The Motherlode

671004_ratio3x4_width180This weekend Motley turned 20. No longer a teen yet still my baby. We celebrated with some Claim Jumper yummies delivered to our door including a slice of The Motherlode. Have you ever seen this thing? It is a chocolate explosion. An overdose. I think I could only eat about 3 bites of it today after having had one layer of the slice yesterday. Man. What a way to turn 20, overdosing on chocolate.

I talked about giving birth to Motley over on the Flirty Author Bitches blog, explaining that I’d been in the hospital for over a month. I’d been really sick and once they induced labor I got seriously cranky. I think I might have stayed that way which is probably why Motley doesn’t always think she’s hit the motherlode when it comes to mothers. I did post a video over at FAB. It’s the video that was playing on MTV when Motley arrived. I about took the nurse’s head off when she tried to turn off MTV. It was the only thing distracting me from the pain. I don’t let Motley forget that she arrived during an Aerosmith video. LOL

Apparently, the term motherlode extends to creativity and book covers too this past week. I was on a roll. After I did Fire Season’s cover I got an idea for the covers of the next two books. I think they turned out quite well. After that, I made a couple of sig tag banners for people. What do you think? Was my creative genius at work or am I tooting my own horn for no reason?





I think I did okay on the graphics front. This week I’m leaving on Friday to pick up Rott in Mammoth. I have a long boring drive ahead of me and a lot of stress. Actually, I’m already stressing. I may have to start work on my next project without a breather because I need the distraction. Well, actually, I have some trailers to do. Hopefully, my creative motherlode holds for a few more days.

Before I go I’ve got to post a Monday motherlode of Marcus! I cannot have a Monday without him anymore. And I really love this photo. Tres hawt. Tidey whities never looked so good. Well, cept maybe for the ones on Travis Fimmel. HEH. Gah. No contest. I’d still take Marcus over Travis, but it would be a tough decision.


If you get the chance, stop by Motley’s blog Socially Dead and wish her a happy you’re no longer a teenager birthday. Hope you have a great Monday!



As most of you know, Motley has been playing WoW. She has a guild called Questicles so I made her a forum for it. My new hosting company has auto install of phpbb boards so I had her up and running in less than an hour. She’s been enjoying herself playing both horde and alliance characters. Then early this morning, she and a friend came upon a quest that made her – and me – sad. She had to find Hilary’s Necklace.

Just looking at the two little cartoon kids fishing made me sad because I know that my friend is sad. In my head I heard that famous line from Casablanca, “We’ll always have Paris”, but in my mind I changed it to “We’ll always have Hilary’s Necklace.” And although Motley and I were saddened by the quest, we know our friend is headed out on a new quest, in a new land, with every chance to be happy once more.

In a short time, Rott will be home and I wonder if this is my chance to be happy once more or if history will repeat itself. It will be a new quest for us and it will be especially hard for Rott. But I worry all the time that everything will just go back to the way it was and I will have to walk away. It’s a very stressful time in my house right now as we prepare for his homecoming in May.

All stress and sadness and questicles aside… since it’s Monday it’s time for a Marcus. I’ve been hunting for new Marcus photos and haven’t come up with any I don’t already have. I’m gonna have to start posting photos I’ve posted before! That’s not much of a hardship though for me. I can look at him for hours. Heh.


Those shorts are way tacky but I’d be more than happy to help him take them off. *wink*

Have a great Monday everyone!



They’re here! Yes, the first two books in the Tales of the Darkworld series came out last Thursday the 5th. I didn’t blog about it because I have been in OT hell. The day job was ruthless last week and I’m still exhausted. Deadline on top of deadline just wrung every ounce of energy from me. I’m still not done with month end functions and I’m truly crossed eyed with exhaustion.  When the alarm went off this morning at 6 – and I went to bed at an hour that is early for me – I just wanted to roll over and sleep for 4 more hours.

I’m currently sitting in my towel, wet from the shower, and eyes drooping. I could nod off right here in my chair. Seriously. I may have to go home early because I already feel the telltale pressure of a king size sinus headache building behind my face. That should guarantee some sleep though.

So, Tales of the Darkworld are about shifters. In the case of the first two books, the shifters are black dragons. Book One Shifting Winds is the story of black dragon Declan Antaeus and a vampire he’s had a crush on for years, Elysia Granville.  It contains sex in the cemetery on Halloween while 6’4″ Declan is dressed as the Grim Reaper with a real scythe and Elysia is dressed as Elvira.  No TVC here. Only TDC – throbbing dragon cock. It’s probably all pretty similar to Dave.

In Book Two Hot Water, Bad Monkey will get his fill of TVC because the hero of the story is Elysia’s brother Colin who is, of course, a vampire. The heroine is Declan’s black sheep of the family sister Eden.  This story contains sex in an infinity pool that is set to boiling by Eden’s dragonfire.  This story has a lot more layers to it than Shifting Winds. It also has two scenes featuring the snarky elf Karl with a K, the very amusing gay wildling Corey Green, and one scene with the mesmerizing black dragon Vahid Delrey. You know these characters as Karl Erikson, Gooster, and Iron Fist.

Hot Water is dedicated to those three for allowing me to morph them into immortals (Vahid needs to email me so I can send him a copy) and to Jennifer McKenzie (ie Jennifer Leeland) who is better at pushing than an electric cattle prod. Jen also had a really great Thursday Thirteen on my release day with 13 reasons to buy Hot Water. Apparently, Jen really liked Gooster too because his character was the #9 reason to buy the book! Go Gooster!

I haven’t promo’d the books much and I still haven’t gotten around to submitting The Wise Guy for reviews. As soon as I’m not so groggy I’ll get on that. But speaking of reviews, I read the funniest thing ever yesterday. If you need a good belly laugh, a spew your soda onto the monitor laugh, you MUST read this. It’s truly hilarious. No TVC but there are things ever so much funnier. Ladyfingers. You HAVE to read it to understand. You’ll never look at those cookies the same way again. Go HERE.

Now, a taste of Marcus on this Monday. I posted some of my favorite photos of him at my release party over the weekend. Ummmm ummmm. He is just delicious! Here’s a really nice image of him to brighten the beginning of the week. Bad Monkey should be pleased.


Since I had two new releases those who post comments for the next two weeks will be entered in a drawing to win copies of the Tales of the Darkworld.

A couple of last items and then I guess I’d better drag my ass to work. First, if you want to BUY my books you can go to Pink Petal Books where they are currently on the front page. Second, if you play WoW and you’re in Blackwing Lair (I think that’s the right server) keep an eye on the mailbox. (But don’t ask me where the mailbox is because I don’t know. I’d have to ask Motley.) Apparently, Motley’s hot character iPanties gets up on the mailbox and dances… while taking her clothes off. Yep. That’s my kid.

Have a great Monday!


Coming Soon

I’m in a rush this morning cause I did not want to get out of bed! UGH! At any rate, here’s the deal, coming this week from me is a post with my Blogiversary winner. You thought I forgot, didn’t you? I did not! But Motley is keeping weird hours and I need her to draw the name. I can’t believe she is playing WoW now. I’m starting to hate that game.

Also coming soon is my first book release The Wise Guy on February 22. On February 25, Jester has me in the hot seat, along with any of the other authors I can drag there from the series that The Wise Guy is in. On March 5, Book One and Two of the Tales of the Darkworld will be released. Shifting Winds and Hot Water both had their videos revamped this weekend to include the publisher info.

You don’t want to miss Hot Water’s video, in particular. It features a naughty Liz Phair song, and a thank you at the end to the three bloggers who let me “immortalize” them in the book. By immortalize I mean that I took a few aspects of their personalities and used them in an immortal (think dragon, elf and wildling) character with their name. Mostly, the characters are fiction, but there’s a tiny little bite of each of these men in the fiction so I think you’ll recognize them.

And now for the moment you’ve all been waiting for… my Marcus!


Here he is on the catwalk with Naomi Campbell. They’re wearing mirrored swimsuits. I want to see the reflections between his thighs… Pretty freaky looking suits, eh? Still, he’s mostly naked so I’m down with that.

Have a spectacular Monday!


Mall Madness

Have I said before that I hate the mall? I must have. I REALLY hate the mall. Anyway, Motley needed new jeans so guess where I was yesterday? Heh heh. Barnes and Noble! Motley was across the street at the mall.

At any rate, going shopping screws up my day. I don’t get done the things I’d thought I’d accomplish over the weekend and I just really really dislike it. The bookstore wasn’t too godawful bad and for once, no one was in the romance section until right before I left, so I was alone with the books. That was probably a good thing because I’m sure I looked like a total freaking moron staring at the shelf where the V’s would be. There were no V’s, by the way. If I end up in print, I would be the only V. So when this one lone woman showed up to browse the section, I so wanted to grab her and show here where my book would be if it were in print. Yeah, I’m losing it just a tad I think.

I ended up using the gift card I won from the Colordado Vixens blog (thanks ladies!) and I spent about $7. Then I started looking at the prices of crap in the Starbucks cafe. Holy shit! I about passed out. One teeny tiny red velvet cupcake, the equivalent of 1 bite, was $2.95. Man, that made my head spin. I could make those suckers full size cupcakes and sell em on the curb outside the store for a buck apiece and make a killing…

Sorry I didn’t get back to you all with my Friday pimping. The things I was gonna pimp got all goobered up. For one, I don’t know what Motley’s hours are now… cept for Sunday and Monday nights at 11 pm Pacific time to 1 am. She did all kinds of other shifts last week. Apparently, she and her boobs are very popular. The other thing I’m gonna pimp is called Bloody Kissmas and it’s a giveaway in December on My Space. I think I’ll wait until the end of the week to start pimping it. I just hate Christmas crap too early. My part of the giveaway is a vampire shirt. I’ll get into it all later. There’s pics and banners and a video (not one of my videos)… stuff yanno.

So now it’s time for Marcus and then I gotta get outta this towel and head to work. Here’s my luscious Monday man…

This is a repeat Marcus, not because I don’t have any photos I haven’t posted, but because this is my favorite photo of him and I’m in the mood for it.! Have a great Monday!