Is Annoyed a Color?

Before you read this, you might want to read Jester, Britt, and my post from yesterday including the comments. What’s written below pertains to all of these posts.

After yesterday’s soul baring post about my writing and self esteem, I have something that seems, on the surface, to go along with it nicely. I took this damned color test thingy because Jester did. I wondered if the color thing explained why Jester had been annoyed recently. Maybe it explains why I’ve been so moody lately. That would certainly be the answer for someone who believes in karma and fate and all that stuff. I don’t really happen to believe in supernatural explanations for the inexplicable, however.

At any rate, here’s the results of my Color Test. Winter took the free personality test!“Strives for a life rich in activity and experience…”

Click here to read the rest of the results.

I don’t think we can box any of us up as tidily as all of these quizzes do. No two of us are alike and the answers are too pat. Still, they are kinda fun and this one tied in nicely to yesterday’s post.

At Britt’s yesterday, she had people post the link(s) to posts they wrote that they liked best. Reading them was an adventure. I haven’t finished yet, but it was an amazingly creative thing to post. I liked the way it was interactive and how Britt herself went to read all the posts. It was one of those things that makes you smile about the community that is this blogging world.

I posted the link to my 10th Thursday Thirteen. It was 13 excerpts from The Bar that included a kiss. The reason it is my favorite post is because in the comments people told me how the kisses made them feel, and how they wanted to go kiss their S.O. Reaching people with my writing is important to me, whether it’s here or at The Bar. So on the day my self esteem was feeling bruised about my writing, Britt’s post made me think of that TT and how the readers felt after reading my writing.

I feel much better now. Vindicated in a sense. I loved all the comments I got on yesterday’s post, but Vixen was right in the end. I had to find the satisfaction within me. My satisfaction wasn’t in my writing, but was in the feelings my writing evoked in others. So thank you to Jester, Britt, the commenters on my blog yesterday, and everyone who commented on my Thursday Thirteen the Tenth. My self esteem is totally sending you all hugs right now!

Have a colorful Thursday!

TT the 19th – Workin’

You know that 100 Things thing that everyone seems to have on their blog? I suppose I’ll do it too even though it’s not very original of me. I mean, I guess there could be someone out there curious enough to read that much stuff about me. I’ve already done some posts about odd things about me. I’ve used them to start a 100 Things page. I’ll add it to the 100 Things today by doing a Thursday Thirteen. Today’s theme is, thirteen things about me and work.

1. When I was in college I worked in an auto repair shop. Three of the customers were famous. One was the valley guy in the movie Valley Girl. Two of the other three were from the band Tool before they did Lalapalooza: Maynard James Keenan and Adam Jones.

2. My first job was making change in my dad’s barber shop.

3. After college, I worked at the Starlight Children’s Foundation. One of the things I did was help coordinate celebrity wishes.

4. I ran a coffee shop for my mom on the south end of Mercer Island, WA when I was just out of high school.

5. When we returned to CA, I tried to go to community college as an art history major. The coolest thing about that major was that it got me a job in the college art gallery, opening the skylight and counting the people who came in.

6. After I got tired of counting people in the art gallery, I tried being a hostess in a prime rib place. Meh. So not my thing. I only suffered a couple of months.

7. The Steinbeck Public Library wanted to hire me because I knew the Dewey Decimal System forward and backward, but they only had part-time positions available that later on would become full-time. I couldn’t afford to have a part-time job so I had to turn them down.

8. I ended up working for the high school district. I was 19 when they first hired me and I looked younger. People kept mistaking me for a student in my jeans and hightops and leather jacket. In fact, I got hit on by an 8th grader who was 16. He was cute, but c’mon. A 16 year old 8th grader? What a loser!

9. When I lived in Victorville, I got hired at a nursing home to do bookkeeping. I lasted only two days because their idea of bookkeeping was that I had to help dispense meds and serve breakfast. F that! I was hired to crunch numbers not help old men put their socks on! I mean, I felt bad for them and helped them, but it was definitely not what I was hired to do so I protested and quit.

10. I stuffed envelopes for the Southern California Gardener Newsletter when it was first starting out. I always remember how beautiful their artwork was.

11. After the fiasco of the nursing home, I got a job as a fast food manager. It sucked. I had a late night shift after training, and had to drive home from Barstow to Victorville at 1:30 am every day. Have you ever seen how barren it is between Barstow and Victorville? I mean it must have been more barren back in the late 80’s. It was a scary drive.

12. I have a tax preparer’s license and I’ve done taxes on my own, as well as helped out at an Enrolled Agent’s office during tax season.

13. I’ve been at the cemetery 9 years this month. Time sure flies. This is the longest I’ve ever been at a job. I love my network there. I love the structure of it, how the VPN is set up. It’s been a trial since Friday when my firewall died, but luckily all is well now. Have I mentioned how much I love my Citrix server? Well, I do. Love it to bits! I get to do all kinds of techie stuff like update events on the website, add pages to the websites, create a shopping cart for the flower shop, create a funeral blog and an intranet, on top of the other techie stuff. I don’t mind. It’s kinda fun when I know what I’m doing. If they ask me to do something I don’t know, I can usually get my outside tech to handle it.

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There you have it, 13 items related to my work history that I can add to my hundred things. Don’t forget to check out Motley sometime today. She’ll be posting some HNT pics with Dave’s tiara. They turned out so nice I think Dave might enjoy them enough to forget that his tiara’s on tour. HEH. Have a great Thursday!

TT the 18th-Spit It Out!

This is Blog Reader Appreciation Week so I thought I’d post the 13 most amusing (to me anyway) comments that have been posted on my blog in the last six months. The problem is that I can’t choose. I have 22 and they are in no particular order. Oh, well. Just consider it a week’s worth of extras in this Thursday Thirteen.

1. othurme

A list of things that are under appreciated:


The End

2. Shiny Gal

“Oh, Jimmy. This is never going to work when your cock keeps snapping off.”

3. Jason X

Zombies have great sex, they just can’t ever reach a climax. It’s very frustrating for them… I know. I’ve been with a few…

4. whall

Man am I disappointed. I searched google for “big bust” and *this* is the post I get? SHEESH!

5. Matt-Man

Wow you are multi-talented. You make bras look good, build a sweet computer, and spit out good looking kids. You my dear, are a triple-threat. Cheers!!

6. Diesel

Wow, what do you have to say to get censored on blog talk radio? Seems like you’d have to be in favor of monkeys sodomizing orphans or something.

No, wait, I think Fab has done that.

7. Mr. Fabulous

Karl IS a sexy bastard. It’s all I can do not to drive down there and sodomize him.

8. metalmom

I’ll fuck ‘em up if you tell me who they are……I roll like that.

9. Hilly

Eliza totally trumps Liz!

(hides from Dave)

10. Karl

I’ll have to go check out the PITA’s site. Glad she’s familiar with my phallus.

11. bluepaintred

good god. I want to eat that. its so cute, its fucking edible. way to go you fucker. now I’m a pussy eater wannabe. What will my husband think??!

12. martymankins

There’s something about a pair of boobs and a little baby on the same page that makes me envious to be young again…. he he

13. Susan Helene Gottfried


*shakes head*

Oh, Winter. How could you? HOW could you?

14. Motley

She’s hot. He’s hot. Can we video tape them having sex?

15. Avitable

What’s wrong with a midget working in a slaughterhouse?

16. Jen

Being at work stopped the immediate search for giraffe print sex toys…*sigh*

17. Vixen

Oh there you are. I couldn’t find you for a minute.

18. Dave2

Is that my tiara on that giraffe?

19. jester

Maybe I’ll have a better comment when I stop laughing myself silly.

20. maryo

Nothing like a bunch of chicks beating the shit out of evil.

21. Nicholas

Nice toes, nice bra, nice nipple shadow. Where’s the rest of you?

And this one is just for me… cuz it makes me feel good.

22. Jennifer McKenzie

Man, I LOVE your stuff!!!! You are frickin’ brilliant.

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Now, I’m laughing. And looking forward to the next six months of funny comments. I love you people! MUAH!

TT the 17th – Vampires

This Thursday Thirteen is about the Bar vampires. Thirteen facts about them. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you know these bits of info. These bloodsuckers are nothing like Dracula or Nosferatu!

1. The Bar vampires are not the undead. In the Otherworld, they’re basically another species. They eat and drink and can be injured. They procreate. They have sex… a lot. That doesn’t sound too dead to me.

2. The vampire deity is the Mother of All Vampires. She has a cauldron full of golden orbs that represent her children. She works very hard to match them all up with the right bloodmate. Her daughter is Damaris Fontaine, the Blood Mistress. Damaris runs Les Lignées aka the Library. The Library contains the annals of the vampires. Everything that happens to every vampire of every race including made vampires, is cataloged in the Library. The Blood Mistress has a sister Maerne, who is the Queen of the Atersilex Vampires. Because their mother is the Mother of All Vampires, the sisters have some unusual powers, including powers over other vampires.

3. Aeturnan is the ancient language of the vampires. Letalis is the vampire term for humans.

4. The Bonding process is what vampires go through to become joined to their bloodmate. A bloodmate or bonded bloodmate is the term for a vampire’s eternal mate. Cherished One is an endearment, which is also used as the proper name for a bloodmate. For Otherworld vampires, their Cherished One’s blood is sacred. Once they are bonded to their bloodmate they can only drink that person’s blood or they will die.

5. Our vampires go through several steps in order to bond with their bloodmate. These steps are called the Bonding Path. The path consists of several points which must be completed by the couple. The path does not have to be done in order however, all points along the path should be complete by the time the exchange of blood occurs. Once the path has been completed, the male vampire receives his soul and his thoughts and emotions become one with his bloodmate’s. They have to work very hard to hide things from each other once they’ve been bonded. The bonding path points are: The Finding, which is an initial recognition of the bloodmate, often in some psychic manner such as sharing thoughts, recognizing their particular scent, or sharing a dreams. The First Bite, which is one of them biting the other, but is not necessarily a reciprocal bite. It is an act that signifies the trust between the bloodmates, an exposure of vulnerability. The Second Bite is a bite that occurs during the sex act and doesn’t have to be reciprocal. If the first bite took place during a sex act, then the other partner (if also a vamp) must be the biter this time. The Sacrifice is a selfless act for the benefit of the Cherished One. The Blood Exchange is the final part of bonding. It must be a mutual exchange of blood during the sex act, whether both are vampires or not.

6. Female vampires are called Mortiferians. They do not need to feed as often as males do. They do have souls, but on occasion something happens to make them soulless. For example, Alexandria’s bonded bloodmate is killed by the Nazis. Normally, if a vampire is bonded and their bloodmate dies, they die as well, but in Lex’s case, the vampire deity saved her life by taking back her soul until she mates again.

7. Male vampires are called Acerbians. Male vampires who were born without a soul are Desperians. If their parents were bonded at the time of conception they are born with a soul. Otherwise… no soul.

8. Otherworld vampires can go out in the sun with protection especially if they are very old. By protection I mean a hat, a coat… covering their skin. If they get in the sun they get burnt and can get sun poisoning, a condition that can kill if not attended to. They don’t go up in flames or turn to a pile of ash. They also do not need to sleep the entire day away. The older they are, the earlier they can rise.

9. Vampires who are “made” are called Infuscans. A made/turned vampire will have all the attributes of a born vampire. However, they cannot make/turn vampires themselves, they may or may not have a bloodmate, and they would be unaware of what they can and cannot do. A born vampire must explain it all to them.

10. Pravus are rogue vampires, more commonly called Hellbounds. They are evil and without conscience. They become Hellbounds by virtue of a blood disease something like AIDS, which is hereditary. It is passed from father to son. Hellbounds are never female unless they have drunk the blood of a Hellbound male.  The Hellbound blood disease causes madness and a desire to kill and hurt others. They stick together, sort of in a pack, and hide from other vampires otherwise they would be hunted and destroyed. The disease manifests itself within the first 100 years of life unless the male’s mother was some creature other than a vampire, in that case the disease can stay within the vampire male until something triggers it. Then the degeneration begins, a downward spiral into insanity and a lust for blood, violence, and evil.

11. Vampires in the Otherworld are immortal, but can be injured or killed. You can stake vampires or grievously wound them so that they bleed out and die. If you blow their head off they will die. Otherwise, something more minor will just cause them to have to spend a few days healing.

12. Otherworld vampires have more physical strength than humans and other Otherworld creatures except for those with special powers. They have exceedingly strong minds and can use glamour to wipe a human’s mind or control them. Glamours do not work well on other vamps unless the one putting the glamour on is very old and powerful. It can work on some Otherworld creatures depending upon how strong that creature is and what powers they have. For instance, a glamour might work on a werewolf or a pixie, but not on pixie royalty.

13. Our vampires cannot dematerialize as they do in some stories, they are not affected by religious icons or holy water (except for the Hellbounds who burn if hit with holy water), their fangs only elongate and appear during times of stress or great emotion, in sexual situations, or in a situation of fear or violence. They do not go around biting humans indiscriminately, and they don’t go around killing humans to feed. They can easily drain a human and kill them, but they don’t unless it is some kind of fight for survival. When they bite, they lick the wounds to seal them and they usually begin to heal immediately, fading before your eyes. An exception to this occurs when the bitten one is a pregnant female vamp. Pregnant vampires heal more slowly from everything. Our vamps do drink bagged blood from the blood bank if they don’t have someone to feed from.

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Hope you enjoyed this look at our bloodsuckers! May all your bites be yummy ones today!

TT the 15th-Post 100

This is a special Thursday 13. It is my 100th blog post. Well, if you don’t count the guest posts I did for Kyra Sutra and Bluepaintred or the ones I took down and moved to a different blog because of the “Karled” incident. Today, my TT is about the 100 posts on this blog.

1. My most popular post was a TT. It was on March 12 and it was “Thirteen Things I know Because I work at a Cemetery.”

2. The first post I did was about how I came to be a blogger. It was all about how I started visiting Andrei Andrei’s blog. (Yes, Fab. He’s Romanian. A Hot Romanian Model.) Going there and commenting gave me an idea for a story, but since I knew nothing about blogging, I figured I’d better learn so as to get into my character’s head.

3. I told Blogs We Luv that my February 22 post ‘Confessions of a Secret Fluff’ was the post that was a good indicator of who I am and what my blog is about. It’s amusing in a tongue in cheek, make fun of myself way.

4. January 28 was the first Marcus Monday. The whole idea was Shinygal’s because basically Mondays suck and she wanted a reason for it to be more positive. Half naked pics of Marcus Schenkenberg did it for me and thus, Marcus Monday was born.

5. The first contest I ever had was on February 25, and there is still no winner! The post was entitled “Save My Brain… Win A Prize!” It’s all about my search for the guy in the Air France “Pool” commercial.

6. One of my most popular non-TT posts was “How I Almost Got Karled”. This is a subject that every blogger is passionate about… the place you work taking issue with your blog and, if you are Karl or Fab, firing you for it. Hence the term “Karled”. The irony to this is that 2 days ago, on Monday, I was asked to create a blog for the company I work for. Heh. It turned out nice too.

7. I had a trio of self pity (sorta) posts called, “Yes! I Am a Lagger!”, “Yes! I Suck Too!”, and “Yes! I’m a Dork this Marcus Monday!”. Then I capped them off a few days later with “Yes! I Am Crazy! Guest Bloggers”.

8. My first post on and WordPress was in honor of the National Day of Silence.

9. The two craziest post titles I’ve had are “Loves Fab’s Fisting and Matt-Man’s Meat” which was about the six word memoir, and “Fake Horses and Pornfest” which is about the horse racing sim I play and a little thing Rott sometimes does in our house called Pornfest. If you want to know what it is, read the post! LOL

10. I posted a photo of my breakfast in a Sunday Silence post called “Bacon!”. I like the name Sunday Silence because not only is it the name of a racehorse I loved, it means you can just sit back and enjoy the pics.

11. Two of my most detailed dreams ever are in the posts “I Dream of Nikki” which is about Nikki Sixx and “Am I Dreaming?” which was about Matt-Man.

12. The post “Weiners!” was about how the Absurdist and Jester won my tagline contest without even meaning to. BTW, Jester, I’ll be ordering cards from the Artificial Duck store Friday or Saturday. One deck is for you! The Absurdist received a “Life or Something Like (B)it” shirt, before I decided to just stick with the URL name.

13. Even though there are pics on this blog of three men I’ve slept with, none of the posts that mention them are my favorite. My favorite post is the 4th one, “The HEA”. This post is about Lex Valentine, my character who, in many ways, is my alter ego. It’s about writing and how Lex evolved. I love the Photoshop pic too.

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All you bloggy folks have a fantastic Thursday!