A Likely Candidate

Elections are over. Whew. Yes, I voted. No, not for the first time either. I’ve picked a winner before. More than once. Our new prez said he was an unlikely candidate… well, today I bring you likely candidates… for licking. Let’s all celebrate, shall we?

First up, a Brazilian popsicle… Alex Verga.

Then, some American ice cream… Laura Prepon.

And finally, the sorbet that is… DJ Stikki Nikki from Outlaw Radio…

Aka… my own Motley.

I’ll be back on Friday with some pimping and news about a GREAT giveaway on MySpace where YOU have the chance to win not just a fanged t-shirt from me, but candles with vampire bites, and other vampire related cool gifts. (Sorry, no TVC are shown or given away, unless you win one of the books.) If you get the chance, stop by Outlaw Radio and show Stikki Nikki some love. She’ll blow kisses to you on cam and play your song request to show you how grateful she is that you stopped by.

Happy Humpday Hotness!

Can’t Miss

I’m running a little late this morning, but I can’t miss putting up Marcus. As a muse, Marcus has been superb! Gotta love the man’s yummyness.

The only new news I have to report is that my novella Shifting Winds will probably be out in e-Book format in March from Pink Petal Books. The sequel is about 1/3 done now. I’m hoping to have it finished by the 15th. One of the things that’s been helping me is a little writing group called Word Wars. For those of you who write or are doing NaNo, you might want to consider joining us. It’s just a conference in Yahoo Instant Messenger where we put 30 minutes on the clock and just write. At the end of the 30 minutes we do a word count and cheer each other on. Sometimes, we share a few excerpts to get the juices flowing. If anyone is interested in joining in on Word Wars, hit me up on Yahoo when you see my Word Wars busy message. I’m knacwinterheart.

I gotta keep this short, as it’s almost time to leave for work. Before I go though, I did want to let you know that Motley is now DJ-ing for Outlaw Radio at fubar.com under the name Sticky Nikki. If you get a chance sign up for fubar and check out her show. She’s on Monday and Tuesday nights at 11 pm Pacific time, and Thursday and Friday from 11 am – 1 pm Pacific time. (I think I got those times right.) She had her first show last night and starts out her set with Nikki by the Low Millions. She also has the webcam on so you can watch her eat popsicles. Believe me, the crowd loves it!

Okay, here’s Marcus then I gotta jet outta here!

That’s so nice it makes me long for the days of holey jeans again! Have a great Monday everyone!

Hot Blogger Pimpin’

Everyone is campaigning. Motley is too busy having a mini-social life at the moment to campaign for herself so I figured I’d pimp her a little. Also, no one is pimping the gays. C’mon people! The gays are beautiful! You’ve got Jester, UncleMonkeyBoy, Gooster, and Justin. (Perez Hilton can bite my left nut.) These people are among the most beautiful people in the world, physically, mentally, and beneath the ribcage, where it counts the most. I want you all to click over to the Hot Blogger Calendar and vote for a gay today!

In order to get to you to vote for Motley, I’m posting a pic of her. On her blog, I posted a pic of the back of her red corset. Here she is all glossied up in the corset before they went to the club. Isn’t she cute? I swear, if she gets more votes than Dooce (I’m not stupid enough to think that she’ll get in the calendar with all those Mommy Bloggers on there) I’ll get her to post her half nekkid ass again in a new pic. The last time she posted her half nekkid ass, her blog was burning up the internet with traffic. Not sure why, but the ass got better traffic than the double D’s.

One last note on this Hot Blogger Calendar thingy. If you don’t wanna vote for Motley, vote for Hilly. Hilly isn’t pimping for votes either. For that alone, she deserves votes. Please click here and go vote for one of these bloggers, even if you aren’t a blogger yourself. They are all worthy of your vote.

Knee update: The work pants kinda gave me a bit of a set back. They’re wool, they don’t breath and when my knee started to swell, they became binding, which led to more swelling all the way down to my foot. The last two days of the week I’m gonna wear blue knit track pants and a pair of Motley’s flats to the office (her feet are bigger than mine so there’s some room for swelling there.) No socks because I swear they were too tight on my swollen limb and just made everything worse. I think the change in clothing and footwear will help.

Also, my hip is a really pretty shade of blue and purple. Same hip I landed on when I fell outta the shower a few years ago. So far, I don’t see any blue and purple on my knees but they sure feel like they should be, and the swelling is just ugly. Three day weekend should be a big help. Thank you all for your kind wishes and helpful advice.

Tomorrow, either here or on Socially Dead, we’ll be posting some pics of Dave’s favorite food because he’s on a diet to help discover what foods he’s allergic to. Since I suffer from food allergies too, I feel really bad for him. He requested chocolate pudding, so one of us will post pudding for Dave. Motley may beat me to it because I’ve been researching how to make it scratch and sniff for him. No luck so far.

Happy Hobbling Thursday!

Not a Mommy Blogger

I’m not! Really! Anyway, I’m not here today. I guest posted over here because

  1. Someone is asleep, and is not rising from the depths of her room and,
  2. I don’t want anyone to ever call me a Mommy Blogger.

Oh, wait! I didn’t squee in that post, so I guess I’m not a mommy blogger after all. Or I’m not fluffy. Something like that anyway. Click the link and go read. Maybe it will make you chuckle…

Smart Girls

Yes, Motley and I are now Smart Girls. I bought us both smart phones tonight. I stalked eBay the past two nights pricing phones. I checked with T-Mobile to see how much new ones would cost. I just want more functionality. Something I didn’t think I wanted last November when I got the Samsung Stripe and re-upped with T-Mobile.  Yeah, well since November I found blogging and Twitter and Flickr. Needs change. My tiny little Samsung sucks. I bought a new Dash.

As for Motley, she has a fairly new Razr. We re-upped her not that long ago too. She dropped her phone in the sink. HARD. Now it doesn’t function very well. There are a few places I don’t take my phone for this very reason. Kitchen. Fire. Water. Bad for my phone. Bathroom. Water. Toilet. Even more bad for my phone.  So my phone doesn’t go to either of those places. Apparently, Motley thought the phone was permanently attached to her hand because she texts, IMs, and twats on it so much. Then she went in the kitchen and found out that wasn’t true. Surprise, surprise. So, being the good mom that I am *rolls eyes*, I got her a used BlackBerry 8700G.

Now, don’t you wish I was your mom?