, I can understand him wanting to clear off the table and use it as a workspace to build the tower. I didn’t understand how the  kitchen, dining room area, and living room ended up looking like an obstacle course. And, of course, this big project of cleaning every nook and cranny in the dining room area became too much of a project and his back started hurting and he got tired and had to power nap on the couch, and… Well, you get the picture.

So here it is, Monday morning at the ass-crack of dawn, I need to get out of here cause my car is on the street and the pavers will be here by 7 am, and there’s Rott, passed out on the couch next to my new tower, still in the box, mop, bucket, cleaning materials decorating every bit of space between him and the dining area. It will probably be all sparkly when I get home though.

Still, I can’t for the life of me get mad. I mean, I think I did the same thing. On Saturday I got droopy eyed in the middle of the day and decided to take a nap for an hour or two. FIVE hours later I woke up dehydrated and way too hot.  My excuse, of course, is that my allergies are kicking my ass because the Santa Anas are back. My eyes are leaking water and redder than red. My nose runs and is dry at the same time. My head feels like it’s stuffed full of cotton. Sometimes my Allegra just doesn’t cut it. Sometimes nothing does. Guess this is one of those times.

I end up just feeling like someone has stolen my weekend. I know it’s not true. Rott and I stood in the hallway, pulling out the computer components, talking about how when we were little summer vacation from school seemed sooooo long. We got tired of vacation. We were bored. We wanted to go back to school and hang with our friends. Now, in our forties, time flies like a muthafucka. What the hell?

I guess I understand what’s happening. As a kid, you don’t have anything much to do. Take out the trash and play. As an adult, I have so much to do that my eyes get crossed just thinking about it all. And that is how time tricks me into thinking someone stole my effing weekend. Time is definitely a Bastard.

I need a purdy Marcus so I can roll outta here 40 minutes before I usually do. Thank you City of Santa Ana for taking a whole fucking month to pave my damned street. Apparently, Time is all you bureaucratic freaks have!

See the pout? It’s a lot prettier than my pout I can tell you. LOL

Alright, I need to head to the office before more time is stolen from me. You all have yourselves a great Monday! MUAH!

Pee in a Pickle Jar

I should probably tell you not to ask. But you know me. I have to tell! LOL I live in a condo. There are four condos in my building.  There are two connected garages for my building. Each condo gets ONE spot in the garages.  On each side of the garages is one parking space.  There are three people in the front condo, each with a car. There are two roomies in one condo, each with a car. There’s a couple at the bottom of my stairs and they each have a car. And… Rott and I each have a car.

So let’s do the math.  Six available parking spaces. Nine cars. Someone is gonna be ass out. The Asian couple at the bottom of my stairs seems to think that the parking spot next to our garage is their assigned space. They went out of their way to tell me this when I moved in. At the time, we only had the Intrepid so I didn’t give a rat’s ass, although I did point out to them that what they told me didn’t match what I read in the association rules. The bitchy Asian woman in the condo behind this couple thinks that the parking space next to the other garage is only for the condos whose front door is on that side of the building (her condo.) Again, that’s not what the association rules say. We’ve pointed this out too but the snotty woman just wants to be obnoxious about it.

Whenever I’ve parked behind our side of the garage (which technically isn’t blocking the fire lane because it’s NEXT TO the actual parking slot) the patrol puts a ticket on the Intrepid. My neighbors park behind their side of the garage all the time, but they never get a ticket. Weird, huh?

In January, new rules were sent around. It spelled out clearly that those spaces on either side of the garages (adjacent yanno) are for the people who live in that building. They are not assigned. It is first come, first served, and it doesn’t matter which condo you live in as long as it’s THAT building. When the new rules came out, the Asian couple who thought that was their assigned spot started saving it for themselves. Hubby goes to work right around the time I do. He gets home a little after me. Not by much. But his wife has started pulling her car out of the garage and into that space to save it for him. So I started grabbing the spot on the other side of the garage, right under my bedroom window.

My car got keyed. Then I started finding coffee tossed on the door so it dripped all over the handle. Or tossed all over the windshield and hood. The bitchy Asian woman and the people from the front whose SUV is too big for a space anyway (sticks out too far) always have those travel mugs for coffee in their vehicles. The bitchy woman has shoved Rott’s Infiniti SUV before too in order to set off the alarm inside the garage. Nice people, aren’t they?

Rott’s pissed as you can imagine. We’re probably gonna put a sign on the Intrepid indicating there is a camera in the window above (my bedroom window.) We’re looking for the long cable for the webcam. AND… Rott had me pee in a pickle jar. He says the bitchy woman better watch her step because head to head, her silver Infiniti sedan against his silver Infiniti SUV… Well, let’s just say the truck could drive right over her sedan. Yep. I do believe it’s war.

I dunno what’s gonna happen with the pee in a pickle jar. Nor do I wish to know. Thus far, the pee is still there in the jar days later. I’m not sure what Rott’s hatching in his head, but I wonder if that bitchy woman leaves her sunroof open a little in the garage when the weather is nice.

Now, on to a more pleasant subject than urine and keyed cars.  Marcus! Oh, it’s so nice to be able to look at his handsome face and forget my woes… Can I be his cellie?

If I happen to get any interesting video (if we can find the long cable) I’ll be sure to post it on my You Tube account and here too. Then you can all watch my bitchy neighbor vandalize my car before I turn the video over to the cops. Or should I just use it to get her to stop? How mean should I be? You tell me.

Have a great non-vandalized Monday!

Insert Irony Here

Um, yeah. I don’t do the vote begging thing very well. “Vote for meeeeee!”  I’m the type of person who will tell everyone there is a voting opportunity, but leave it at that. I’ll post it here, post it to the Yahoo groups I belong to on the appointed promo days, and pretty much leave it at that. The voting thing eats at me because it’s just not logical.

Let me backtrack for a second here and tell you what’s going on. Love Romances Cafe, a book review site, announced their nominees for the Best of 2009. Fire Season has been nominated for Best Shape Shifter Novel. I am, of course, honored. I posted excerpts and promo’d a little at LRC’s showcase day on their group yesterday. But voting starts today so I’m pretty sure the Yahoo groups are inundated with authors pimping for votes. *sigh*

To me this process is not logical. It’s backward. Of course, as much as I love Elisa Rolle, I thought the Rainbow Awards were a little backward too. (Although to give Elisa her due, she tried really, really hard to make it as agenda free as possible and I commend her for even taking on the project.) Here’s the deal. With the Rainbow Awards, Elisa allowed everyone to nominate books and vote on them. Then she took the popular vote winners to a panel of judges. I liked this… except that the judges then got to add to the list with books they thought belonged there. That didn’t feel right to me. I just wanted to yell, “Either or, people! Either or!” With the judges adding books to the list on top of the popular voting, it just felt like there were more chances for people to push an agenda.

With LRC’s nominees, I think (and don’t quote me here cause I didn’t ask) the LRC staff looked at the reviews they’d given that year and chose their nominees from that list. Now, they are asking the public to vote on them to choose the winner. And, as you can tell, I’m not so crazy about that process either. And don’t even get me started on Preditors and Editors! A well respected site letting people nominate themselves and vote as much as they want based on email and IP addresses. Puleeze. What a joke. I can’t for the life of me understand why they would do that. In my eyes, it simply tarnishes their reputation.

I guess I just feel that there needs to be a clear selection process for nominees and then a clear judging process based on criteria. Not this popular voting crap. I won’t win jack no matter how good my book is because I don’t “pimp the vote.” Yeah, sure Fire Season did get the popular vote win at Rainbow Awards, but I wonder if then it made the judges leery of it. Cause yanno, I might have been had I been in their shoes.

To me, you need a selection committee to choose nominees. (In a review site’s case, this would be people who make the selection from the top reviews of the year.) Then you need a group of judges (not the same people as the selection committee) to make their choices based on a set of criteria. Of course, I suppose I’m living in a rose colored glasses world to hope that things would be done in such a logical manner in all these awards. And I don’t mean to sound ungrateful either. I just like things to be fair and when you can’t bring yourself to pimp for votes, things become really unfair.

At any rate, Fire Season is nominated for Best Shape Shifter Book of 2009. If you would like to vote for it, and/or happen to think it IS the best shape shifter book you read in 2009, I invite you to send in a vote. Here is the information:

Voting begins FEBRUARY 15th and ends FEBRUARY 22nd.

To vote: Send an email to dawn_roberto AT yahoo DOT com with “LRC’s “BEST OF 2009″ Awards” in subject. If this is not in the subject it will not be counted.

All entries must be received by 2/23/2010. Any entries received after that will NOT be counted and automatically deleted.

To vote for Fire Season just state in the body of your email “Fire Season – Best Shape Shifter.”

In other news, Flirty Author Bitches is back up and running with a line-up of Monday-Friday blogging with some of the hottest authors and aspiring authors out there! Today’s blogger is my friend Regina Carlysle. Please stop by and show her a little belated Valentine’s love and you’ll be entered in a drawing to win a prize.

I’ve submitted Insolence to Cobblestone so now it’s a wait and see thing. Still waiting on edits for Where There’s Smoke. The AWH contest for Rekindled ends today. AND, I need to power on with the reluctant Common Ground. I thought the addition of Weylyn to this story would make it easier, but it started turning into the Weylyn show because Marius and Sair have… issues. *sigh* I’ll be spending lots of quality time with them today.

Now, my Marcus for today is a little bit of yummy that I seriously need on this holiday Monday.

If you’ve been by Winterheart Dot Com lately, you’ll have noticed that there’s some sawdust from construction. I still don’t have all the graphics up nor have I figured out the stupid thumbnail script yet. I will. I just need some time. I have plans to revamp this blog too but the header will stay so don’t worry that you won’t recognize it one day. LOL

Have yourselves a simply wonderful President’s Day Monday! MUAH!


When I don’t like something, I have reasons for it. If I tell you not to buy X brand of disinfectant wipes, I will tell you why you shouldn’t. There are a bunch of people out there who won’t –  and maybe can’t – tell you why they don’t like something. Of those people, there’s this sub group who have to make a big stinking deal about the thing they don’t like. All without offering reasons for their stance. To top it off, of that sub group, there’s another splinter group who are belligerent and obnoxious about the fact that some people DO like the thing that they don’t like.

I’m deliberately being a little vague here, but I rather think that most of you get what I’m saying. I’m sure you all know someone who doesn’t like a particular thing and is pissy as all hell that you do like the thing or that others like the thing. I just wonder why the heck that is. Why get all obnoxious because I like the X wipes and you don’t? What they hell does it matter to you? You didn’t make the X wipes or market them or anything. You are just a consumer. So why the eff should I listen to you and dislike the X wipes just because you don’t like them? Especially when you offer me not a single reason for not liking them.

Don’t you feel that people like this just bitch to hear themselves bitch? That they don’t even have a real reason for not liking X wipes. They just don’t. And they push their favorite Y wipes at you persistently and act as if the only cool or smart people in the world are the ones who use the Y wipes.

That sorta attitude, the I-have-to-badmouth-this-even-though-I-can’t-tell-you-why-I-hate-it attitude, just pisses me off. And I hate walking into a room – or a chat – and being blindsided by that kind of attitude. And I hate it even more when the moderator ignores it even though I swear it was obvious I was offended by that sort of talk. I just leave in those instances. I won’t stay and continue to get more pissed. But I just can’t figure out how people can be like that. I know the world is full of badmouthers who have no concrete reasons for their stance, but I don’t have to like it or them. And yanno, I at least have a reason for not liking them. 😉

Where’s my Marcus today? I need a purdy one to take the edge off my grumpiness!


People like to say Marcus is pretty. I don’t think he is.  To me pretty are those men whom you can never take a bad photo of even drunk and falling down. I’ve seen some less than flattering photos of Marcus. He’s beautiful because he just has a bone structure that never fails despite the fact that he’s pushing 40 now. But he ain’t purdy. They sure can make him purdy sometimes though!

I’m off to work now. Tonight, Motley has an appointment with admissions at the Art Institute so wish her luck! Have a great Monday!


Himself Didn’t Work

Remember when people were retweeting Neil Gaiman’s call for people to help me find homes for the kittehs? Remember how so many people emailed and said they would take them? Do you know how many of those people actually did what they said they would do? None of them. Well, one person who said she would take one, ended up not being able to, but yanno… she found someone else who would. An author from Lyrical Press came and adopted the only female.

So all of that frenzy was pretty much for naught and makes me wonder if those people just said those things thinking the great Neilhimself would notice them. I’m still left with my life falling apart and pain in indescribable places and the babies still need homes. Oh, they are fixed and have had shots now though.

Nicki’s cat Neko will not be coming home from the foster care home because the vet discovered she has a heart condition that will require expensive medication and treatment. I can’t afford that. I don’t even have a car that works at the moment and I have DH who is looking for a way to not live with or be with me anymore.

I have an ad on Craigslist in the hope that the smallest of the babies will all find homes. I’m afraid to give them all up because then the DH will still leave and I will have nothing. Having nothing to look forward to is a very desolate feeling. I’m pathetic enough to wish to work things out with him. When he says he cannot live like this and he’s going to leave because of it, I just want to throw up and pains begin in various parts of my body. I’ve swallowed some Tylenols so hopefully the physical pains will dull soon.

As for my heart… I think it’s done. Three times I let a man have it and two times it’s been tossed back. Third time doesn’t look like it’s a charm. I really think he’s just gonna stomp all over it and walk away as if the last ten years was ten minutes. When people stop talking to you and tell you they don’t want to talk about it, that’s a pretty significant thing.

So aside from being an emotional zombie who doesn’t know how to do anything except sit and let the hot tears wash down her face, I still need homes for some of the babies. Last time the mobilization got me all jacked up on hope and got one kitten a home. Can it be done again? This time to save my sanity or my life (since my blood pressure is about as high as strokesville.) You tell me.

Am I wasting my breath again? Maybe I should just open the door and push them all out… cats, the DH, the lazy kid. Or maybe I should just quietly get the car fixed, toss some stuff in the trunk, pick up my netbook and walk away from all of them. That seems really irresponsible of me. I’m not usually the type you can’t rely on to see things through, but I’m tired of the lip service from everyone starting with my daughter, the man I’ve been with for ten years, and all those people on here who promised to help me but couldn’t be bothered to return an email. Am I the only person out here with ethics and a heart? Is that why everyone stomps on me? Is that why I feel so miserable that I’m gonna have to run to the sink and yak as soon as I post this?

For years I’ve been responsible for others. I’m still responsible for them, sacrificing for them. And I don’t feel appreciated in the least. Now, I’ve strangers treating me the same way with their empty promises of assistance. Am I wrong to want someone to be straight up with me and just help me without asking for or expecting anything in return or reneging? And those people I would like something from – my kid, my DH – why is it that they care only for their own feelings and nothing for mine? Am I just something they use like a utensil or a car? I’m convenient and acquiescent I guess. Perfect for giving lip service to.

If you know someone who could help find the kittehs homes, please repost and retweet the Craigslist link. I really do need homes for them before they end up in the street. I have a feeling that is where I am headed here soon because I just do not see a HEA up ahead.