Coming Soon

I’m in a rush this morning cause I did not want to get out of bed! UGH! At any rate, here’s the deal, coming this week from me is a post with my Blogiversary winner. You thought I forgot, didn’t you? I did not! But Motley is keeping weird hours and I need her to draw the name. I can’t believe she is playing WoW now. I’m starting to hate that game.

Also coming soon is my first book release The Wise Guy on February 22. On February 25, Jester has me in the hot seat, along with any of the other authors I can drag there from the series that The Wise Guy is in. On March 5, Book One and Two of the Tales of the Darkworld will be released. Shifting Winds and Hot Water both had their videos revamped this weekend to include the publisher info.

You don’t want to miss Hot Water’s video, in particular. It features a naughty Liz Phair song, and a thank you at the end to the three bloggers who let me “immortalize” them in the book. By immortalize I mean that I took a few aspects of their personalities and used them in an immortal (think dragon, elf and wildling) character with their name. Mostly, the characters are fiction, but there’s a tiny little bite of each of these men in the fiction so I think you’ll recognize them.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… my Marcus!


Here he is on the catwalk with Naomi Campbell. They’re wearing mirrored swimsuits. I want to see the reflections between his thighs… Pretty freaky looking suits, eh? Still, he’s mostly naked so I’m down with that.

Have a spectacular Monday!


Romance with the Crue

Marty had a great blog post about You Tube and Warner Music Group recently. Like Marty, the way WMG has treated the music in videos situation affects me. Not that I had any videos stripped of their music (yet anyway) the way Marty did, but in the way I go about searching for a song for a video.

Last night I decided to try to make a video for my first book release. I’d been thinking about this ever since I got the cover art, and frankly, I hadn’t had a single idea! So I was puttering around last night listening to different things on Imeem when Motley (Nikki) needed to put some songs into SAMS for her radio station, Wild Side Radio. I asked her what to put in and she replied, “Lots of rock. Lots of Crue.”


I’m not sure why that statement had me running to listen to my Motley Crue collection as soon as I had SAMS up and running, because you know nothing says ROMANCE like the CRUE. LOL Anyway, I’m sure glad I did! You wouldn’t think that Motley Crue could even have a song appropriate for an erotic romance. But they did. They do! Unfortunately, the moment I realized I would be using Motley Crue, a HUGE band, I went racing to see if they were one of Warner’s bands. Didn’t see their name on the list, but I was still sweating it until the vid went live.

Here’s the video for my book The Wise Guy. I’m really pleased with it so I hope you like it!

There’s plans in the works for a virtual release party or parties on February 22. I’ll be posting more about that when the deets are finalized. Hope you have a great Friday!


So Impressed

Remember that I said Jester had found me the most perfect song ever for one of my Lex Valentine videos? Well, he did. I liked the song so much that I went and listened to the whole album and then downloaded it from Rhapsody. This band is the shit. I went to their website looking for contact info and lo and behold their singer/songwriter’s email addy was there. So I emailed him and asked for permission to use ‘Nikki’ in my video. I think it was less than an hour later he got back to me and said… YES! How freaking cool is this guy?

So, now that I have Adam Cohen’s permission, here is my Pink Chair Diaries Trilogy video.

That’s two bands now that have given me permission to use their music. Since Friday is a promo day on some of the Yahoo loops I belong to, I’ll be touting the videos! I want to do all I can to get my name out there which in turn, with the videos, gets the band names out there too. It’s just a scratching back thing. I’m still waiting to hear back from singer/songwriter Dan Wilson. I want to use his song Breathless for Runaway Train. I tried it in my test video and it’s awesome, but I prefer to have permission. I just feel better if I do.

Although, the Silver Queen vid I made that I like so much, uses Evanescence, and I doubt any email I sent to any contact for them would get me permission to use the song. So I’m gonna make the video private. I really made it for Shiny Bitch anyway. I’ll think of another song that I can get permission for and then post the official Silver Queen vid.

One more thing before I go. PseudoSJ sent me a twat about a contest where they are giving away a Dooney giraffe purse. Now, I know I already have one, but this is the BIG one! The one I originally tried to get, but didn’t have the money for. So I’m entering the contest as many times as I can in the hope that maybe, just maybe, luck will shine on me this year and give me a birthday gift of winning this purse. It’s a longshot, but I have to try. The contest is at

I’m home today working on my WIPs, trying to finish this Valentine story. It’s not going well. Ugh. Anyway, if anyone would like to be my beta reader, I could use a couple of people. You need a sharp eye to catch my left out words and commas, and you gotta be able to tell me if something does flow well or make sense to you. If you’re interested send me an email at winter at winterheart dot com.

BTW, this is my 200th post. Go me! Happy Friday!

My Bitch Mary

My bitch Mary, along with a lot of other bloggers with kids, is happy that school is starting. Poor Mary has been dealing with a lot of stuff, but she still manages to come by here and make a comment guaranteed to make me smile or laugh. I appreciate Mary, although you wouldn’t know it since my laggy ass hasn’t mailed her birthday present or her Marcus prize.

Still, I loves her a bunch, so today’s Tuesday Tune is for her. A little Saving Jane…

Mary by Saving Jane

And a little cartoon…

Hope I made you and Mary smile! Have a great Tuesday!

We’ve Got Big Balls

I’m not sure exactly how I ended up playing this for Motley last night. I think it might have had something to do with Dummy who is not fixed, but I’m not sure. All I really remember is that Motley hadn’t heard this song before. Well, she had, but she didn’t remember it. I mean, Rott’s played all the AC/DC albums repeatedly so she must have heard it at some point.

However, last night she was lying on my bed, on the phone with a friend, laughing her ass off at this:

May your Tuesday be filled with all the best kind of balls!