Tuesday Liz

I found out last week that Mr. Fabulous lurrrrrrves Liz Phair. So tomorrow for Humpday Hotness, I will show you Liz’s nipples. Someone make sure Fab has smelling salts. Since this coming Sunday I will be Fab’s guest on Pointless Drivel Live, where he will surely kick my ass at Dead or Alive, my Tuesday Tune features Liz too. I just cannot pander to the man enough. I’ve been trying to get him over to my guilty pleasure The User Pool too. I can just imagine the conversations we will have once he too is reading this little gem of satire. Heh.

My Tuesday Tune by Liz Phair was used in the Bar Story because Liz is the physical representation of Carlisle Ross. To go with this song is a snippet from the Bar where I used the song. Although Alaric and Lex have shared dreams where they were much more intimate, this is their first real kiss.

I turned around and opened my mouth to ask Stein a question and found that he’d gone upstairs after Carlisle. That left me alone with Alaric. Shit. He was walking toward me, his electric blue eyes on me. I swallowed hard and felt my stomach drop as my breathing grew more rapid. My senses were on overload. When I looked at him, I felt my heart stop. When I smelled him. I felt my breath stop. When he touched me, I felt like I was going to come out of my skin. I had no idea what was going on. The dreams and visions…they were so real. I stared up at Alaric, wondering how I could have dreamed him. Even now, I could feel his lips on the curve of my spine. It was all I could do not to throw myself in his arms and beg him to love me. I didn’t know what the hell had gotten into me.

I turned on my heel and went up the stairs to the second floor of the penthouse. I heard and felt Alaric following me. I turned left at the top of the stairs and opened the last door. “This is your room,” I told him as I stepped into the room, pointing out the other doors. “That door is to the bathroom, which you share with me. The other door is to the sitting room, which you also share with me. The glass door is to the terrace.”

“Do I share that with you too?” he asked in that honey over gravel voice, one eyebrow raised inquiringly.

I nodded absently, wondering briefly if he was being facetious. “Dial 9 for an outside line, 0 for the front desk, and 1 for the butler,” I said and left him there, high tailing it to my own room.

Once there, I let out a long breath. This was incredibly hard. I should have been crying my eyes out over Johann, but suddenly I could barely think of him. Alaric overwhelmed my senses and brought every dream I’d had of him right to the front of my consciousness. He wasn’t like his cousin. He was … more. Taller, broader, darker, more handsome, more chiseled, more brooding, more … enticing … more sexy … more… hot.

I ran my tongue over my dry lips. What did I say to this man? Oh, by the way, I have the most incredible dreams about loving you. Or maybe, hey Alaric, I love how you look naked in my dreams. I ran a hand over my face. I was losing it.

Just then, there was a knock on my bedroom door. I opened it to find the subject of my thoughts standing there. He’d taken off his jacket and shoes and was standing there barefoot in his blue shirt and black slacks looking suave and so gorgeous. I was acutely aware of my disheveled hair, rumpled t-shirt and faded jeans. And worst of all, I had to look far too high up to meet his eyes.

“My suitcase,” he said in a low tone. “Is it in here?”

I looked at the pile of luggage and spied a large case that wasn’t mine. I reached for it at the same time as Alaric and my head bumped his. We both said, “Ow!” and stepped back. I stayed put in front of the doorway while Alaric untangled his bag from the others. Then he stopped and I heard it…Carlisle was singing.

Lucky I’ve been through hell
Backroads and shortcuts I know them well
Baby just stick with me
We’ll make it together, just wait and see

Do you really know me at all?
Would you take the time to catch me if I fall?
Are you ever gonna be that real to me?
Everything to me

The walls they close in
The air it goes out
We’re left with nothing but a shadow of doubt
Nobody talks, no one is here
It’s just you and me

Do you really know me at all?
Would you take the time to catch me if I fall?
Are you ever gonna be that real to me?
Everything to me

I found myself staring at Alaric while Carlisle’s beautiful voice rang out through the penthouse. I suddenly wished with all my heart that Alaric would love me. That he would feel, say, and do everything that had happened in my dreams. I knew instinctively that if he loved me, he would be just as he was in the dreams. He would love me the way my heart yearned for. He was a stranger to me except for what I knew of him from my dreams… what my heart knew.

Carlisle stopped singing, and I blinked back a rush of tears as Alaric turned away from my gaze. He stepped toward the door and I sidestepped to the left to let him out. But then, he stepped to his right, leaving us blocking each other again. He moved again, but this time I didn’t and he banged into me, almost knocking me to the floor. Anger at my helplessness to have any control over my life flooded me.

“Bloody hell, Kohl! You’re freaking everywhere! I can’t get away from you. You even invade my fucking dreams!” My voice was hoarse and overflowing with emotion. I jerked away from the doorway.

His arms snapped out, dropping the suitcase as he grabbed me by the shoulders growling, “What did you say? Did you say dreams? Cause I’m so tired of waking up hard, after spending my dreams with you.”

I stared at him stunned, my lips parted in shock. “What the hell?” I whispered. He had them too! What the hell was happening to us?

“Ah, fuck me,” Alaric muttered. He jerked me toward him, his head coming down as his mouth found mine. Electricity crackled between us as our lips met. The most exquisite pleasure I had ever felt seared its way through my body. Alaric must have been feeling something profound too because he moaned against my lips and ran his hands down my back to grab my ass, lifting me off the ground as his tongue swept into my mouth.

The touch of his wet tongue to mine was like a match to dry brush. I went up in flames as my dreams came to life. I wrapped my arms around his neck and thrust my fingers into his dark silky hair. He kissed me so deeply that if I’d had a soul, he would have touched it. I was drowning in sensation and then…I was on my feet staring wide eyed at Alaric whose chest was rising and falling rapidly with his jackhammer breathing.

“We need to talk,” he said breathlessly, his electric blue eyes boring into mine. “Not right now, but later. I want to know about your dreams.”

“What does it mean?” I whispered, suddenly frightened.

He must have known what I was feeling because he reached out a hand and tucked my hair behind my ear. “Don’t be afraid, Alexandria. We’ll figure it out,” he said softly in that honey over gravel voice. Then he turned and picked up his case, leaving the room. There was a soft click as the door closed behind him.

I reached into my jeans pocket and pulled out the handkerchief he’d given me, pressing it to my flushed cheek. I could smell his lemon bergamot scent on the cloth. I closed my eyes. Why would Alaric Kohl and I share the same dreams? What could it possibly mean?

Wishing everyone a pretty princess Tuesday!

Thursday Thirteen #9, Not to be Confused with Client #9

This week it’s all about the music. Not 13 songs from my iPod. Don’t own one. Not my 13 favorite songs. Can’t choose. No, these are 13 songs that made a key post even better! They are all posts from the Bar, of course, but the music really has helped shape the stories of certain characters. These are different genres of songs, for different characters, and chosen by different writers. Also, it’s not just a list, it’s 13 linked tunes, just for you! Enjoy! (I had embedded tunes, but the players were locking up browsers when Imeem turned to shit late Wed night.)

Thirteen Songs That Made the Bar Story Better!

1. Never Saw Blue Like That by Shawn Colvin – The post is titled “The Bonding Continues”. It was the third part of the bonding story, after Alaric and Lex are bonded. They’re lying in bed in a penthouse suite in New York City shocked at how different their world is now that they have their souls. This listen to this song and marvel at how the words mirror what they feel. Jen, who writes Alaric, chose this song.

2. Real Life Fairytale by Plumb – Matt and Emmy’s engagement at Matt’s home, DuMordain Palace, behind the veil. The Pixie Prince leaves his love a fairytale dress to wear and tiny lights that are the pixies lead her out to a beautiful garden, where she plucks at the petals of a rose. Her golden man appears, telling her, “He loves you, he loves you, he loves you.” The song was chosen by Jen, who writes Emmy.

3. Until the End by Breaking Benjamin – The post is titled “Sterling and Mace in the Killing Zone”. It’s about Sterling, the CIA agent, and her mate Mace, who’s a vampire. They just had sex in the cemetery and now they’re killing evil Hellbounds vampires beneath a mausoleum. Both of them know that Sterling will die by the time the firefight is over. I chose this song since I write Sterling.

4.Anything by The Calling – The title of the post is “Whatever it takes… I’ll do anything”. Helios has just discovered that Tarren is his mate, but she’s hurt and doesn’t want anything to do with him. He’s begging her to give him chance, that he’ll do anything to win her love. I chose this song because I write Tarren.

5. Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold – Tait, the Queen of the Fairies, uses all her power to help kill the demon possessed Black Widow, Rachel Sullivan. Then she steps in the middle of a fight between her friend Mace and the man she’s loved her whole life, Robin Goodfellow. She takes a blow from Mace’s fist and a blast of fae power from Rob. Already drained, her life force fades. The purple butterflies begin to weep behind the veil, as they congregate all over the cottage where she lies dying. I chose this song because I write Tait.

6. Fire Woman by The Cult – Rockstar Rune meets a woman dressed in a schoolgirl outfit, her hair whipping around her head, and her high heels leaving scorched footprints in the carpet. Emmy, the fire elemental, and her sister Opal meet up with Rune at a Rob Zombie concert. Rune is hoping to get to know Emmy better, although that doesn’t work out. They end up friends instead. As Rune’s creator, I chose this song.

7. Breathe by Faith Hill – Not long after their first sexual encounter, Alaric and Lex dream about Lex being pregnant. When they awaken, they are faced with problems that seem insurmountable. However, both of them are so enthralled by the dream, what it felt like, and how it made them feel, that it becomes part of a key point in their relationship. Alaric had never thought about having children, but the dream has suddenly made him see what life could offer him if he chose to be with Lex. Since Lex is my alter ego, I chose this song.

8. 3 AM (Piano Acoustic) by Matchbox Twenty – The title of the post is “Full Moon Depression”. Vampire Bram is a musician who’s suffered from heroin addiction and lost all his friends. Now recovered, he’s playing and writing music again and trying to rebuild his life. He’s always had an affinity for the moon, and his friend Weylyn the werewolf teases him that maybe Bram is part were. In this post, Bram is thinking about how depressed and alone he is. He writes this song for a woman he has yet to meet. Since Bram is my character, I chose this song.

9. Drive You Home by Garbage – Thousand year old vampire Dominic Solent has a tryst with his friend Avalon, the Lady of the Isle of Mists. Avalon is a demi-goddess, who is half in love with the tattooed Dominic. She knows he has a mate coming, knows his destiny, but when pain drives Dominic into her arms, she can’t say no to him. Since Dom is my character I chose this song for the post where Dom is on the Isle with Avalon, knowing he has to go back to his world, and his destiny, soon.

10. Alone I Break by Korn – Johann is talking to his best friend Collin about his feelings for Lacey. She’s just left and he’s already missing her. He’s a little torn over caring for her because the last time he had a mate he totally screwed up with her. When she died, he was eaten up with guilt. Shiny chose this because she writes Johann, Collin, and Lacey.

11. Drive To You by Jewel – The post is titled “Your Heart Beats Inside of Me.” Nyx takes Valerian to her castle in Scotland on the eve of some evil doings in the dragon world. The two of them have a discussion about mates and what they mean to each other. Nyx reluctantly admits that maybe she is Valerian’s mate, even though the McClaren isn’t supposed to have a mate. I chose this song because Nyx is my character.

12. Girlfight by Brooke Valentine – Mary chose this song to accompany a fight scene she wrote between my character Tarren, a trained black dragon assassin, and her character Mary, a legendary red dragon warrior and mercenary. The two women are on the same side, but they don’t know that. All Tarren sees is a red dragon. She knows most of them are killers so she doesn’t trust Mary. Mary sees a tall “totem pole” of a black dragon who won’t let her into a dressing room to see her friend Rhiannon. They end up using a very lethal form of combat called Krav Maga against each other. It’s a take no prisoners, win or die form of fighting. Since the men who gather are all too afraid of stepping between the women, the fight is broken up by blue bolts of Rhiannon’s power.

13.Unsuspecting Sunday Afternoon by the Backstreet Boys – This song hasn’t actually been used yet. I found it and it made me think of Johann and his troubles getting together with Lacey. I gave the song to Shiny and, for all she’s a total rock/metal head, she loved it! She totally wants to use it when Johann finally realizes that Lacey is the one he wants forever, whether she’s his mate or not. He’s just not willing to give her up. The song will totally make the post.

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I was going to end this TT with a song called Believing, but then I realized it was another song by The Calling. However, the post it goes with, captured my attention. I’d forgotten exactly how key this post really was. It’s a short post, but I fretted over it, wanting it to be just right. I think it was. Here, as a bonus for you, is the post where Tristan Blackthorne, the rightful black sept wyvern, goes home to Wales to fight his half-brother for the sept.

The beat of the helicopter blades rang in my ears even with the headphones on. I saw the green hills of Wales rolling by beneath us as we approached the coast. The most crucial moment of my life approached too. Everything I was, and everything I was meant to be, was on the line. The fate of my family and my people.

I looked over at Talon sitting with his arm around his mate. He was stoic, as usual, but there was a tension in him that I knew well had to do with the fight we were facing. Even calm, sweet Fayne had a tenseness about her that told of her concerns about coming home. Dai had his battle face on. He sat polishing his sword calmly, something that Gregory used to do before battle. Our return to the place of our births was bittersweet and filled with apprehension. We all felt the weight of this day, but I knew I carried the bulk of it. So much of this mission relied upon me.

The silvers were all business. Valerian looked like an avenging god dressed all in black. Helios was calmer than usual, his face serious. Kyara was like a live wire waiting for the action. Her body was filled with coiled energy, and her eyes were bright and sharp.

Derek looked like he was going to a bar. Dressed in black leather, something noxious smelling coming from one of the many pockets in the jacket, an unlit cigar stump between his teeth, he kept checking all his pockets as if he’d forgotten something. He looked like a Hell’s Angel who couldn’t find the key to his bike. I smiled a little to myself. Derek was never what he seemed, and that air of distraction was sure to throw someone off.

My eyes lit on the one person on the team who was frightening even to me. Nyx McClaren was cold as ice. Her face, her body language, every hair on her beautiful head screamed lethal weapon. No one looked more like a hitman than she did. I had no qualms about her taking out everyone who stood between her and Caden DeCameron. No matter how much Valerian touched her heart, she was like a stone statue, her mind somewhere far from her mate.

Jake began the descent to the field just outside the village where we would be staging from. It was roughly five miles from the castle and was the closest civilization to the fortress. Jake had already briefed me on what information he’d gleaned from his quick trip in and out of Blackthorne Castle. Most notable was the fact that Onyx had both Caden and Ashley there. Jake said Onyx had seemed calm, but he felt the tension in the room. It rippled through every black dragon he passed. They all knew their true wyvern was coming home.

Home. I could see in the distance the black outline of the castle where I’d been born, where Rhiannon should have been born, where, Aminan willing, Galen would be born. I thought of my mother and how her death had put all of these events into motion. It was time for me to avenge that death. Time for me to settle all the scores. The real black wyvern was back, and he was about to bring the fate of the sept full circle. I drew a deep breath and held out my hand palm up. Talon slapped his in it, palm down.

“We’re home, Talon.”

He looked at me with enigmatic black eyes. “That we are, my lord. Long may you reign.”

Long may you all reign… Happy TT!

Distracted Tuesday Tunes

No one mention Twinkies, okay? Oh, the inhumanity! No, I’m not talking about how my boss lives on the things. Although, that’s kind of inhumane too. Or would be if he didn’t love Twinkies…

On this lovely Tuesday, I have a tune for you! I hate remakes. Usually. But ya know, I came across this one by accident, and I really like it. I had a copy of U2 doing Paint It Black and it was good. Cause ya know, everything U2 does is freaking good. They are the best thing to come out of Ireland since St. Patrick told the snakes to take a hike. Well, not really. I think Guinness is the best thing, but I don’t drink it personally so I have no frame of reference. Rott loves his Guinness Extra Stout though. BAH! The song, the song! Shit!

So I have this copy of Paint It Black. And it’s cool. I love it. In fact, I’m pretty certain I love it more than the original. So take a listen to Vanessa Carlton!

Next week I might be persuaded to play Pussy Liquor… I know you all love Rob Zombie. If you don’t, you’ll like the song anyway I bet. Oh, hell. Here it is… I starting thinking about Dean aka The 109 and now Pussy Liquor is stuck in my head! It’s a total sex song. A pole dancing song… pole dancing in a thong and Frederick’s corset and some sexy suede ankle straps. Roger Vivier ankle straps… Ohhhhh, yesss… I am so getting off track every time I turn around in this post!

Now, Mary really dug on the hottie last week so I’m bringing him back. This guy’s name is Roman. I only have three pics of him, the hot pic from last week, this week’s Russian themed pic, and a head shot. I like last week’s pic better than this one, but this one has a lot more skin to it. Can’t argue with more skin. Although Marcus in a kilt is better than this guy in the flesh. They were talking about kilts on Sunday in someone’s chatroom at BTR and all I could think of was the pic I have of Marcus in a kilt… Ohhhhh, yesss… See? There I go again with the distractions! Geez. What’s up with me today? I wonder what Dean looks like in a kilt?

Since I always neglect the men, I decided to be nice to them today. Here is Kristen Bell. In the Bar Story, Kristen’s the physical representation of Isolde Vespera aka Sol. If you happened to read that hot excerpt from the Bar where Weylyn has sex with Sol in a stall in the men’s room at Wicked Pleasures, now maybe you can visualize it a little better. If you didn’t read it the last time I posted it, click on Weylyn’s name. Make sure you turn on a fan though.

Well, that’s it this Tuesday. I’ve been distracted all over the place. I blame it on Kyra and Fab and Matt. Matt starts showing off his organ for Half Nekkid Thursdays. Then Fab posts massive boobage. And the biggest sinner of them all is Kyra posting Dean’s hot naked butt. The camel kinda messed me up, but the ass was fine! Thank you all for coming by to laugh at me getting distracted!

PS To Commenters: Make it funny. And relevant to this post. Otherwise, if you’re just coming here to smack about something from another blog, I’ll use the power of the delete, cause ya know, it’s all already old.

Feeding the Andrei Obsession

Getting an email, even an automated one, shouldn’t be so damned exciting as to make me go instantly to a website to see a video. But the one I got about Andrei Andrei’s new video on his blog sent me instantly racing to see it. Feeding my obsession can sometimes be damned rewarding, but this one was a little disappointing. Now, I do have to say that the music was better in this video than the last one. However, there is much less of Andrei, which was the disappointment. It’s got some startling imagery, but still, visually speaking, the first music video was better because there was so much more Andrei. The weird thing about both of these videos is that I have no clue what language either of them is in.

Americans are so arrogant, you know. Especially about music. If musicians aren’t singing in English, we don’t even consider them a viable talent. The second video, the one shot in a museum in Romania, that woman can sing. I like her voice. The first video, the one shot in Lebanon, that music and singer sucks ass. It could be the style of music that turns me off rather than the singer herself, but I just didn’t like it.

One would think, having been classically trained and having sung in French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Latin, as well as English, that I wouldn’t be as arrogant as most Americans. I am. I admit it. I have blinders on just like a lot of other people. Okay, maybe my blinders aren’t as big as other people’s. I like Shakira. I like Andrea Bocelli. I like Leslie Feist. Shakira sings in Spanish, Andrea in Italian, and Feist in French. None of them are Jim Morrison, but hey, I like ’em!

So, yeah, The End has still been playing in my head. That and Nikki Sixx’s Heroin Diaries. Both deal with death so I guess you could say the whole Heath Ledger tragedy is still in the back of my head. The thing I keep wondering is how it would feel to be Naomi Watts. I mean, the woman was with him for years, longer than Michelle Williams was, even though they didn’t have a kid together. (Naomi had one with Liev Schreiber after she and Heath broke up.) I can’t imagine how devastated she must feel. You’re with someone for a long time but things don’t work out… Doesn’t mean a part of you doesn’t still love him, will always love him… Yeah, Naomi Watts is the one I feel for. They always appeared very devoted to one another in public so I imagine her grief is astounding.

To get back to the more happy and amusing things in life, here is a shout out to my bitch Shiny who is having a birthday today. May you be as big a goat girl at 90 as you are today! Luvs ya baby! MUAH!

That’s it for today folks. Laters!

The Video Shot in Romania

The Video Shot in Lebanon