Six Sentence Sunday 50

Since this is my 50th Six Sentence Sunday post, I thought I’d do a little something different. One lucky commenter will win their choice of my backlist in ebook format. Must post by midnight Pacific time Sunday, November 26.

My six today comes from a WIP that has no name other than it’s temporary one of “Kissing Joan Collins.” In this scene, Logan’s best friend Chase dresses up as Joan Collins for Halloween and when he comes out of the bathroom, his costume is so good, Logan doesn’t recognize him at first.

Those legs, that ass, the fucking dimples.

“Jesus Christ, Chase! You look like Joan Collins on steroids!” he gasped, his heart upping its beat to triple time as he stared at his best friend’s perfect ass covered in skin tight designer label linen.

“Like it?” Chase’s amused baritone gave away his delight that he’d stumped Logan for all of a minute and a half.

“Fuuuuck, it’s enough to turn me straight.”

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Six Sentence Sunday 49

This week I have a taste of my Christmas Cowboys WIP, Cupid Christmas. This will be out just before Christmas and is the last in the Forbes Ranch Christmas Cowboys Series. In this snippet, Steve is about to risk everything and ask his former lover Dalton out to dinner.

Now, Steve had to face the man who had taken away his dreams of a loving relationship and set him on a path of soulless one night stands and chance encounters.  Dalton’s eyes held wariness and his posture had an unnatural stiffness, as if he’d braced himself for a physical blow. Considering his words only minutes before, Steve figured his former lover thought he might have stopped him in order to get in a few licks, verbal or even physical. Not that Steve had ever been the fighting type. He’d always been a lover not a fighter which is one reason he’d never fought to keep Dalton all those years ago.

“Something I can do for you, Steve?”

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Six Sentence Sunday 48

Last week, I gave you a taste of my super sekrit project Scrambling. This week I have a taste of the steampunk serial I’m taking part in. Lords of Aether will be launched in December and features myself and authors KC Burn, Charlie Cochrane, Jason Edding, Stephani Hecht and Jaime Samms. This six is from my inaugural post featuring my characters Anthony Banning and Jack Starr, former best friends and lovers.


“I never thought I’d see the day the great Jack Starr fell in love.”

Anger simmered in Jack’s seemingly casual pose. “This isn’t about how I hurt you, Anthony. This is about how we’ve been friends our entire lives. I need your help.”

With a sigh, Anthony gave up his minor thoughts of revenge.

I hope you’ll come by the Lords of Aether site in December and see what we have to offer. The story will be free to readers.

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Six Sentence Sunday 47

This week we go to one of my WIPs. I’ve just turned in my MLR Press Christmas story Breath of Heaven and it will be out December 15. So now I’m only actively juggling four WIPs with the same number simmering on the back burner waiting to be called to the front. This six is from Scrambling.

Evan McAdam sat on the hard plastic chair in the hospital waiting room. Beside him sat the only man he’d ever loved. The man who had sobbed in his arms the night before. The man he’d made love to for the first and probably only time that same night.

To be honest, they’d made love all night and into the wee hours of the morning so it wasn’t just one time. Still, Evan knew it would probably never happen again.

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Six Sentence Sunday 46

I’m still doing my retrospective of Tales books, but this is my last week to do that. Next week, I’ll have something different for you, The most recent of the Tales books is Breathe Me In, Tales #6.5. In this book, vampire Wilson North discovers his bloodmate is Garrick Forrester, a noted wizard with old Magia blood and owner of the Paris BDSM club Beyond Pleasure. In this scene, Will confronts the bad guys on their turf.

Will didn’t move but he sensed that some of the acolytes in the room shifted, as if they were about to converge on him. The demon ran his hands over Will’s bare back, the heat of the caress almost burning him.

“Since you don’t enjoy men that way, my lord, it will be my pleasure to fuck him in your name,” the demon murmured. “For your glory and gratification, of course.”

“Shut up, Xeven,” Guerlain hissed. “For Garrick’s mate, I might make an exception.

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