I Am Mom

I spent a good portion of the past weekend putting the finishing touches on my friend David’s new WordPress blog BellaDaddy. David is a Daddy blogger and I think I was more exposed to mommy and daddy bloggers this weekend than I’ve been in the whole 3+ years that I’ve been blogging. As I copied feed links and worked on widgets and badges, it dawned on me that these people are passionate about their children and their lives as parents. And they started to make me feel that I’d missed out on something.

Now, it’s pretty obvious to most people that I just don’t have the personality of a mommy blogger. Still, as I looked at those blogs, I almost wished I were. Not that I could be because my kid is 22 not 2. Whoever heard of a mommy blogger who posts about grown children?

As I finished the site, I realized that even though I could never be a mommy blogger for so many reasons, I am still a mom. I brag about my kid when she does something great. I worry about her when she’s far away as she is right now. I get angry when she does dumb stuff. And I just love her so much that I want everything to go right in her world.

Currently, she’s in Wisconsin enjoying her summer break of three weeks with a friend. If you go to my Facebook page and click on her page (she’s listed in the sidebar as my daughter) you’ll see some amazing photos of a waterfall that she took today. She looks like she’s having a great time despite her inauspicious start of having her second flight canceled due to bad weather, leaving her stranded in the Minneapolis airport.

So I’m not a mommy blogger. Meh. I am Mom and no one can take that away from me regardless of whether I post cute kid photos on my blog or not!

After all these weeks away due to moving and having my desktop computer die, I seriously need a Marcus to cheer me up. I’m missing my kid and finding it hard to regain my sea legs after so much time away. I missed you all, missed posting, missed Marcus…

But I love those bulging muscles! Heh. Boy, am I glad to be back!

Have a great Monday!

Resurrection of the Dead

Yesterday, I put Socially Dead back up. Motley wants to blog again but she wanted a less teenager-y template than Skully. Although she liked Skully, she was tired of the pale blue and pink.  So Motley’s back (hasn’t posted yet though) with a new template (Cold Stone, same as I use at Lex Valentine) but those of you who used to visit her will recognize Skully at once.

There’s still some updating of info we need to do (I need to fix my CafePress stuff) but it’s all small stuff at this point. The blog has now been resurrected and hopefully it will have more of a life than her past “I have no life” musings. If you get a chance, cruise on by and take a look at Skully’s – and Motley’s – new home.

I’ve decided I don’t have much of a life either. All I do is work. Work at the office, work at home. Of course, there are days writing is sheer fun and other days when it’s just work.  I have a lot of writing ahead of me this year including a resurrection – erm, revision of my five year old Regency manuscript for a contest. Luckily, I only have to fix 30 pages of it for the contest and it doesn’t have to be a completed manuscript. That’s good for me cause the damned thing has no ending. More than 75,000 words and it’s just hanging there waiting for me to finish it. I’m hoping the revision of 30 pages gives me the impetus to finish this sucker.

A bunch of stressful things are going on at home and before you ask…things are fine with Motley and Rott.  We’ve just got external stuff happening that is putting a lot of strain on all of us right now. I’m sleeping even worse than usual, but I’m hoping some things that are up in the air at the moment will be resolved in a  few days one way or the other. No one’s dying as far as I know so I figure I’ll just bite the bullet and try to deal as best I can and hope for the best cause I guess it could all be worse. (How many cliches did I just slap into a single sentence, eh? LOL)

I’ve got a nice Marcus in his undies here in honor of my friend Sally whom I recently found on Facebook after having lost touch with her more than 20 years ago.  She’s a little down in the dumps so I sent her a copy of The Pixie Prince and told her Max the underwear model should make her laugh. Because of Max, I bring you Marcus modeling underwear.

I do love the way he fills out boxer briefs…

On Wicked Wednesday I’ve got a guest blogger talking about vampires so come on back and check it out later this week.  I hope you all have a great Monday!

Judge Not

I spent Saturday judging some writing contest entries. It was fun, but I have to say, the first few I read were disappointing. I guess I expected them to be better stories. I don’t know why I had that expectation but I did.  The writing was okay, the mechanics not bad, but I felt nothing when I read them. They weren’t exactly boring, but they just weren’t interesting enough to capture my interest.

Of course, I could tell with a few of them that they just needed a better vocabulary, better word choices, to pump up the story and give it more oomph. Others, well, let’s just say that the plots needed some work.  I will say that there were two real standouts of the ten I read and that’s a pretty decent percentage.

I talked to Nikki (Motley) about how to present yourself when you try to get a job. I told her to stand up straight and not slouch. People might perceive you as lazy and schlumpy if you don’t stand up straight. Now, in Nikki’s case, standing up straight means her gigantic boobs are really, really on display. There’s not much we can do about that.  I mean, Mother Nature saw fit to endow her with the kind of chest strippers pay plastic surgeons to get.  I try to get her to dress so that her chest isn’t so much on display when she’s job hunting. After all, despite it not being right for people to judge each other, they just do especially when they need to size up job applicants.

Used to be, Nikki had the attitude that since people shouldn’t judge each other she could suit herself. She was in her teens then and feeling all angsty and rebellious. Now, she gets it that while we shouldn’t judge others there are times you have to and most people are gonna do it anyway.  I don’t think it’s how humans are biologically, I think it’s how our culture is. And luckily, at 21, Nikki now gets this too. Now, if only she could just get people to stop staring at her boobs and give her a customer service type job…

Today’s Marcus is low key and pretty. I was playing around with gradients in Photoshop and used my favorite Marcus photo.  I love purple.

Oh! Before I go I invite you to check out Fonts For Peas. Amanda made a font out of my handwriting! It’s called peaLex Valentine. 🙂 I should probably use it on this site. Whadda ya think?

Wishing you all a non-judgmental Monday!

Tour To Win

Short post this morning. I awoke with a gasp at 5:30 am realizing that I forgot I have to take Motley to school this morning and didn’t set the alarm for 5 am. We switched over to a new server on Saturday and I spent some time dealing with a few things over the weekend related to that. The big test is this morning when the full staff walks in and has to use it. So I need to hightail my ass into the office ASAP!

Since I’m now short of time and need to run off to shower, I’m just gonna tell you about a chance to win a Sony eReader and other prizes in 1Romance Ebooks’ Birthday Blog Tour. What you need to do is head over to 1Romance Ebooks and register for the prizes. They give you a number that you use to comment at all the blog tour stops. Those comments give you chances to win the eReader and other prizes. I’m giving away a copy of the newest Tales of the Darkworld book, Common Ground, when I blog as part of the tour on the 21st at LexValentine.com.

Okay time for a Marcus and a shower! Hmmn. Maybe I should combine those…

That’s from the most famous series of photos of him, back at the beginning of his career. It’s still one of the hottest images of him there are.

Don’t forget, I’m blogging over at Lex Valentine on Wednesday and my last two posts there are on sci fi rom books I’ve read so if you’re looking for a good read check those out. Wish me luck with the server this morning! Everyone have a great Monday!

The Long Goodbye

Do you remember when you were 20 or so and everything you felt seemed so overwhelming, larger than life, and never ending? I remember those days. OMG. I was such a drama queen. Not so much overtly as in my head.

Those days were brought back to me this weekend when Nikki (Motley) broke up with her boyfriend.  This is the boyfriend everyone had reservations about because he was possessive (and talking about getting married and having kids when neither of them even has a job) and did controlling things like yell at her demanding she hang up if she was on the phone with me and we were disagreeing. I mean, I heard his tone of voice, it bothered me. I’m not into guys who want to control me and tell me what to do so it bothers me when someone treats my kid that way.

My co-workers and Rott all had the same impression of his behavior…stalker in the making.  So their relationship gave me more than a few qualms. Well, about a month ago she moved back home (she’d been staying with him out in Corona) and we breathed a sigh of relief. Then this weekend she broke up with him.

I didn’t much in the way of details but basically, they broke up and agreed to be friends and he told her he’d still take her to school on Monday. Well, she went out with friends that night, and being a single girl again, she messed around a little with a guy she’s known since high school. The next day, the brand new ex wants to talk.

So Nikki goes out with him to have yet another discussion about their relationship. She came home and didn’t really want to talk about it. She said enough though. He’s not taking her to school (I am) and he laid on the big emotional scene apparently.  She’s hurt him so badly. She’s worthless. He should be dead. Drama. Drama. Drama.

Ahhh, I remember those days! Every break up was a long goodbye. It was all woe is me, I’ll never feel like this again. You’ve broken my heart so badly I might as well be dead. Emo to the nth degree.

I’m not knocking the guy for feeling like that, I just don’t like it that he tried to make her feel bad about herself. (Although, Rott thinks that’s just part and parcel of the whole controlling thing-I wanna be an abuser when I grow up.) I tried to remember back to those drama days of my late teens-early 20’s to see if I could remember ever trying to make David (from Bella Daddy) feel bad for breaking up with me. I decided that I don’t think I did. I think I liked him too much as a friend to do that. (The other guy I was with back then didn’t dump me. I dumped him pretty much.)

Anyway, Nikki’s single again and even though Rott is looking over his shoulder wondering if the guy lost it and went to get a gun, I think that other than maybe some Facebook slamming and pissy texts from him, it’s probably all over with. Mama don’t let your babies grow up to date stalkers… I know that’s mean of me. It’s not like the guy ever hit her. Least, not that I know of. If he had, he’d probably be wearing a bullet hole between his eyes. Damn. I haven’t lost that flair for drama after all, have I? 😉

Today’s Marcus is a new one. Pretty and shiny and oh, so yummeh!

BTW, I just discovered my comment above about FB is true. LOL Have a great drama-less Monday everyone!