Two Pimps & a Jimmy

I have to pimp two books. Two really diverse books. But I’m sure that somewhere in my readership these two books will spark someone’s interest. The first book is something my friend David from Bella Daddy pimped out. I had to go check out the guy’s blog since David was raving about him.

Outnumbered is the blog. The guy is Jason Mayo and the book is Do Witches Make Fishes? Yes, it’s a children’s book! And all the profits go to charity. In fact, the charity is one that is partnered with a charity I used to work for. So this is legit and it’s for a good cause and I hear from David that it’s a wonderful book. So all of you with little kids need to go check this out. Oh, and check out Jason’s blog. He’s a cool guy!

The other book I have to tell you about is waaaaaay at the other end of the spectrum in terms of genre. KB Alan writes some of the hottest stuff out there. She’s a fellow EC author and I love her work! (Yes, I’ve actually bought and read her books. I’m not just pimping to pimp.) Her newest book is on my TBB list and come payday will be residing in my Nookie. If you like hot, sexy paranormal romances, you have to get Keeping Claire. KB is one of those authors who is a must read.

I have to admit, I get really busy and I forget to do stuff. I keep missing posting Jimmy on Thursdays not because Jimmy’s not the hottest thing next to Marcus but because I lag and I forget. So I put Jimmy in my Outlook. He just seems the type that belongs on a calendar, doesn’t he? Someone needs to organize that. The Jimmy Thomas calendar for harried authors who like to drool. Here’s today’s offering:

Need a Jimmy for your website, banner or book cover? The website is Don’t forget your drool bib.

That’s it for me this Thursday. It’s off to the office where I am knee deep in month end activities. Oh joy! Have a great Thursday!

Wooty Woot!

Sometimes I hate the internet. Traffic makes your site bursty and poofta! Your post is gone! Luckily, this time WordPress had it saved. Last time, I wasn’t so lucky.

Anyway, oh, have I got some news for you today! On Tuesday night I got a congratulatory email from the EPIC Awards committee. Both Ride the Lightning and Insolence were chosen as finalists in the EPIC Awards. This is both an honor and a shock! I seriously didn’t think I stood any chance of finaling. After all, the most popular book I wrote (Fire Season) with it’s 12+ stellar reviews, with it’s sales that made me PAN eligible, was passed over last year in the EPIC Awards. If Fire Season – a book beloved by many – couldn’t final how could less popular books I’ve written stand a chance? Yet, there they are. Two EPIC Award finalists. Who woulda thunk it? Wooty Woot!

On the writing front, I’ve finished my dark tale In the Light for the Wishing on a Blue Star anthology for Patric Michael. My editor Kris already has it and we’ve done some edits. It’s about 6500 words of Weylyn Randall. My publisher at Pink Petal Books, who really has the final say over whether I can write about Weylyn for another publisher, gave me the okay to use the horndog werewolf for this anthology that will be published by Dreamspinner Press. And really, it’s for Patric. It’s not about money or rights or anything else. But I thank Mary from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to briefly take Weylyn from his home at PPB for Patric’s book.

Next up is Christmas Wishes and edits for Unbreak Me. In Christmas Wishes you’ll get to find out why Devon’s brother Brad has been partying it up every Christmas in Vegas. If you can’t be with the one you want, then get blitzed in Vegas and forget your broken heart! Christmas Wishes has a Jimmy Thomas cover and since it’s Thursday I should really post a Jimmy image.

GAH! Wouldn’t you like to come home to find that sleeping in YOUR bed? I’d be satisfied just petting him a little. He’s so damned sexy! *fans self* If you want to see more of Jimmy just head over to RNC or Jimmy’s personal site.

Before I head off, I know a lot of you buy your books…and my books *wink* at ebook stores. One of the stores that carries my books is in the process of changing their name and their URL so spread the word and let everyone know so that you don’t miss an opportunity to buy my stuff from them!

Make note of the new URL and check out their new Twitter and Facebook accounts as well! Don’t forget, they have MY books there! 😉

I’m out for this Thursday. It’s a busy day at work for me so just kick back and enjoy the Jimmy alrighty? Have a great day!

Rock N Mock

Before I show you a Jimmy on this lovely Thursday before a four day weekend for me…I have news! I have a release date for my Ellora’s Cave book Rock My World. If you like, you can click the linky and go see it’s page. It feels pretty freaking odd to see my pen name up on that site. And if you can’t tell…I’m decidedly nervous about my debut there. I’m worried about doing well. I’m having…performance anxiety!

Well, before I chew my nails to nubs, let me get you a glorious Jimmy. This cover is a mockup. See the watermarks? I haven’t had time to make the full sized one to send to my publisher yet. I’ve been busy writing and and doing other covers. But I can’t wait until this one is done. It promises to be a really gorgeous cover. Jimmy looks perfect for werewolf Ruan McCallan who leaves his home in the Scottish highlands to chase after his runaway dragon wife Diandra who has gone home to California and her family.

For another does of me and to find out how I got an elbow to the eye check out my Flirty Author Bitches post today. Hope you enjoyed this week’s cover even if it does have watermarks! Have a simply wonderful Thursday!

Cowgirls Need Jimmy Too

Yes, moron that I am, I forgot to post last week on Thursday. Blame it on my deadline. But my editor LOVES the heroes of Afterburner so I think I may have redeemed myself.

This week I have a brand new Jimmy Thomas cover for you. It’s for my next Christmas Cowboys short story. Those of you who know my work know that this series started with Elle and Riley in Christmas Hookup who meet in a parking lot at a holiday class reunion.  It’s not Elle’s class, she’s a couple years older, but she’d been dragged there by her childhood friend Anne-Marie who had heard that her high school boyfriend was single again.

The series all takes place in the fictional town of Heil, California which is based loosely on my hometown of Salinas, California. Supermodel Riley Forbes owns Forbes Ranch where the next two stories take place.  In Christmas Catch, Riley’s cousin Grayson (the ranch manager) hooks up with the bodyguard assigned to Riley, a former pilot who still has nightmares.  Mitch and Gray heat up the pages for a little M/M Christmas action.

For Christmas in Hell, I went a little bit sweeter and paired Elle’s assistant Devon with one of the full-time ranch hands, former rodeo star Jared.  In this story, Devon mentions her brother Bradley as a party animal who takes off for Vegas with his buddies at Christmas to get drunk and get laid.

This year, in Christmas Wishes, Bradley doesn’t go to Vegas. He goes to Devon and Jared’s house at Forbes Ranch. Turns out the reason Brad’s been such a party animal is because he’s been pining for an older woman, Elle’s pal Anne-Marie. Anne-Marie did manage to hook up with her high school sweetheart at the reunion where Elle met Riley and they got married. Unfortunately, less than two years later, Anne-Marie’s husband becomes a victim of a suicide bomber in Afghanistan leaving her a grieving widow. Brad’s not the type to hit on a woman in such a fragile emotional state, so he spent his time hanging with his buddies, trying to forget her.

Christmas Wishes is the tale of a woman who’s returned to her roots while trying to lay her past to rest. Picking up the pieces of her life at her family’s ranch, Anne-Marie runs into Brad who makes it clear he has one wish this Christmas and she’s it.  City boy Brad is a little lost on a ranch, but Anne-Marie decides to show him the ropes and eventually this Cowgirl Cougar Christmas story has a very happy ending.

I’ve a couple of half-finished projects to complete this month and then I’ll be writing Christmas Wishes and handing it off to my editor for your reading pleasure this holiday season.

And now, I’ll unveil my holiday cover featuring Jimmy Thomas!

Don’t you wish Jimmy would look at you like that? I know I do! 😉 Oh, and for those of you who might be wondering – yes, that is the font Dar Albert used on my Rock My World cover. She was kind enough to tell me the name of it and it was luckily a free font! Woot!

Have a simply wonderful Thursday!

Not Mine, Still Hot

This cover is not mine. It’s still tres hawt. AND it’s a Jimmy Thomas cover which means it’s Thursday! Where the heck did the week go? I’m off tomorrow, taking a vacay day. Gonna write my fingers to the bone on Afterburner.

Before I leave you looking at this very hot cover let me tell you that the story inside is very hot too! And it’s a great story! Brought tears to my eyes and you all know what that means…I LOVED IT! Go get it. Read it. Smile. Laugh. Fan yourself profusely. And maybe shed a tear or two. Regina done good with this one! And YAY for Jimmy on the cover!

Ya’all have yourselves a great Thursday!