And the Verdict Is…

We got our house! Woot!

This week I’m headed off to the Romantic Times convention. When I get back we’ll be signing all the final paperwork and closing escrow on the mobile home in the canyon that we wanted. Despite all the work and all the money and all the stress, this is what we want. No more landlord (other than the park) and lots more space and hopefully, no prejudiced, loud, obnoxious, contentious, vandalizing neighbors. And a lot more quiet than we get currently.

Yes, I’ll have to commute about a half hour now, but it’s not like I haven’t done that before.  And yeah, we don’t have furniture for a space this big. But hey! We will figure it all out. I like the idea of having a place where no one has a key but us. I didn’t like it when the landlord just let himself into the house because we didn’t answer the door. That’s not okay. (And it’s illegal too I hear.) What if I was in the shower and that’s why I didn’t answer? If I stepped out of the shower naked and came face to face with him cause he let himself in…I would freak the fuck out. Now, in our own home, there is no likelihood of anyone walking in on us.

I have about a million things to do and not enough time or energy to do them. I’m not sure what all it’s going to take to get packed and moved. And then we have to deal with hiring a crew to haul away all the stuff we aren’t taking and clean the place we’re moving out of from top to bottom. Then have all the carpets cleaned and turn over the keys.

After that it will be a case of unpacking and settling the new place. I can’t wait.  My first convention this week and next week my first real home with Rott. No apartment. No condo. No landlord. No noisy neighbors. (I already said all that, didn’t I? I think it bears repeating though.) God, it sounds like heaven.

So I’m off to the office. I have a heavy day of work ahead to close the month in one day. Before I go, I need to give you all a Marcus.

I should have posted a naked chest. Darn! Oh, well. He’s still the best looking guy out there. Hee hee.

Have simply wonderful Monday and I’ll see you all next week with tales from RT. Keep an eye on my FB and Twitter accounts for photos and more from the convention!

We Are the Waiting

Last night I watched Green Day do all of American Idiot on VH1’s Storyteller.  I just love that band. Their energy, their ability to turn their politics into music, their willingness to stick their necks out.  And I love how one of the titles suits us right now.

We are definitely the Waiting.  We have an offer in on a house we really, really like (with a RED kitchen) and now we are the Waiting. I am both scared to death and excited beyond belief. And for once in my trial ridden life, I need something to go very right. I need this to go right.

The house thing has eclipsed getting ready for the Romantic Times convention. It’s eclipsed my new release the first week of April. It’s eclipsed the launch of my company’s new website (which isn’t actually up yet) that I’ve spent a significant amount of time on.  I can’t remember when I’ve been so damned scared that something won’t work out. And I hate living with fear. It means I eat Mylanta and can’t sleep.

So the ticking time bomb of my patience and self-possession is counting down to a scream of either elation or sheer bloody pain and disappointment. I guess we’ll know within a week which scream gets released.

Meanwhile, I do still have to go to work and bust my behind to get lots of stuff done early for month end in order to be able to go to RT and not leave the company in the lurch. So without further ado, here’s today’s Marcus.

Still the best abs and pecs ever! Man, I love looking at him!

And now it’s time to head off into the sunrise. You all have a great Monday!


I’m in a big hurry. I almost forgot to post! But what is a Monday without Marcus? I could not let you all down!

Here’s the deal. We’re looking for a house  (mobile home actually) in a big hurry. We saw one we like. Like the price. Love the park (out in a canyon.) There’s some issues. Meh. I don’t wanna jinx anything and we’ve not even made an offer or anything. Rott’s still thinking…but neither of us can get the place off our minds. So excuse my stress please.

I finished Breathe Me In. LOVE this couple. Really, really do. And the trading cards for them will come this week and I can’t wait to see them.

Finished cover art for SJ Frost and Stevie Woods. Lovely authors, both of them. Working on a few covers for other authors. Nothing done yet, nothing to show off yet, but soon over at Winterheart Design.

And speaking of showing off…

I have a new hairdo also but you’ll have to hit my Facebook page to see it.

Okay, how quick was I? I gotta go to work…

Here’s Marcus and then I’m racing out the door!

Oh yum. Sooooo handsome! Okay, I’m outta here. Have a wonderful Monday!


Over the years, I’ve belonged to different groups on the internet. They always seem to fade away at some point. Not so much because people get bored with what the group does, although I’m sure there’s a portion that do, but because the dynamics of the group change. Back when Rott and I belonged to, the group started splintering because of new people joining and fights and wars that broke out. It wasn’t fun anymore so some people stopped going. That changed the dynamic of the group the extent that it wasn’t fun for other people anymore either and they stopped going.

At the horse racing sim, I’ve seen that happen with different residencies and groups within the game. I still play although I seem to be able to only play for about six or seven months out of the year. I go on hiatus around the holidays and have trouble getting back to the game before the Derby. And I miss the people there when I don’t play. The problem is that the dynamic has changed so much that I’m not the only one who doesn’t go there daily to post or chat. We’ve all gotten sporadic about it. But every time I think of giving my stables to Fabman and TBS, I can’t. Not ready to let go I suppose. I love the game too much despite my lack of time for it.

The same thing happened with the Bar, the serial story where I used to write. It’s happened to Yahoo groups I belonged to. It’s even happened somewhat here in the Blogosphere. Sure, Dave still does what Dave has always done. You can always count on him to post. Karl still does his causes and talks about his angst. Gooster still posts hotties. Hilly still talks about her emotions. Marty still talks about music. Jester does his American Idol updates. I’m still here with my Marcuses. It just seems – with the exception of Dave – that we all do it less than we used to.

Rather than bemoan the fact that things aren’t the same as they used to be – and really who wants to be in stasis anyway? – I’m just glad to know that I belong. And I’ve had great places to belong and friends to belong with. And if they come around here once in awhile and say HI as Trotter from the sim did a week or so ago, well then, that’s something that I cherish. Those friendships, that warmth, that belonging. And it never goes away really, even if the group does. It’s always still there in your heart. You just have to remember to take it out and look at it and hug it once in awhile.

And now, as I always do on Monday, I have a Marcus!

I’m outta here. Lots of work to do at the cemetery. So everyone have a great Monday!

PS: Marty…way to go on the writing! Go, Marty! Go, Marty!

Bitten on the Ass

No, not me. Although, I was going to come here today and rant. Then I was asked a question and I decided the rant probably shouldn’t be aired in the way I had originally intended. I know, I’m being cryptic but I can fix that by telling you a story.

I belong to a number of Yahoo groups. Authors who complain a lot tend to catch my eye. One author in particular who, in the past couple of years, has complained about eBook publishers and stated that self-publishing is the wave of the future, who has  complained about editors wanting to change her work, who has complained about various clauses in contracts, reviews and reviewers, and rejections of her work. I’ve seen her gripe about a lot of things.

Well, the other day an editor asked me what I knew about her. The editor had seen lots of promo by this author and rather thought the author must be big at another publisher. I told the editor what I had seen on the loops. And I was a tad more specific than I am here.  Then the editor said she was curious because she had a submission from the author. My first thought was that if this author was so big at the other publisher why was she subbing to my publisher.

At any rate, this author’s rantings in the past may have come back to bite her on the ass. I’ve posted numerous times in the past (most recently in the PASIC chapter’s newsletter) about how things you say on the internet can come back to bite you on the ass. I’m not 100% positive, but I rather think this author just got chomped.

So my rant for today isn’t really a rant anymore. See, this weekend I spent a lot of time visiting blogs I’ve never been to before.  I wasn’t happy. I wanted to come here and remind people of all those rules for blogging that you see across the internet. Like not having music that auto plays on your blog or website. This one should should be pretty obvious. Not everyone likes the same music. The blog owner may think it’s cool to show people what she’s listening to or give people a sense of who she is by making them listen to the song on her iPod. It’s not cool. It’s not a good idea. It’s kinda childish IMO but don’t take my word for it. Go read all those Do’s and Don’ts lists where they all state: Auto play music on your site – don’t do it!

I was going to rant about all the excerpts I see posted on blogs. Edited excerpts from published books. Excerpts with the use of TWO instances of WAS in the same sentence and SIX instances of WAS in the same paragraph. All those WAS’s equals a story written in the passive voice which is basically a no no, something an experienced professional editor should have caught and asked the author to fix.  I realized there are a lot more publishers out there now whom we can add to the list labeled “Has Shoddy Editing.”

I had my snarky remarks all ready to go for those blogs on a tour with comments on moderation and no one in sight to release the comments. I had even snarkier remarks for Live Journal blogs that show you a COMMERCIAL when you try to comment. Oh, unless you pay for Live Journal. Rumor has it that the pay customers over there don’t subject their commenters to the commercial. Maybe I should show those people all the pretty WordPress blogs I know. If I’m gonna pay for a blog, I think I’d rather pay domain and hosting and have my own blog like this one here where I can change the template and plugins and where commenting isn’t hard to figure out.

Seriously, I don’t get the Live Journal thing.  Commercials on comments. Sheesh.

I’m not really ranting. I’m not snarking. I was going to. But that editor asking me about the author reminded me that stuff you say can come back to haunt you. So I’ll  just flush my snark. It’s not worth it. For one, because everything I wanted to rant about won’t change. There will always be bloggers who don’t understand the music thing or the commenting thing. And I don’t think Live Journal’s commercials are going away any time soon. Neither do I think that publishers with shoddy editing will all go away and authors who think those publishers are amazing will remain as well. More than just love is blind in this world, don’t ya think?

Tossing the snark into the dumpster and just heaving a sigh and shaking my head is what I’m reduced to because I need to follow my own rules about what not to say on the net.  Luckily, you don’t even need to comment on this because I know my demographic and I know that most of you (more the bloggers than the authors but some authors get this) feel the same as me on these issues.  We’ll just have to heave a collective sigh.

And now, my Monday Marcus to ease my disappointment at not ranting.

So beautiful. I love a man with the top button of his jeans undone…

Have a great Monday everyone!