Button Fly

Edits for Shifting Winds are about done. My editor sent the manuscript to me, I made changes, was really happy with how it came out, and sent it back to her. Now, it’s a waiting game. Will she like the changes? Will she want more? Will she send it back to me for more fixing? One of the things I fixed was a line the heroine thinks while she’s trying to free the hero’s dick from his jeans… she was mentally praising whoever invented the button fly.

I have to admit that I love a pair of button fly jeans on a man. Sure, it makes for easy access, but almost better than that, most men just look too hot in them.  Button fly jeans are the male equivalent of a push up bra. I see those flys and my mouth waters. *sigh* I know. TMI.


Writing erotica, the button fly has become stock in trade for me.  The funny thing is, I’ve started noticing them more when I’m out and about (not that I get out much).  I guess what it boils down to is that working as a writer has made me more aware of certain things. I’m always looking at things with an inspirational eye now. Can I use it or a variation of it? What does it say to me? At my age, it’s kinda nice to look at the world with new eyes.

I’ve been looking at writing with new eyes too. Last week I took on the job of submissions editor for Freya’s Bower and Wild Child Publishing. WOW. The stuff that gets sent to them, that people think is publishable? Amazing. Lately, I’ve been a little political on the topic of books that are not up to snuff being touted on review sites as the best thing since sliced bread, only because everyone loves the author, not for her writing but because she’s such a nice, sweet lady.  So all the reviews and the awards thingys with open polls, have all been revealed to me as a popularity contest. Not unlike politics. Yeah, I don’t do politics, even on the eve of the inauguration.

However, I can see that if I want even a modicum of success, I’m going to have to start currying favor with all of you to try to get you to buy my books and vote for me and all that political handshaking kinda bullshit. We’ll see how popular I get. I’m not good at begging or ass kissing, something I think I revealed in a post early last year.

Speaking of last year, I need to check my dates… I might have missed my Blogiversary! YIKES! I’ll check on that and get back to you. LOL I AM planning a giveaway or contest of some kind.

Three things left on my Monday agenda… First, let’s have a Marcus! Since we were talking jeans I thought it best to have a Marcus in jeans photo today. The girl in the bikini is just an added benefit for the het guys out there.


Second, I’d like to say thanks to Dave, for letting me use his Hawaii photos in a book trailer for author A.J. Llewellyn. A.J. was thrilled at the beauty of Dave’s photos. As for me, I appreciated Dave’s generosity. I’m definitely donating to the building of the Dave Monument!

And last but not least, I bought Jester a book.  I admit I was trying to curry favor. I think it worked too, but I can’t talk about it yet. The book is called I Do and it’s an anthology of same sex stories in support of Marriage Equality. The proceeds from the book go to Lambda Legal to help fight Prop 8. If you like to read these kinds of stories, or even if you don’t, but you’d like to support the cause, buy the book please. You can give it away to someone who does like to read same sex stories. 🙂

That’s it for me for this Monday. I’ve gotta check on my Blogiversary date which sadly may have already passed. DOH! Have a great Monday!


Christmas Village

You know that saying about how it takes a village? I’ve always assumed that since the sentence was never finished that it assumes it takes a village to do anything well… big. Last night I decided to make a video instead of making a recording of me and Nikki singing the Coventry Carol. It’s not that we can’t sing… we can, and we do it pretty well. It’s just that we were imbibing last night and I just couldn’t string the stanzas together properly. Go figure.

So I’m making this video and I’m thinking about all the books I have coming out in 2009 and how well Christmas Hookup has been doing in downloads. Then I realized how many people out here have encouraged me in the last six months to a year since I started wondering if I could do this. Going back to the inception of this blog (which is nearing it’s first blogiversary), I realized that there is a whole “village”, if you will, of people who have in some way influenced or helped me get to this point.

This video is for all of you. From Jester who helped me with this blog, to Justin, Karl, Gooster, Marty, and Vahid (and soon Hilly too) who let me immortalize their name and a few of their characteristics in my Darkworld characters, to people like Jennifer McKenzie and Susan Helene Gottfried who pushed me in the very beginning (and who keep saying it) by saying that this was something I could absolutely do. And then there are the people who constantly tell me in comments, IM or on Twitter, that what I’m doing is awesome and that I really can do it – Marty, Hilly, Britt, Becky, Jason X, and Dee Carney. There are people in my Yahoo groups who encourage me too and then there are the three ladies (Bar bitches really LOL) who have always been in my corner since before I came to blogging.

I want you all to know that there is no way I would be sitting here with 4 contracts for books due out in 2009, and the possibility of 3 more once the other Tales of the Darkworld are written (Yes, my publisher wants Vahid the black dragon’s story too. I knew that was coming. Vahid being such a sexy thang and all) without every single word or comment that all of YOU have given me.

This is MY Christmas message to all of YOU. I may not have been by your blog to comment, but you are ALWAYS in my thoughts. I wouldn’t be here plugging away without what you have given me… the gift of your friendship and caring.

One last thing before I go prep my ham… I have a confession to make. I suck. Bigtime. Sure, I have a thousand and one stresses on me and a fucked up car that just keeps falling apart no matter how much money I toss into the thing’s maw. But there is still no reason for me to be such a bonehead as to STILL have Hilly’s birthday present when the woman lives literally a few exits down the freeway from me.

The reason I suck so bad isn’t just because I still have her present and haven’t seen her in months… it’s because she is the sole reason I got so involved with all of you. She took me under her wing when I was afraid to meet bloggers, and she made me feel at home, warm and welcomed. She is the most awesome person on this planet and even though I clearly suck at showing it, I love the woman dearly. Thank you for bringing me into the PRB, Hilly. Many, many happy wishes for you this Christmas.

And for all the rest of you too.


What’s a Magi?

Do you remember the Christmas story called the Gift of the Magi? It’s a Christmas story with a twist, but a heartwarming one. It’s always been my favorite Christmas story. I suppose when I set out to write a Christmas story for my publisher that it must have been at the back of my head. What I produced was hot and sexy, but by the end it’s obvious that it’s a Gift of the Magi type of tale.

The reason I’m telling you this today is because if you visit my publisher Pink Petal Books and click on the link for the bookstore, you will find my Christmas ebook. You can also visit All Romance Ebooks and search for the author name Lex Valentine and find the book. The title is Christmas Hookup and the cover is sexy and Christmasy at the same time.

This story has no vampires, no dragons, no immortal beings. What is has is a piece of me. It’s the story of a woman who leaves her cowtown of a hometown and moves away. A friend drags her back for a Christmas reunion. While she’s there, the woman meets a man who has also left the cowtown behind and is now famous.

Coming from the home of the California Rodeo, with no intention of ever going home to stay again, this was an easy piece to write. I understand the motivation to want to leave a place like that. I also understand how you can not want to live there, yet still call it home. The story is something that could have happened to me. However, it didn’t, and I’m here behind the Orange Curtain with a rocker not a cowboy.

Despite the absence of the throbbing vampire cock you have all come to expect from me, I hope you all go and download the book. It’s only 7500 words, and yes there is explicit sex, but it’s also a heartwarming story of commitment and love and Christmas. The message that I send in the story is one that I wish for all of you this holiday season… may you all recognize the love that you have in your lives, embrace it, and show those people how much you care. Perhaps we are not all as lucky as say Jester and UMB and we don’t have a special someone in our lives. There are others whom we love, family and friends, and they are all just as needful of hearing the words as a lover.

All of you who have befriended me and supported me, despite the fact that my life has become this crazed thing that doesn’t give me the time yet to return to my former bloggy ways of being your comment whore… I do love you. My arms may not reach to Salt Lake City, Irvine, Pittsburgh, New York City, Sebring, Wenatachee, Portland, San Francisco, Eureka, or even Flippen, Arkansas… but my words can. And I’m telling you people now that I love you. May you all bask in the love of your families and friends this Christmas and know that despite the mess our world has become, there is still something good in it for each and every one of us.

Now, go download my book! It’s FREE! 😉

Pink Petal Books bookstore

All Romance eBooks


Thank You For You

Yes, I do appreciate all of you. Sometimes I get wrapped up in things and forget to say it or show it, but I FEEL it. Yesterday, at the horse racing sim, we were informed that one of our friends had died earlier this month from brain cancer. We hadn’t heard from him in awhile because of his illness and his nephew who gave us updates, took his death hard and didn’t let us know right away. John Chapman, Nawbo or Naws to the sim gang, was an amazing friend who was my partner in the Stupor Stable. I miss him, but I know that he lives on in the memories – little pieces of him – that I, and the others, carry in our hearts.

Nawbo’s passing reminds me that I should thank all of you for YOU. For coming here or reading me in your feed readers. For commenting – showing that you care by the words you leave here when I’m excited or sad or sick. And all your tweets are important to me, from Dave’s chiding about TVC to Gooster’s Good morning, sunshine. Thank you to all of you who sent comments on Twitter about Nawbo’s death. Every tweet was important to me.

I do have some news for you about my writing. I received a second contract from a different publisher for my story Silver Lining. SL is an intensely personal story for me. I cried writing it that’s how deep it goes. Silver Lining will be released in July by Midnight Showcase Fiction. My sequel will be read by my publisher this week and I’m hoping she likes it as much as Shifting Winds. This series is quickly becoming a focus for me. I’ve started working out plot twists for Fire Season, which is book 3. Vahid, the enigmatic black dragon, shows up a little more in this book because a lot of it is tied up with the Antaeus family’s business where he’s a VP. I have a feeling he’s going to be one of those secondary characters that the readers want to have his own story. We’ll see how that goes though… Number 3 isn’t even written yet. 😉

I wish every one of you a very happy Thanksgiving, and much love and laughter. Thank you for YOU. You all make my life so much brighter.

A Token

I promised my straight male readers some heat today, didn’t I? I guess that means I can’t really toss a Marcus in there. Hee hee. That’s okay. I have lots of him on my hard drive.

Before I toss out some hotties this Wednesday, I have a tiny little story to tell. Awhile back, when I first was introduced to Jester here online, he made a joke to me in IM about being the token gay on some blog rolls. I joked back that he wouldn’t be the token gay on my blog roll because that role was already taken. It wasn’t a joke though. There really was a gay on my blog roll before I ever added Jester.

Bella Daddy Blog is the name of his blog. His name is David and I’ve known him, and loved him, since high school. I knew his mom, his brothers… He is a part of my family, went on vacations to Washington with us, and lived in my parents’ house when he had trouble with his step dad. Over the years we lost touch. I think we hooked up once or twice, but then he found me during a really important time in his life, the birth of his first child two years ago. The story of Bella, and of David’s life now, is an amazing one.

I guess the reason I’m telling this story is because a couple of things happened yesterday. One, Gooster twatted about getting his first invite to a gay wedding. And two, David sent me a link to the photo album of his trip to Italy with his partner and their daughter. Their kid is cute as can be, but the photos of David with Vince showed me something that I knew with my head, yet hadn’t really seen with my eyes. (We’ve been talking online. I have yet to meet Vince.)

David has it all. The love, the kid, the whole nine yards… and I am so incredibly happy for him. The photos of him with Vince are like looking at photos of Jester and UMB together. There’s that indefinable oneness, that sense of just incredible happiness. It brings me much joy to know that David has that. Here’s a link to the photos, so you can see for yourself what I’m talking about. Their happiness leaps right off the screen at you. Gay or straight, I don’t know how anyone can not see the love in these photos.

Europe 2008

Okay, now that I told you the story of my token gay, I’ll give the straight guys some hotties. *snicker*

Yeah, that’s a dark haired Hilary Duff. Hard to believe, isn’t it?

There’s Keeley Hazell like I promised.

A little taste of Naomi Watts…

And a repeat of Liz Hurley for good measure. (For Dave, ya know. He’s dealing with a diet so we must show him some love.)

Oh, and I really can’t do this without at least one male hottie. Since he got such raves the last time I posted him… here’s Brandon Boyd.

BTW, I decided on a pen name, stole it from my favorite character at the Bar actually. If I ever get something accepted for publication, I will then build myself a real author website at LexValentine.com. For now, it points to Winterheart.com. I was really excited when I clicked the button to register the domain yesterday. Now, I really have to get cracking on my writing projects, which are listed on my WIP (works in progress) page at Winterheart.com.

Update on the knee… still swollen, but not as bad. Still sore and stiff. Gonna try to go to work. I have a feeling I won’t make it the whole day because the damn thing is bound to start swelling again, requiring a few hours elevation. I can walk, albeit rather stiff legged, so I’m off to the office.

Have a great humpday!