Late Date

Yes, my Monday morning date with Marcus is late. I am still recovering from a weekend of debauchery fun at Dave Diego on Saturday and with Hilly, Karl, the gays, and Othurme on Sunday. The past few years have been so rough on me emotionally that I have forgotten what it is like to truly have friends and have fun. I am more grateful than I can convey for the friends I have made here in the PRB.

Since it is Monday, and since I took today off, I think I should post a couple of luscious Marcus pics just because one can never post a surfeit of a man who looks like this one does. Besides, I can never make up my mind. I think every photo of him makes my heart go THUD.

Before I post Marcus, I do want to pimp out a couple of things. First, everyone should keep checking Flickr for all the Dave Diego photos. I believe Jester is uploading some today. Me, Karl, and SJ posted some, but we weren’t the only ones there, so I’m sure more photos are forthcoming. Second, I’m going to be participating in the Great Interview Experiment over at Citizen of the Month. If you haven’t done this yet, you should. Neil has lots of reasons why listed on his blog, but really, it’s just a fun thing to do to get to know other bloggers. Much better than a meme IMHO.

Now, here is my favorite celeb to round out my Monday.

Watermelon, anyone? I’m not a fan of melon, but I could stand between those thighs and eat me some…

I love a man in a towel. Can I be the guitar? He can strum me all night long…

Another set of daydreams inspired by Marcus. I love Mondays. Now, maybe I’ll go play some Solitare with the Blogography cards. They have a really nice texture to them. I’m in love with them too. Talking to Justin on Twitter about a party bus where we play Rock Band and poker with Dave’s cards has me itching to look at the cards again.

Happy party bus Monday to everyone!


You know it’s gonna be a good day when you haven’t had a call from your honey in a month, and then you get two right before/as you’re leaving for Dave Diego. I was all choked up just hearing his voice. It was the icing on the cake, even before I got the cake!

Anyway, I can’t do a recap. I’m not sure I know how. Karl is a master of them, so I think I’ll leave it to him to do that. What I can give you are the impressions I have from the day. This is the cream that rises to the top when I think of Saturday…

For someone with bad knees and uncontrolled asthma, who doesn’t walk much because of both, I walked more than I have in about a year. I’m hoarse this morning from all the cig smoke everywhere. I had a few moments at the art show where I thought I was gonna have an asthma attack from all the smoke. I was drenched in sweat from all the walking (which played holy hell with my hair). My knees are only a little sore this morning. But my twatting hand hurts like hell! WTF?

For someone who doesn’t drink, I had two. Had a nice Cuervo margy at the pre-event party. Then, after dinner, the ever so wonderful Vahid bought me a Jack and Coke. Whew. The J&C tasted awesome. I miss drinking those, but doubt I will go back to being a big drinker.

Jester and Dave are the same height. Motley and Uncle Monkey Boy are the same height. Karl and Othurme look like they are the same height. No one was the same height as me. Everyone was taller or shorter. I guess 5’5″ isn’t so bad after all. It made me rather unique in this group.

I was unique in other ways too. Hilly, Karl, and Motley all wore green. I wore pink. Jester and UMB didn’t wear green. Jester said it was because he hadn’t gotten the memo.

I might as well have not spent 30 minutes ironing my hair. Between the dampness from sweat, the humidity, and the wind, my hair ended up a big fluffy, frizzy, wavy poof by the time dinner arrived… it looked just like it did when it air dried after my shower that morning. Go figure.

When we changed venues because Nicky Rotten’s had a $10 cover charge, we walked across the street to Whisky Girl’s. Karl mesmerized the hostess with his oozing charm, and she let us have this huge corner booth. This turned out to be an amazing success. Whiskey Girl’s not only had mac n cheese as a side item, they had TATER TOTS! YUM! Dave, of course, had tater tots with his veggie burger, which they were NOT out of.

I am clearly an ass for not reading Vahid. The man is one of the nicest, sweetest, funniest people you will ever meet. His blog goes in my feed reader today.

Uncle Monkey Boy has an awesome manicure with black polish. He totally outdid my purple nails.

Dave can charm more than bloggers. The waitress was dazzled by his… pirate button. Dave being the giving soul that he is, the waitress walked away with a tray full of buttons for herself and the wait staff (who were all females in short skirts.) I got ten buttons, among them were the penis salad button, Lil Dave Nirvana, Bad Monkey Devil, Lil Dave Zombie, Try Evil, an Amethyst, and the Dave Seal of Approval!

Contrary to other blogger reports, Hilly’s driving is fine. As soon as she put on mellow music on the drive home, I dozed off! I am clearly old, and excitement is too much for me. Oh, and DaCar is comfy.

The drive to Dave Diego was interesting in a riCOCKulas way that had nothing to do with DaCar.

Jester has the most beautiful smile.

Uncle Monkey Boy is beyond beautiful.

Gooster never did tell us what his name means.

Othurme has these super hero eyes that see all and know all and make you wonder just what sly thing he is thinking and/or plotting behind his uber intelligent face.

Get a few Guinnesses in Karl and you can get him to sing!

PseudoSJ is a tiny thing! It’s not often that I am taller than people.

All the twats I was getting on my phone were from Dave Diego attendees. We must have been dominating the Twitter world.

Vahid is flirty and fun and up for anything, AND he’s a total gentleman who will give a 19 year old the shirt off his back when the A/C gets too cold. Most men would have just let Motley get hard nipples.

And really… EVERYONE loves Hilly’s boobs… especially the gays.

I shared an “our little secret” moment with Vahid. Then I had one with Jester at the art show. The kindness of the people in this group is incredibly touching. My heart is filled with love this morning.

Dave is an amazing person. He shows up, hands out lanyards with name tags, starts putting together buttons, hands out packs of Blogography playing cards, talks to everyone… He’s so happy that people came out to meet him. He poses for pics and tells stories (the karaoke in Sweden one was funny) and plays host without playing host. The man knows how to throw a party.

My overall impression of Dave Diego? HUGE SUCCESS… because the people are all so much more than larger than life. They are all so very real, and very, very nice. In a world where there is a glut of people who are extreme, these people are so nice they are comfortable to be around. And that is saying a lot in my world.

A very special thank you, big hugs, and a huge MUAH to Hilly, without whom, Motley and I would have been stuck at home reading the twats instead of sending them.

Motley and I made a slideshow from my Flickr Dave Diego Set.

Created with Admarket’s flickrSLiDR.

Happy Dave Diego Sunday Aftermath to you all!

Vacation Not

I have a month’s worth of vacation stored up. I’m using 2 days this week though. However, after 9 years at my company, I still feel the need for that stockpile of vacation hours. I don’t think I’m gonna get fired, even on my most frustrated days. Yet, I still need the security blanket those hours provide. So, no vacation for me.

This weekend will feel like a vacation for me. Four whole days that I don’t have to go to the office. Four whole days where I can maybe spend a little money. Four days where I will get to spend some time with people I enjoy. Maybe that’s the big draw to these 2 days that I took off. I can relax and look forward to meeting people who make me laugh, make me cry, and make me feel alive. If not for these people, I would spend those 4 days in my house, at my computer, writing. Not going out. Not seeing people. Not laughing or having fun.

I’m getting old. I need more fun. I need to feel that my life wasn’t spent worrying and stressing and being miserable. These four days will be a ray of sunshine in the bleakness I usually inhabit. I’m soooo looking forward to it. So maybe it’s not a vacation. Somehow, in my heart, it still feels like one.

If you get a chance, stop by my bitch Mary’s blog to say Happy Birthday. She has some facts on there related to the day she was born. I like the Led Zeppelin fact. Only Mary would be born on a day John Bonham was arrested for getting in a fight. HEH. Hope you have a great day, Mare!

Oh, and just because UMB said he liked me for being a dirty girl… Happy Dirty Girl love to you all! MUAH!


Andrei Andrei has been posting to his blog recently. If you don’t know the story, Andrei is the reason I started blogging. Well, Andrei and this idea his blog gave me for a short story about a woman blogger who falls for a male model because of his blog. I had no clue what blogging was about. I mean, I’ve been out here on the net a long ass time. I’ve had more incarnations of my website than I’ve had hair color. I’ve had message boards for years. Never once did I have the urge to blog.

Frankly, I didn’t really know what the whole blogging thing was about. I figured why blog when all my friends came to the message boards and chats to see what I had to say? Why should I bother with a blog? Well, I certainly learned that lesson in the last six months. The reasons for blogging are myriad, but the biggest one is the people.

When I created this blog (not Sunlight Sucks, but the original one on Blogger), I had a couple of people come by and comment. Some days, it’s still like that. I’m not that amusing. I don’t really have a schtick, other than the fact that I write fictional vampires, and I don’t always give you the deep details of my life and psyche, let alone cool cartoons with a monkey who picks his nose and eats urinal cakes. (Gawd, I love that cartoon!) I’m not sure why people keep coming back here except that in the cases of some, it’s because I read and comment on their blog.

The Blogger Circle of Life, as I explained to Motley when I created Socially Dead for her, is that you visit other blogs and comment. Then those people reciprocate. I told her, there are some people whose new blog posts you can’t wait for (ie Snackiepoo because you never know what facet of Hilly she will reveal today), and there are some that you love every day… except maybe one day a week (ie Avitable whose Lazy Sunday is all Greek to me because I’m a workaholic who writes all the time and never goes to movies or remembers crap from songs.) There are people whose blogs you love, even though they don’t read you, and there are those who are meticulous about always coming by and leaving thoughtful, inciteful comments. There are people who read you most of the time, but only comment once in awhile. When they do, they leave you laughing your ass off, or chuckling in your coffee at their pithyness, or snorting over their particular brand of commenting.

There are others who are always supportive of what you’re doing, even if they can’t get to your posts for a few days. Some do drivebys on you and say something short and to the point or especially perceptive. Others have become fans, because you’ve become fans of them. Some wish they could come by more, but always bring good wishes when they do. And there are always people who come by, because you have things in common with them, like writing in my case. Finally, there are people who visit your blog because they love you or have known you forever.

Not everyone posts comments every day. Not everyone reads you every day. But every day is a journey and sometimes the road takes you places you haven’t been before. Like the process of writing itself, some things are always in flux while other things are constants. The journeys I take each day through these places are all things that help make me a better writer, a better blogger, and maybe even a better person. It’s a path I’ve come to late, but like I usually do with things that are challenging and interesting, I’ve embraced it and immersed myself in the culture.

It’s a rich culture, too. Every sight (and site) and sound in 3D. These people… this culture… well, I’m not quite sure how it happened, but my journeys brought me to them, and now I find that no matter how painful the day may be (and lately they have been excruciatingly painful) I can’t get through the day very well without them via blog posts, Flickr pics, twats, or IMs.

The People’s Republic of Blogistan… long may it reign! And don’t forget to bring bacon and chocolate pudding along on your journeys through this country. The peasants might spork you to death if you don’t embrace the pudi-cake-a-cookie.

Pretty Pretty Bitches!

Saturday was the best day ever! Spending the day with Snackiepoo was awesome! Or maybe I should say amazing. Yanno, just in case we need a synonym so awesome isn’t said too much. HEH. 😉 Sorry. Inside joke there.  I received my prize of lunch with Hilly at the always yummy Claim Jumper. Then we stopped in at Avenue quickly because they were having a $10 sale. Four shirts and $32 later, we headed to Hilly’s nail salon. Holy crap does that place pamper you and fuss over you! Most places are just in a hurry to get you out! I now have… pink toes. Not my usual red or purple… they are distinctly pink now.

After the mani/pedi pampering… Hilly broke out the tiara for a ride through her neighborhood Starbucks. So while Dave was enjoying Daveattle, his tiara was having fun too. At the moment, the tiara is resting comfortably with Marcus and Alaric on my dresser. I believe you will see it again on Thursday at Socially Dead when Motley takes the tiara for a Half-Naked Thursday spin.

That’s it for me today. Don’t forget to listen to Snackie Radio today. It’s another episode of the Answer Bitches. Hop on over to Hilly’s site for details. Also, many many good wishes to Marty Mankins who got married yesterday in Lake Tahoe! A big MUAH! for you and your new wife, Marty! Everyone have a great Sunday and I’ll see you at the radio shows!