Six Sentence Sunday 18

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Returning to my erotic Regency WIP The Ruined Lady, I’m going to skip the part where Nick reads the note he received last week while sitting in the bathtub. It’s from his best friend Anthony who wants to meet for breakfast so they can strategize how to find out what happened to Carlisle four years before. After reading the note and alerting his valet he’ll be going out, Nick returns to his previous occupation.

Nick swiftly lathered with his favorite sandalwood soap, his mind racing with ideas now that Tony had arrived. As he soaped his legs, his fingers brushed the iron flesh of his erection.  Thoughts of information gathering with Anthony receded as his uncomfortably aroused state took precedence once more. With a muffled curse, he soaped his groin and leaned back in the tub, eyes closing. This would be the last time he did this, he thought as he grasped his thick cock. The very last time.

And there you have it…I never detail his actual masturbation because the scene ends right there. Muahahahaha! To make up for messing with you, next week I promise to start right out with Nick and Carlisle’s assignation after the ball. It will be hot and get hotter as we go along.

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Six Sentence Sunday 17

We left Nick, the hero of the Ruined Lady, neck deep in his tub contemplating his morning wood. His excitement stems from a combination of dreams of past erotic times with Carlisle and an assignation he has with her following a ball they and their friends are attending that night. It’s been four years since he’s been with her and he’s more than eager.

His body had a youthful eagerness to see Carlisle again. He didn’t mind but somehow he had to make it through the day without sending people screaming from him. He chuckled at the thought and briefly touched his heated flesh, wondering if he should just rid himself of the erection in the time honored manner. After only two strokes, not enough to even become focused on an orgasm, Nick’s pleasure was interrupted by Hawkins’ return.

“A message has arrived, Your Grace,” he intoned, holding it out to Nick while assiduously avoiding looking into the tub.

“Thank you, Hawkins.” Nick let go of his cock, wiped his wet hands on a towel and took the missive.

Rats! Foiled again! LOL  To read the other awesome snippets by Sunday Six participants, click HERE.

If you noticed, I brought back Caco Ricci for eye candy. I hope you like him! Have a great President’s Day Sunday!

Six Sentence Sunday 16

It’s Sunday and that means another six sentences from The Ruined Lady.

Oh, that Nick. We left him wondering whether he’d ever need to service himself again after his assignation with Carlisle at midnight. However, he still has the morning to get through…

With a groan he threw back the coverlet and rose, his lean muscular body stretching languidly. He rang for his valet, ignoring both his nudity and his arousal. Hawkins had seen him in worse condition.

The valet arrived and patently ignored his master’s erect member. Nick asked for a bath to be drawn and Hawkins disappeared to arrange it. Within ten minutes, the phalanx of footmen led by the valet had filled the deep tub in his dressing room and retreated, leaving Nick soaking neck deep in hot water while again contemplating his erection. It didn’t seem to want to go away.

At six sentences a week, we’ll all be contemplating Nick’s erection for some time to come. Hee hee. And that photo! Whew! It’s not a tub but it sure as hell will do! To see the other Sunday Six offerings by the other authors, click  HERE.

Have a rockin’ Sunday!

Six Sentence Sunday 15

I’ve been working on Breathe Me In not the Ruined Lady this past week, but I did promise to post what happens when Nick wakes up so I’ve continued on from the end of last week’s flashback from the Ruined Lady.

Nick’s eyes flickered open. He was lying in his bed in Ravencourt House, not in the grass at Rothmore and not with Carlisle. It had been seven years since that day in the hollow, but his mind recalled it with precision otherwise he’d not have dreamed it in such exact detail. Pale grey light peeped around the edges of the heavy blue drapes. The day of the Stansfield ball had dawned and that meant Nick had a rendezvous at midnight with Carlisle. He was painfully erect from the dream and thinking of what would happen later only made it worse. His fingers brushed against his hardened length as he wondered if he would ever need to service himself again after this night.

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Six Sentence Sunday 14

Ahhh, since everyone liked Carlisle and Nick so much, they are back this week, taking up where they left off with their teenage explorations.

As you may recall, this is part of a flashback to their youth. It’s actually Nick’s dream remembrance. I won’t tell you in what state he awakens from dreaming of his young adult years of freedom with Carlisle. *wink*

“Lips and tongues and fingers?” she asked him, her fingers stroking through his chest hair to find his flat male nipple. “Like this?” She dipped her head and laved the nipple until it hardened.

A groan escaped Nick. “Perhaps I shouldn’t have told you what I heard.”

She looked at him with a knowing woman’s expression. “Just think,” she whispered as her fingers reached for the buttons on his breeches. “We have the whole summer to experiment.”

Nick crushed her mouth beneath his, muffling both their groans of pleasure.

I muffed the number of sentences again. It’s hard to cut off at six and still give you a sense of the scene. Oh, well. Perhaps I’ll do better next week!

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