Wicked Crue

I have a whole two things to talk about today. First, as some of you know, asthmatic me couldn’t go to Cruefest because it’s at Blockbuster in Glen Helen. GH is way too dusty and hot for an asthmatic. I can handle Verizon, formerly Irvine Meadows, and any indoor venue, but the outdoor ones that are excruciatingly hot and dusty, I have to pass on. So I’ve been moping about not being able to go. It would have felt wrong to go without Rott too.

At any rate, I’d been resigned to hearing about Cruefest from ShinyBitch and Marty. Then last night Motley mentions a live feed of Cruefest from Las Vegas. I perked up. She’d already gotten a ticket for the show and wanted to make sure I would get offline so we could watch it on my computer. Do I look like a fool who would say no to that?

The show was awesome. It was just like being in the front row without the bruised ribs and beer in your hair. Tommy is just as funny as ever. Vince was totally kickass. Mick looked a lot healthier than he has in the past… and Nikki… well, Nikki is the stuff of dreams. Wet ones. Dry ones. Hot ones. He is just totally delicious. I could look at the man all night.

Motley went a long way toward paying for that Blackberry by getting the ticket to watch the show live. The funniest thing is though, I belong to tommyland.tv, Tommy’s fan club, and they had the info on the site too, but I’m a lazy ass who doesn’t go there very often. But Motley saved the day and we got to see Crue live! YAY!

The second thing I wanted to talk about was Cobblestone Press. Tempest had mentioned in one of her comments that I should submit something to their Wicked line. After spending a few days pissed off about a number of things, I decided I needed something to cool me down. Nothing works better than having to think and think hard. So I went to Cobblestone and started reading their submission guidelines. I realized I had a number of short pieces I could submit.

I psyched myself up, pulled out a 5K story, and turned on my thinking cap to write a cover letter. Ack. That was harder than I thought it would be. I’m not that good about talking about myself and my writing. I mean, I can do it here, this is a casual atmosphere. But to have to write a formal letter about ME? I’d sooner pluck a chicken, I think. I did do it though, and sent off the submission to Cobblestone. I rather think the piece is not hot enough for Wicked, but that’s okay. I needed to get off my ass and get my feet wet. It should be easier to do this next time and maybe eventually I will get published. I do feel good about the fact that I sent something, even if it gets rejected.

Before I go, I have to post something that Gooster posted this week. Teh Hawtness. I love this photo. It’s very textural to me. Okay, it’s hot too.

Tomorrow I’ll be back to pass on the Bear that Karl gave me, that he got from Dawg. It’s really cute, and I know just who deserves one!

Time for me to go watch fake horses run in fake races and just veg until the groceries are delivered. I have no plans for this weekend, other than to possibly try to get Karl and Hilly out for Sunday Brunch or something. Just looking to spend some more time with Karl before he heads home next week. Not that I’ve mentioned this to either Karl or Hilly yet. I lag as usual and they prolly already have plans. That’s okay. I can adjust and come up with alternate ideas if necessary. I’m nothing if not flexible! Happy Saturday beautiful peoples!


One of Rott’s favorite bands of all time is Judas Priest. I know Priest, but not nearly as well as Rott does. He does a great impersonation of Rob Halford, knows all the songs, all the lyrics, every freaking note… I’m old and my memory doesn’t work as well as it used to. I shove a lot of stuff out to make room for more current stuff. I don’t listen to Priest so much anymore, so of course I barely remember how some of the songs go.

You’re wanting to know where I’m going with this, aren’t you? I have a point… oh, yes I do.

Well, my kid has always wanted a Nintendo, PS, Wii… some kind of gaming console. She has for YEARS. Have I given in and purchased one? Ever? NO FREAKING WAY. Her experience with things like Guitar Hero are at other people’s houses. While she was gone for two weeks at her friend’s house last month, she played Rock Band a lot. So she’s pretty good at it. Which was totally a saving grace when we went to Hilly’s only to be faced with Rock Band.

Motley was excited. I was dismayed. I suck at games. I’ve been playing the horse sim game for years, and I still suck at it. As you can guess, they got me to play Rock Band… a little. I was just lost with the game, but apparently I was the only one who knew any of Judas Priest’s You’ve Got Another Thing Comin’. I mangled it, mostly because I just don’t remember all of it. Oh, and Jester and UMB made me laugh a lot so I couldn’t sing. Laughing is forgivable. Just sucking… well, not so much. Heh.

Anyway, the Tuesday Tune is Judas Priest, cause yanno… YOU might have to sing it when you’re playing Rock Band and you wouldn’t wanna fuck up without the excuse of Jester making you laugh, now would you?

Judas Priest

Have a RottNRoll Priest loving Tuesday!

Almost Snoopy Dancin’

Guess what Motley found?

Never underestimate the ability of a teenager to find a needle (Photoshop CD) in a haystack (the Katrina rubble conditions in her bedroom). Now, if she can just find the CD case with the license code, I’ll be ecstatic!

BTW, she was on Crotch Shot Radio‘s New Music show yesterday.

I’ve edited to add this. I Twittered this yesterday, but Susan saying that photo is hot reminded me of this. This is a video on Andrei Andrei’s blog. He’s one of the 5 guys in the vid. Turn your sound down and just watch. The song is some Japanese artist. As Karl twatted, “Is she saying goo goo gaga, cause I can’t understand a word she’s singing.” Trust me. Sound off. Hotness on.

Also, I’m guest posting at Amber’s today so stop by and show me and Amber some luv!

Sun Songs

When I write I sometimes have to have mood music. At the Bar, we often punctuate posts with a song that the writer feels conveys or enhances the mood of the post. Since it’s such a sunny, happy day and I’m such a dark and depressed person, (it’s not just me, I swear! Neko is moping too because Motley is gone) I’m going to give you some of the songs from the Bar that convey happy moments either already posted or yet to come. They are what I call my Sun Songs. You can put them on, put the top down, and drive fast in the sun…

1. Count On My Love – Liz Phair

This is an Alaric and Alexandria song. It’s used after they’re married. Alexandria realizes that for the first time in her life, she has a man she can count on and a love that won’t ever end. After all of the horror she’s been through, this moment in her life is like a ray of sunshine and the sun isn’t ever going to set as long as she has Alaric. For Alaric, after having lost one bloodmate, and being given another one that he just wasn’t interested in sexually, he finally has a mate who is his equal, who understands his dark past and is just as grateful to have him as he is to have her.

2. 8th World Wonder – Kimberly Locke

Nyx and Valerian had a pretty rocky road to happiness and the bumps in their road aren’t finished yet. However, the whole first half of their story is about the two of them trying to accept that they belong together. Nyx is The McClaren, a reknowned spy and hacker. She’s used to being alone and is very resistant to the signs that Val is her mate. Valerian is emotionally damaged. Suffering from PTSS, he almost decapitates his youngest brother, thinking he was the enemy. In horror and anguish, Val trashes his suite down to the studs with his bare hands and then disappears. He ends up in a secret squadron of dragons called the Silver Shadows and spends his time smuggling kids out of the black sept. (Rather like smuggling people out of the Eastern Bloc during the Cold War.) The two of them are so used to being alone that when they finally come to accept that they belong together, it’s a huge moment fraught with tears and happiness and some really funny quips.

3. Only the Young – Journey

I used this in a post where Rhiannon reflects back on the last year of her life, where she finally came of age as a dragon (was able to change into her dragon form from human form) and met her mate Tobias. It was a year that included a huge threat to her life and that of her family, a separation from her family, and falling in love and being mated. For one of the youngest characters, she’s had a very rough year. As she’s crying over some of the mistakes she’s made, Tobias comforts her and lets her know that he supports her and loves her always. Then his brother Helios gives her a proxy to take his seat on the silver sept’s council, a very great honor. Afterward, Tobias asks Rhi to marry him. She says yes, but not now because they’re too young. So they decide that eventually, when the time is right, they will get married. For now, they are just beginning their lives together.

4. Real Life Fairytale – Plumb

Jen chose this song for the post where my character Matt finally asks her character Emmy to marry him. They are behind the veil, in the land of the fae, at Matt’s castle. They’re in the sun filled garden, dressed like characters in a fairytale, and little lights like fireflies are flickering all around them. The lights are Matt’s people, the pixies, who are delighted to have him come home with a mate. After everything Matt and Em have been through, from the time Matt is dumped by Carlisle and Emmy is dumped by Alaric, to all their run ins with the evil Daggon, this moment is shining and perfect for both of them.

5. Beautiful – Trading Yesterday

Bram meets Jensen and is instantly attracted to her. After centuries of being alone, he’s finally found a woman who excites him on every level. They go out a few times and Bram starts to realize she is IT. She’s everything he ever wanted and never thought he would have. I’m going to use this song in the post where he’s just made love to her for the first time, and he’s realizing that he’s got it bad for her. He starts thinking that after all the shit he’s gone through in his life, drug addiction, losing his band and his income and his self respect, maybe a happy ever after is in the cards for him after all. All because of this one woman.

6. Everything’s Right – Matt Wertz

Griffin’s having a tough time of things with his new family and his bloodmate, who just happens to have another mate as well. This song is earmarked for Griffin’s first real physical intimacy with his bloodmate Dante. It’s a moment that means a lot to him because of all the tension in his new family. For once, in all his weeks of upset and tension, everything seems to go right for him as he makes love to Dante for the first time.

7. Trees – Marty Casey & Lovehammers

Bianca and Spyder have gotten back together after being kept apart by lying relatives and circumstances that conspired against them. After giving Spyder a scare (he thought she might be dead) Bianca tells him she loves him. A very shaky Spyder says the same. He tells her he doesn’t care what caused the rift between them, he knows that they belong together. Bianca, who is a wildling, feels a return of her powers as Spyder makes love to her, and the plants in the room begin to grow from the force of her power and their happiness.

8. Something ‘Bout Heaven – Billy Gilman

Dai is the greatest soldier of the black sept. He’s been away from home for a long time. While helping his wyvern regain the sept, he meets a woman named Kyara. Kya is one of the Silver Shadows, part of Valerian’s unit and former girlfriend to Valerian’s brother Helios. When she meets Dai she instantly puts her foot in her mouth. Eventually, on the eve of the battle to regain the black sept, the two get together. They’ve acknowledged their love for each other. They’ve been living together, but so far, they haven’t mated. Dai wants to wait until he goes home to take up his new job with the black sept. When they arrive in Wales and settle in, he finally mates and marks Kyara. When this post happens, this will be the song that accompanies it.

9. Good Times – Tommy Lee

This song was one of the songs in Dominic’s Orphaned Dragon Benefit concert at Club Insolent. It was supposedly one of Dominic’s songs, written about his friends, and about how life gets filled with crap, but it’s okay to set that all aside and enjoy yourself. Dominic’s role in the story thus far has been as a mentor and a savior. He’s the thousand year old vampire with a history no one is quite sure of except that he and his brother Blake were once Knights Templar and that they have “Holy Swords”, imbued with a power that kills anyone and anything that has evil in it’s soul or intent. Dominic hasn’t had a hero role in the story yet, but his day is coming. His mate is a woman with a dark past who thinks she has no future. Rather like Dom himself. She’s also the sister of the woman he always thought was his bloodmate. It’s a twist of fate when the two discover the truth.

10. Glorious – Natalie Imbruglia

This last song is a really bubbly pop song, but it just gets me. Not sure why. I have this song earmarked for when my character Tarren and Jen’s character Helios finally mate. Tarren’s been begging for awhile, but Helios is adamant that he doesn’t want to do it unless the timing is right. He thinks it should be a joyous time, not something driven by fear or anger. This song is meant to be played after they have mated and marked each other. Helios’ mark on Tarren will be a sun, rather like the Bulgari sun. I haven’t figured out yet what Tarren’s mark on Helios will be. In my mind’s eye, I see Tarren standing on the top deck of the yacht, spinning around in the sun to this song, her joy in life and in Helios completely unbound.

Here’s one extra song that isn’t quite a sun song, but it does have a positive message for all of us who have been a little achy lately. At the Bar, this song is for Ainsley whose life has always been dark. Once freed from her father’s legacy, she finds herself, her mate, and love… just like the song says.

One Day You Will – Lady Antebellum

But down the road the sun is shining
In every cloud there’s a silver lining
Just keep holding on (just keep holding on)
And every heartache makes you stronger
But it won’t be much longer
You’ll find love, you’ll find peace
And the you you’re meant to be
I know right now that’s not the way you feel
But one day you will

Hope you enjoyed the Saturday Sun Songs!

Old Is New Again

They are back. Larry King had them on last Friday. They all look pretty good. Well, I mean that guitar player looks like death warmed over, but then again, he looked like that 25 years ago. The singer, still brash. The drummer, still smiling that little boy smile. The bass player, still one of the most intelligent creative men in music, if you discount the fact that he will always be an addict even sober.

Rott saw them before they got big. It was at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, and they were on the cusp of being famous. The crowd was frentic, and somene stabbed Rott in the back. He still has the scar. He wears it like a badge of honor.

They’ve been copied by other bands, but no one could ever do “it” the way Motley Crue did. They are old, but they are hot. Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee… oh baby. Ok, I’m turning on a fan now. While I’m cooling off, listen to a tune by a quartet of old guys who have issues, but can still rock your thong off.

BTW, Cruefest tickets are on sale. Hope you enjoyed the Tuesday Tune!