What Can I Say?

Honestly, what can I say about yesterday that hasn’t already been said? I can’t think of a thing. I wanted to do what I’d done ten years ago and tie a flag to my car’s antenna. Unfortunately, my Honda doesn’t HAVE an antenna. Ten years ago I was driving a 280ZX and I left the power antenna partially extended so we could attach a flag to it. I flew it proudly too. Somehow, I thought I’d see more cars with flags and other signs of patriotism. I saw very few.  And then I saw something weird. I took Nikki home and there’s a fire station just outside the gates of the complex she lives in. I rolled out of the gate, looked at the fire station and saw that their flag was not at half mast.

I have to admit that bugged me. The flag where I work has been at half mast since Friday. And here’s a very nice, shiny and newish fire station in Costa Mesa, in a nice neighborhood, showing no recognition of an important day in our country’s recent history. No show of respect for those who died. I wasn’t exactly offended, but I was saddened by the fact that they hadn’t put that flag at half mast. The station looked like it was just any other day rather than the 10th anniversary of the worst attack against this country on our own soil.

I don’t understand people who go to the extreme of ignoring the anniversary of such a historic event nor do I understand those who take it to the other extreme of remembrance, those who are so overcome by the event and the day that they cannot function. We should remember this. It profoundly affects us all in some way and those who say that day had no impact on their lives are lying. At the very least, it affected our economy so it affected them. Even if you personally don’t want to acknowledge it, it affected everyone.

Anyway, I wonder who in that fire station put the flag out yesterday.

Since it’s Monday, it’s time for another Marcus and then it’s back to the grind for me, not that the grind ever really stops because I work at home at my other jobs. A Marcus always makes Monday go a little easier for me though.

I would play ball with him any day. *le sigh* Hope you all had a good weekend and are now facing your Monday relaxed and destressed! Happy Monday!


Last week’s post about the coyotes has nothing on the stuff that’s been happening since. We haz snakes! Yep. Western rattlesnakes. Thus far, Rott has had two close encounters of the snake kind. One occurred on the side of our house where it’s all cement. Rott was out checking the outside lights and sprinklers after dusk. He was standing near our back steps (which we don’t use because the fancy new dryer is so big is partially blocks the door) and he flashed his flashlight on the ground and about a foot from his foot (in Guinness flip flops) was a snake. A two foot long rattler. Rott jumped about five feet away from the snake in a panic. The snake didn’t coil up. Instead, it coiled enough to back up away from Rott and then it headed under the steps, under our house. With it’s head under the steps, Rott shined the flashlight on it and got a look at its rattles. It had seven, which according to what I’ve read makes it about 2-3 years old.

A couple of nights later on the other side of the house, in the yard, Rott was on his same nightly mission and reached down to pull some weeds from the slightly raised planter box where the orange and lemon tree are planted.  That’s when he noticed another rattler about a foot from his hand. This one was about the same length, fatter, with fewer rattles. And about as non-aggressive as the other one had been. Rott spotted him, yelped and jumped back, but he didn’t even move. Rott ran in the house for his camera but when he got back the snake was gone.

The next wildlife encounter was early in the morning. Rott heard Neko getting loud and playful. When she ran by he saw something in her mouth. She dropped it on the floor and starting batting at it. Rott chased her away and it jumped onto the wall. It was a tree frog, sticking to the wall with his little suction cup feet. Rott caught him and turned him loose outside.

Now, the wildlife count is up to wasps (Rott killed it with a torch without scorching the couch it was on), lizards (I almost stepped on one trying to get in my car one morning), baby possums, coyote packs, birds that knock on the windows (this freaks out the babies) , gophers, rabbits, hawks, owls, hummingbirds, rattlesnakes and tree frogs. Our life is kinda wild learning to deal with all the wildlife. It’s an adventure I tell ya! And despite all the wildlife adventures, Rott did get the fountain to work! Yay!

Well, last week was hellish at work. Major deadlines and only me and the part-time person to get it all done. I coulda cried. It was so stressful. I needed the three day weekend but I don’t need the fact that it will put me behind a day. Ugh. Just thinking about it makes my head pound. I must need a Marcus…

Ahhh, much better! Wishing you all a wildlife free Labor Day!

Coyote Take Out

The canyon where I live has a lot of wildlife. And cows. The neighbor next door said she had a rattlesnake in her yard recently and had to have another neighbor kill it. There’s owls and other birds of prey. And coyotes. The coyotes start singing around 11:30 each night. You can hear the older ones howl and the younger ones yip. We’ve been told not to let the babies out because of the predators. They are house cats so there’s no way we’d let them out. Although, before we got the security screen door, Neko managed to push out the bottom panel on the battered screen door that came with the house and she snuck out. Rott saw the panel down and bellowed, “NEKO!” She came scrambling back into the house, her chubby body sliding on the wood floors. She tried to get out a window once when we first moved in and got stuck, her little legs spinning as she tried to find purchase. Good thing she’s a chublet or she would have gotten out!

Anyway, one night last week Swirly the Guard Cat was sitting in the window sill of my author cave hissing. The window is on the front of the house with a view of the carport. It was open a little (not enough for one of them to squeeze out) and he saw/heard something outside. He’s a pretty good alarm. Anything, anyone comes into our carport and Swirly hisses. The closer they get to the window, the louder he gets until eventually he starts growling. He stopped hissing pretty quick though because the person in the carport was Rott.

Rott comes up to the window and the babies all crowd around as he starts to tell me why he’s wandering around outside at 1:30 am. He’d found a couple of coyotes in our yard stalking a baby possum. Or in Rott’s words, “Coyote Take Out.” He chased them off but they didn’t go any farther than our carport because of the presence of their snack to go. So Rott shooed them out of the carport into the street. While he was telling me about the baby possum and that he saw the rest of the coyote pack up the street, the coyote take out took a hike and made good his escape. With the possum gone, the next time Rott shooed the approaching coyotes, they left and joined the pack, running up the street and around the corner.

After that, Rott and I went to Denny’s for an early morning breakfast. The coyotes stalking the baby possum in our yard was pretty much the highlight of our week. Rott now tells the babies if they aren’t good, he’s going to put them outside to be coyote take out!

Work is going to be pretty crazy for me starting this week because my co-worker is leaving. I’ve no idea how I’m going to get all the work done and I’m seriously unhappy about this turn of events. So I’m hoping to get a bit of a jump on month end over the next couple of days before she leaves. After that, I don’t even want to think about how tired I’m going to be.

Between coyotes in my yard and my co-worker leaving, I need some serious cheering up which of course means I need a Marcus.

Oh, yum. He really does make my Mondays much better! Hope you all have a wonderful day!


Last week I had a nice whine over a simple tummy ache. Funny how the small stuff can just feel devastating sometimes. This week I’ve moved from whining to mental eye rolling. You see, I have galleys to read. For you non-authors, galleys are what authors get prior to a book going to print. You have to proof the galleys to ensure there are no mistakes. If there was a mistake in the ebook that didn’t get fixed, this is your time to fix it.

So I had a nice cover flat of Tales of the Darkworld Volume Two and a big fat file of galleys. Volume Two is two novellas, each one just over 40K. So that’s more than 80K of words to check. Yowch! I saw them in my email and knew I needed to get cracking. Did that happen? Oh, no. Instead, I listened to ghost stories as told by Rott who has been encountering a ghost in our new house.

Now, most people would label me a non-believer. Rott pretty much does. But he’s seen the ghost several times now and that has prompted him to tell me. The first time he saw the ghost he was in the laundry room and he turned to go through the door into the kitchen when he saw an apparition rush toward him, then through him and disappear. He said there was a rushing sound like a waterfall, a loud whoosh of sound that dissipated when the ghost did. He also said it was male and very angry. Scared spitless, Rott ran out of the house, got in his SUV and tore out of there. He came back an hour later and all was quiet.

Rott decided to have a conversation with the ghost to let him know we weren’t anything to be afraid of or angry with. He said he told the ghost, we can all live here peacefully…we’ll leave you alone and you leave us alone. The ghost didn’t come back after that. Until this week. Not sure what would have set a ghost off this week but Rott says he’s seen him two or three times. And when he turns out the living room light and tries to kick back on the couch and watch TV, he can feel the presence of someone else in the room and he has to turn the light back on.

Well, this time the ghost is unnerving Rott. Really unnerving him. Like to the point that Rott wants to get rid of the house. The ghost is freaking him out.

I just sat silently through Rott’s story. I’m never sure what to believe when people tell me ghost stories. I’ve never seen a ghost or sensed the presence of one. I have gotten bad vibrations from places before and later found out something awful happened there. But I’ve never seen a ghost. I don’t know that I believe in them. Well, to be honest, I’m not sure I disbelieve in them either. I do believe that Rott believes in them and I believe that he believes he saw one. For that alone, I treat his words fairly seriously.

How does one combat a ghost? Especially when your spouse pretty much wants to pack up and leave it behind and when you yourself do not feel the presence of anything bad. Do we have a seance? Go ghosthunting? Call ghostbusters or myth hunters or whatever those TV dudes are called?

It’s a pretty weird dilemma to have that’s for sure. Anyone have any advice? I’ll be sure to pass it along to Rott if you do. Meanwhile, I need a Marcus.

Look at all that skin. *sigh* If our ghost looked like that, I’d never want him to leave! LOL Hope you all have a happy and haunting free Monday!

I Want My Mommy

I’ve had some pretty painful things happen to me in the past. Broken things, twisted things, torn things. I’ve been on pain meds and rocked myself to sleep while in an incoherent daze from pain. I’ve survived some painful stuff and yet, I find myself in a horrible whiny state this morning, felled by a simple stomachache.

I don’t want to get up. I don’t want to go to work. I don’t want to do anything except eat a handful of Tums, drink a ginger ale and go back to bed and pull the covers over my head. I feel like a total six year old moaning about a tummy ache. But the damn thing is awful! It’s not the sharp, throbbing pain of a broken bone. It’s not the tight pounding of a migraine. It’s not the set my bones on fire flare of arthritis. It’s just a slightly nauseous, slightly achy, bad egg burp tasting tummy ache. It’s gross and the nagging quality of the churning ache is annoying and exhausting.

Why such a simple kind of pain would seem worse than the time I severely cracked a couple of metacarpals in my hand is a mystery. A broken bone should be worse than a stomachache, shouldn’t it? Maybe it’s because as children, stomachaches totally felled us. As an adult, when you get a stomachache your brain drags up memories of past stomachaches and makes you feel as if you can’t get over this without your mom’s soothing touch and words of comfort. Maybe you need a mouthful of chalky pepperminty Pepto Bismol, the stuff your mom gave you when you were a kid. It’s like half of the discomfort of the stomachache is the fact that your mom isn’t there to make you feel better.

So I’m just gonna whine in my head to myself until the tummy ache goes away. I’ve got no Pepto nor mom to soothe the damned thing. I’ll eat a couple more Tums and grab an ice cold Coke or ginger ale before I leave for work. The icy, fizzy soda will probably do the trick and settle my stomach, but I’ll still feel cranky cause yanno…I have a tummyache and I want my mom! LOL Adults can be such big babies, can’t we?

Hopefully, Marcus helps rid me of the stomachache. Never underestimate the beauty of the Marcus. He can do a lot for an ailing soul.

I feel a bit better now. It might be the Tums or it might be Marcus. Either way, I’d best toddle off to the office. I’m getting back a job I gave up to someone else a few years back now that I have some great help in my part of the department. There is nothing like having competent co-workers to make your workday smoother!

Have an awesome Monday everyone!