Another Installment

Not feeling the Sunday Silence thing today. Translated: I don’t have a photo. Junior wouldn’t hold still when we were playing stick up so everything was blurry. I figured it must be a good time to give you some more bits of the 100 Things. Since there are 32 items there now, I’ll give you 8 to bring me to 40. After this, I’ll try to stick to 10 items at a time.

33. I don’t like to watch TV shows. You know, regular stuff that’s on every week. I just can’t get into it. I tend to watch CNN, TVG, and the Weather Channel with some occasional History Channel, Military Channel, Discovery, and National Geographic thrown in. I also watch ESPN and Fuse on occasion. No regular drama or comedy shows.

34. When it comes to reading, I go in cycles. Sometimes I read and read and read. Other times, I don’t pick up a book for months. I read romances and paranormals mostly, and sometimes biographies. I really love the whole vampire genre. It’s my favorite thing to read now.

35. Thanks to my friend Jen and a contest at Zanctuary, I have every one of JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood books signed by the author. One even has a Happy Birthday message in it to me from the Warden. They are really among my prized possessions now.

36. I got to see non-military owned photos of the B2 Stealth bomber before anyone else. My daughter’s adopted Dad got the opportunity to go to Whiteman AFB in Missouri to be the first civilian allowed to take air to air photos of the B2. He flew in an F16 to shoot the B2. It was a really big thing for him, a really important assignment. However, when he finally got the word that it was go, he already had a trip to Florida to see his Grandma scheduled. So he did the gig at Whiteman, got home to CA, took his film to the lab in Hollywood, and literally got on a plane the next morning to FL. He had me pick up his film at A&I lab because he was worried about the shots. The sun wasn’t very cooperative that day. So there I was standing in the lab, loupe in my eye, looking at the images on the light table while the phone was up to my ear, telling him that the images were fantastic. And they were. He made the cover of Aviation Week with those photos. And that was how I got to see the first air to air photos of the B2 before anyone else.

37. When it comes to music, I’m a metal head. I like loud stuff. That’s my first preference always. However, I do listen to lots of other stuff. Sometimes it’s all about how well crafted the song is. So, even though Metallica is my preference, I can still appreciate one of those new Backstreet Boys songs. They don’t sound like the same old boy band they used to. The songs on this latest CD are well crafted, and they don’t overdo it on the harmony thing. Defo not a boy band sound anymore. Still, James Hetfield rules! (Yeah, I like that pissy little Lars too!)

38. One of the things that has saddened me most in life is that when I got asthma, it really messed with my singing voice. I’d been an avid singer before that. I’d gone to Lyceum summer camp in Carmel, which is audition only. The camp was taught by the principles from the Carmel Bach Festival. I was so proud that I was chosen to go out of all the teens in the state who auditioned for this. Years later, when I was diagnosed, I was really upset. Especially when the coughing and bouts of pneumonia started and my voice just got more ragged and wrecked.

39. I love background noise from the TV. I almost always have TVG on in the background no matter what I’m doing. Even if I’m listening to music, the TV is on, just with the sound down.

40. The computer that I use now was built in September 2007. I built it myself in a weekend. I’d been a little freaked out to do it since I hadn’t actually built one on my own for more than 10 years. I mean, I’ve had more than one computer in that time, but building them was Rott’s thing so I let him. When I was forced to do it myself again, I was scared I couldn’t do it. I took it easy though and did it in stages. I didn’t let it freak me out and eventually on Sunday afternoon, BAM! everything worked.

Have a great Sunday!