I’m reviving my old Sunday Silence posts.  And, yeah, I know that if I’m typing I’m not silent but if I don’t say anything to explain what I’m doing, ya all will be like… HUH? So on Sundays I’ll try to post a Sunday Silence which is simply an image I saw during the week that captured my attention. I won’t say anything about it other than a simple caption.


This is author Debbie Gould’s daughter Renee who is currently in Afghanistan. Renee will miss the holidays with her son for the first time this year. If you would like to send Renee a postcard or an ebook or a box of cookies to thank her for her service, let me know and I will hook you up.


Almost Snoopy Dancin’

Guess what Motley found?

Never underestimate the ability of a teenager to find a needle (Photoshop CD) in a haystack (the Katrina rubble conditions in her bedroom). Now, if she can just find the CD case with the license code, I’ll be ecstatic!

BTW, she was on Crotch Shot Radio‘s New Music show yesterday.

I’ve edited to add this. I Twittered this yesterday, but Susan saying that photo is hot reminded me of this. This is a video on Andrei Andrei’s blog. He’s one of the 5 guys in the vid. Turn your sound down and just watch. The song is some Japanese artist. As Karl twatted, “Is she saying goo goo gaga, cause I can’t understand a word she’s singing.” Trust me. Sound off. Hotness on.

Also, I’m guest posting at Amber’s today so stop by and show me and Amber some luv!

Sunday Silence – Belmont

I knew better than to assume it would happen.

By the time the next Belmont Stakes rolls around, it will have been 31 years since Affirmed won the Triple Crown in 1978. In the most electrifying Belmont ever, Secretariat won the race by 31 lengths, in 1973. Maybe the race gods have a thing about number 31. After all, I was born on 10/31.

Sunday Silence – Bacon!


Crap! I spoiled the silence. Oh, well. Since I broke the silence I might as well say this: Thanks to everyone for the good wishes. Yesterday was Rott’s 42nd birthday and I was missing him something fierce. I hate lengthy separations. My overactive imagination starts poking at my low self esteem and I start thinking things I shouldn’t. I appreciate that you all care enough to come by and say something nice to me.

MUAH! Luvs you all!