Can You Believe?

Can you believe I had a blog post for today all set in my head on Saturday? Rott said something, a “Can you believe…?” thing, and we were both laughing and I said, “That’s my blog post for Monday!” and we expounded on it… and… Um, yeah. I can’t remember it. So I guess my post is Can You Believe I Forgot My Blog Post?

It will probably come back to me when I’ve stopped trying to remember what it is. The sad thing is, I know I should write shit down. Not only am I getting older and more ADD by the day, but I juggle a lot of stuff. Not just at work, although I swear they should give out a juggling award and I should be its first recipient, but I juggle a lot at home. It’s rough to have three careers.

When I think about all the stuff I’ve forgotten or don’t remember clearly, it bothers me. And really, I know that it’s not that I’ve truly forgotten stuff but more like other things have crowded to the front of my brain. I have a lot of vague crap in my memory.

Thanks to Hilly, whose Facebook posts hold me riveted more than anything since I found Facebook, I’ve actually spent some time there. Spending time there has led to me finding people I had lost. People I should never have lost in the first place. But see, for a writer, I’m also a bad communicator. I hate talking on the phone. I’d much rather see someone’s face or read an email. People tend to pour stuff into an email that they wouldn’t say on the phone, especially when they know they aren’t going to see you any time soon or speak to you on the phone.  On the phone, you distract each other and the things you had planned to say often go astray. You don’t forget them, you just forget them right at that moment.

So I’ve found some people from my past that I was excited to reconnect with. Like J.J. who helped Jason teach me how to swim when I was 26 years old and deathly frightened of the water. These two 15 year olds made it their mission for the summer to teach me to swim.  And they did. I can’t say that I remember how to swim now, but by the end of that summer I could dog paddle my way underwater across the width of the pool. A huge accomplishment for a woman deathly afraid of the water.

I also found a woman I used to work with. Not only do I remember the bright red hair and sparkling smile – both of which are still there in abundance if the photos are to be believed – but I remember what a nice person she was. Sweet, but with a hint of spice, fun and little bit funny, and the only person I can think of who could get an entire roomful of people who were prepared to embark on a stuffy conference to do the Macarena. No, I did not do the Macarena myself. Instead, I stood there and watched Carmen weave her magic. And it was magic. The moment stands out in my memory clearly and hasn’t been shoved to the back amongst all the other stuff I barely remember.

I guess I’ll post that scintillating blog post when I remember it. If I remember it.  Doesn’t matter if I don’t though. There are a lot of other more fun and heartwarming things I can remember in my old brain now that I’ve found some people I lost. It feels better than finding money. And I could blame it on Hilly because I’ve been so caught up in watching her happiness bloom. But I guess the reality is that the cosmos knew I needed to find these people again… right now. So I guess I can believe. 🙂

As usual, before I close my Monday post, I have a Marcus. An oh so yummeh Marcus. I guess Mondays really aren’t so blah when I can hare off to work with that vision of him fresh in my head.

I seriously love that man’s chest. *Drool*

Before I take off, I have a couple of bits of info on the writing front. I’ll prolly have a more in depth post on this stuff later in the month here or over on the Lex Valentine blog. Where There’s Smoke has finished edits but I don’t have a release date yet. Dee Carney‘s book Deeper Than the Ocean is the first book in the trilogy and it’s out now at Liquid Silver Books. Mina Carter‘s book Playing Wolf is the second book in the series and my book concludes it and wraps up the entertwined stories of four brothers whose father tries to murder them.

Insolence will be out April 16 at Cobblestone Press and it’s a friends to lovers story with a little twist of BDSM to spice it up.  I finalized the cover for Sunstroked. Still not happy with Common Ground’s cover, but I need to finish that story anyway. I’ll prolly work on it during Cobblestone’s Book In a Week challenge.  Maybe I’ll share some covers later this week. We’ll see how strapped I am for time.

Oh, and a big THANK YOU to Dave2 for helping me with something that I KNEW he would know. He’s so smart. And purdy too. 😉

Hope you all have a great Monday!


Today is the birthday of someone very speshul. He reads my blog sometimes and back when I was first writing about becoming an author, he coined the phrase TVC. Throbbing Vampire Cock. See, he didn’t want to read about TVC. But then, he had to create a cartoon so he decided to create TVC, the dick that sucks you!

No one, nowhere, no how, could have thought up such a thing and executed it better than my friend Dave, who has been known to leap tall lattes in a single bound to get pudding.

Who survived, and enjoyed, being injected with Teh Gay.

(Jester and Dave)

Who was tormented for like a year while everyone in the blogosphere wore his tiara.

(Secondhand Karl)

Who makes the coolest playing cards and  zombie shirts.

And whom I have had the great pleasure of meeting in person!

Please stop by Blogography today and wish Dave2 a very Happy Birthday! From me and Motley to you, Dave… Hope your birthday is a throbbing good time! MUAH!

The Thing About Love

Later this week, on the 7th, I’ll be over at Cindy Jacks’s blog talking about love.  It’s February, so people tend to wanna talk about those tender emotions.  I write about them all the time because my books and stories always have a happy ending.  I’m the kind of person who has to have a HEA (happily ever after.) Or some sort of happy ending at any rate. I don’t want to read about the angst without having it all work itself out, handing the hero and heroine a reward.

In real life, things don’t always work out that way. In my life, the angst has always outweighed the HEA. I think some of us are meant to have to struggle. Very little in my life has come easy, ergo I learned to appreciate the hard won victories.  Things mean more to me if I have to work for it. I tend to hang on to people as long as I can, try to work out issues, try to give them what they need and want, try to keep and nurture the love I have. But sometimes, no matter how hard you work, love still slips away. I’ve lost a lot of people in my life so I prize the ones I have right now. I know that our hearts seem to be the regenerative type, and if we lose someone today, later on we’ll find someone else to love. Still, I’d rather not have go through that again. I just want this HEA to work itself out NOW.

Someone I’ve known and loved since I was 17 years old (I’m not sure I should tell you how many years that is… but it’s more than thirty LOL) did a nice thing this week. He told the readers of his blog about me and sent them here. I think most of his audience are mommy bloggers, which I’m so not. After all, Motley (Nikki) is twenty now and I don’t think she ever called me Mommy anyway. *wink*

Anyway, David told people about me in a little post that exposes some of the framework upon which my heart sits. It felt strangely timely to read his words about my past and feel the connection to my present. You should click THIS and hop on over to see what he said. He was probably my first real love, first real lover, odd as that may seem since he’s decidedly gay. But back then we were just kids, beginning to work our way out of the teens, learning about emotions and sex and a host of other stuff we just really had no clue about. The piece of my heart that David owns is just one of those things about love that we can’t exactly quantify. It just IS.

I must need a sweet, sexy Marcus today. Something to make my old heart pound.  I used to think about my Bar characters a lot more than I do now and thinking about my signature character Alexandria and her mate Alaric always meant that I had that image of Marcus in my head. I miss Lex so I think maybe I need to a write a post about her. After all, she lets me use her name on my books, the least I could do is visit her once in awhile, eh? So here’s my Marcus for today, all sexy and smokey-eyed.

Don’t forget to come by Cindy’s on February 7th to see what I have to say about that thing called Love.  Also, don’t forget that Marty and I have a new release filled with spooky stories. You can pick up Weirdly 3 at Wild Child Publishing.

One last thing… go give my pal Tess some love. Her book Latin Rhythm is scheduled for release on the 4th but the buy link is live NOW. Her cover is probably the best cover I’ve ever done.

Wishing you all a very wonderful Monday!

Yay Marty!

I love this guy. He is always there with a kind word. He’s the most supportive of friends. He’s smart and funny and makes you wish he wasn’t married. *wink* Now, he has something happening that he’s always longed for… to be a published fiction author. Marty’s first fiction release is due out January 26!

Last year, I inherited at project at Wild Child Publishing.  An editor left and the project fell to me in terms of finding authors and stories for it.  I wasn’t quite sure how to go about that. After all, I don’t usually hang with authors who write horror.

Weirdly III is an invite only anthology of horror stories. It’s full of twisted paranormal stories in the Twilight Zone genre. Finding freaky stuff to suit the book was just… freaky.

It became a labor of love, however, as I grew to enjoy the creepy stories that landed one by one in my Inbox. As I went along, counting word counts with an eye toward having 70K so the book would have a shot at coming out in print eventually, it dawned on me that I knew writers outside of the world of romance and erotic romance.

So I sent Marty an email and asked him if he was interested. And he was. Now, months after this book suffered many a set back, it’s ready for publication and there is Marty’s name on the cover. Oh, my name’s there too, but I’m not nearly as excited about that as I am to see Marty there!

I really loved Marty’s twisted story about a singer who wishes he could be in more than one place at one time. It was exciting and creepy at the same time and Marty did a great job learning how to write for a publisher. (No head hopping! *wink*)

On January 26, take a run over to Banal Leakage and congratulate Marty on his release day. Then head on over to Wild Child Publishing and buy yourself a copy of Weirdly III. You will not be sorry you did!


It’s a Tuesday Tune for the holidays. I love Soundgarden so this has been one of my fave Christmas songs ever since I first heard it.

Last night was a special Jester Show featuring Dave2 of Blogography. They talked about a lot of interesting stuff from iPhone apps and politics to touching up supermodels and cruise ships.  Iron-Fist (Vahid) called in as did Snackiepoo (Hilly) and me. My very short convo with them at the end of the show was about Throbbing Vampire Cock, my favorite Davetoon of all time.

If you didn’t get a chance to listen in to the show live, check out the podcast above. Fans of Ride the Lightning will get to hear the real Vahid and Dave speak! Yes, they both sound incredibly sexy as does Jester who has the best laugh in the world.  Jester Shows are never to be missed. They are so much fun!

Have a great Tuesday!